Potential and Future of Wearable Applications

Posted on December 10, 2019
Kevin Bell

As technology is continuously growing and developing, the inventions and innovations that are changing the world as we see it.

The latest in the long list of inventions has been wearables. Wearable applications development has shown tremendous potential and continues to grow and develop and become even more advanced.

Internet of things, artificial intelligence and augmented reality have proven that with technology the sky is the limit.

Change is inevitable and the current times that we are living in, there seems to be an invention or innovation just around the corner. The launch of an application or device that creates a ripple effect and developers and application companies are working hard to bring that to us.

What, When and How of Wearables

Wearables include smart watches, jewelry, clothing, head mounted displays and implantables.

Wearables have an array of features these include monitoring your heart rate, calories count and helps keep you fit. They also include features that are otherwise performed by your phones.

The most prominent wearables are your smart watches, that include both iWatch and the android watches. The android and iWatch application development are always looking to improve and create better and improvised devices. The fit bit watch has also been among one of the popular smart wearables in the segment.

Google Glass has been gaining popularity, as applications and devices are being developed in order to be synchronized with google glass.

In healthcare breakthrough devices such as wearable ECG and blood pressure monitor devices has been invented.

 Smart Watches

Watches today do more then just telling the time, be it the iWatch or the android watches, they include features of not only allowing you to receive calls, send messages and monitor your health. With being a miniature version of your smart phone using the touch of the phone you can do a lot more with them and some have the added advantage of access GPS, music and radio all through the touch screen interface of the watch.


Today the segment of wearables is not just limited to watches. GPS enabled shoes that would be great for trekking and travelling, you could either buy insoles or the shoes itself and instead of being hooked into your phone, you could literally let your legs take you where you want to go.

Smart Jewelry and Clothing

Clothing and jewelry brands in collaboration with application development companies are launching clothing and jewelry that will enable them to monitor heart rate, answer emails and texts. Today innovation is the key to success and all avenues are being explored to attract segments of various categories by catering to their needs.

Fit bit Bands

For all those fitness enthusiasts and to motivate others to keep fit, these fit bit bands have been a phenomenal success, as they measure and keep a count of your calories, the number of steps you have walked and monitor your heart rate.

 Google Glass Application

Google glass application is designed to look like an eyewear but is more of a head mounted display that allows you to communicate with voice commands and allows for other applications to be used through this eyewear. You can communicate play games and do so many things using this wearable device. applications are now being developed and designed to be used on this device. The applications that can use on this device include Ask Open Data, Map2Glass Insight Feedly Power Options for Google Glass Glassware – Media Manager this is just a few in the long list of applications available to use on this wearable.

Tip of the Iceberg

The wearables segment is just in its initial stages, and yet the innovations and developments that have happened in this segment are nothing short of unparallel and astonishing. The potential for this segment is phenomenal, as application development companies are thoroughly exploring the growth and creating applications that are compatible on these devices. Be it the fitness application development, or the smart watches segment that include iWatch and android applications they are now upgrading and launching latest versions with added components and features.

A Road that will Lead to Success

Wearable application development and devices though not as comprehensive and inclusive in features when compared to smart phones, they are steadily climbing that road. The technology is fairly new yet has made and left is mark and is continuing to do so as the opportunities for this wide and varied , with limitless scope, the wearable applications and devices are on a steady rise to as developers are realizing the depth and impressive qualities these bring to the table and are now in the process of creating quality devices. These devices have potential to create a ripple effect and that is slowly being recognized now.

Kevin Bell

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