In-House Developers vs Outsourcing – Guide to Read before Mobile App Development

Posted on September 13, 2017
Kevin Bell

Want to develop an App for your business?
Should I start my own technical team in-house or should I outsource my mobile development? This is one of the most common question asked by non-technical and technical entrepreneurs. In both In-House Development and Outsourcing the mobile or Software development, Security is the major concern.
Mobile App Development
Before reaching any decision, you must need to understand the 3 main factors that are associated with your decision.
1. Budget
2. Time
3. Skillset
In-house Developers
Building up an in-house IT team is the most viable option one can get. As the developers can be trained as per the company’s needs, also available at emergency needs. As In such cases there is no time to look for a specialist, the gap needs to filled out immediately but for the startup companies finding the right developer and training them can be a costly affair. They will needs to be kept under a regular salary with employee benefits etc. but the experienced application developers knows what exactly is needed and are familiar with all aspects of the  Mobile app development company.
There are companies who have found that keeping an in-house IT team works for them, but some companies found outsourcing is the most economical way for them to progress.
Software Outsourcing
Outsourcing means; hiring someone with specific skill only for the duration of particular project. Once task is accomplished one may not require that particular service.For a small/start-up companies it makes financial sense, as company doesn’t need to invest in any kind of equipment or necessary software etc.Outsourcing comes with many disadvantages also, it is important to find someone who’s reliable, affordable and available when required. Also it may costs more than an in-house operative.
Most of the time companies don’t know what to look for – In-House Development or Outsourcing. In time, many companies build up the book of contacts they can rely on for outsourced IT work, but this is constantly updated, based on the requirements and experience they have had with that particular company / independent developer.
It is clear that there is solution to this dilemma.

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