5 Reasons Why AngularJS is Ideal for Your Business

Posted on May 22, 2018
Kevin Bell

Businesses are built on partnerships. Most of the businesses get sweaty by the thought of outsourcing software or application development to a new outsourcing partner. Amidst the entire process of defining the project, budgeting and finding the right outsourcing partner, it is almost impossible to check the tools of software/app developer.

Imagine this – when you get to your doctor, you like to see her qualifications; whether she has the necessary degree and whether she is updated with the latest developments in her field of expertise. That is how you understand whether your doctor is a fit for you or not because it can be a matter of life and death. On the other hand, you never do this with your outsourcing partner. Most of the businesses stick with the age old – recommendations, past projects and budget fit to filter their outsourcing partner. If your outsourcing partner actually fits into it, great! That said, how do you know whether they are up to the mark with the latest developments in their field? By looking at their tools and processes.

Businesses prefer taking a hands-off approach on the argument that since they have now got the experts on board, they can sit back and wait for the deliverables. That would hold some grounds but what if you could see whether your outsourcing partner is the apt one by looking into its tools? That is where AngularJS is a great indicator to show the proficiency of your outsourcing partner.

What is AngularJS framework?

HTML is at the core of all programming done on the internet. That said, it is not so efficient when it comes to front end development. Primarily, HTML although is powerful, is quite old to have the required ability to facilitate better dynamic application development. Hence, the simplest way to explain AngularJS is that it what HTML should have been for web application development.

AngularJS framework allows developers to create interactive User Experiences in the browsers on the client side. Its entire motive is to simplify the front end development by leveraging its data binding capabilities and data injection, because of which the programmers are supposed to write lesser lines of codes for the same functionalities.

Much of it would seem quite extreme to any business owner. Especially, if one does not have a prior understanding of programming, it might seem difficult to understand the meaning and significance of AngularJS framework. That is where this guide can help you out. Following are the clear advantages your business will reap if your outsourcing partner leverages AngularJS app development or AngularJS web application development.

1. It was developed by Google. AngularJS developers have a certain degree of assurance on their code when they are working with AngularJS app development or AngularJS web application development. This assurance comes out of their earlier experience of working with AngularJS and the fact that it was developed by Google. Since quite some time, Google has been developing various tools, libraries and frameworks to help developers increase their efficiency. Additionally, Google releases most of these tools in the form of open source codes which are accessible to all the developers worldwide.

It becomes a differentiating factor for AngularJS because not all libraries and frameworks popular in the programming communities are developed by Google. Most of the frameworks like KnockoutJS are built by hobbyists. Hence, Google’s brand name backing AngularJS makes it more reliable because when the developers want to reach out to a community to learn or clear their queries, they will be talking directly with Google’s engineers. That provides the robust confidence to you as a client because the tool in your outsourcing partners hand is actually a globally reliable one.

2. It makes front end development easier. AngularJS framework allows the developer to leverage its offerings like dependency injection, routing and animations. Precisely due to these abilities, it provides the developers a greater space to work into, which enables them to bring better results to the client side. Additionally, AngularJS is designed such that it clearly makes the two most important aspects of coding easier – development and testing. Testing, in particular, becomes easier when front end development is done using AngularJS framework.

3. It is the best framework for developing dynamic web-applications. Increasingly, a trend which has come to the surface prominently in the past couple of years is the rise of single-page applications. Currently, for any developer, AngularJS framework is the best possible framework with the correct set of tools, libraries and directives required to create these single page web applications.

4. It makes development a lot more efficient process. Primarily, AngularJS enables the developers to be a lot more efficient by making the processes at their end relatively simpler and more organized. This happens due to two key reasons. One, developers are meant to write lesser lines of codes which makes the entire process quite efficient. Two, it enables two-way data binding. Hence, when one layer of data gets updated, the other layer automatically updates itself.

5. It is coded in HTML, which makes it accessible. It always rewards a business to plan for everything in prior; this helps in preparing with the due resources as and when required. AngularJS is built using HTML at its core which makes it accessible to anyone at the front end, back end or client side to bring iterations, understand the codes or look for changes in the near future.

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