How Magento App Development Company Improves Your e-Commerce Website’s Structure?

Posted on October 8, 2018
Kevin Bell

Do you know about current competition scenario? Mostly every organization has an online presence. This is not the only case, as few of them are making loads of money through this. Nowadays consumers have many choices such that if they face even a little bit of problem, they can switch to other competitors’ websites. Only having a presence on e-commerce store is not sufficient; your website should provide the right kind of comfort to the customers. This allows them to stay on your website for a longer period of time. If you are not able to provide this, then Magento e-commerce services can help you with it.

Magento is considered as one of the best options for you to optimize your e-commerce platform. It provides you user-friendly interaction and other features which improve your website’s search engine. There are many Magento development companies which can find the problems with your website and solve them for you. They even add some new features so that the interaction with customers improves and your sales increases. Following you would find a few points which would help you to answer the question of how a Magento app development company can improve your e-commerce website’s structure-

Simple payment option: Checkout is the last thing to do but one of the most important parts of the process for a customer. If someone is having a problem with the checkout then either he/she won’t purchase at all or if he/she does purchase, then would avoid coming back to the platform the next time. This can be a big loss for the company. Adding guests checkout and providing all kind of payment options like COD, PayTm, Tez, credit cards, debit cards, etc can be a good option for your website. Magento development company can help you enable these features.

Optimize Image: The quality of images needed on the e-commerce platform needs to be really good because only after seeing the product through all the possible angles, one may decide whether he/she wants to purchase it or not. Quality of the image should be high (in number of pixels) but the size of the image should be less (preferably in Kbs) otherwise it increases the loading time of the website and would ultimately make the process slow.

Add wishlist: You might encounter lots of people who have some wishlist. Either they don’t have the money at the point or they want to purchase that product on a specific day in future. Having products in the wishlist of the website can help them make the purchase on some other day and not make them go through the entire range of products all over again.

Smartphone enabled website: Having a mobile-enabled website is a necessity in today’s world. Approximately every second person is using a smartphone. If your website is not accessible through smartphones then it could mean you losing a big chunk of the potential customer base. Magento can make this process easier. Even custom Magento development provides you with the best theme, design and so on, which helps you to attract more customers.

To win in this competitive world with only good products is not possible. Having an interactive and user-friendly website is also needed. Through the website, you can provide a customized service for each and every customer to enhance their experience with the website. Magento development company can help to make such a website, which makes your customers become brand loyal once they know of the services provided.

Internet of Things: Every Reason Why Your Business Should Focus On IoT

Posted on May 28, 2018
Kevin Bell

Some technology writers have been trying to wave off IoT as yet another trend, a keyword for the year and what not! Internet of Things or IoT, got into popular media with extensive coverage from major technology research houses; eventually, when IoT did not reach out as extensively to the masses as it was supposed to, many popular blogs declared it yet another fad. If that is the narrative you have been following, you may need to reconsider.

IoT applications will be at the centre of all technology – both business and consumer facing. Here are the numbers to support that claim:

a. It is predicted that consumers, businesses and governments will put an aggregate of $6 trillion as an investment in IoT by 2020.

b. By 2020, over 30.7 billion devices will be connected globally.

This just shows, IoT is here to stay; that might be more of an understatement. IoT is here to revolutionize pretty much every aspect of consumption and businesses. That is the primary reason why you should be paying attention to IoT.

To put it in the simplest terms, IoT is a connection between devices over the internet in such a way that they exchange data and optimize their individual performance in accordance with that data. These devices interacting with each other may be your everyday appliances like your refrigerator, lights, microwave or more complex machinery like manufacturing equipment, warehouse technology or storage devices. If you still wonder where does IoT fit into your business, here are some foods for thought:

  1. If your business has anything to do with Warehousing, Manufacturing or Retail, your business will be transformed. The biggest impact Internet of Things applications are predicted to have is on the warehousing, manufacturing and retail industries.These industries shall be the first ones to massively adapt IoT because these are industries with great space for automation. Whether it comes to operations research for warehousing or display adjustments for retail, IoT can optimize all the processes on all the layers in these businesses. With technologies such as RFID tags and Big Data, businesses related to these key areas will see a great degree of automation in order placements, storage and process management.
  1. It does not matter if you are not in the technology business. Imagine this, you may say that you have a small business with supposing hundred clients. Now, these hundred clients place approximately one thousand orders annually for five thousand units from your product portfolio of twenty offerings available for mass customization – did you see it? There is already a huge amount of data being generated by your business. It doesn’t matter if you are in wholesaling, distribution or logistics – if you have more than a few variables that can impact your business processes, there is scope for IoT in your business.IoT simply allows devices to interact at points where humans cannot come and individually programme them to do so. Additionally, IoT leverages the data and analyses it at speeds unreachable for the human intellect.
  1. It does not matter even if you are a small business. Many people in business wonder whether IoT will have anything relevant to their business, if their business has a small scale and no integrated technology system. The advancements in cloud computing will only help catalyse the growth of IoT application development and make IoT accessible to all the businesses.IoT can have simplest of applications such as shutting down the lights in the office and locking the doors automatically, when everyone has left the office. At the same time, it can have complex end to end applications where right from detecting the ideal time and quantity of refilling to placing the order, to managing the inventory and its storage – IoT will handle everything. All you need is the right outsourcing partner who can help you with the ideal IoT applications design to fit your business needs.

With more data, IoT will only make your business more efficient!

5 Reasons Why AngularJS is Ideal for Your Business

Posted on May 22, 2018
Kevin Bell

Businesses are built on partnerships. Most of the businesses get sweaty by the thought of outsourcing software or application development to a new outsourcing partner. Amidst the entire process of defining the project, budgeting and finding the right outsourcing partner, it is almost impossible to check the tools of software/app developer.

Imagine this – when you get to your doctor, you like to see her qualifications; whether she has the necessary degree and whether she is updated with the latest developments in her field of expertise. That is how you understand whether your doctor is a fit for you or not because it can be a matter of life and death. On the other hand, you never do this with your outsourcing partner. Most of the businesses stick with the age old – recommendations, past projects and budget fit to filter their outsourcing partner. If your outsourcing partner actually fits into it, great! That said, how do you know whether they are up to the mark with the latest developments in their field? By looking at their tools and processes.

Businesses prefer taking a hands-off approach on the argument that since they have now got the experts on board, they can sit back and wait for the deliverables. That would hold some grounds but what if you could see whether your outsourcing partner is the apt one by looking into its tools? That is where AngularJS is a great indicator to show the proficiency of your outsourcing partner.

What is AngularJS framework?

HTML is at the core of all programming done on the internet. That said, it is not so efficient when it comes to front end development. Primarily, HTML although is powerful, is quite old to have the required ability to facilitate better dynamic application development. Hence, the simplest way to explain AngularJS is that it what HTML should have been for web application development.

AngularJS framework allows developers to create interactive User Experiences in the browsers on the client side. Its entire motive is to simplify the front end development by leveraging its data binding capabilities and data injection, because of which the programmers are supposed to write lesser lines of codes for the same functionalities.

Much of it would seem quite extreme to any business owner. Especially, if one does not have a prior understanding of programming, it might seem difficult to understand the meaning and significance of AngularJS framework. That is where this guide can help you out. Following are the clear advantages your business will reap if your outsourcing partner leverages AngularJS app development or AngularJS web application development.

1. It was developed by Google. AngularJS developers have a certain degree of assurance on their code when they are working with AngularJS app development or AngularJS web application development. This assurance comes out of their earlier experience of working with AngularJS and the fact that it was developed by Google. Since quite some time, Google has been developing various tools, libraries and frameworks to help developers increase their efficiency. Additionally, Google releases most of these tools in the form of open source codes which are accessible to all the developers worldwide.

It becomes a differentiating factor for AngularJS because not all libraries and frameworks popular in the programming communities are developed by Google. Most of the frameworks like KnockoutJS are built by hobbyists. Hence, Google’s brand name backing AngularJS makes it more reliable because when the developers want to reach out to a community to learn or clear their queries, they will be talking directly with Google’s engineers. That provides the robust confidence to you as a client because the tool in your outsourcing partners hand is actually a globally reliable one.

2. It makes front end development easier. AngularJS framework allows the developer to leverage its offerings like dependency injection, routing and animations. Precisely due to these abilities, it provides the developers a greater space to work into, which enables them to bring better results to the client side. Additionally, AngularJS is designed such that it clearly makes the two most important aspects of coding easier – development and testing. Testing, in particular, becomes easier when front end development is done using AngularJS framework.

3. It is the best framework for developing dynamic web-applications. Increasingly, a trend which has come to the surface prominently in the past couple of years is the rise of single-page applications. Currently, for any developer, AngularJS framework is the best possible framework with the correct set of tools, libraries and directives required to create these single page web applications.

4. It makes development a lot more efficient process. Primarily, AngularJS enables the developers to be a lot more efficient by making the processes at their end relatively simpler and more organized. This happens due to two key reasons. One, developers are meant to write lesser lines of codes which makes the entire process quite efficient. Two, it enables two-way data binding. Hence, when one layer of data gets updated, the other layer automatically updates itself.

5. It is coded in HTML, which makes it accessible. It always rewards a business to plan for everything in prior; this helps in preparing with the due resources as and when required. AngularJS is built using HTML at its core which makes it accessible to anyone at the front end, back end or client side to bring iterations, understand the codes or look for changes in the near future.

5 Design Tips for Excelling at IoT Application Design

Posted on April 4, 2018
Kevin Bell

If your day-to-day working is related to the technology world, then there is no doubt that you have already caught the wind surrounding IoT or Internet of Things. With the first batch of the applications already out in the market like smart homes, smart kitchen appliances, smart security systems, etc. the world of IoT is expected to grow. And with this growth, the scope of work for the designers and mobile app development services is going to explode. With so many big things being lined up for IoT, we have compiled some tips that you as a designer can consider for your next IoT project.

Tips for Designing an IoT Application

1. Security Should be Your First Priority

Users are becoming savvier and alert regarding their data security in every aspect of their connectivity with the web world. This awareness is surely going to affect the Internet of Things applications and will become a big issue among everything else. For instance, you have designed an app that transmits a user’s crucial data. Will the user end up in using your app if he is not confident about the security measures you have taken for the app? I guess not. Therefore, when it comes to the cross platform mobile development and design of an IoT app, it becomes mandatory to address the security concerns right from the scratch. You should incorporate top notch encryption, authentication, and all the other required security features in it.

2. Don’t Just Think About One Niche Function

IoT apps are totally a difference scene from the applications that we are in the habit of working with. While the traditional apps are designed for a niche market so as to fulfill the demands of a particular set of people, the IoT apps are totally different by nature. These apps require complete connectivity and communication between the devices for their functioning. Therefore, when it comes to designing an IoT app, we should consider the entire ecosystem rather than focusing on a single niche. Since, the end goals of the IoT apps is complete connectivity, a special consideration to cover all the possible areas in one app is necessary.

3. Bring Your Creativity & Imagination into Action

There is not denial in the fact that IoT has introduced us to an all new range of devices that will be inter-connected to the internet. It has already extended its connectivity to wearables like watches, bracelets, etc. This in turn has brought a great opportunity for the designers as they can come up with new designs of such appliances and wearable s and give the users something new to think about. The designers can incorporate their creativity and new ideas and revamp the look of the devices that we have been using since ages.

4. Focus on the Data

One of the most important characteristic of Internet Of Things will be the transmission of huge amount of data. If we are looking for a complete connectivity between different devices, then we should not overlook the heaps of data that will be transmitted. Therefore, the best way to design an IoT app is to consider making smart devices which will avoid data overload by filtering out the unnecessary data from the data that is actually required by the user.

5. Keep it simple and minimal

While designing an IoT app, don’t give a lot of options to the users to choose from as this will end up in confusing them. The lesser the choices, easier it would be for the users to navigate through the various options and choose the one they want to. Don’t make your users think a lot while they are working on your app. Instead, make it easier from them to flow from one page to the other in a hassle-free manner.

Wrapping Up

With all this being said, we believe that by now you might have a slight idea of what to consider while working on mobile app development solutions for the IoT vertical. To know more about such tips and practices about app development and design, you can get in touch with the experts at Octos Global.

Pros & Cons of Investing in Software Outsourcing Solutions

Posted on January 10, 2018
Kevin Bell

Outsourcing has come up as one of the best alternative solutions for the companies that look forward to hire new resources for a short-duration project. It is defined as an allocation of a project or a business process to an external service provider. A majority of times, the organizations cannot handle all the aspects of a project internally. In addition to this, some processes are temporary and do not have the intention of hiring in-house professionals for performing a particular task.

However, before you select a third-party vendor for Software outsourcing services for your organization, make sure to weigh both the positive as well as the negative aspects associated with it while outsourcing brings with itself a lot of advantages for a company, the pros associated with it cannot be ignored.

Advantages of Software Outsourcing Solutions

Let’s have a look at some of the pros of investing in software outsourcing-

  1. Opportunity to Strengthen the Core Business Process

Outsourcing allows the businesses to concentrate on their core processes rather than the ones which are of short duration. Since the dedicated resources will be aligned on major projects rather than the supporting ones, your company will have a chance to strengthen them and bring more profit for your company.

  1. Better Output & Quality

The projects are outsourced to the vendors who specialize in their own fields. Since the vendors have the specific equipment as well as technical expertise, they are better than the resources in the organization which is outsourcing the custom software development services. This way, the tasks can be completed in an efficient manner as well as drive better output.

  1. Reduced Operational Cost

Outsourcing eliminates the need of hiring in-house individuals and therefore the overhead costing, which includes recruitment and operational costs, can be reduced to a great extent.

  1. Risk Sharing Between the Vendor & the Company

Risk-analysis is one of the most crucial factors that determines the outcome of a process or a project. Outsourcing some components for your business process assists the company in shifting certain responsibilities from their dedicated workforce to the vendors. Since the vendor you are hiring is specialized in the services you have outsourced, the risk-mitigating factors will also be managed by them.

Cons of Outsourcing Offshore Services

Some of the negative aspects associated with outsourcing services from a third-party vendor are-

  1. Stretched Delivery Time Frames

One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing comes into play in case you do not choose a right vendor for your project. Some of the most common problems which occur are unsynchronized deliverables, inappropriate division of responsibilities and sub-standard quality of the output.

  1. Risk of Losing Confidential Data

This is yet another loophole which might turn the tables around and that too not in the favor of the company outsourcing the services from a vendor. When an organization outsources payroll, HR or any other personnel, the risk of exposure of confidential and crucial data of the organization becomes really high.

  1. Lack of Focus on a Particular Project

Since outsourced vendors cater to the needs of multiple organizations at a time, it might get difficult for them to focus on the project of a particular company or a client. This might not prove beneficial for the company as they expect efficiency from the experts at all points of time.

  1. Hidden Cost of the Services

While outsourcing services is a cost-effective solution for the companies and enterprises, the hidden costs that are included during signing a contract might end up in posing a serious threat if you are hiring an offshore software outsourcing company.

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind all the advantages and disadvantages associated with outsourcing services from a vendor, it is advised to determine all the tasks for which you need an outsourcing company. This will help you in creating a clear-cut strategy of all your requirements from the vendor and will thus ensure that the vendor gets clarity. If you also want to Software Outsourcing Services from a vendor, then you can get more information about the software outsourcing in California, from Octos Global. To know more about the services offered by the company, Contact us

How can a custom software development company become a reliable partner to your company’s success?

Posted on December 12, 2017
Kevin Bell

Technology is fast replacing human-involvement in business. With rapidly evolving operational mechanisms in business, it is essential to partner a reputed custom software development company, irrespective of what you deal with.

According to a source, over 59% of the global business operations are likely to be automated. Evidently, each business firm requires a custom-built software that can serve its clients. Focusing on your specific needs, you should have highly tailored software solutions, leveraging the efficiency of your business.

Today, most of the successful business leaders prefer to outsource their software development services to established companies. Experienced software developers provide consultancy services regarding enhancements that are to be incorporated on existing platforms. Besides, they develop new software for their clients, based on their marketing requirements.

Here are five ways you can benefit from a custom software development company.

1. Seamless solutions to specific needs

Licensing software from software vendors may not fulfill your expectations. As a marketer, you know your uniqueness, that cannot be replicated. Evidently, you cannot find a generic software solution for your purpose. An accomplished custom software development firm understands the goals of the client and comes up with a suitable tool.

Tailored software is definitely more effective for your business. When you approach a software company, they evaluate the feasibility and conceptualize the software, based on your needs. They develop the software architecture based on multi-paradigm programming and test it to ensure its efficiency.

2. Enhancing integration

One of the foremost benefits of seeking custom software development solutions is improved integration of various systems into a single one. Most of the companies are coming up with their own apps, which brings their business to the handsets of their customers. You can choose specific features that you want to integrate into your apps.

Using multiple software for different aspects of your business is a time-intensive affair. You can slash off the time when you have a single, comprehensive solution for all your needs. The reputed software developers collaborate with their clients to determine the core systems to be integrated into the systems. This can enhance your customer relations to a large extent.

 3. Impressive UX design

An intuitive interface in your software keeps the users engaged. Before developing the software, the leading developers do the necessary research on the age group, psychology and likes of the customers. They incorporate the design elements in the software accordingly. User experience is a key factor, influencing your online marketing strategy and customer retention ability.

An interactive interface ensures that the customers like your software and uses it often. The reputed companies develop easily-navigable software for their clients. You may reach out to a team of professionals providing custom software development services and strengthen your operational infrastructure.

4. Ongoing support

At times, you need to tweak the features in your software, according to changes in the business environment. In case you opt for ready-made solutions, you cannot change the features you need. On the contrary, choosing a platform for custom-made software solution enables the company to change the tools in the software, evolving it with changing requirements.

The team of developers maintains the software and incorporate the changes from time to time. Business firms often need new features in the software. When you have a reliable software solution partner around, this process becomes faster and efficient.

5. Enhanced protection

Well, generic software that you avail from various vendors are susceptible to online threats. You need a new ideation to make your software immune to hacking and online attacks. The reputed software companies come up with new configurations for your software, ensuring that they remain safe from cyber-attacks.

A basic software may easily give away all your customer data, resulting in extensive damage to your financial resources, and at times, reputation. Hackers would not go for custom-build software, as it takes much more effort and skills to make way through these systems.

 Evidently, outsourcing these services to a software outsourcing company California is definitely a necessity. Have a consultation with the developers about your goals, current stature and target base. A steadfast software company complements the marketing and branding efforts of its clients.

With agile software development methodologies and updated technical knowledge, the professionals can craft customized software to cater your business needs. Get across to a team of software developers with impressive track record and strengthen your business.

Intrigued with the Internet of Things? Know How Has It Revolutionized the World

Posted on November 1, 2017
Kevin Bell

The Internet of Things or IoT has been a hot topic of discussion among the business and technology enthusiasts since the last decade. But the year 2017 witnessed the changes IoT brought it with itself and turned the entire world upside down, for good of course. The launch of products like Google Home and Amazon Echo by the technology giants have finally given wings to this technology and has helped it to finally take off in this year.
A lot of industries are profiting innumerably by embracing this technology and for all those who have failed to keep abreast with this IoT revolution are surely losing out on the perks it has to offer.
With all this being said, it’s time to have a look at some of the ways in which IoT services has revolutionized our world. Excited? You should be.
How is IoT Making Our Lives Easier?

1. More and More Things are Getting Interconnected

IoT has revamped the connectivity in such a way that it is directly benefiting the end users in every manner. Users are connecting to the smart devices and the smart devices, in turn, are connecting to the ordinary objects for increasing their functionality and value. It would not be wrong to say that IoT has made it easy for the human race to manage variant aspects of our everyday life with the power of inter connectivity and without any scope of errors or discrepancy.

The most elementary example of the same would be the usage of our smartphones to control numerous things. By using it as a hub, we can directly control the lighting of our home and its security as well as can also see whether we need to head to grocery shopping or not. The best example of this is Amazon Echo. You can easily check what the outside temperature is, connect with a bunch of devices like a thermostat or smart bulb, and lot many things, with just your voice. Cool, isn’t it?
 2. Enhanced Driving Experience with Interconnected Cars
With the advent of IoT and its integration in the field of automobiles, the overall driving experience, right from the efficiency to security has been enhanced. We are all aware of the fact that the big names like Apple, Google, Uber, Tesla, and others are investing significantly in building self-driving cars, which as the name suggests, will drive themselves. As per Gartner, around 250,000,000 connected cars will be present on the roads by the year 2020.

Since they will have the ability to communicate, absorb information, and do action on the data points, which in turn will make sure that the cars hit the brakes at the right time, follow the right path, as well as function properly.
3. Increased Awareness About the Things Around Us
Before the introduction of the recent technological innovations, we used to worry about trivial things in our everyday life. For instance, a lot of us have at least once worried about the forgetting to switch off the fan or lights of our home. But nothing could be done once we had arrived at work.

However, now is the time of increased awareness and rendering all these worries obsolete. The IoT devices such as smart lock will tell you if someone enters your house in your absence, your thermostat will start heating up your home before you make it back home, or smart bulbs which will enable you to keep the lights switched on even if you are away to give the assumption that you are still at home.
Well, this is just the starting of the IoT revolution.
4. Better Healthcare Due to Automated Tools
A lot of people love to monitor their health and physical activities to keep a tab on how they are doing in terms of their health. This is the reason due to which, wearable technology has become a hit in the market. All the technology hotshots like Apple, Fitbit, Motorola, and others have invested in the production of smart bands and watches. As per the stats released by the Mobi Health News, around 4 million patients on a global level will remotely monitor their health by the year 2020.

This doesn’t stop here. What is equally amazing is the fact that IoT is paving a way to build a healthier world not just with its wearable technology but also with the numerous health and fitness apps to fitness competitions.
5. Revamped the Way Businesses Work
The caliber of IoT to simplify the work is not just limited to objects at home but also extends to the business world. More and more companies are gearing up for harnessing IoT to reduce the overhead cost invested in serving the customers. The smart sensors installed in factories and industries are providing preventative measures to avoid malfunctions, accidents and the biggest of all, saving the loss of human lives.

According to the reports, 35 % manufacturers have already deployed smart sensor and around 5.4 million IoT devices will be used in the oil extraction sites for providing the environmental metrics. Both small and large enterprises are benefiting from the IoT technology and are garnering huge ROI.
There is no doubt in the fact that the benefits of IoT are unparalleled and it truly has the potential to make our lives much easier than now it already is, in the coming future. To know more about the advantages and the opportunities that IoT can offer your business  by contacting the experts at Octos Global.

What are The Factors Which Impact the Response Time of a Website?

Posted on October 25, 2017
Kevin Bell

Websites and mobile applications are the two weapons that have wrapped the modern consumers of the present digital world around their fingers. While websites act as a platform to get acquainted with the services or products of a brand on the traditional PC or laptop; applications or apps, as they are mostly called, gives the freedom to access a brand’s services and products while on the go.

When it comes to a website, one of the most important parameters that scale its performance is its response time. What difference can 3 seconds make in your life? I guess not much, right! But if you own a website, the very same 3 seconds can make you gain or lose a potential customer. It should not come as a surprise that a majority of visitors bounce off to another website in case the one they are trying to access is slow and is not opening.

What is Response Time?

For those who are not aware with the technicality of this term, it is the combined time consumed in the process of sending a request to the web server and the server responding back to the user’s request. Lower the response time, higher will be the loading speed of a website. According to the website development services, response time plays a critical role in the success of an online venture as a website which responds or loads faster is more likely to keep the customers engaged rather than the ones which takes a lot of time in loading. It provides a better user experience as well as increases the conversion rate.

Top 5 Factors Which Impact a Website’s Response Time
So, without much ado, let’s have a look at the factors which affect the overall response time of a website-
1. Complexity

The websites of today are a hybrid of ever-growing third-party services, self-hosted infrastructure, and cloud-based computing. This adds up to the overall complexity of the website and it is one of the top factors that impact the overall response time. The brands and website owners add so much functionality to a website, that they forget that these functionalities end up in ruining its overall performance. If you think from customer’s perspective, a function that adds to the complexity of a website is not worthy enough to be added.

2. Overall Size

If there is one thing that consistently contributes to the response time, it is the overall size of a webpage. Larger the size of the web page, more will be the response time and more time will be consumed in opening a single page. There are a lot of things which contribute to an increase in the overall size of a web page like heavy images, more content, more graphics, and much more.

3. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the most novel demand of the contemporary web world and the developers are taking part in the race of using responsive web design for their websites. Even though the websites that are mobile-friendly are rendered more priority, in case the resources like image are not used properly, it can have a negative impact on the overall performance of the website. Therefore, web design & development services lay a lot of emphasis on the correct placement of the images and videos on websites.

4. Web Content

Nothing is worse than the hassles in downloading the multimedia, graphics, or other content from a website if its loading time is slow. If the content takes a lot of time in loading, the user will not even think twice before switching to a different website. Content-heavy pages take a lot of time in loading and hence impacts the overall response time.

5. Peak Times

If it’s one time that the response time pops out its ugly head it is during the peak times. Scalability plays a crucial role and impacts the overall response time of a website. Therefore, the entire infrastructure of a website must be designed in such a manner that it is well-equipped to handle the peak hours. Peak hours may only last for a short time, they have a huge impact on the user experience as well as the web server and its associated systems.

These were some of the factors that are key players in impacting the response time of a website. If your website has a slow response time, you can easily get it fixed by the web development service experts of Octos Global. It is one of the most reputed companies which offer website development services in California. To know more, reach out to them by visiting their website

A Complete Guide to Software Quality Assurance

Posted on September 29, 2017
Kevin Bell

As a client, what would be your reaction if the software that you have got created from a developer were full of loopholes and glitches? Obviously disappointment.

The ever-increasing complexity of the enterprise solutions of the contemporary, in combination with the ever-increasing pressure and overhead costing, has led to the necessity of a systematic analysis of the quality of the software. This requirement of a systematic analysis of every development step has led to the birth of Software Quality Assurance or Software QA services. While the pressure to deliver high-quality projects continues to strive, it becomes more of a rule of thumb than a choice to adopt the Software QA procedures during the development and testing phase of software.

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Before software is launched for the users, it is imperative to ensure that it complies with the standardized quality specifications. This is where Software Quality Assurance or SQA comes into the scenario. It is a part of the software development life cycle, which ensures that the software meets the desired quality measures.

The external, as well as internal features, define the quality of software. While the internal quality is measured by the intrinsic aspects of the software, that are directly dependent on the code written, the external quality is based on its performance in real time in the operational mode. When it comes to the users, they mostly focus on the external working on the software, which is directly proportional to the quality of the code in which it is written.

However, at the same time let’s not forget the multiple challenges associated with software QA service that make it a whole-new challenging task at times.

Approaches Involved in Software Quality Assurance
So, how exactly do QA software testing service work? Without much ado, let’s put forth some light on the 2 procedures or approaches that are undertaken during Software QA.

  1. Defect Management Approach

There are times when the Software development team fails to understand the actual requirements of the client and ends up in creating software that has an error in it.In addition to this, factors like wrong coding, incorrect functional logic, or improper data handling can also lead to an error in the software. Therefore, in order to keep a tab on the defects in the software, a defect management approach can be used. In this, the defects are categorized on the basis of their severity and the process is then followed by the implementation of necessary actions.

  1. Quality Attributes Approach

The Quality attributes approach in the Software testing services includes 6 quality characteristics that are discussed below-

  • Functionality

It is defined by a complete set of functions that software provides to the users. It includes factors such as suitability, accuracy, compliance, as well as the security of software.

  • Portability

It is defined as the ability of software to adapt to the changes that are made to its specifications or how easily it can be installed in a machine.

  • Usability

This defines the ease with which each function of the software works. It also includes the amount of efforts that a person would require in order to understand the features and working of software.

  • Reliability

The reliability of software is defined by its ability to resume its operations after a failure. In addition to this, it also checks whether the software will able to perform in a certain environment or not.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of software depends on the coding practices as well as the architecture followed by the developers while developing it.

  • Maintainability

This factor greatly depends on the readability as well as the complexity of the code and refers to the ability of a developer to identify and fix the error as soon as possible.
Advantages of Software QA
There are a number of advantages associated with the Software Quality Assurance. Let’s have a look at some of them-

  1. Quality Enhancement

The overall improvement in the software testing services and productivity directly impacts the overall quality of the software. The systematic approach of Software QA allows the developers to focus on areas like installation, documentation, hardware compatibility, etc. as a result, all these factors add more customer value to the project that is delivered in the end.

  1. Productivity Improvement

The proficient and well-documented software lead to a decrease in the learning curve and allow the testers to speed up the entire project. This leads to an overall improvement in the productivity of the personnel.

  1. Cost Reduction

The overall project cost is directly impacted by the productivity as well as the quality of the project. In extreme cases, the cost of the overall automation process can be greater than the complete manual testing cycle. However, over multiple deliveries, this cost can be easily recouped.

Thus, it would not be wrong to conclude that Software Quality Assurance ensures that the quality of the project that is delivered to the clients is not compromised at any cost. However, at the same time let’s not forget the multiple challenges associated with software QA service that make it a whole-new challenging task at times.

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Tactical Software Outsourcing vs Strategic Outsourcing

Posted on August 24, 2017
Kevin Bell

Strategic Outsourcing
What is the difference strategic vs. tactical outsourcing?
The difference lies in the relationship that you create with your vendor. Clients choose to outsource as it benefits them in both ways – strategic and tactical conditions. As long as the client is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the process, and well one particular subject than outsourcing can be very successful.
Tactical Software Outsourcing
In some situations, you may need help for few months or quarters. These types of situations include meeting deadline, limited availability of specific resources or to bring the project back on track. These are the tactical reasons to outsource; these are the opportunities considered good, to begin with, the long-term relationship called strategic relationship.
Strategic Software Outsourcing
In the Strategic Software Outsourcing pairing of the vendor and client is the most important aspect. How close are you with your vendor? Are you an important client for your vendor? Do you have access to the management team? A vendor for a $1000K per annum relationship is different than the $5M Per annum relationship with the vendor, they both may look similar.
Closeness with the client is another important factor. When things go wrong, you can meet the client/vendor face-to-face and bring things back on track. For that matter, local presence is another important factor. Also, if the vendor has their own facility in their nearby local areas or they have low-cost destinations like India, Philippines, Ukraine, it is an added advantage.
Lastly, demonstrated capability plays a vital role. Has the vendor successfully delivered to the companies like yours?