Octos Global Solutions Grabs GoodFirms Attention by Offering Comprehensive Software Development Solutions

Posted on August 27, 2021
Kevin Bell

Offering robust software solutions to clients at national and international levels would soon bequeath Octos Global Solutions as one of the leading software development service providers in California at GoodFirms.


Based in Orange County-Anaheim, Octos Global Solutions renders authorized digital business solutions & projects to universal clients from newly established businesses & SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations. The experts’ team has comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, coupled with on/offshore resources, enabling the firm to deliver high-quality development packages intended to minimize clients’ costs and maximize their profits.

Whether clients need to enhance existing applications or build a powerful new application, the team has the expertise and methodology to meet clients’ needs. Being a full-service software development agency, Octos has a proven track record of assisting Fortune 500 companies, mid-market firms, and late-stage startups by giving essential IT solutions for complex business requirements.

Octos Global has served businesses involved in varied industry verticals such as technology, retail, financial services, oil and gas, medical and pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, media and publishing, and a few others.

Having rich experience in handling mobile app development and website software development specifications, Octos Global gives the perfect mix covering size, adaptability, knowledge, and expertise to produce and execute tech projects successfully.

Besides this, Octos serves as a trustworthy outsourcing partner for small-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale enterprises seeking reliable software development outsourcing solutions. The professionals’ engagement to expedite growth and profitability while sticking to a business’s vision and goals make Octos Global Solutions one of the most favored software outsourcing agencies globally.

GoodFirms Research Process:

GoodFirms is expanding daily in posting categories, authenticated reviews, and research on the most advanced business trends. It has 60k+ services & software businesses listed with comprehensive data.

GoodFirms directs research & surveys on industry drifts & technologies to help business people make informed choices. Its evaluation process based on Quality, Reliability, and Ability enables service seekers to create a peer-to-peer connection, brand promotion, and exchanging knowledge-base.

Likewise, the researchers evaluated Octos Global Solutions and asserted it as one of the leading web development companies in Riverside at GoodFirms.

They also concluded that the firm would soon lead as one of California’s leading software development firms and mobile app development companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

Software Development:

Octos Global Solutions creates insightful software solutions for a dynamic business environment and practices in Software Outsourcing Solutions for businesses around the globe. Octos is an experienced development partner to give trustworthy and cost-effective custom software solutions from smart and quick customization of pre-developed platforms to full custom software development.

Octos is an experienced team of professionals entirely committed to working on the client’s technology projects. The bilingual engineers work tirelessly to generate products and services that surpass expectations. They turn into growth partners throughout the entire improvement lifecycle by rendering insightful software development consulting according to the customized requirements.

Moreover, professional consulting services help the clients in producing custom solutions for the clients. The engineers’ team conducts detailed feasibility studies for validating the technological and budgetary expectations. By benchmarking a product idea employing feasibility studies, the team minimizes the risks connected with custom software development right from the beginning.

Thus, developing solid and reliable software structures for trustworthy software development would soon endow Octos Global Solutions as one of California’s best software development service providers at GoodFirms.

Website Development:

Octos Global is a pioneer in producing highly responsive business websites for developing businesses, startups, and verified firms around the globe. According to requirements, employing a combination of the latest technologies, responsive testing tools, and a dedicated and expert team of web experts, Octos Global provides essential and needed website development and design solutions.

Moreover, Octos Global creates highly functional and aesthetically beautiful websites, thanks to their web design and development expertise. The experienced team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to produce websites on the most advanced platforms and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla with efficiency.

Thus, with the expertise of the best developers, Octos offers aesthetically pleasing websites to pull & engage prospective consumers would soon enable it to soon secure a position amongst the up-and-coming website developers at GoodFirms.

Mobile App Development:

Enduring a rich experience in mobile app development, Octos Global is outfitted with the skills and expertise to manage the app development requirements of developing startups and entrenched business organizations. The team specializes in building robust mobile applications according to a client’s customized requirements that amplify the business growth prospects by occupying users across leading mobile platforms.

Octos Global is a foremost mobile app development corporation specializing in producing a new application from scratch and helping clients improve and customize pre-developed web platforms. The experienced team of in-house developers helps clients build interactive and robust mobile applications across traversing mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and others.

Thus, careful conceptualization, prototyping, and development process that helps take any business idea to a mobile platform would soon endow Octos Global Solutions to lead as one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review at GoodFirms speaks about the quality apps developed by Octos Global Solutions.

Octos Global - mobile review

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Software Development Trends in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Posted on January 29, 2021
Elise Britt

The global health crisis has truly affected the state of all industries — forcing various sectors and organizations to re-evaluate their operations, services, and products. Few organizations were actually prepared for the changing dynamics brought upon by COVID-19, so the first few months of the pandemic were filled with various reforms and restructuring to weather these tough times.

One sector that has been boosted by the health crisis is software development. As organizations and enterprises closed their physical doors, software developers helped companies transition into the digital space. Indeed, an impact analysis report by specialist recruiter, Randstad, notes that software development roles saw an 8% increase in volume ⁠— a true testament to today’s demand for digital solutions.

With that being said, let’s discuss two key trends in software development that we’ll encounter in a post-COVID-19 world.

More Organizations Will Outsource Software Development Tasks

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how numerous enterprises and organizations don’t have the IT infrastructure and preparedness required to survive in a purely digital world. And as we’ve mentioned, many businesses have employed the services of software developers to create dedicated applications and programs.

While most enterprises would think to add software developers to their IT staff, it would be more beneficial for them to outsource their software development needs. Aside from being cost-effective, outsourcing software development means that your organization can access various industry experts for one-off projects. Furthermore, you can mitigate risks associated with developing applications. This is because most outsourcing companies already use superb project management systems, have efficient workflows, and can show solid proof that their products generate ROI. This is all the more important for businesses now, as any wrong decision can lead to devastating consequences.

Big Data Will Further Advance the World of Software Development

Big data’s contribution in ushering the convergence of products, competencies, and technologies has been extremely valuable, and the software development industry is one that can benefit the most from this technology. With quantitative analytics, developers can better understand what will work in a post-COVID-19 society, by studying existing data. The data produced during these distressing times will help developers create software that is tailored to current and future trends. Indeed, it’s no surprise that many of the top careers in data analytics right now overlap with big data — with one of the most popular ones being big data engineers. These professionals are tasked to evaluate data solutions in companies and build data processing systems and warehousing solutions. They are also equipped with extensive knowledge in different programming and scripting languages. Big data engineers earn an average salary of $137,776 — a testament to their value in the industry and beyond. With big data’s ability to expose strategic changes that can raise the effectiveness and influence of software, it goes without saying that we’ll see more software developers work closely with big data engineers in the near future.

Software development has proven to be a key player in helping enterprises across all industries adapt to these challenging times. While we can never be sure of what we will encounter in a post-COVID-19 era, businesses can raise their chances of thriving in the “new normal” by making sure that their digital tools, software, and apps are suited to their customer base. For more articles on how the pandemic has altered key sectors like education and tech, be sure to visit our blog.

How Are Companies Preparing for Work-From-Home in 2021

Posted on January 12, 2021
Kevin Bell

The Covid-19 vaccine is around the corner for common people but going back to the offices for work looks like a distant dream. Some employees are enjoying the work from home setup while some are eagerly waiting for offices to open. We have entered 2021, and we know the offices are not opening anytime soon, at least with full capacity. So how are companies preparing for work for home in 2021?

When companies allowed employees to start working from home in early 2020, it was not out of choice but a compulsion. Most companies were not even prepared for work from home setup, but there was no choice. Here are a few things we will see companies doing in 2021:

  • Data Security – The biggest challenge for any company when employees start working from home is data security. The companies are working towards ensuring no data breach happens. In 2021, we will see a lot of companies increasing their endpoint security investments. Some of the employees are working from personal laptops, and everyone is on their home network, which is not secured compared to a corporate setup. This has made it mandatory for companies to get the best endpoint security for the organization.
  • Work-Life Balance – Every company wants its employee to have a work-life balance. In the pre-Covid time, companies making efforts to educate their employees was a kind of engagement activity. The situation has changed now since people are working from home, maintaining a work-life balance is becoming difficult for most people. In the coming months, we will see many companies coming up with programs to help their employees create a balance between work and home life.
  • The Office Environment- Employees might be missing the office environment, as we previously mentioned, they miss the comfortable chairs, nice coffee, and much more. Google announced last year that employees could purchase work-from-home gear worth $1000 to ensure that they are comfortable working from home. Following the footsteps, we will see a lot of companies doing the same this year. Many companies are coming up with a budget to give their employees a few extra dollars to set up their work environment at home.
  • Child care policies – The parents are working from home, and their children are studying from home. Managing work and children sometimes become a tough job for employees/parents. Companies understand this pain point, and in 2021 we will see them revising their policies to give more paid caregiving leave policy to their employees. Some IT giants companies have already done it, and many others are in the process of doing it.
  • Rise in Remote Work Apps – With most of the employees remote working, there is a considerable rise in apps and websites that help make remote work more manageable. IT companies prioritize App development and Website development that would aid remote working more straightforward and simpler for both employees and companies.

Applications and tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Float, Aircall, Slack are now widely used.

OctosGlobal is one such US-based IT Company that helps businesses fulfill their software & IT development goals by providing essential solutions. The company provides Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development services, and more.

2020 is all about Virtual Classroom Software and their Trends

Posted on June 4, 2020
Kevin Bell

All the way to Virtual Classroom

The virtual world has been slowly, and steadily expanding and online classrooms are now become an integral part of the learning process. Choosing the best virtual classroom software for you company, school, college, or organization is going to be a big deal. The virtual classroom software company we choose needs to fit into our budget and deliver a platform that makes our virtual classroom software most effective making sure learning is fun. There is a rising need to move to the virtual classroom and a need for a software that delivers to your needs in the most efficient manner. Not only are schools and colleges moving to the virtual way of learning, but offices are also moving towards this trend for training and other learning purposes.

Virtual Classroom Software

To understand the concept of virtual classrooms and the learning pattern and based on that which software you need to use and what is the most efficient way to go about it is what you need to know. For this you need to break it down to the basics. What and who is your target audience? What size is your audience? How inter active is your course going to be? Do you need to customize it for different audiences, or can the same classes and information be used for your audiences across?

Once you have the information you need to know what are the features that you absolutely want in your live classes’ software as well as your e-learning application. Once you have narrowed down the features and what it is you want from the application you now need to look into the virtual classroom software’s available to develop and design your application.

The Virtual Classroom Software’s to look out for in 2020

Cloud based learning platforms are the need of the hour today and to successfully develop these applications you need to right virtual classroom software company that will deliver this application to you. Here is a list of the best virtual software companies to choose from to develop design, and build your e-learning application:


This virtual classroom software is secure, flexible, interactive, and strictly follows the security standards of the industry. It is one of the most engaging platforms to develop your cloud based online training platform as it allows for customization, chat pods and break rooms among other features.

Blackboard Collaborate:

This is specially built and designed to deliver online classes that are more engaging, flexible, and personalized way of learning for students. This live class software development application has been designed keeping the learner in mind and due to this factor, it is gaining popularity.

 Big Blue Button

One of the pioneers in the field of virtual classroom learning, Big Blue Button has a lot to offer in terms of learning and sharing files and interactive white board along with advanced webcam sharing features.


This virtual classroom software comes with a multitude of features and has a learning management system that is great for online tutoring. You can also build a virtual classroom according to your needs. It includes tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing and media sharing. It can also be integrated with Google for Education, Moodle, and Schoology LMSs.

Electa Live

The platform and the learning management system of this software makes it an ideal choice for scheduling live classes. The other features include advanced interactive whiteboards, online polls and surveys can be conducted and recoding of the sessions also take place. It is also a virtual classroom that supports cross platform.


This is virtual software platform that is all rounded and well developed. It allows for an extremely engaging session, with features that allow cloud-based recording, real time notes, live quizzes along with integration into all learning management systems.

Choose the Right Platform

Virtual Classroom Software and live classes are a huge trend , not only does it allow you to be a part of the learning process from just a click away , from anywhere across the globe it also opens a multitude of possibilities for learning. Choosing the appropriate platform , will not enable you to ensure your criteria for creating the application is met will allow you to tap into the potential and opportunities the live online classes and cloud based online training platforms offer. Therefore make sure you do an in-depth and detailed study before choosing the platform to go virtual.

This Checklist Helps You Hire The Best Software Outsourcing Partner

Posted on March 15, 2019
Kevin Bell

The global market size of outsourced services is over $85 billion. Hence one thing is for sure – it is a massive industry and software development is a major part of it.

Most of the businesses globally outsource to cut down costs and increase efficiencies. The results are rather disappointing, when one looks at it from a value addition angle – 80% of outsourcing relationships fail to deliver any collective value.

Would you really want to cut costs if they are more expensive than the capital you saved by outsourcing? The answer, obviously, is a resounding no.

So, how do you ensure you have the right software development company helping you get the product out of the door? Simple – here is a checklist of characteristics:

1. They promise value beyond cutting costs. If you are looking at an offshore vendor in Asia, you know it for a fact that they will be able to bring down your development costs. This works out because talent and technology are available at cheaper rates in their market. That said, any software developer can promise the same costs – how do you then choose between different partners?

You have to look for expertise and not just competence. There are a ton of software outsourcing solutions providers who promise the bare minimum to get your project rolling. You will get the maximum value for your dollar when your prospective partner has expertise in the area and hence can be a better partner than even your local vendors.

2. They have very strong referrals. In B2B markets, referrals play a very strong role. That said, these days, every single developer has a ton of referrals available.

Finding the right development partner based on the referrals they have can hence get tricky. So, focus on the following:

i. Look at the quality of referrals over the quantity: Which referral adds more credibility – one given by a vice president of a big commercial air carrier or one thousand given by unknown small businesses?

Usually, the bigger company’s referral has more value because it shows that the vendor can handle a project of huge scale and can satisfy multiple KPIs in one go.

ii. Look for referrals on employee level: Most of the software development companies focus on referrals for the companies. You can go to LinkedIn and check out a few profiles of the developers the company has. Here, you will get to see the industry expertise of the very people who will actually be working on your projects. This is where quantity of referrals coming from various sources can be of great value.

3. They focus on a niche of services. If you find a software development company in USA that is ready to take up any project you throw at it, there are very high chances that the company is outsourcing the project further to an offshore developer.

The most credible outsourcing partners have deep expertise in certain market segments like payment solutions, eCommerce or enterprise tech for a specific industry. This goes in line with the earlier given advice and helps you find developers who can add real value to your project above and beyond the mere cost cutting.

4. They are approachable at any time you reach out. More often than not, your implementation or project management team will find a bug in your software. They will try reaching out to your outsourcing partner and outline the problem very specifically.

In a reply, they will get an automated reply from the partner stating they will get back to you ‘soon’. Since you did not have any contracts defining ‘soon’ you are justify waiting.

For projects that have multiple levels of iterations, this can get very tedious and you might miss out on small but important feedback. Just because your outsourcing partner is in a different time-zone does not mean they take forever to revert.

If the outsourcing company does not put up a 24-hour business day revert in their response rate, it is a big red-flag. A potentially good outsourcing partner will be ready to promise you one day reverts and wouldn’t even be hesitant in the contract.

5. They are proactive in understanding your requirements. The ideal outsourcing partner will want the engagement to succeed – because that is the only way they will ever get more business. Hence, they will be ready to sit with you and define the exact deliverables of the outsourcing engagement.

That is the sign of a good outsourcing partner. A great outsourcing partner will go one level beyond that and ask you questions about your business to understand the real-life situations where the deliverables will be used. They will act more like technology consultants and less like software developers.

In Conclusion

The ideal outsourcing partner will want to know more about the business case of the deliverables, have expertise in solving technological problems pertaining to your industry, would be approachable and have experience in dealing with big ticket clients. If your prospect shows these indicators, you can get started with the engagement.

Software development trends 2019: What to look out for

Posted on December 10, 2018
Kevin Bell

Trends in software developments are ever-evolving, and you may often find them to be short-lived. In fact, ideas in the digitized world become stale too quickly. The secret to success in this competitive business environment lies in remaining future-proof. Currently, business leaders heavily rely on custom software development services from the reputed professionals, who help them walk a step ahead of time. New trends in software development are about to appear in 2019. The demand for accomplished software developers remains constant. However, the advent of the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has infused the industry with a greater degree of enthusiasm. 90% of the European and North American banks have already invested in blockchain. The challenge now lies in aligning these technologies with the existing software and developing new ones based on AI and blockchain.

Here are some of the trending software technologies, that will be absorbed into the mainstream in 2019.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology has several applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Across all industries, the blockchain technology is gaining ground rapidly. Business firms dealing with supply chain, administration and medical data are incorporating the blockchain technology into their software to streamline the process. Last year, IBM had launched its own blockchain platform, and other leaders are likely to introduce their own platforms, banking on blockchain. Professionals specializing in software development services are working in close association with their clients to leverage their software infrastructure. Banks, distributors, governments and other organizations are keen to embrace the blockchain technology. It will effortlessly make its way into the mainstream in 2019.


Cybersecurity continues to be a daunting challenge for business firms. A research reveals that 18% of the business organizations have reported about cybersecurity breach at least once in the last one year. The loss or leakage of processing data (67%) is the greatest concern for the professionals dealing with cybersecurity. Next comes data privacy threats (61%) and confidentiality breaches (53%). These statistics clearly reveal that business firms across all sizes are trying to strengthen their cybersecurity. They will be heavily banking on the companies specializing in software development California to combat these challenges. With this, the developers have a new responsibility to execute.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a catalyst for the digital transformation of business firms from all verticals of the industry. Developing software integrated with AI is now a priority. An analysis by Gartner reveals that by the end of 2018, the AI industry will reach $1.2 trillion and the value of AI-driven business is likely to cross $3.9 trillion by 2022. Business firms, in an attempt to stay abreast to the latest software trends, often partner a software development company. In the next one year, over 40% of business organizations will be using AI to automate their operations. This ensures a better user experience, while you keep your technologies upgraded. Once implemented, AI-backed software will enhance the quality of customer experience and services.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are web pages or websites that resemble and work like conventional mobile apps. The popularity of these apps is on the rise, and 2019 is likely to witness a large-scale integration of these type of software into the mainstream. These are integrated with the latest browser technology, capable of delivering an enhanced mobile experience to the users. They can enjoy the feeling of mobile apps, while they use a browser. These are less complex in terms of development, while the maintenance costs are also lower. Flipkart, BookMyShow and Twitter Lite are only a few to mention.

 Low-code development

The low-code development technology has been comparatively new and has made its way into various businesses swiftly. In developing and deploying enterprise-grade software, it has proven to be a faster solution. 2019 is likely to witness a greater integration of the low-code development technology into software. In recent months, the acquisition of Mendix, a low-code development company by Siemens for $730 million clearly indicates the demand for the technology. In fact, it is becoming popular faster than the conventional software development methodologies. Even developers without extensive knowledge in coding can develop software through low-code development.

In a nutshell, 2019 will witness a greater penetration of technologies that are in use since the recent past. Business leaders with foresight and acumen have already braced up for these changes. They have been seeking custom software development services from the reputed companies, who come with an advanced skill set to strengthen their software. Get across to one of the established developers to bolster your business.

How Software Development Companies Can Help You Strengthen Your Business Model

Posted on October 2, 2018
Kevin Bell

One thing established businesses have is the financial freedom- provided they utilize it in the right direction- they can make millions out of it. Looking at the market scenario, it can be seen that recent start-ups are coming with software to solve the problems of people. If a traditional business does not adopt to this change, it would be wiped out. One step towards adopting this change would help you provide provide better services to your clients or end-consumers. To approach a software development company for this work is the right step towards strengthening your business model.

A software development company is that company which makes software according to the organization’s requirement. They have knowledge of different languages such as Java, HTML, Python etc., and have the capability to develop software, experience, tools and tricks which helps them to provide best possible software for your organization. They use custom software development services to solve the unique requirement of your firm. Following, you will encounter with few points which would give a better clarity on how software development companies can help you strengthen your business model-

Right software for an organization’s needs: Organisations just put together the idea of what kind of software they need. Software development company identifies the situation and the need, search for possible solutions, make an outline while considering all the issues possible, discuss them with the team and make a software which is the best for the organization. This software solves not only the organization’s problems but gives better services to the organization’s customers as well.

Outsource lead expertise: If organizations plan to develop software in-house, they need to incur a high cost because of hiring new employees, developing infrastructure and many more. It is not a good idea especially when there are companies available which provide software development services at a lower cost. These companies have established infrastructure and experts available which can do the same job at a lower cost, in lesser time with better results.

More focus on business activities: After giving software development jobs to an expert company, you can focus more on the business activities and give proper time when you are required to take an important decision related to the growth of business and achieve the organization’s actual goals. The last thing what you need is to check that whether the software is working properly, if it is solving the customers’ problems and meeting its objective. If there are any problems with the software or you need to update something on the website, the software development company would make these changes so that it fulfills your requirements.

Provides support and maintenance: Better technology is being developed faster and to keep yourself update with them is very important. For this, the software needs maintenance and support for achieving better results. Software development company provides regular services to its clients and updates the software as well. To maintain the software and check it regularly are crucial for the organization. If it does not happen, you would not able to provide the best services to your customers.

In this competitive world, having the right software is very essential. Software development company provides lots of services which helps an organization to keep itself ahead of the competition in the market. If you haven’t developed a software yet then it is high time for approaching the best software development company in California (or in your city) and build a strong business model of the organization.

The Kaizen Approach to Software Development

Posted on July 30, 2018
Kevin Bell

The technology industry works on a continuously evolving mechanism, with new advancements every day. While many product development companies are more focused on producing results, a few actually believe in the importance of creative practices in the organization.

The Japanese word ‘kaizen’ means a business philosophy of continuous improvement is working practices. A healthier practice is for businesses to invest in the improvement of the process and people rather than the end product, which is bound to give better results.

The Kaizen Model

Companies are evolving their processes of making products, preferring to use agile development to save time. Also, with agile, the increasingly popular approach is of the Kaizen model which companies are adopting. The model involves software development companies to encourage employees to develop new skills and focus and learning and improvement rather than just delivering.

The approach first originated in Japan in which everyone must continually evaluate his or her work at each step helping them with a chance to look back and understand where they could have done better. The Kaizen approach proves to be more collaborative giving every individual a way to become smarter employees.

Advantages of the Kaizen Model

1. Reduction in Costs:

As employees review their work at every step, they detect errors and shortcomings at the right time. Traditionally reviews were done at the almost end of the cycle, meaning in case of errors the software development services team needs to work from scratch all over again.

2. Smarter Employees:

Regular evaluation and feedback encourages the team members to interact and share knowledge with one another resulting in a smarter workforce which is open to innovation.

3. Enhanced Quality and Efficiency:

Reviews from peers and seniors tend to establish a healthy competition among employees which, with encouragement from management, boosts up performance quality and efficiency. The approach focuses on employee and their skills which converts into better delivery of services and products.

Implementation of the Kaizen Model

The model can be integrated with software development in many ways. A few are mentioned below:

1. Daily and Special Meetings

Set up a schedule for team meetings to discuss opportunities and improvement. Every employee must be inspired to come up with their share of problems and solutions which the team can get to know. This knowledge sharing platform can address many difficult issues within the company and help create better strategies in the future.

2. Individual and Team

Another sub-concept comes into play here, known as Teian. According to this, each individual must come forward with a proposal of improvement which can be applied after deliberate discussions within the team. This includes the improvements one should make to their personal self. The ultimate goal is continuous improvement which must be achieved.

3. Process of work

Kaizen cannot be implemented on the whole process but on components of it or the sub-processes. Working upon the sub-processes indirectly improves the whole work model, thus, delivering a better product than ever before.

The key to get this model work is encouragement. If an employee reviews his shortcomings and a works his way through them, encouragement is crucial. Only then he and others will want to work dedicatedly towards the common goal, serving the client in the best possible way.

How to Align Your Software Outsourcing Process With Your Business Strategy?

Posted on June 6, 2018
Kevin Bell

The global outsourcing market stood at a resounding $88.9 billion in value as of 2017. An interesting insight on this market are the major segments of this market. Out of this huge number, approximately $64.3 billion was spent in IT outsourcing. Even in the IT outsourcing segment, 64% companies worldwide spent on software development; this simply makes software outsourcing the poster-boy of a highly lucrative market worldwide.

Software development has definitely become the need of the hour for many small, medium and large scale businesses. That said, there is a clear differentiation between how the small and medium scale businesses outsource their software development and how their large scale contemporaries do the same. Does it have anything to do with the complexity, vendor size and budget of the outsourcing projects? For sure, but that is not at the core of the entire comparison. The major cause of difference is the strategic outlook.

Most of the small and medium scale business think that getting the cheapest possible technology that ‘does the job’ is the best they can do and that is where they miss the bull’s eye. Technology in large and software in specific, are not cost overheads; they are investments. Think about it this way – you will be using the same software with new data and technology updated timely, for years; using the same software you will simplify and automate many processes and cut costs heavily over the years. Every penny that is saved after the software comes into picture, is that return on your investment. Simply said, in order to avail the long term benefits of your software outsourcing, you have to treat your software development outsourcing process as a strategic process.

Software outsourcing

Strategy is not just a fancy word out of management books. It is a clear way to get the competitive advantage. Here is how you can align your software outsourcing process with your business strategy:

1. Understand the life-cycle stages of your business. The business can be in any of the life cycle stages: Launch, Growth, Shake-Out, Maturity and Decline. On every stage of the business’ life cycle, your goals will change – for instance developing strong brand equity to cashing out from archaic products. Strategy building has to be done on Corporate, Business and Implementation level. That is how you will know what will be your larger needs on every stage and what should you expect from your software development company.

2. Invest in long term outsourcing partners. Investing in long term business relationships is not about occasional emails, dinners or corporate gifts. It is built on consistent performance, reward sharing and transparent communication. It is very easy to choose the vendor offering the ‘best price’; but how do you define the best price? One which saves some money in the short run or one which saves large money in the long run? There might be many a software development company offering custom software development services; your job as a business is to choose the one that will be with you in the long run. Biggest of brands, working with the same ad agencies for over half a century, have learnt that investing in such long term relationships has a huge impact on the outcome of the projects. Same applies to software development services.

3. Get organized with the Goals, Corrections, Pivots and Rewards. When the software outsourcing process becomes strategic, there should be precisely defined set of goals. These goals shall go over the long run and make the organization more efficient; the same goals should be broken down in the shorter run and every project undertaken should be a reflection of the same. Now, to get the best results, any company would go through a learning process understanding the unique needs of your business. Gradually, the iterations will decrease as the cohesiveness between you and your outsourcing partner increases. In some projects, you might even have to pivot, in order to stay abreast with the technological trends; but as far as it is still in line with your strategic goals, it will be easier to embrace the change because it will have a clearly defined purpose, a precisely defined long term goal.

Octos Global- Listed Among Top Software Development Companies by GoodFirms

Posted on April 26, 2018
Kevin Bell

Octos Global, a leading offshore software development company based in California, has strengthened its foothold in global software development landscape. The company’s efforts, committed to developing intuitive mobile and web applications, have been recognized by GoodFirms research that has listed Octos among the top software development companies in the world.

Octos Global has been providing reliable digital business solutions from project ideation to implementation. Specializing in offshore software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, usability testing, Blockchain Technology, IoT, QA, the company has been delivering extraordinary solutions to global enterprises for 8 years.

Octos Global’s mention among the top software development companies in the world by GoodFirms research is a monumental feat. GoodFirms is the preferred platform for enterprises to find the right technology partner for their business. Being listed among top companies enhanced Octos’ credibility and reinstated Octos’ vision to assist companies in developing high-end software applications.

Octos - Good Firms
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GoodFirms evaluated the company on the basis of quality, reliability, ability, customer satisfaction, market penetration, etc. and recognized software development expertise of OctosGlobal to rank it among top software development firms of the world. GoodFirm’s legitimate research has helped top enterprises in choosing the right technology partner and being recognized among top companies by an unbiased research platform has elevated OctosGlobal’ stature in the global software development industry.

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