The Best IoT Applications To Have On Your Christmas Wishlist

Posted on December 19, 2019
Kevin Bell

The best IoT applications to have on your christmas wishlist

A look at the year gone by This year has been a great and incredible year in terms of innovation and creativity for technology. Technology has impacted every aspect of our life, right from the simplest of tasks like shopping for grocery to the most complicated and complex of tasks. We have seen great strides …

Innovation and Originality Helps Boost Sales this Christmas

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Kevin Bell

Innovation and originality helps boost sales this Christmas

What Social Media has done for Businesses Social media marketing and the eCommerce technology has changed and shaped up a new strategy for marketing and creating brand awareness. Today with vast resources art our disposal, there are no geographical boundaries holding us back. Products and services can now be accessed across the world all from …

Proquotes Application- How Native Applications are Changing the Game

Posted on December 12, 2019
Kevin Bell

Proquotes Application- How Native Applications are Changing the Game

A Little Introspection Technology and its impact have been influential, powerful and extremely life altering.  The amount of applications available today are a huge number and the way the application segment is rapidly growing is astonishing. There is no going back and no denying the fact that technology has improved and evolved into a force …

Potential and Future of Wearable Applications

Posted on December 10, 2019
Kevin Bell

Wearable Applications

As technology is continuously growing and developing, the inventions and innovations that are changing the world as we see it. The latest in the long list of inventions has been wearables. Wearable applications development has shown tremendous potential and continues to grow and develop and become even more advanced. Internet of things, artificial intelligence and …