What Should Enterprises Look Out For Before Hiring a WordPress Developer?

Posted on January 18, 2019
Kevin Bell

Developing a website for business has turned out to be a complex challenge, given that it serves as the most powerful branding element on the digital platform. The leading business firms collaborate with established companies for wordpress development services, ensuring that their website remains a strength to capitalize on. While hiring a WordPress developer, you should take care to ensure that they can actually integrate the desired features into the website, so that you can take on the challenges that come across your way. Getting the right set of developers is crucial for any business, regardless of its stature and location.

Particularly, the robust content management system (CMS) on WordPress has turned it into an adored platform over the years. In terms of website development, WordPress acquires a large chunk of the market. Presently, more than 19,500,000 sites run on WordPress. This is a preferred platform for developing websites for business firms due to the following factors:

  • It is easy to set up and you can have everything in place in quick time
  • Updating WordPress sites is a simplified task
  • You can create any design for the theme and customize it
  • You can add plugins without coding to the website to increase its functionality
  • WordPress is the most preferred platform for SEO

Naturally, business firms reach out to the reputed companies for wordpress development services and strengthen their digital portfolio.

Well, when you partner a developer for your WordPress site, you need to ensure that they come with the right skillset. Here are certain aspects that the company should be well-versed in.

Scaling WordPress

For content-oriented businesses, WordPress continues to the ideal choice due to its ability to scale. An experienced wordpress outsourcing company can guide the clients through the various available options, as their sites are scaled. Blogs lie at the core of most programs, and in order to support it, you will require a powerful WordPress website. The intuitive CMS enhances the ease of using the website, providing multiple sets of users with various permissions. It is easy to publish content and update it. Besides, with appropriate scaling, importing files like graphics, videos and photos turn out to be a simplified task.

 Building customized and efficient themes

WordPress has got some amazing themes for its sites. When you hire a developer, make sure to check out their portfolio, so that you can power up your site with one of these themes. With the right theme, it becomes easier to customize the site and get it aligned with the aesthetics and goals of the site. It leverages the overall functionality of the site and the user experience. When you seek a company for wordpress outsourcing California, get a vendor with experience in creating custom-websites and tailoring WordPress themes.

 Understanding security of open source platforms

While hiring a developer, you should focus on the security issues associated with an open source platform. WordPress, as an open source platform, ensures the ease of use for several developers and users. It has got a vast network of developers, which indicates that new themes, plugins and features are already being developed. However, it is not immune to security issues. Therefore, while hiring wordpress development services, you should get across to an established company, capable of developing a fool-proof website. The expert developers collaborate with the business firms on a long-term basis and address the security issues and hacks immediately.

 Selecting and evaluating plugins

It is important to have a good understanding of the WordPress plugins, as it has got more than 30,000 of these for you. Selecting the WordPress development partner largely rests on their ability to evaluate these plugins, depending on the functional dynamics of the website. When you choose a company for wordpress development, make sure that they are experienced in handling these plugins. Generally, a good developer examines the following aspects.

  • The time when the plugin was last updated
  • The ratings of the plugin
  • The changelog indication of the plugin

Recommending hosting option

You need to host the WordPress website on a private server. This enhances the security of the website, and increases the site speed at the same time. In case of enterprise websites, elements like security, speed, storage and bandwidth are important factors, and you need to go for private hosting for your business website. Enterprise WordPress firms often choose WordPress VIP, however, other options like WP Engine and Pagely are also popular. The wordpress outsourcing company must be able to recommend the most appropriate hosting option to you.

Apart from these, they must be able to evaluate the technical requirements of the WordPress website. Collaborating with one of the established developers will strengthen your website. Get across to a reputed company for wordpress outsourcing California and get your site configured with the necessary features. A powerful website ensures that you stay competitive in the industry.

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