AI ML IOT- Revolutionizing Technology

Posted on October 10, 2019
Kevin Bell

Today the world of technology has so much to offer, with machines becoming more and more automated, devices being controlled by a voice command or augmented reality becoming an integral part of business activities we are always getting to experience so many new things. When it comes to technology, we often hear the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things.

All these terms to a great extent have brought about and continue to bring about better and advanced changes. Technology is always transforming and through transformation comes revolution. Artificial intelligence machine learning and internet of things have an impact and continue to have a growing impact on technology.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that is developed by humans, to think act and perform like humans. these machines have only the intelligent quotient of humans, lacking the emotional quotient of humans. One of the most popular forms of artificial intelligence is Siri. Businesses are now looking into and expanding the boundaries of artificial intelligence and integrating them not only in their businesses but also in the mobile applications and making it an essential part of our day to day activities.  Artificial intelligence is a software applied to a system.

 Machine learning:

Machine learning is the ability of devices to learn and improve from data entered and previous experiences that it can access to perform a specific task. Machine learning is a system, where the software of artificial intelligence is applied. They are not explicitly programmed but can predict the outcome by falling back on patterns and experiences. Machine learning helps in analyzing the data, predicting future patters and simplifying and breaking down complex set of data. A few industries where machine learning is having a significant impact on include banking industry, medical segment and the financial services segment.

Internet of things:

This is a computing concept where objects are integrated with the internet and have a separate identity and the ability to share data across platforms, without having humans operate them or and computers operate them. Internet of things are independent and do not require computers or humans to specify them to do certain actions. The identifying feature is that they have the aptitude to transfer data over a network.  Internet of things highly relies on connectivity of data and the flow of data between similar environments

Present and Future:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things have gained a lot of prominence and popularity due to the various advantages they offer and the value they add to any business that use these technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning had a significant impact in improving the quality of services.

Every business and every multinational corporation today have some form of these technologies applied in a segment of their business, be it to analyze data or formulate patterns based on experiences or improving customer interactions, data to day interactions use some form of artificial intelligence.

Developers are also constantly trying to look for more areas where artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things can used. Companies involved in developing these software’s offer not only customized services, but also look at further development of artificial intelligence software.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have opened by a world of opportunities and created a lot of job opportunities. Businesses now look towards artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide solutions for challenges and problems faced during operational and functional activities.

In order to keep with the changing times and transformation that is happening at a rapid pace it is important to keep ahead of competitors in business and innovating cutting edge product and services to reach to the top and create a niche for themselves.

Today the focus is on this technology, as it has improved efficiency changed the way of living. Businesses always think of how to improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce costs and making sure their return on investment is guaranteed, at the same time reducing risks. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things to a large extent has helped achieve these goals. Businesses are now banking on these technologies and are investing in these technologies to change their business outlook. Today the changes all around us, be it in developing software like Siri , Alexa or helping to study patterns and predict future based on these patterns are the introduction of augmented and virtual reality are all a result of these technologies.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and iterant of things right from their introduction have managed to create significant impact and they are a continuous work of study. Companies are always looking at different ways to integrate these in various sections and help serve their clients better.

Custom software services are now becoming a up and coming segment, where customized solutions are being developed for clients and businesses as and when need arises. We at Octos Global, are focusing on these technologies and making sure the client is provided with the best services in terms of customized software services they are looking for. Our team of dedicated professionals offer solutions after an in-depth study of the challenges faced by our clients.

Kevin Bell

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