Innovation and Originality Helps Boost Sales this Christmas

Posted on December 19, 2019
Kevin Bell

What Social Media has done for Businesses

Social media marketing and the eCommerce technology has changed and shaped up a new strategy for marketing and creating brand awareness. Today with vast resources art our disposal, there are no geographical boundaries holding us back. Products and services can now be accessed across the world all from the comfort and luxury of your mobile phones. Businesses today are using social media platforms to create awareness and market their products and services.

Applications are now being designed and created to fulfill and bridge the gap between businesses and their consumers.

Online marketing has become an influential and essential resource that is being employed to reach out to a larger customer base.

Stirring the Pot

With the festive season also most upon us, it is important for businesses be it of any size and segment, to capitalize and at least use this time to create a wider consumer base.

Businesses are aware today that consumers are extremely smart and hence the tried and tested strategies to rope in consumers will not work.

Innovation, a willingness to take risks and creativity, is the key to unlocking the secret to boost sales and increase your customer base this season.

During the festive season, its time to stir the pot a little and bring out your best ideas, this is to ensure that your customers are your priorities and this well in turn help customers feel connected with your brand.

 Dynamism that you Need this Season

Being dynamic going all out and outing your best foot or rather your best ideas forward is what is going to give your business an edge over the others. Customers today have a very keen intellect, and this should never be underestimated. In order to create a loyal customer base, businesses, need to acknowledge that customers today are an intelligent lot and strategies should be devised keeping this in mind.

Here are few factors that you can do differently:

Offers and Subscriptions

Customers usually at this time are looking for lucrative offers and discounts but giving them an added incentive like gift boxes or an added discount or a free product is something that will give you an added advantage.

Mystery Boxes

 Mystery boxes is a box where to make your customer feel extra special by adding a limited-edition product or service is also a great way to increase sales and entice your customers. Arousing their curiosity by planning something special for them during new year will earn your brand a few brownie points.

Tie ups and Collaborations

Offering collaborations and tie ups with other brands is another innovative idea you could use. Offering the best of two worlds, combined into one package is great way for you to not only help increase customers, but also build a loyal customer base.

Choose your Platforms Wisely

There is no dearth of platforms available to choose from for your online marketing strategies, but it is important to choose these platforms according to features that fit with the framework of your ideas. Once the platform is chosen, the content should be created for these platforms and you should have active presence on the platforms you have chosen. This will help your customers be aware of your presence the platforms. Also, when you start advertising on these platforms it will help them to go explore what you have and the offers and discounts you are offering. Creating content and making sure you keep active on the platforms is also essential for your presence to be recognized and felt.

Crafting what Matters

The belief behind having a social media presence is to connect and grow your relationship with your customers. Social media platforms have a very powerful presence and by the simple act of establishing a direct and personal relationship with your customers will help you understand what they expect from you and keep you in tune with their demands. This will in turn help you deliver exactly what your customer is looking from you.

 Being Effortless yet Relatable

In the end brands and businesses alike irrespective of their size need to be true to their foundation and this will translate in the work they do. Keeping up with the holiday spirit they could offer their customers a variety of offers and discounts and other interesting perks but until and unless it does not seem true, genuine and effortless customers will not be able to relate. Keep in mind to keep the best interests of your customers as the focal point of your strategies, which in turn will help you not only increase sales , but also add new customers and build a loyal customer base

Kevin Bell

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