The Top 10 Mobile App Trends That Are Going to Make It Big In 2018

Posted on November 28, 2017
Kevin Bell

We have hit the final quarter of the year 2017 and to say that this has been an eventful year would not be wrong. With a number of mobile trends, which redefined the digital landscape, the mobile app development vertical has received a phenomenal response. Technology is brimming with new innovations hitting the market every day and it has become important than ever to brace up for what is to come. As we are around the bend to 2018, take some precious moments of your busy schedule and have a look at the trends that can take your mobile app development company to new heights of success.

  1. IoT Will Continue to Rule Technology Landscape

The idea of a smart home, smart school, smart health, smart cities and industrial IoT sounds good and the IoT apps have already started becoming mainstream. As the demand for connected things will surge, the smart devices will require more apps to manage this. By the year 2021, IoT is expected to become a $662 billion industry and thus the developers will have to keep innovating new apps to leverage the complete potential of the IoT landscape.

  1. Blockchain is Already on The Move

By the time 2017 is going to end, the total value of the global blockchain, which tends to be the technology that forms the basis of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, will hit the value of $340 million. The unbreakable data security associated with the blockchain development is continuously pulling up the figures of this vertical as the underlying ledgers cannot be modified without making alterations in the previous data. Hence, theft in the blockchain technology is next to impossible and therefore is going to be at its peak in next year.

  1. Virtual Reality Will Be More Prominent

Virtual Reality or VR is one of the technologies, which has garnered plenty of attention in the past few months. With its help, the companies can train their employees and pitch their products to the audience in virtual showrooms. It enables the promotion of various products by making it highly interactive owing to the perfect blend of technology and photography. So much to offer, it is surely bound to make it big in the upcoming year.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Be In

Since the inception of this technology by Google, the speed of the page loading in mobile devices has accelerated to a great extent. This trend will transform all the approaches of Android app development and is bound to reduce the bounce rate significantly. It will also help the publishers in increasing the visibility of their ads, thus leading to an increase in the number of the visitors.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Will Increase Automation

Right from the customer service to chatbots, marketing to analytics, Artificial Intelligence has so much power with it that is ready to take over the development world. It will continue to surprise the customers in a lot of ways by including automation in the business vertical. Smarter and faster automation of content generation, emails, industrial manufacturing, etc. AI will continue to engage the customers in the year 2018.

  1. Security is Going to Take the Spotlight

With the introduction of thousands of app every single day, data security has become one of the major concerns for the developers; owing to the amount of personal data stored within. The applications that have built-in security features are garnering popularity amongst the users. Therefore, development of more secure apps has become the foremost task of the app developers.

  1. On-Demand Apps Will Become More Diversified

On-demand apps are preferred as they offer prompt and reliable services, for e.g. Uber and Lyft. Taking a cue from such companies, other apps are preparing themselves to offer better features to their customers. Thus, the on-demand apps are going to be the golden opportunities that the developers need to take advantage of in the upcoming year.

  1. Edge Computing Will Be Pushed to the Forefront

Industry leaders like Cisco have introduced software, hardware, and services that stand testimony to this upcoming trend. As the number of devices that communicate data via IoT are increasing, sending data to the cloud will surely need edge computing in the upcoming time.

  1. Proliferation of Cloud-Based Apps

The number of apps driven by cloud technology will increase tremendously in 2018. These mobile apps are more beneficial to the enterprises as they will be able to alleviate the issues related to data security posed by BYOD technology and will thus ensure the safety of their data. As per the forecast done by Cisco, the apps based on cloud will drive about 90% of mobile data traffic by the end of the upcoming year.

  1. Cross-Platform Tools Will Become More Powerful

In order to deliver the maximum usability, compatibility of an app with multiple platforms is surely a must. An app developed solely for a single platform will limit its user base as compared to the one which can be run on almost all the platforms. The cross-platform app development is giving rise to user-friendly and multi-featured apps that can easily be supported on all the major platforms.

If you are looking forward to making it big in the next year, then it’s time to pay attention to the upcoming trends and witness the growth of your business. The trends discussed in this write-up will surely revamp the way the businesses have worked and will give you a chance to welcome more success for your business.

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