How to Turn Your Mobile App Into A Scalable Business Product

Posted on April 13, 2020
Kevin Bell

Having an idea of app development is just the start of your entrepreneurship journey. Validating that app idea and turning it into a scalable business product is a different ball game altogether. The idea of developing a mobile app may scale with that time as it involves several processes, and modification throughout evolution. Perhaps, that’s the reason why your idea of developing a mobile app needs a set of features to start with.

 Turning Your Mobile App Into A Scalable Business Product
The process of launching a mobile app startup feels straightforward but it involves several phases. A lot of action takes place behind the scenes in order to validate the idea and successfully launch the app.

Set of features involved during mobile app development
This comprises of the ‘must have’ features and information necessary for users to addressing their concerns. Moving towards an end-product you will need to have all solutions offered to users for that includes the best UX/UI design.

Imagine a user needing a grocery app for online grocery shopping. You will need to integrate not only the shopping features, but notifications of new deals and discounts, if the user is going to pick up from the store, you’ll need a map as well. Listing down such features will help you to gauge user expectations versus the app offerings.

Find out who is your target audience

You simply cannot proceed further towards without knowing your target audience. Start finding the data that determines a specific audience for your new Android or iOS mobile app.

Try asking how can your ideas of making a mobile app can simplify their day-to-day life? Or how your mobile app can be helpful to them. Turning ideas into the product by eliminating all the possible friction is a great way to launch a mobile application.

Choosing the right platform
If you an android mobile app development idea, go ahead and make an app exclusively for Android that is as easier to create and publish. Also, it has lesser restrictions on Google Play compared to Apple’s app store. Its quicker, easier and cost-effective option. However, this decision should not be made to base on its cost but there are plenty of factors involved in developing an app from an app idea. Right from target market to ease of use and UX, you need to get all things covered.

 Determining the budget

How much does it will take to develop a mobile app?

Well, this is one of the most crucial things that most of the businesses ask. It totally depends on the range of functionality and features you incorporated within your mobile app.

To develop a mobile app can range from thousand bucks leading to a huge number. When you are sitting with the mobile app development company, it is important that you talk about the budget, the scalability in case if the deadline stretches, the maintenance part and so on.

Have an estimated figure at hand that contributes to the cost of building an app. Keep an additional budget for any delays and hiccups in the app development process.

 Hiring the experts
There is a lot that goes into building a mobile app, prototyping, UI/UX design, coding, testing etc. Further, it requires testing and QA for such feature set is important to help market the app to its target users.

Mobile app development is a full-time project, if you intend to make it successful, hiring an app development company that is focused about your app objective, like OctosGlobal, is the way to go. Putting together the right team to transform your app idea and turn it into a reality is a must.

Having the SRS documents and feature list ready
Having feature list and SRS documents would then serve as a template for all the prototype that is to be developed and would act as a baseline for the UI/UX design.

The SRS document is a blueprint of the software that is to be developed. The document template can give you the framework of what points need to be covered and what needs to be included within the document itself.

Launching of the mobile app

Mobile app store optimization is to ensure that the users looking for a mobile application like yours discover it within the app store. Significant marketing efforts are required to ensure that the app reaches its target audience. Use of content marketing and social media marketing to create a buzz around the product and spread the word are the must-dos to ensure that the app launch is successful.

In the end, you’ve finally established a feature set that has endured trial after trial, change after change and as you continue developing a mobile app for your target user base, you will appreciate all the time and effort you put into increasing the stability and flexibility of your mobile app.

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