10 Popular PHP Frameworks in 2019

Posted on July 30, 2019
Kevin Bell

Having a website doesn’t suffice your online business these days; it needs more. The online business has become demanding and complex over the time and requires delivering far more. PHP web application Development Company in California suggests that PHP frameworks are the today’s go-creation tools offering life to these websites. Today about 75% of the web pages are backed up by the PHP frameworks.

1. Laravel

It is free and most popular open source PHP framework capable to handle complex web applications. It is noticeably faster compared to other frameworks and simplifies the development procedure like caching, sessions and authentication.

The powerful feature helps in customizing the complexities of the apps which includes security, routing, data migration, viewing template design, MVC architecture support, and authentication.

2. Symfony

Launched in 2005, it is believed to be reliable and an extensive MVC framework.

Flexible and easy to install it is used on several platforms hence; it is widely preferred for integration with other technologies like Drupal. The PHP framework development services recommends this framework as it offers interoperability which lets the developer used in building various software blocks like translation management and form management.

3. CakePHP

It is an open source platform that has an extensible architecture allowing the developers to develop attractive apps. It is one of the easy frameworks to learn with its improvised session keeping you updated over the technological changes.

The framework offers you additional security features such as cross site scripting, forgery protection and input validation.

4. Yii

Yes It Is – YII is an evolutionary yet a simple high performance component based PHP framework. Widely used for modern web applications making it universal web programming framework.

It takes pride in offering excellent performance and speed. It takes away the complexities of writing repetitive codes and SQL statements and can model the database quickly.

It is extremely extensible and can customize every piece of core’s code.

5. Zend Framework

It is an object oriented framework offering wide range of features and interface enhancing project based specific functionalities. Some of the key features include data encryption, Designed on agile methodology helping in delivers high quality apps to enterprise customers; it makes an excellent framework that perfectly fits for enterprise level projects. It is the most preferred framework for banks and bigger IT departments.

6. Fuel PHP

It is a full stack PHP framework which supports MVC design pattern. Consumes less time and memory; the framework delivers end to end solutions that is capable of handling varied complexities. The key features include URL routing, caching system, HMVC implementation, and vulnerability protection.

The framework offers extended security support measures which makes it one of the most preferred PHP frameworks today.

7. PHPixie

PHPixie is believed to be high performance framework for the read only websites which include custom web apps, social media networking websites, web app development sites. The framework comes equipped with greater benefits which include authorization capabilities, authentication, scheme migration, and HTML markup language support.

8. Phalcon

The framework is written in “C” language however one doesn’t require having the knowledge to use it. It is one of the widely popular PHP frameworks known for its performance and speed.

The framework is light on its resources; with only few files for installation. The developers can add libraries and other components whenever the requirement arises.

Phalcon ensures a straightforward development process.

9. Codelgniter Framework

It is one of the preferred frameworks for building custom software developers. Known for the accurate performance, this MVC based architecture it develops scalable apps.

The framework is built for those who want to have a rich elegant looking toolkit. It is a simple framework which requires minimum configuration and setup from the developers.

10. PHP Micro Frameworks

This is a Sinatra inspired framework for smaller sized web app projects.

The framework comes equipped with the features like URL routing and HTTP caching. It makes it a perfect fit for building APIs and restful apps.

It is a well-built framework, easy-to-use and with beginner-friendly technical documentation. All of these useful features make this framework one of the top PHP frameworks for 2019.

What makes these PHP frameworks so easy to work with is the fact that they come equipped with ready to use libraries and components.  Octosglobal has drawn up top 10 popular PHP frameworks in 2019 helping your website to be more productive and fun.

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