The Beginning of a New Decade- Mobile Edge Computing

Posted on January 21, 2020
Kevin Bell

As we move into an advanced technological world, this is making way for quick-thinking, responsive and flexible forms of technology. One such platform is the mobile edge computing technology. Technology is  always evolving and changing to keep up with the demands of the developing sector. With IoT and computing technology we are going to see a lot more innovation and new platforms with cutting edge reforms in the coming times. From edge technology being a design on paper to actual implementation of edge computing we have come a long way and the future looks promising for edge computing.

An Insight into Mobile Edge Computing

Mobile edge computing is technology that allows you to form a network of architecture that will let you enable edge computing on your mobile network. Currently most applications use a remote server to store data, and this is located at location that is away from the phone and its user. The mobile edge computing technology will be crucial and critical in the implementation of the 5G technology. Data handling, processing and analyzing in the real time is of utmost importance. With the emergence of IoT devices and applications that need real time analysis and processing, along with gearing up for the launch of the 5G network the mobile edge computing technology is becoming a key innovation to be harnessed.  Edge computing technology is being across segments and is adding a lot of value to the customers as well as the company.

Interconnected and Interrelated

With the IoT technology taking the technological world by storm we have new innovations every day. IoT devices are now being developed and we have them available across segments such as healthcare, fitness bands watches, in our homes and cars as well to name a few. As IoT grows the data that is being transmitted, processed and stored is also going to grow exponentially. Companies are now looking for sustainable methods to store the data and this is where cloud computing comes in. The introduction of cloud computing into IoT is going to help store data, it could be via the internet or through a direct link and help reduce the pressure on the internet foundation. Cloud services and IoT are different from each other but complement each other. Cloud computing allows for the storage of the massive data that IoT devices generate. This also helps company to access data from the clod in the real time to meet challenges. Security and safety of data is also ensured in the cloud computing technology. IoT is different from cloud computing they are independent technologies that accompany each other.

Why the need of Edge Computing?

As the world of technology grows, the data that is being processed and explored is also extremely vast. The need today and the demand as we see it is to bridge the gap between consumer and where the data is being stored. Edge computing technology is a step that direction. As it saves time to process data in the real time rather than waiting for the remote data storage access to compute and analyze the data and then given an answer would be a rather lengthy process.  We see edge computing in small things around us such as cars, drones, our mobile phones, smart homes and security systems, along with automated lights and censors.

The need of the Hour:

Storing, processing and analyzing data is expensive. In order to reduce the inactivity, bringing the technology closer to the point of source of the data, will prove to be highly valuable. As the world is growing, technology will continue to play an important role, edge computing is also a part of the artificial intelligence segment along with virtual reality segment. Edge computing is now becoming one of the most sought-after technology.

“The edge computing market size is expected to grow from USD 1.47 Billion in 2017 to USD 6.72 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 35.4% during the forecast period.”


As the numbers suggest edge technology will continue to have a significant impact in the coming years.

Look forward to Edge Computing in the Coming Years

Edge computing technology has managed to integrate and become a part of the IoT technology along with the augmented and virtual reality segments. Companies are in favor of the technology as it not only provides solutions in the real time it also helps keep that data safe and protected. As data is safe, it becomes a massive task for any distraction to take it down. The advantages and features edge computing offers are becoming harder to resist and even though this is just the staring the future looks bring with potential and opportunities.  Octos Global has always been a step ahead and we have embraced this technology as we see the potential for edge computing to grow and expand. Our teams have the experience and expertise to deliver the results in this segment.

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