Expert Guide to PHP Console Application

Posted on February 21, 2019
Kevin Bell

PHP is undoubtedly one of the most widely used programming languages for server side work and back end development.

More than 80% of the websites on internet are using PHP in some form. Over 20 million websites have used it for backend work and more than a million websites are using it for server side work.

There are over 5 million PHP developers globally. Hence, finding quality PHP development services has become easier.

Its wide applicability and available features are the two key reasons why PHP is the apt language for console applications.

What are console applications?

Console applications, unlike your everyday applications, help you in monitoring your codes and work. A prominent characteristic of console applications is that they do not have a graphical user interface; because of this, they use only text based inputs and outputs.

Since they operate only on the basis of the command lines, they are also termed Command Line Applications in some programming circles.

Why do we need console applications?

When you look at the normally used applications, no matter how technical they are, you may wonder – who even needs a console application in 2019! Console applications, by their very nature of existence, have a great utility in areas which have very little screen space to accommodate your graphic heavy applications.

For instance, an ATM machine or for that matter, any situation where the function of the application is highly technical in nature and a graphical user interface may not necessarily provide great utility, a console application can be used.

How do you get started with a console app’s development?

First and foremost, understand your options to get started with developing a console application. Many professional programmers use C++ and C# to develop console applications, since these languages have been around for a long period of time.

A more optimal way of proceeding would be by using PHP for developing a console application. A PHP development company can add great value if taken on board with developing your console app.

PHP is the optimal language to develop console applications because of its wide range of features and high usability. Yet, here are a few specifics on why you should consider PHP for your console app development:

a. You won’t have to go through the entire compilation cycle, since PHP is an interpreted language.

b. You will not be paying any extra charges because PHP is open source and there are several libraries easily accessible for development.

c. PHP is platform agnostic; hence, you can use it in integration with any operating system.

d. PHP has inherently built error reporting commands that show a warning in your codebase.

Once you have decided that PHP is the language you want to proceed with, you should have an outline ready of what features you want from your console application, where it will be used and what is the timeline of your project.

PHP web application development can sometimes get tricky if the business owner and the development company are not on the same page. Even for a relatively simple product like a console application, there can be multiple iterations leading to further inefficiencies.

Hence, it is highly recommended by experts that you provide the following to your development partners before you get started with the project:

i. The exact use case of your application: Basically, you should be able to answer who will be using your console application and under what circumstances. A great addition to the brief would be a competency profiling of the average user who will interact with the console app.

ii. What are the benchmarks of your application’s performance: This has to be in line with your business strategy. For instance, what would be more important for your audience – a more comprehensive user interface or greater processing speed?

There would be several such trade-offs that your developers will face and have to decide by themselves later on. Instead of waiting for the queries to come, why not take care of them at the very beginning of the console app development project.

iii. Are there similar products already in the market: You may wonder that this would only lead to a rip-off and your development partners may simply copy the product. This is actually far from reality.

When you point at a similar product you have a preference for, you are setting the exact expectations for your developers. Besides, they can now gauge their own development process by understanding the already prevalent benchmarks in the industry or by knowing the competition in the industry.

 In Conclusion

PHP is the optimal language for developing web based or sever based console applications. All you have to do is be precise about your brief for the project and hire a competent PHP development company in California to roll out the project.

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