Top 10 Ecommerce SEO Strategies that Can Double Up Your Sales

Posted on October 9, 2017
Kevin Bell

Are you looking forward to doubling or even tripling your online sales?

Are you eager to increase your organic search traffic?
If the answers to these questions is yes, then get set to experience the prowess of SEO with us. While Ecommerce websites might seem like a big headache to you, an effective architecture of information, best SEO acquisitions, and content marketing strategies can make a huge difference in your sales and revenue. All you need to do is focus on the overall appearance, the user experience, and the strategies that can make your sales go up within a few days.
Here we have discussed 10 implementable digital marketing strategies that when adopted will assist you in increasing your website’s conversion rate.
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1.  Improvise the Overall Appearance of Your Website
Just put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about a minute. Would you like to be on a website which doesn’t signify what is it actually selling? I guess, not. Keep your website design simple and professional. In addition to this, display your phone number on the website. This not only increases the credibility of your website but also makes it easy for the customers to contact you.
2.  Give Emphasis to Product Image & Description
Since online shopping is more of a visual experience, it’s crucial to have a lot of beautiful and professional images of your products. This will help in giving the audience a complete idea of your product like its color, design, and its features. According to are search, around 67% of consumers consider images to be a very important factor when buying a product from a website.
3. Create a Good Internal Link Structure
Internal linking is one of the strongest weapons in SEO. However, in order to achieve better search results, your emphasis should not be just on the ‘link building’ but ‘link architecture’. Apart from being search engine friendly, your internal link structure should be user-friendly as well. One of the ways in which you can do all this is by linking products to their respective category by taking into consideration both the user perspective and SEO optimization.
4.  Focus on the Category Pages
If there are any other pages as powerful and important as the home page, they are the category pages. Treat all your category products as individual home pages that contain the relevant product data. Add emotional content on your category pages so as to connect them with your products. Be specific with your tags and strategies while sharing your products on the social media.
5.  Share User Reviews and Feedback
Did you know that featuring product reviews and testimonials on your website can increase your sales up to 18%?If studies are taken into consideration, around 40.9% of the customers give more emphasis on feedback and product reviews while making an online purchase. Instead of putting all your testimonials on the product pages, you can put some on the home page as well to increase the credibility of your website.
6. Don’t Underestimate the Internal Site Searching
Even most of the experts at times underestimate internal site searching and as a result, end up in losing sales. Make sure that people who search with a wrong spelling, hyphenation, synonym or error in spacing are taken to the appropriate pages. Track the keywords with which the people are searching products on your website and also the revenue that they generate. Count popular searches, optimize your internal search and test your website to get more traffic.
7. Be a Part of the Mobile Revolution
Mobile devices have wrapped us around their fingers and therefore ignoring the importance of mobile in your strategy can literally kill your business. No mobile website implies minimal traffic.Researches are proof that ecommerce websites experience 2-3 times higher growth rate on mobile.
8. Create Your Content Strategy Based on The Search Data
Content marketing has become an important part of the SEO strategy to target and penetrate the eCommerce market. Companies are asking for more and the agencies are delivering more fresh content. The best content is based on keyword analysis and research. Business giants who harness more profit and revenue only create content that matters to their customers. Therefore, create content that matters and takes your sales high.
9. Make Your Website Secure
Since your customers put their financial data as well as their identity to you while shopping, it’s obvious for them to worry. Therefore, you need to ensure them that it’s safe to shop from your website. You can do this by putting the logos and texts that certify that you comply with the security standards.
10. Add Product Videos to Your Website
Apart from the images and text, videos are also a great medium to showcase how your product works or how to use it and how is it better than the others.You can show the working of a product or if it’s a dress or any other wearable item, you can show how you can team it up with other things.

We hope that these strategies will help you in achieving more traffic and generate more revenue for your business. If you want to connect with the experts, contact Octos Global Services, a Custom Software Development company.

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