10 Most Promising Android Blogs You Must Follow in 2019

Posted on February 18, 2019
Kevin Bell

Businesses and brands that are not in the app development business can have a tough time launching their apps and then making them succeed. You can get a great app developed by hiring a competent Android app development company but there is no assurance that your app will succeed.

To start with, your brand advocates may not become your app users. 53% of smartphone users say that they do not have their favorite brand’s app installed on their phone.

Assume for a while that you manage to get your target audience to install the app on its phones. How would you ensure engagement? Less than 25% of users return to the app on the very second day of having installed it.

You can outsource app development, not the app’s very success. Hence, it is imperative for you to ensure that you are on top of the updates in the Android app development world.

Here are a few blogs to keep you do the same:
1. Google Android Blog: This is the Mecca of Android app development. Google has done a great job in growing the Android app developers’ community. It has done an even better job in building this blog.

You might be a business owner or a developer, the blog will let you know of all the updates Google is bringing, all the trends Google is capturing and all the issues the community is addressing.

2.TechCrunch: TechCrunch is widely regarded as the hallmark of journalism in the technology circles. Be it apps or startups or artificial intelligence or self-driving cars – TechCrunch has managed to build an ecosystem of its own, covering all the important news.

If you are looking for Android specific news, TechCrunch can prove to be a great starting point.

3. Android Authority: You can search for ‘Android app development companies near me’. Select the best ones; but do you have any clue on how to brief them about your requirements? That is where Android Authority can help you out.

Android Authority was started in 2007 as one of the first blogs dedicated to Android OS. It has over 52,000 posts on its website and will definitely give you a fundamental understanding of all the developments in the Android world.

4. Android Weekly: Here is a problem we all face – we enthusiastically search for something new to learn and then gather so many resources in front of us, that we get perplexed on where to get started! That is where Android Weekly can help you.

Android Weekly is a newsletter that handpicks stories, updates and information about all things related to Android – jobs, events and news.

5. Android Police: Android Police is also one of the earliest blogs following the growth of Android. Started in 2009, the blog reaches to more than 4 million people every month.

Like all other reliable blogs, Android Police covers the nuts and bolts of Android development.

6. Styling Android: Ask any Android app development company in Orange County or in Bangalore, what’s one place where you can get to know more about designing for Android apps, and the answer will surely be Styling Android.

Styling Android will give you a ground level understanding on how to design the UI and UX of your upcoming Android app, based on its own testing and wide experience in the same.

7.Android Central: Android Central is one of the most active blogs and communities about Android development on the entire internet.

Android Central has its own podcast, listicles, recommendations, cell phone plans and even quizzes to keep you engaged! If you are looking for some infotainment in the Android development world, this is a blog you cannot afford to miss.

8. GitHub Blog: Every single developer in the world knows about GitHub. Every single leading Android app development company USA would have used GitHub, which happens to be the world’s largest active code contributing community.

If you are just getting started with your Android app development project, it can give you real codes that will be used in the project. The community also actively blogs about various issues and trends in Android app development.

9. Android Guys: Going a bit beyond the usual Android trend capturing, the Android Guys blog is focused on tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of your app development.

It also has a great reviewing section which can save you a lot of decision making time.

10. Android Advices: This is a blog focused more on the device end of Android. The blog is run to provide device rooting firmware updates as well as a ton of useful reviews.

In Conclusion

Getting a great Android app development company is only one part of the job. The core challenge comes in understanding your audience and understanding the technology you are working with. Go through the blogs listed here and you will have all the required Android information on your finger- tips.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

Building a Local Discovery App? Here is How to Proceed!

Posted on February 8, 2019
Kevin Bell

Apps are the new websites. Yes, that is true. Have a look at the numbers:

a. By 2020, apps would be generating close to $190 billion annually in revenues.
b. On Apple’s App Store alone, there are over 2 million apps registered in total.
c. 90% of time spent on mobile is spent on some app.
d. Mobile devices account for 53% of paid search clicks.

Apps are as a good as any website and they add the added functionalities of portability and customization. So, one thing is clear – iPhone app development has to be centric to your business strategy.

The Need for Local Discovery Apps

The retail travel industry is projected to grow to $85 billion by 2020. Of this entire segment, millennials will account for more the 50% of the growing demand. Hence on thing is for sure – businesses that are able to successfully satiate the demand of the millennial travelling habits, will grow aggressively in the same period.

Millennials are taking approximately 2.6 trips a year. Now, when you are travelling these many times a year, you will need one thing when you land up in a new destination – a local guide.

How to get started with a Local Guide app?

First and foremost – understand the market you want to be in.

In order to get started with the app development of your local guide, you have to know what type of guide do you plan to build:

a. Category Specific Discovery: You can have a local restaurant discovery app that helps users find the nearest local cuisine with customizable filters for results.

b. Marketplace Discovery Model: You can provide a marketplace for experiences and activities, where sellers can list their events and your users can navigate through the list on an interactive map.

c. User Behaviour Based Discovery: You can have a unique platform listing all the interesting things one can do in a city, based on proximity, mood and interests.

Now that you have your baseline idea ready, you have to decide what technology do you plan to use. Any competent app development company in USA will give you one of the following technology setups for your local guide app:

1. Mobile Location: This is the most commonly used way to generate a user’s location. That said, several businesses are already providing this functionality. Most of the times, mobile location is actually the best way to understand where a user is and then suggesting her what options she has around her.

Using mobile location to help users discover places around them has a couple of problems:

 i. You will be competing directly with Google – which has more data and greater technology.

 ii. You will have to depend on the internet connection which may or may not be uniform everywhere.

A good way to get use mobile location as the base to building a local guide would be to use the Google Maps and then provide more relevant customization possibilities to users.

For instance, Google uses basic demographic data and search history to recommend places. You can use better filters such as mood, hobbies or friend’s recommendations to filter through same places.

A good app development company can easily help you adapt the very basic Google Maps to your desired filters for customizing results.

2. Manual Entry: This is yet another frugal way to detect user location. You ask the user to manually enter her current or desired location and then help them discover everything relevant to them in that specific location.

Here, you are simply outsourcing the core job of detecting location on the user. An added advantage here is that you are providing your users a sense of privacy and immunity from invasion, where they have a control on what they want to reveal about their current or future locations.

That said, this option also comes with its own set of issues:

i. Users are not always aware of their exact locations. If they are unable to point on the right spot on the map, you will get the wrong inputs and might fail in providing the right results.

II. Users may resort to searching on your app and then going there manually. Here, you will not be able to showcase your lead generation efficacy to the businesses that have registered on your platform.

III. Beacon Based Proximity Detection: Beacon has been a recent revolution. Here, Bluetooth and physical beacons can be used for detecting proximity.

All you have to do is hire iPhone app developer and integrate the beacons on with your app. The beacons will naturally point at the nearest registered business on your local guide and your users will be able to do so without spending out on their mobile data. 

In Conclusion

Building a local guide is all about using all the data relevant to a geography and customizing it according to user behavior and preferences. If you are able to do that, you will have a thriving local guide app running in no time.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

What Should Enterprises Look Out For Before Hiring a WordPress Developer?

Posted on January 18, 2019
Kevin Bell

Developing a website for business has turned out to be a complex challenge, given that it serves as the most powerful branding element on the digital platform. The leading business firms collaborate with established companies for wordpress development services, ensuring that their website remains a strength to capitalize on. While hiring a WordPress developer, you should take care to ensure that they can actually integrate the desired features into the website, so that you can take on the challenges that come across your way. Getting the right set of developers is crucial for any business, regardless of its stature and location.

Particularly, the robust content management system (CMS) on WordPress has turned it into an adored platform over the years. In terms of website development, WordPress acquires a large chunk of the market. Presently, more than 19,500,000 sites run on WordPress. This is a preferred platform for developing websites for business firms due to the following factors:

  • It is easy to set up and you can have everything in place in quick time
  • Updating WordPress sites is a simplified task
  • You can create any design for the theme and customize it
  • You can add plugins without coding to the website to increase its functionality
  • WordPress is the most preferred platform for SEO

Naturally, business firms reach out to the reputed companies for wordpress development services and strengthen their digital portfolio.

Well, when you partner a developer for your WordPress site, you need to ensure that they come with the right skillset. Here are certain aspects that the company should be well-versed in.

Scaling WordPress

For content-oriented businesses, WordPress continues to the ideal choice due to its ability to scale. An experienced wordpress outsourcing company can guide the clients through the various available options, as their sites are scaled. Blogs lie at the core of most programs, and in order to support it, you will require a powerful WordPress website. The intuitive CMS enhances the ease of using the website, providing multiple sets of users with various permissions. It is easy to publish content and update it. Besides, with appropriate scaling, importing files like graphics, videos and photos turn out to be a simplified task.

 Building customized and efficient themes

WordPress has got some amazing themes for its sites. When you hire a developer, make sure to check out their portfolio, so that you can power up your site with one of these themes. With the right theme, it becomes easier to customize the site and get it aligned with the aesthetics and goals of the site. It leverages the overall functionality of the site and the user experience. When you seek a company for wordpress outsourcing California, get a vendor with experience in creating custom-websites and tailoring WordPress themes.

 Understanding security of open source platforms

While hiring a developer, you should focus on the security issues associated with an open source platform. WordPress, as an open source platform, ensures the ease of use for several developers and users. It has got a vast network of developers, which indicates that new themes, plugins and features are already being developed. However, it is not immune to security issues. Therefore, while hiring wordpress development services, you should get across to an established company, capable of developing a fool-proof website. The expert developers collaborate with the business firms on a long-term basis and address the security issues and hacks immediately.

 Selecting and evaluating plugins

It is important to have a good understanding of the WordPress plugins, as it has got more than 30,000 of these for you. Selecting the WordPress development partner largely rests on their ability to evaluate these plugins, depending on the functional dynamics of the website. When you choose a company for wordpress development, make sure that they are experienced in handling these plugins. Generally, a good developer examines the following aspects.

  • The time when the plugin was last updated
  • The ratings of the plugin
  • The changelog indication of the plugin

Recommending hosting option

You need to host the WordPress website on a private server. This enhances the security of the website, and increases the site speed at the same time. In case of enterprise websites, elements like security, speed, storage and bandwidth are important factors, and you need to go for private hosting for your business website. Enterprise WordPress firms often choose WordPress VIP, however, other options like WP Engine and Pagely are also popular. The wordpress outsourcing company must be able to recommend the most appropriate hosting option to you.

Apart from these, they must be able to evaluate the technical requirements of the WordPress website. Collaborating with one of the established developers will strengthen your website. Get across to a reputed company for wordpress outsourcing California and get your site configured with the necessary features. A powerful website ensures that you stay competitive in the industry.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

What Features In Android Apps Do Businesses Look Out For

Posted on January 9, 2019
Kevin Bell

Android continues to dominate the mobile platform landscape, with business houses streamlining their functionalism with dedicated mobile apps. In recent years, Android application development has undergone several upgrades, with cloud-based apps, instant apps and now IoT penetrating into the domain. Android, with a market share of over 85%, leads the landscape and the reputed developers are carrying out a good work, strengthening their client’s business applications. For every modern enterprise, mobility has turned out to be a crucial aspect, with customers spending more time with their smartphones than computers. As a business leader, you must be on the lookout for the most updated features to be incorporated in your Android apps.

Here are some of the features that established businesses look forward to have in their apps.

Instant apps on Android

 You must note, that most of the smartphone users do not use all their apps on a daily basis. A report released by TechCrunch reveals that on an average, a person uses only 9 apps on their smartphones each day. In order to do away with the issue of apps occupying unnecessary space in the phones, Google launched Android Instant Apps in October 2017, where one could use the app without even installing it. Since then, business firms have been integrating this feature into their apps, so that they can serve a purpose without adding to the junk on the users’ devices. Presently, most of the leading firms are collaborating with a reputed Android app development company to develop instant apps for their business.

Payment through apps

 The e-payment industry is striving to turn the transactions completely cashless. In this context, it is important to note the rising demand for secure payment mechanisms through apps. Integrating the payment mechanism through mobile apps in each business greatly enhances the ease of making transactions. Often, customers move to a different website due to the lack of proper payment gateway in an app. With more businesses embracing this feature, mobile app payments are gradually making the way into the mainstream. It is important to understand the desired payment option of the customers and integrate the channels into the gateway. However, it is challenging to develop secure mobile payment apps. Business firms should collaborate with accomplished Android app development companies for this particular feature.

Android application system based on cloud

 Cloud-based mobile apps have been in the industry since 2016. However, the buzz will continue in 2019 as well, as ‘data’ is an important element in the operational mechanism of every business. As a business professional, you must realize that the information needs to be stored securely. The cloud-based mobile apps for Android greatly leverage this point, while allowing access to the desired personnel simultaneously. In case you have not yet got a cloud-based app, it is time to get one. Reach out to one of the companies specializing in Android app development in Orange County and develop a robust cloud-based Android app for your business.

IoT apps

By 2020, the world will be having over 20 billion connected devices, thanks to IoT. With IoT integrated mobile apps already in the market, the trend is gaining popularity swiftly due to the security it assures. Several home automation businesses have been using IoT apps these days. Google has already made contributions to the development of AI and IoT. In the coming years, it will be looking forward to develop more IoT apps for Android. These apps will enable you communicate with your customers smoothly, while managing a secure backend.

VR and AR apps

 Business apps integrated with augmented reality and virtual reality are likely to dominate the Android application development industry in the coming months. Ever since the craze created by ‘Pokémon Go’ faded away, business firms have been collaborating with the Android application development companies to include similar features in their apps. AR is growing at a greater pace, as compared to VR. Incorporating VR and AR into your apps will be effective in attracting customers, besides lending an edge to your business over your competitors.

 Users prefer using mobile apps, as compared to mobile web, which makes Android apps one of the best ways to help a business engage with its customers. It can result in a substantial improvement in sales. With every updated version, Android has improved with its array of offerings. In 2017, Android Oreo emerged as the 15th version altogether, as a faster, more secure and powerful version.

 You may get across to the reputed companies specializing in Android app development in Orange County to integrate the latest features in your business applications.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

iOS App Development Trends That Will Shape 2019

Posted on December 17, 2018
Kevin Bell

Mobile apps have significantly shaped the digital culture over the last decade. As the mobile app development industry gains speed and momentum, new trends are on cards, ready to infiltrate for a smarter future. Technologies behind mobile apps have evolved over the years, the latest buzz being augmented and virtual reality. With the number of smartphone users across the globe crossing 5.135 billion, the app development movement is here to continue. Business firms from all verticals of the industry are presently collaborating with established platforms for iphone app development in California. Trends of mobile app development will continue to mold the behavior and lifestyle in 2019.

Across the globe 5G network trials are on the way. This will bring a significant change to the realm of mobile app development. The reputed mobile app developers have a greater role to play, considering the high revenue associated with the process. The global revenue generated from mobile apps is expected to cross $188.9 billion by 2020. Here are some of the trends that are likely to grip the Iphone App development industry in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In 2018, artificial intelligence and machine learning have penetrated deep into the mobile app development industry. The trend is likely to set deeper into the industry, with AI already manifesting its power in chatbots. In fact, Siri proves why AI and machine learning is the future of mobile app development. As these cannot be separated now, 2019 is likely to witness a greater integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into mobile apps. Leading business houses are already collaborating with iOS App Development companies to build robust dedicated apps for their business, based on AI. With this, the integration of chatbots and virtual is likely to get a boost.

Fast-tracked Mobile Pages through EMM and AMP

Back in 2016, Google search was integrated with Application Performance Management (AMP) listings. The developers have moved forward since then. When these become a part of the mobile app framework, the established developers can use the new boiled down HTML version for a better user retention and experience. Facebook Instant Articles have already proven the potential of this mechanism. In 2019, these monitoring metrics and tools will be resolving bottlenecks and improving the overall experience in various large websites.

Augmented reality and virtual reality will be an integral part of mobile apps

A large number of companies are collaborating with the iphone app development in California to come up with mobile apps integrated with augmented and virtual reality. Remember ‘Pokémon Go’, that has been a trendsetter for AR-integrated apps? The developers are ready to stride ahead further, developing powerful mobile apps for specific solutions. The entertainment industry will reap the initial benefits, while other businesses will closely follow the suit.

Increase in demand for IoT and wearable devices

Smartwatches and trackers have already been a part of the fashion-oriented electronics industry in 2018. With these products becoming more affordable, 2019 is likely to witness to witness a growth in the demand for apps dedicated to wearables. New companies will be looking for iphone app development services from the accomplished groups to develop apps for fitness bands, trackers and smartwatches. The fitness industry presently banks on the app developers extensively. Besides large firms like Zomato and Uber have also invested in the development of wearable apps.

Extensive use of instant apps

Although instant apps had their inception in 2016, they haven’t been used to the full potential till now. The demand for better UX increasing, it is time for the developers to unleash the actual power of instant apps. These apps are ready to use and the users can enjoy them even when they are not downloaded. Presently, apps like BuzzFeed News, Hollar and Red Bull TV already have this feature. This trend is likely to dominate 2019, with users accessing them without having to download the apps. This will eliminate the time for installation altogether.

Competing in the digitized business space calls for the right communication mechanism. Business leaders across the world have rightly realized the importance of dedicated mobile apps to fulfil this purpose. You can get across to the reputed iOS App Development companies and convey your goals. A feature-packed app, backed by AI, AR, VR and other mechanisms will spearhead your business.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

Software development trends 2019: What to look out for

Posted on December 10, 2018
Kevin Bell

Trends in software developments are ever-evolving, and you may often find them to be short-lived. In fact, ideas in the digitized world become stale too quickly. The secret to success in this competitive business environment lies in remaining future-proof. Currently, business leaders heavily rely on custom software development services from the reputed professionals, who help them walk a step ahead of time. New trends in software development are about to appear in 2019. The demand for accomplished software developers remains constant. However, the advent of the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has infused the industry with a greater degree of enthusiasm. 90% of the European and North American banks have already invested in blockchain. The challenge now lies in aligning these technologies with the existing software and developing new ones based on AI and blockchain.

Here are some of the trending software technologies, that will be absorbed into the mainstream in 2019.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology has several applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Across all industries, the blockchain technology is gaining ground rapidly. Business firms dealing with supply chain, administration and medical data are incorporating the blockchain technology into their software to streamline the process. Last year, IBM had launched its own blockchain platform, and other leaders are likely to introduce their own platforms, banking on blockchain. Professionals specializing in software development services are working in close association with their clients to leverage their software infrastructure. Banks, distributors, governments and other organizations are keen to embrace the blockchain technology. It will effortlessly make its way into the mainstream in 2019.


Cybersecurity continues to be a daunting challenge for business firms. A research reveals that 18% of the business organizations have reported about cybersecurity breach at least once in the last one year. The loss or leakage of processing data (67%) is the greatest concern for the professionals dealing with cybersecurity. Next comes data privacy threats (61%) and confidentiality breaches (53%). These statistics clearly reveal that business firms across all sizes are trying to strengthen their cybersecurity. They will be heavily banking on the companies specializing in software development California to combat these challenges. With this, the developers have a new responsibility to execute.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a catalyst for the digital transformation of business firms from all verticals of the industry. Developing software integrated with AI is now a priority. An analysis by Gartner reveals that by the end of 2018, the AI industry will reach $1.2 trillion and the value of AI-driven business is likely to cross $3.9 trillion by 2022. Business firms, in an attempt to stay abreast to the latest software trends, often partner a software development company. In the next one year, over 40% of business organizations will be using AI to automate their operations. This ensures a better user experience, while you keep your technologies upgraded. Once implemented, AI-backed software will enhance the quality of customer experience and services.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are web pages or websites that resemble and work like conventional mobile apps. The popularity of these apps is on the rise, and 2019 is likely to witness a large-scale integration of these type of software into the mainstream. These are integrated with the latest browser technology, capable of delivering an enhanced mobile experience to the users. They can enjoy the feeling of mobile apps, while they use a browser. These are less complex in terms of development, while the maintenance costs are also lower. Flipkart, BookMyShow and Twitter Lite are only a few to mention.

 Low-code development

The low-code development technology has been comparatively new and has made its way into various businesses swiftly. In developing and deploying enterprise-grade software, it has proven to be a faster solution. 2019 is likely to witness a greater integration of the low-code development technology into software. In recent months, the acquisition of Mendix, a low-code development company by Siemens for $730 million clearly indicates the demand for the technology. In fact, it is becoming popular faster than the conventional software development methodologies. Even developers without extensive knowledge in coding can develop software through low-code development.

In a nutshell, 2019 will witness a greater penetration of technologies that are in use since the recent past. Business leaders with foresight and acumen have already braced up for these changes. They have been seeking custom software development services from the reputed companies, who come with an advanced skill set to strengthen their software. Get across to one of the established developers to bolster your business.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

What Changes Will Make Your Web Design Better?

Posted on November 27, 2018
Kevin Bell

Do you know getting more view is one thing and sustaining for a longer period of time a completely different thing? This creates a bigger difference- this is the only factor which provides success to your website. One of the main factors, when to be considered, is the design of your website. It is the first thing which a visitor gets a proper look of when opening your website and if the first impression is not good then there are high chances that the person would not visit your website again. This is a big loss of in the number of potential regular visitors for your website.

Website design is an art which differs from firm-to-firm or from person-to-person. It completely depends on the person who is designing and the firm(if there is one) getting it designed. There are many website development services who design a website as creatively as possible. There are a few things which one should keep in mind while applying creativity on the website. Following you would find a few changes which would make your web design better.

Font design: When creativity starts taking place, sometimes people forget that it is not only about making the page look good but also, readable. Making it readable is to make sure that the font design is proper and some alphabets do not look like others (e.g. uppercase “i” matching lowercase “l”), check the thickness of the letters, color scheme, visibility from the background and size of the font. If all the characteristics are proper then there should not be much problems. No one is going to observe what kind of font this website uses, but it does have an indirect impact which leaves an impression without them knowing about it.

Proper click: There are lots of websites which would direct you to some other website or sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere when you click on something. It becomes very important that your website doesn’t have the same problem. Your website should interact with the user- every click gives you the right effect you looking for. Links and buttons look different and easily identifiable. Every click provides the right response to the user. If it is working properly then it means the user would be able to easily go with the flow of the website. This makes them want to spend more time on the website.

 Make it alive: It is very important for the website maker that he/she makes the website in such a way that every visitor starts to associate himself/herself with the purpose of the page. Present the products and services in such a way that they feel it is for “the one”. Products or services define your website and it should look really good. Keep the factors in focus which people like about your product or service and it reflects from the website development and design. This can be a differentiating factor for your website.

Right quality picture: Nowadays people are using HD screen, which means they are looking for the best image they can get. For the website, the developer needs to have the best quality image possible. There is one problem though- when one talks about the best quality picture, it needs more space. This can make your website slow, which is also a big problem. So one should if check the picture (one uses) is very small in size yet high on quality, so that this doesn’t make your website slower while giving the user best possible visual of the photos.

The design is something which can create a lot of difference to your website. It doesn’t make a different impact to the website but it gives an indirect effect which helps the user to connect to the website. This indirect method can be directly noticed by the subconscious mind. To provide users with better services, one should consult with website development services California or in whichever city you are. They help you with advices of latest trends of the market, what is right and what is wrong with your website and also helps you correct all the problems and make your website more user-friendly.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

What Could Be The Reasons Behind Your MobileApp Not Working Properly?

Posted on November 15, 2018
Kevin Bell

Mobile phone plays a very important role in everyone’s life nowadays. There are millions of applications in the app-store. For a particular need, people have lots of choices with different applications. It is very important for an organization that their department handling mobile app development builds the application properly and the application doesn’t face problems like crashing, freezing, slowing down and many more. If they have these kinds of problems, customers will easily switch to another app and that is where you would lose the game of capturing the potential market share effectively.

It is very important for the organization that it solves these problems as early as possible. There are many mobile app development companies which state how there are many reasons behind your mobile app not working properly. One can remove these common bugs and make one’s mobile app much more efficient. Following, you would find a few reasons why the mobile app is not working properly-

Error Problem: When an app is developed, there is a high chance that the app crashes down or you come up with some other problems. This has happened with many apps such as Whatsapp and others. Avoiding this problem is very difficult as you need to conduct more and more tests, solve the problems as and when they occur, also, as fast as possible. One more thing you can do here is- frame a really good message on the error page. This helps the customer sustain this app for a more longer period of time just for the entertainment purpose if possible. A good message on the error page can buy you more time so for solving the problem-at-hand.

Network Management problem: Network issue is a very big, yet, a common problem that you may come across. The mobile app development service provider uses a really good network. Sometimes they assume that the users of the mobile app have the same luxury as them, which they don’t. The users may face several issues regarding the network. You should confirm that your app works on every kind of network, and has a data saving mode or a less data-consuming mode. This helps you capture greater market share as compared to the rival’s. One can confirm this by testing the application with different network ranges.

Proper Testing: Remember the old saying “first impression is the last impression”? This holds true for every situation. When an organization launches an app in the market, it is very important that it goes through a proper test. If it doesn’t happen, then it becomes a big problem because people may face problems like crashing of app, performance problems, and so on. This leads to a very bad impression on them because of which you might lose the game without even getting a proper start. Conducting proper tests is very important for each and every product or service you provide, right?

Write simple codes: When a coder makes the app, they want to write one of the best codes. During this process, they end up writing a very complex one. This creates a problem on the mobile phones. The code should be very simple. The simpler it is, the better it would work. Try to write codes as simple as possible because simpler codes also provides better and more efficient performance as the mobile app.

Memory management problem: Nowadays everybody likes to operate more than one app at a time. It is very important for the mobile app developer to have a really good app memory management which does not crash and doesn’t take much space while using. This is because not everyone has a high-end mobile phone. It becomes very important that your mobile app takes very less space to perform at its best level. Everyone like such a kind of mobile app and this helps you in capturing a bigger market.

A mobile app’s success depends upon how well the app is working. True, one might not have as much money as the big giants such as Facebook, Instagram etc have, but if one is able to solve the above-stated problems, it still makes your mobile app quite efficient and appealing to the users. For this, one can hire the best mobile app development company California. Mobile app development company is there to solve the problems faster and make the application’s experience better for its users.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

How Does WordPress Development Company Help You Increase Number Of Views On a Website?

Posted on October 29, 2018
Kevin Bell

Let’s do one activity and analyze that how much time you are spending on the internet in a day. After that, observe how much people around you are spending time for the same and then take the perspective of the world as a whole. Millions of people spending so many hours on the internet. If you still haven’t taken your business on the internet then it means you are losing a big chunk of the potential customer base for your business. One can make the presence on the internet through a website or online portals. WordPress can help you with this.

WordPress is the open source resource that you might have listened about in the recent years through someone. It allows you to make a website at absolutely no cost. Having a website is not enough because this platform has millions of other websites. Here is where WordPress development service providers play an important role. A website is a strategic tool which allows you to generate more business leads and WordPress website development companies assure you the same. Following you would find few points which will prove to you that WordPress development companies can help you increase the number of views on your website.

Regular Updates: If you develop your website but don’t update it from time to time then it is a waste of money and resources because as the years pass, customers want more services and convenience to be provided and are willing to shift to another brand substitute which provides the same. This could be a big source of profit for the business if given proper importance. You can find WordPress outsourcing company which provides you with regular updates and solves a lot of problem as and when they occur.

Improve User interface: The User interface is something which is one of the most important factors for the website. A friendly user interface gets better engagement and the more people take interest the more is the chance of them returning to your website. It is a very complicated web pattern and the technology involved in the designing of an excellent web page is what WordPress website development companies expertise in.

Customized website: Every business is unique and every business has their own unique requirement to provide value to its customers. There are some online platforms which help you to make a WordPress website but not as good as WordPress development companies because they understand the specific requirement of the organization, its industry and designs accordingly.

Enhances the speed of website: This is one of the most important factors for making a website popular because buffering is surely not accepted at all in the fast-paced world we live in anymore. As the technology is enhancing, patience level is decreasing for such issues and the potential customers may lose interest because of this. They would switch to another website which provides them with better services. If you outsource this part of the service to WordPress outsourcing companies, they would decrease the loading speed and even remove any kind of bugs to optimize the website.

Having back support of WordPress development companies for your website is good because they are the experts in this field. If an organization establishes or hires a person, it could cost much more than this. Outsourcing is the best option for the organization in this case.  You can hire a WordPress outsourcing company in California to develop and maintain the website. This can help you create an edge over other companies in the industry.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.

How Magento App Development Company Improves Your e-Commerce Website’s Structure?

Posted on October 8, 2018
Kevin Bell

Do you know about current competition scenario? Mostly every organization has an online presence. This is not the only case, as few of them are making loads of money through this. Nowadays consumers have many choices such that if they face even a little bit of problem, they can switch to other competitors’ websites. Only having a presence on e-commerce store is not sufficient; your website should provide the right kind of comfort to the customers. This allows them to stay on your website for a longer period of time. If you are not able to provide this, then Magento e-commerce services can help you with it.

Magento is considered as one of the best options for you to optimize your e-commerce platform. It provides you user-friendly interaction and other features which improve your website’s search engine. There are many Magento development companies which can find the problems with your website and solve them for you. They even add some new features so that the interaction with customers improves and your sales increases. Following you would find a few points which would help you to answer the question of how a Magento app development company can improve your e-commerce website’s structure-

Simple payment option: Checkout is the last thing to do but one of the most important parts of the process for a customer. If someone is having a problem with the checkout then either he/she won’t purchase at all or if he/she does purchase, then would avoid coming back to the platform the next time. This can be a big loss for the company. Adding guests checkout and providing all kind of payment options like COD, PayTm, Tez, credit cards, debit cards, etc can be a good option for your website. Magento development company can help you enable these features.

Optimize Image: The quality of images needed on the e-commerce platform needs to be really good because only after seeing the product through all the possible angles, one may decide whether he/she wants to purchase it or not. Quality of the image should be high (in number of pixels) but the size of the image should be less (preferably in Kbs) otherwise it increases the loading time of the website and would ultimately make the process slow.

Add wishlist: You might encounter lots of people who have some wishlist. Either they don’t have the money at the point or they want to purchase that product on a specific day in future. Having products in the wishlist of the website can help them make the purchase on some other day and not make them go through the entire range of products all over again.

Smartphone enabled website: Having a mobile-enabled website is a necessity in today’s world. Approximately every second person is using a smartphone. If your website is not accessible through smartphones then it could mean you losing a big chunk of the potential customer base. Magento can make this process easier. Even custom Magento development provides you with the best theme, design and so on, which helps you to attract more customers.

To win in this competitive world with only good products is not possible. Having an interactive and user-friendly website is also needed. Through the website, you can provide a customized service for each and every customer to enhance their experience with the website. Magento development company can help to make such a website, which makes your customers become brand loyal once they know of the services provided.

Kevin Bell

Kevin is heading Marketing and Sales at Octos Global. Kevin's hobby is to share his insight with fellow marketers. With his all of technical knowledge, company and customer side experience, he brings unique and deep understanding to email marketing that combines best practices with actual-tested projects and disposition in real world cases.