Differences in Iconic and Flutter and How to Choose the Right One

Posted on November 20, 2019
Kevin Bell

Let’s dive right into it

Mobile applications Development industry is growing exponentially and with hybrid and advanced applications launch everyday it becomes important to be aware of all the changes and transformations taking place. Today a lot of strategies and research goes into building applications. Applications need to perform with the same level of quality on mobile phones and desktops. On mobile phones again the demarcation for iOS and android platforms, and how applications need to be developed keeping the requirements on both the platforms in mind.

Going for the Right Combination of Tools:

Creating and developing an application is no easy achievement. An application requires the right combination of tools and framework for it be successful.

The ongoing dilemma is what platform to use to build the application, iconic or flutter. Which application will give maximum benefits to the users? Which application will function smoothly on the web, mobile and desktop? Which platform would make user interface interaction more comprehensive? Hence the struggle to choose between iconic and flutter.

 All about Iconic:

Iconic platform is an inclusive platform including angularjs allowing developers to build hybrid applications for both iOS and android software’s. While creating and developing using the iconic platform you can ensure the performance quality standards across the platforms (mobile, web and desktop) will be high. Iconic is exposed in the sense that it allows the web and tools of the web as the foundation of its platform.

  • Iconic uses web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Applications built on Iconic can work within or without frameworks.
  • Allows for an interactive user interface.

What Flutter is all about?

Flutter is a platform that uses an inbuilt language that is unique to the platform itself. They have a platform that contains all the tools required to build an application within the platform itself. They do not access the tools common to the webs. Thus it is a self-sufficient platform having all the devices required to create an application. Flutter uses Dart as a core component and has inbuilt tools to develop applications across iOS and android software’s. It is steadily gaining momentum and rising on the popularity charts.

  • Flutter has the advantage of allowing mobile applications developers to customize the platform to suit their needs.
  • Google has created and developed flutter and this has created quite a buzz and has helped gain momentum.
  • Applications built on this platform have a high efficiency drive.

What makes iconic different from flutter

Though both platforms are used to build create and develop applications the base and foundation of both the applications is diametrically opposite. What makes them so different?


Iconic has been in the market for a far longer time than flutter. Flutter is a fairly new platform and mobile application developers are now slowly learning about flutter. As flutter is created and developed by Google the platform is now being used to create applications. As iconic has been there for a long time now it has become a established entity in the application development industry.


Both the applications are extremely flexible to use. Due to the in-house system in place for flutter it is easy to customize the tools and plug ins required to build the application.

Iconic uses the application of the web and the tools available on the web making it extremely feasible and flexible as it has access to all the tools required to build from the web itself

Both platforms have proven themselves to be extremely flexible and can effectively build hybrid, iOS and android applications.

Ease of Use

Each platform comes with their own tools and devices. Iconic tool set and structure is very different from that of flutter. Iconic is fairly easy to use and applications can be built easily across platforms (web, desktop and mobile) without having to add on any extra learning.

Flutter in the meantime has create and developed its own set of tools and plugins and the fact that it uses Dart not a commonly used language for application development. Though that is the case developers are now working towards learning and developing skills to use flutter and this has contributed to the steady rise of the platform.

 How to choose the right one

Both iconic and flutter bring to the table, features unique to their platforms. Thus it becomes the choice of the mobile application developer to choose the right one to build their application on. Mobile application developers need to do their due diligence on:

What are the requirements of the application they need to develop?

What platform whether it is mobile, desktop or the web, the application is primarily focused on?

What is the level of user interface interaction the application is looking at?

Budget and size of the application also plays a role.

Once the developer has the answers to these questions he can then form an informed decision on which platform is best suited to develop is application.

 In the end:

 Iconic and flutter come with a multitude of benefits and platforms will give you the best results. Before choosing between the two it is important to know about the application thoroughly so that the best platform can be choose to build the required application. Iconic or Flutter both platforms have proven their mettle when it comes to the delivery of the final product. Be it in terms of performance and quality or ease of creating across platforms both have proven time and again why they are so sought after.

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