Differences between Ionic vs Native and which is Relevant for your App

Posted on October 20, 2020
Kevin Bell

Native versus the ionic platform, the on-going debate about which platform is best suited to design an application is a never-ending one. The technological world and its residents are divided over which is the better performing platform for developing an application.

Both native and ionic platforms come with their set of advantages and drawbacks. The platform chosen to build an application is extremely relevant, as the platform chosen to develop an application has an effect on application developers, the business developing the application, and ultimately also the users of the application.

The deciding factor whether to choose a native or ionic application depends on several factors that include elements such as:

  • Type of Application
  • The Targeted Users of the Application
  • Financial Elements
  • Key Features of the Application
  • Upkeep, Maintenance Services, and Cost

Change and Evolution

 Application development is an art and involves an in-depth intricate process. Technology today has changed and is constantly developing. Along with this, the applications developed to support this technology is also constantly getting upgraded and evolving. The end-users of these applications are also becoming extremely aware and are intelligent when it comes to knowing exactly what it is, they are looking for from the application.

Be it an android application or an iOS application, the designing, the features, and the upgrades play an important role in the application development process. Application development companies make sure that the application they design uses the right platform, iconic or native to build an application as well.

The Million Dollar Question: Ionic or Native

The biggest dilemma application development companies have is on whether to choose the ionic or the native platform to build an application. For a better perspective lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and the relevance of each ionic and native to the application your developing:


Applications built and developed on ionic will behave the same way regardless of the device you are using. If you using a desktop or a tab it will adjust and adapt itself to the platform. When using a native platform, you must keep in mind the android software behaves differently than the iOS software and the application you build needs to be customized to features exclusive to these software. The applications built on the native platforms perform better and incorporate the features of android or iOS giving these applications an edge over the others.

Support System:

 Building and developing an application on the ionic platform is easy and quick as like the native application platform you do not have to write separate code for the android and the iOS software. Application development companies find the ionic platform easier to work with as well as in the long run maintenance upgrade and services on the ionic platforms are easier to do than the native platforms. One drawback of this is it may look similar and feel similar to the native platform but the difference will be felt in the scrolling, animation, and graphics as they do not support advanced levels of animation and graphics.

Cost and Budgeting

Application building and development involves a certain amount of cost. One of the major factors to consider while choosing between the ionic and native is the costing factor. Developing an application on the native platform is comparatively higher than building an application on the ionic platform. The upkeep maintenance and the upgrade cost are also higher on the native platform. The outcome of the application and the user experience of the application built on natives is also way better and much more advanced.

Final Thoughts

Both platforms offer their advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say that native is the more superior one or ionic is the better choice. Application development companies both for android and iOS look into varied factors such as scalability, costs, features, targeted audience, the reason for developing the application, and then give you the recommendations. We at Octos Global understand the application segments and are constantly keeping tabs on the latest advancements and upgrades in the application development markets and segments. We understand what our customers are looking for and after doing thorough research we give our recommendations to our clients. We have a team of experts who enable our clients to translate their vision of the application into reality. Contact Octos Global.

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