What to Look Out For In The Social Media Space in 2020?

Posted on August 4, 2020
Kevin Bell

Social media today has become an integral part of our lives. The digital space in the form of social media has impacted businesses and individuals in a colossal way.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and artists alike are using the social media space in an enterprising and creative way to reach out to their target audiences, today investing in social media marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies can be a game changer for your business and you. With the entry of social media, the marketing strategies have shifted, and the digital marketing space has transformed in massive ways.

Trends to keep a look out for:

The social media space and social media strategies keep changing and keep getting upgraded and improved, in order to stay on top of your game you need to keep yourselves updated with these trends. With businesses shifting their focus to the social media markets and social commerce, we bring to you some of the trends to look out for:

Building Relationships

The focus is now on cultivating and growing relationships with your customers that go beyond just selling them your products and services. To connect and establish yourself with your customers and audiences, should be the focus of businesses. This helps you learn what your customer is looking for from you and delivering them. As this is the digital space its even more important to connect, relate and understand your customers. Engage with your customers at a personal level and this will help you in the long run. Social media trends may shift but a personal relationship will last for long.

Virtual Influencers:

Today with the way technology is so rapidly expanding and upgrading one such emerging trend to is the virtual influencer created through CGI effects. Customers can connect and chat with them and also get an exclusive experience with the virtual influencer. This is one trend to look out for in the coming days as this a trend in the infancy stage and it has a lot of potential to explore. Using this you could also craft your digital marketing ideas, so you have a unique and an attention catching strategy.

Broadening your tools for data analysis:

The once popular tool that is losing its relevance today is the vanity metrics that was used to measure the success of the social media strategies and it is now evolving into a more relevant metrics that look and dig deeper. Organizations are investing in more advanced tools that encompass a broader ranger to get accurate numbers.  Social media marketing and strategies are becoming more relevant by the day as they offer a wide variety of advantages and quantifying their success is important to know how to move forward.

Content is King

Today with audiences spending so much time on their social media platforms, and to keep them engaged creative content with absorbing matter is they key to success when it comes to social media marketing strategies. Videos are going to be a very integral part of the trends to watch out for in the coming days. The possibilities that videos offer is varied and vast and, in this space, the more creative you get the more audiences you are going to attract.

Honesty and Reliability

The influencers segment on the social media platforms has become huge and is an integral part of social media marketing strategies. Before any collaborations and partnership with influencers you need to do a thorough investigation of the influencers and if they are compatible with your brand and what your brand stands for. One important aspect in these partnerships is to make sure the influencer you partner with is honest and sincere in their approach. One other factor to consider is to make sure their content and the narrative they put out are in sync with what your brand stands for.

 A Look into the Future

Social commerce and digital marketing is the way to go especially in the future ,especially with current situation we are facing , videos , stories , integrating and diversifying into the various social media platforms is the going to be an integral part of all your marketing strategies. One thing audiences, customers and consumers get attracted towards is your creativity mixed with humor and wit. So, keeping your content creative and strategies unique will help you stay ahead and on top of your social media trends.

Best Practices to Increase Mobile App User Engagement

Posted on June 22, 2020
Kevin Bell

“Got 300 download in the first month” – my mobile app is a huge success too, “what happened I have lost 50 users” this is the issue that most of the businesses are facing today. – According to a recent survey, more than 65% of the customers disappear within the first month of downloading a new app. Only 25% continue using it for a longer time. Brands and corporates are spending an enormous amount of money on acquiring users. The major problem is after acquiring users, the thing is to keep them engaging.

 Engagement and User retention

Mobile engagement and user retention are two key metrics that define the success of your mobile app marketing.

Engagement – it describes how many active users are using the app. Ideally, highly engaged users are the one who participates for 11 or more app sessions a month.

User retention – as per the industry benchmark, it is the percentage of the app users who return to use the app within 2 months of their 1st session. However, depending on the nature of the mobile app, it is a different definition of engaging users and user retention.

To increase mobile app engagement and have more users using your app it is important that you work on the strategies to improve the numbers.

 Easy on boarding process

The downloading app process should be basic and quick. The more difficult it is to begin using the app, it is more likely that your user is to leave it in between.

Simplify the sign-up process

Reduce the number of onboarding steps that are required to “Signup” – include multiple ways to register like login with Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Provide users with basic instructions of using the app and the features but make sure that you do not barge them with loads of information.

Educate through actions for e.g. walk your user through main actions inside of the app and let them see the results themselves. Let your users know the primary gestures and functions so that they can enjoy using your mobile app.

 push notifications

Push notifications encourage your users to see what the app is providing new. Like for e.g. if it is a song app, you notify the users revealing top new songs for the weekend or if it is a photo editor app offering new filters and collage designs for your customers to try. Send selective timely notifications based on your app. The notifications can be customized by effectively targeting the devices your users are using, platform, and more. Push notifications have been around for years, but if incorporated strategically they significantly increase your user base.

 Offer discounts/ rewards

If your business model allows you to offer your users discounts/ rewards/ or loyalty programs, it is important to capitalize on the opportunity. Not only do these programs attract users to use the product, but it also makes users feel significant and important to your brand.

Encouraging 2-way communication

Brands who want to have a strong base and wants more customer downloading their app needs to know that communication is the thing. Customers feel appreciated and cared for when their queries are answered. Showing response and addressing their concerns boosts your engagement, encouraging more positive reviews for your mobile app. This in turn will build a long-term loyal fan base.

 Keeping your app updated

Regular updates when notified to the user in-app stores and demonstrate to your users that you are committed to your app. They are also a great way to market new features to your users.

 You can include location-based app suggestions

Mobile apps can make suggestions based on your location, habits, or even the current time. For e.g. a music app will display notifications when you plug in the headphones and the GPS system can activate itself when you link the device to your vehicle. Social networks can suggest events that are happening nearby.

The user can adjust the notification radius receiving suggestions for events in their vicinity.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, to increase mobile app engagement you can add spotlight indexing, use deep links, add home screen quick actions, in-app messaging.

 Wrapping Up

Now that you have tips ready to boost the app engagement of your mobile app.  But before you rush to implement these tips, remember that creating a high-quality app is still the first requirement.

And do not forget to listen to their feedback, make your app social media friendly, and update often. Oh, and remember to run A/B tests for your marketing. You can test your copy, pictures/videos/GIFs in your rich notifications, emoji, and other stuff.

But don’t feel discouraged if all of this seems a bit overwhelming. OctosGlobal is an app development company in California with a knack for building engaging mobile and web applications. So, let us know if you have a challenging project we can help.

7 Strategies Businesses To Respond During Corona Virus Outbreak

Posted on May 7, 2020
Kevin Bell

Corona Virus outbreak has disputed worldwide businesses. About 85% of the businesses globally have anticipated the revenues to be declined over in the next 6 months. There isn’t much you can’t do, with countries globally being locked down, but you can take steps to protect your company from being financially crippled. Though there is no one size fit solution for all businesses, the following are the strategies given by the industry experts that will help your business keep you afloat surviving the pandemic.

1. Identifying the challenges to your business

In order to let your strategies implement and work effectively, a good starting place is to make a list of challenges that your business is facing during this pandemic. It is crucial to strategize for different scenarios and take every possibility into account.

Consider everything from the disruption of supply chains to difficulties in communication, generating leads to gaining customers and competition with other businesses in your market. Regardless of how you think the outbreak is going to pan out and how it might affect you, plan for every scenario, including the worst you can imagine.

2.  Be Proactive, & Communicate with Your Customers Now

Your customers, as well as potential clients, will be reassured by seeing that you’re available to address the potential issues. What’s more, you will be stepping up your game to not only do your part but to take care of them.

  • During pandemic let your customers/clients know that you are open for business.
  • Don’t assume people know you’ve taken additional precautions to keep them and the community safe.
  • Get these communications out to your clients via email, your website, social media, etc.3. Finding new leads and customers – this is the right time

As most of the businesses are focusing on the present situation – struggling to maintain normal running operation, this could be a perfect opportunity to build a new network of prospective customers. Put your time and efforts in generating new leads which ensure that this pool of potential customers to rely on once things have calmed down.

When you are looking for new clients at a time when most of your competition is going through a crisis, you’re showing your customers you’re on top of things.

4. Forecasting the cash flow

Your company’s survival depends on addressing financial/liquidity issues during this crisis. You must consider your cash flow needs looking ahead after thoroughly reviewing fixed and variable expenses. Seize every opportunity to maximize cash inflow by offering cash reductions to customers and clients who pay more quickly.

When negotiating with your vendors, keeping in mind that many of them are facing the same issues you are. Create a 12-week cash flow forecast, which should be stress-tested to explore likely scenarios, including worst-case scenarios.

 5. Reaching out to your potential contacts

Establishing and maintaining healthy channels of communication with your clients and collaborators during such times is crucial. Be proactive and call each of your key business relationships—customers, suppliers, partners, consultants, and anyone else critical to your company.

Ask how they are doing and vice versa. Let them know that you want to work with them to find possible ways for everyone to make it through the current situation. This gesture of sincerity and goodwill is sure to be appreciated by these individuals.

6. Communicate transparently with your existing customers

We all know that everyone is facing this crisis together, so be transparent about what your business is going through. Customers can empathize with their brands facing a crisis if you communicate with them properly.

Communicate with them about the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community. Keep your employees and your customers safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness.

7. Don’t Panic And Don’t Stop Selling

Avoid panicking, it is never going to help. And stop assuming that it is the end of the world. Instead, keep selling and prospecting. Most of the businesses are now seems to be on the verge of panic because of coronavirus.

Life may not totally go back to normal right away. So, look for ways you can adapt and keep doing business. Your business deals may get stalled in your pipeline. But make sure you keep them warm. And keep checking in with your leads. Some companies may hold back on investment until the uncertainty resolves. But look for the first signs where you can make up for some temporary losses very quickly.

 Final thoughts

There is no telling how this situation will unfold. Things might return to normal within a few weeks, or we might be facing a worldwide recession a year down the road. For businesses of all kinds, it’s important not to give up, and by implementing the above strategies can help them to remain adaptable and flexible in order to remain successful.

So, get creative and brainstorm different ways you can still deliver your service or products. It is important to be flexible and adapt your services so that they are not only useful during the outbreak, but remain the best choice once everything has calmed down.

Effect and Impact of Data Modelling on Application Development

Posted on March 9, 2020
Kevin Bell

Today mobile applications have become an integral and necessary part of our lives. Our mobiles have an array of applications that have made our lives so much easier and simpler. Applications today have gained a lot of popularity and are becoming more and more advanced every day. Applications are now being designed and developed to include artificial intelligence and features and characteristics to make the user experience even more enhanced. But what does it take to build and design these applications?

Let’s look at the technology, techniques and development programs involved in building and designing applications.

 One technique that plays a vital and pivotal role in application development is data modelling program and techniques.

All you need to know about Data Modelling

Data modelling is nothing but analyzing, processing and defining data that is required for the application. The main function of data modelling is to program data in a manner that is reliable and predictable which in turn can be used as a tool to build the application.  To simplify data modelling techniques and to understand what data we need for our application to be designed effectively we need to have the following information available

  • Application workflow and design to be outlined
  • Questions and queries that would come up
  • Determine the key features and characteristics of your application
  • Right data and information types to achieve maximum efficiency

Data modelling allows you to store your data in a structured and formatted way, this in turn will allow you to effectively use and develop your application in a systematic manner.

Why is it important to have a Data Model in place?

  • It provides a structured format of the data, that can be easily used and developed into an application.
  • A clean and clear representation of data reduces redundancy and error and allows for a detailed and in-depth analysis of data.
  • Data modelling allows for improvised and quality of data and allows for the application to be designed in a more structured format.

Applications success depends on how the data can be used as resource to build develop and design the application, therefore it becomes important to use the right and appropriate data base formats that give the desired output for the application

Some of the popular and successful data base formats for your android and iOS applications are MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, InfluxDB and PostgreSQL.

 Data modelling techniques:

Data modelling techniques is important as it helps you to store data in structured and formatted databases and use this data for further research and scope to improvise the application.

The three types of data modelling techniques include:




Conceptual Data Modelling

This is nothing but your basic concept of what need your application is going to fulfill, the primary features and the reason of why the application is being designed. The reason for this is to narrow down what data you require and how best to organize the data. It also helps you decide on what data bases you need to support your application.

Logical Data Modelling

 The data bases used to organize the data, the software required to build the application, who the end user of the application is and how the final application will look and function. It defines the elements of the application and defines the roles of each element in relation to the other.

Physical Data Modelling

The prototype of the application, how the outcome of the application is, what features of the application will go where and how the application will function when it goes live.  It gives a virtual representation of how the application will look and function.

Once you have decided on the data model, it will help you decide the right data base to store data based on the requirements of the application your building.

Action and Reaction

To design and develop application a lot of time, data, research and financial investment is involved. Applications are created to fulfill a demand, in order to fulfill that you need to have the data. Having data is not enough, structuring and organizing and storing the data is an integral process to successfully design an application. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to ensure that the data is formatted and stored appropriately to be beneficial to designing a productive application. applications are subject to change and this will affect the data bases hence its important to choose and utilize the right data modelling techniques to successfully incorporate these changes.

Why Should You Integrate IoT In The App Development Process?

Posted on January 7, 2020
Kevin Bell

Technology has played a very important and crucial role in transforming and changing the way we interact, communicate and function in today’s day and age.

Be it virtual reality, augmented reality, the launch of 5G, artificial intelligence and internet of things, there has been a tremendous overhaul of not only the applications, but also their design and development.

In our daily lives we use this technology in the form of applications, or our smartphones without giving it a second thought. The potential and possibilities of technology is expanding and pushing boundaries daily. Applications are being developed and avenues are being explored, one such avenue that is showing growth and is creating a wave is the Internet of Things, along with applications and designs related to IoT.

Action and Reaction

When it comes to the application segment, the demand for integrating applications with IoT technology is growing as they offer a variety of features and the advantages of bringing in the IoT technology into the application design will definitely be a boon for businesses.The quality of applications in terms of features and tools used to develop these applications has also evolved.

Smart cities, to smart homes to smart devices, applications are now interconnected and integrated with the IoT technology and IoT applications.

With a large amount of funds being invested in both the IoT sector and the applications sector, it was a given that both IoT and the applications segment were going to be combined to create superior quality applications and we also get to see the potential of IoT applications. There is no denying that with the growth of IoT applications and IoT things we are now advancing into a never seen before segment of applications.

All About Collaboration and Association

The technology is one segment where innovation occurs almost on a day to day basis. Today businesses are also tapping into this potential, in order to hold on their competitive edge and increase their customer base they look toward creative and innovative ideas. Applications are being introduced and developed, but these applications are now looking to enrich customer experience and one such way to do it is through collaboration of applications through integration of IoT and IoT based applications development.  It has become a significant and relevant to integrate IoT development to the applications designing in order to develop applications that have an advantage over other regular applications.

IoT Related Applications- Synopsis

The world of IoT related applications is expanding at an extremely rapid pace and the applications of IoT include applications that are used in the segment of smart homes, wearables, industrial internet, connected cars, smart city and smart grids. The applications that have been designed using this technology have shown a variety of added features such as enhanced security, easier interconnectivity, data collection and the analysis of data has proven to be much improved with IoT development.

 Why it matters?

IoT related applications matter, the why and the how are listed below:

Efficiency and Action

With IoT application development, the costing involved is reduced and the reaction and response time is also lower, helping you improve your efficiency by acting immediately to queries and glitches. Interconnectivity of data also helps reduce cost of storing data on the cloud.

The Art of Creating     

In the world in which businesses operate and function in, the motto is survival of the innovator, the quickest and fastest way to find solutions to problems, resolving them by not only creating applications that are budget friendly, but can also impeccably integrate into IoT technology is going to win points for your business. IoT technology and applications will enable to you to do this by making it easier for you to collect and analyze data, predict problems and find resolutions to them, in real time or help prepare you for such an eventuality.

You Snooze you Lose

IoT application, IoT technology and IoT development has a lot to offer, be it to developers who design and develop these application , be it to customers , by providing them with an enriched experience, or to businesses , by helping them find the niche they are looking for. IoT applications have a lot to offer and the potential of them is widespread, thus it is important to start integrating the IoT technology into your applications design. Be the early bird to use this technology and see the world of difference it creates for your business and your application.

Making a Difference

IoT applications and technology has been creating a world of difference in sectors such as smart homes, smart agriculture, healthcare, automated cars and wearables segment. The applications used in these segments have helped these industries grow and have set a benchmark along with motivating other segments to try the IoT approach. The array of features and advantages it offers are mind boggling, the IoT technology is here to stay and in the future, we are going to see them make a difference in the application segment as well.

Let Innovation be the Name of the Game this 2020

Posted on January 3, 2020
Kevin Bell

Looking forward to 2020

This 2020 is all about invention, innovation creativity and originality. The last decade has seen a massive transformation in the mobile application segment. From mobile applications being developed for gaming to banking to traveling, there seems to be no dearth of mobile applications. Mobile applications development has changed the way we use our mobile phones to the way we interact with the applications available.

The technology used to develop these applications also has seen a substantial transformation and the latest in this seems to be the native application development technology that has become a crowd favorite.

Mobile application development is a sector that seems to be growing at an extremely fast pace and will continue to grow in the coming years. Mobile application development is interlinked with technology and technology is interlinked with our phones. As long as we have smart phones, there is going to be a requirement for mobile applications and the need to develop mobile applications.

Mobile Applications Continue to Surprise

Mobile application and development of these applications has shown some tremendous growth and due to the increase in the demand of the applications there is a need to develop mobile applications that are of superior quality and applications that look to enhance the experience of the users. Mobile applications not only help the users but also the developers to gather and assimilate information.

What should you look forward to?

The beacon technology, the 5G services,  mobile applications for wearable devices, artificial intelligence making mobile applications smarter, along with mobile application development of combining the artificial and virtual reality into the mobile applications, there is a lot for the segment to offer in the coming year.

Not only in terms of mobile applications but the technology used to build these applications is also undergoing a transformation. The native application technology is a platform which allows you to customize features based on the software for which the application is being developed.

The way we use and interact with our applications is going to change this year and the applications are going to be more interactive, technologically enhanced and with features never experienced before.

2020 is all about 5G

The most exciting development is going to be the launch of the 5G technology that is going to be the highlight of the year. Not only is going to be faster and better, it will also ensure data security along with an improvised experience of using the gaming and augmented reality applications. It is set to raise the bars and the expectations and speculation around this technology has begun.

Beacon Technology- the Potential for Opportunities

Combined with the Internet of Things and integrated into the mobile application development, this technology is a potential landmine of opportunities. This is a technology that uses wireless transmitters to send signals using the location and GPS of the mobile phones about the proximity of businesses in and around one’s location. This technology is being used in many retail sectors where they develop and integrate this technology into their mobile applications. Travel, healthcare and hospitality are some of the sectors where this technology is being used.

Artificial Intelligence and More

 It is being estimated that the AI global market will reach $190 billion by 2025. (https://medium.com/@patricianeil248/top-mobile-app-trends-for-2020).

With such a large amount of funds being invested in this technology, mobile application development is dynamically integrating this technology into their applications. This has led to the development of smarter and superior applications. It has also proven to be a great boon to businesses, by allowing them to offer services such as tools to analyze consumer behavior and patterns along with maintaining and storing large amounts of data among other services.

Instant Applications on the Rise

An application that can be used without being downloaded, yes, they are a reality and are going to be the next big thing in 2020. They serve a dual purpose, one as a prototype or a trail run for the actual mobile application and also allows developers to gauge the response of the users, but also are effective and highly efficient as they are smaller in size. Some of the instant applications developed on the native application technology have brilliant features and have proven to be better than applications that require to be downloaded.

2020 the year of Mobile Applications

Without a doubt, 2020 is going be proven as extraordinary year for mobile applications and mobile application development. This year is going to be full of surprises and revelations of what to look forward to in this segment. The mobile applications bar is raised and platforms such as native technology on which these mobile applications are developed are also ensuring that they upgrade and integrate these changes onto their platform. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to look forward to.

Potential and Future of Wearable Applications

Posted on December 10, 2019
Kevin Bell

As technology is continuously growing and developing, the inventions and innovations that are changing the world as we see it.

The latest in the long list of inventions has been wearables. Wearable applications development has shown tremendous potential and continues to grow and develop and become even more advanced.

Internet of things, artificial intelligence and augmented reality have proven that with technology the sky is the limit.

Change is inevitable and the current times that we are living in, there seems to be an invention or innovation just around the corner. The launch of an application or device that creates a ripple effect and developers and application companies are working hard to bring that to us.

What, When and How of Wearables

Wearables include smart watches, jewelry, clothing, head mounted displays and implantables.

Wearables have an array of features these include monitoring your heart rate, calories count and helps keep you fit. They also include features that are otherwise performed by your phones.

The most prominent wearables are your smart watches, that include both iWatch and the android watches. The android and iWatch application development are always looking to improve and create better and improvised devices. The fit bit watch has also been among one of the popular smart wearables in the segment.

Google Glass has been gaining popularity, as applications and devices are being developed in order to be synchronized with google glass.

In healthcare breakthrough devices such as wearable ECG and blood pressure monitor devices has been invented.

 Smart Watches

Watches today do more then just telling the time, be it the iWatch or the android watches, they include features of not only allowing you to receive calls, send messages and monitor your health. With being a miniature version of your smart phone using the touch of the phone you can do a lot more with them and some have the added advantage of access GPS, music and radio all through the touch screen interface of the watch.


Today the segment of wearables is not just limited to watches. GPS enabled shoes that would be great for trekking and travelling, you could either buy insoles or the shoes itself and instead of being hooked into your phone, you could literally let your legs take you where you want to go.

Smart Jewelry and Clothing

Clothing and jewelry brands in collaboration with application development companies are launching clothing and jewelry that will enable them to monitor heart rate, answer emails and texts. Today innovation is the key to success and all avenues are being explored to attract segments of various categories by catering to their needs.

Fit bit Bands

For all those fitness enthusiasts and to motivate others to keep fit, these fit bit bands have been a phenomenal success, as they measure and keep a count of your calories, the number of steps you have walked and monitor your heart rate.

 Google Glass Application

Google glass application is designed to look like an eyewear but is more of a head mounted display that allows you to communicate with voice commands and allows for other applications to be used through this eyewear. You can communicate play games and do so many things using this wearable device. applications are now being developed and designed to be used on this device. The applications that can use on this device include Ask Open Data, Map2Glass Insight Feedly Power Options for Google Glass Glassware – Media Manager this is just a few in the long list of applications available to use on this wearable.

Tip of the Iceberg

The wearables segment is just in its initial stages, and yet the innovations and developments that have happened in this segment are nothing short of unparallel and astonishing. The potential for this segment is phenomenal, as application development companies are thoroughly exploring the growth and creating applications that are compatible on these devices. Be it the fitness application development, or the smart watches segment that include iWatch and android applications they are now upgrading and launching latest versions with added components and features.

A Road that will Lead to Success

Wearable application development and devices though not as comprehensive and inclusive in features when compared to smart phones, they are steadily climbing that road. The technology is fairly new yet has made and left is mark and is continuing to do so as the opportunities for this wide and varied , with limitless scope, the wearable applications and devices are on a steady rise to as developers are realizing the depth and impressive qualities these bring to the table and are now in the process of creating quality devices. These devices have potential to create a ripple effect and that is slowly being recognized now.

Qualities of Angular 8 and Steps to Upgrade

Posted on December 3, 2019
Kevin Bell

As technology becomes more and more seeped and ingrained in our daily lives, the behind the scenes of how the applications are developed and created is also exciting to witness. Users just see the end product, but the intricate and minute details, tools and technologies used to create these applications is vast and varied. It’s an exhilarating time in the world of developers, as new frameworks, platforms and tools are being launched. The recent launch being angular 8 and the multitude of benefits and advantages it brings to the creation of web and mobile development applications.

A Way Forward:

Angular has been in the market for the last ten years , first being launched in 2009, has now released its latest version Angular 8. With its huge ensemble of features and its remarkable list of changes. As an front end framework using the javascript language it comes as highly recommended platform for web applications development. Angular 8 has incorporated a whole new set of qualities that developers are now exploring.

Qualities of Angular that are Commendable:

Improvised Quality- A Boost from the Other Versions

Angular 8 is focused on the quality of the platform, due to which they have added the feature of including web workers which are now an integral part in building the production bundles, thus enabling CLI to allow for providing one bundle for every web worker.

 Provision for Bazel- Adding the Extra Bit

The foundation of angular is Bazel, but version 8 of angular allows to be an opt-in, and bazel brings to the table a whole set of added advantage, as it allows for the application to be constructed a lot faster, can build backends and front-ends using the same tool and it can  also change or improvise a certain section of the application rather than starting from scratch.

Easy Up gradation- Tasks Made Simpler

Using route API’s and lazy loading the details of the application from one version to another version of angular is made easier. This shift could happen only through the introduction of lazy loading.

Lazy Loading A Huge Boon

In order for angular to become an even more performance enhancing application , lazy loading was introduced. In the earlier version , if a mistake or an incorrect value was entered while coding , the platform would still consider it and accept it as the right value. This would cause a glitch when trying to build the application. Lazy loading has reduced this to a task where through angular routing large files can be reduced to smaller sizes , and can lazily load the files required.

Improved Typescript- Enriched Support

The angular 8 version has been upgraded to include tools such as RxJS , typescript and 3.4, the newer applications to be built of the platform will be default use the latest versions. As the data base has been updated to include Firebase, applications are now being launched using CLI

Change in template format- Allowing Room for More

 The angular 8 version is all about integrating and inclusion, wanting to give developers a platform where they have everything they need to build and develop applications , keeping that in mind they have included SVG template to be apart of the platform , thus allowing for a more interactive graphics generation in  the applications.

Data Analytics – A Much needed Feature

In angular 8 version , the CLI , allows for usage data analytics, opening a whole new space for improvement , by collection data related command and flag used to execution and operating system also data related to node version and ram size is used to analyse for any problems that need to be overcome. These can be worked on and smoothened out and also used for future references as well.

Steps to upgrade

In order to upgrade to angular 8 you need to have typescript 3.4, along with Node LTS 10.16 version or anything above that.

Now execute the upgrade command of Angular CLI -> ng update @angular/cli @angular/core


The steps to upgrade are fairly simple and are not time consuming.

 Turing over a new page (Conclusion)
Angular 8
, though a fairly new launch has made some break through  changes and developers are all waiting to test this new improvised version to create applications that will be innovative and creative. As angular 8 gives them a whole lot of new features to experience, its an exiting time to see what new applications and devices will now be launched. For now angular 8 is making waves and  comes highly recommended as a platform for developing applications.

AI ML IOT- Revolutionizing Technology

Posted on October 10, 2019
Kevin Bell

Today the world of technology has so much to offer, with machines becoming more and more automated, devices being controlled by a voice command or augmented reality becoming an integral part of business activities we are always getting to experience so many new things. When it comes to technology, we often hear the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things.

All these terms to a great extent have brought about and continue to bring about better and advanced changes. Technology is always transforming and through transformation comes revolution. Artificial intelligence machine learning and internet of things have an impact and continue to have a growing impact on technology.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that is developed by humans, to think act and perform like humans. these machines have only the intelligent quotient of humans, lacking the emotional quotient of humans. One of the most popular forms of artificial intelligence is Siri. Businesses are now looking into and expanding the boundaries of artificial intelligence and integrating them not only in their businesses but also in the mobile applications and making it an essential part of our day to day activities.  Artificial intelligence is a software applied to a system.

 Machine learning:

Machine learning is the ability of devices to learn and improve from data entered and previous experiences that it can access to perform a specific task. Machine learning is a system, where the software of artificial intelligence is applied. They are not explicitly programmed but can predict the outcome by falling back on patterns and experiences. Machine learning helps in analyzing the data, predicting future patters and simplifying and breaking down complex set of data. A few industries where machine learning is having a significant impact on include banking industry, medical segment and the financial services segment.

Internet of things:

This is a computing concept where objects are integrated with the internet and have a separate identity and the ability to share data across platforms, without having humans operate them or and computers operate them. Internet of things are independent and do not require computers or humans to specify them to do certain actions. The identifying feature is that they have the aptitude to transfer data over a network.  Internet of things highly relies on connectivity of data and the flow of data between similar environments

Present and Future:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things have gained a lot of prominence and popularity due to the various advantages they offer and the value they add to any business that use these technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning had a significant impact in improving the quality of services.

Every business and every multinational corporation today have some form of these technologies applied in a segment of their business, be it to analyze data or formulate patterns based on experiences or improving customer interactions, data to day interactions use some form of artificial intelligence.

Developers are also constantly trying to look for more areas where artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things can used. Companies involved in developing these software’s offer not only customized services, but also look at further development of artificial intelligence software.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have opened by a world of opportunities and created a lot of job opportunities. Businesses now look towards artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide solutions for challenges and problems faced during operational and functional activities.

In order to keep with the changing times and transformation that is happening at a rapid pace it is important to keep ahead of competitors in business and innovating cutting edge product and services to reach to the top and create a niche for themselves.

Today the focus is on this technology, as it has improved efficiency changed the way of living. Businesses always think of how to improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce costs and making sure their return on investment is guaranteed, at the same time reducing risks. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things to a large extent has helped achieve these goals. Businesses are now banking on these technologies and are investing in these technologies to change their business outlook. Today the changes all around us, be it in developing software like Siri , Alexa or helping to study patterns and predict future based on these patterns are the introduction of augmented and virtual reality are all a result of these technologies.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and iterant of things right from their introduction have managed to create significant impact and they are a continuous work of study. Companies are always looking at different ways to integrate these in various sections and help serve their clients better.

Custom software services are now becoming a up and coming segment, where customized solutions are being developed for clients and businesses as and when need arises. We at Octos Global, are focusing on these technologies and making sure the client is provided with the best services in terms of customized software services they are looking for. Our team of dedicated professionals offer solutions after an in-depth study of the challenges faced by our clients.

WordPress- Innovative Solution to Transform Business

Posted on August 30, 2019
Kevin Bell

The world today is becoming smaller and smaller in size as the digital platform is increasing day by day. It sometimes becomes a little overwhelming and perplexing to navigate this space. But with each challenge comes a solution to overcome the challenge, the solution here is WordPress.  WordPress is a platform that allows the user to create a website that suits their needs and requirements.

WordPress has been playing a crucial role in creating and transforming the way a website is looked at. Earlier the websites were just functional and not a lot of thought was put in creating a website. WordPress brought about a revolution and transformation on how websites are now perceived

WORDPRESS – The next big thing:

  • WordPress will customize their services to fit into the framework required by the user
  • Universal as in from a single person to large multinational corporation, WordPress can be used by one and all
  • A great tool and platform for bloggers as it is an essential part of their work.
  • Allows you to customize and make changes as and when required.

Why businesses should opt for WordPress:

Competitive Edge

As the world is becoming extremely competitive and with growth in technology bringing about so many changes be it in the way we do business or having new career paths opening, we need to ensure we are at the top of the game in order to succeed and grow.

WordPress gives business of all sizes an opportunity to cater to a niche market. As it helps business develop and grow it ensures that the business has a fair chance of surviving and breaking through.

Technological growth has opened new career paths such as blogging. In this area WordPress has played a crucial role by providing bloggers a platform to create and build a website that matches what they want, thus enabling them to excel in their chosen field.

Tailored and Adaptable

WordPress is not limited to any segment or sector, WordPress caters to requirements that can vary in scope and magnitude of a business, their ability to customize and backed up with a team of experts makes WordPress a popular choice for creating and developing a website.

WordPress development services can create even the most complex website demands as well as meeting the requirements of a new blogger website, as the range and variety the offer is all inclusive it makes it to the top choice for your website development needs.


Often when it comes to navigating the technology, it can become daunting and a little bit of a challenge. It may sometimes seem like a complex and tough condition; this is where WordPress outsourcing company play a pivotal role. These companies bring with them a world of experience and a team that is highly competent and are experts in the field to develop and create the dream website that would change the outlook of your company.

Multiple Platforms:

It is essential that a website needs to be accessible across all the platforms, be it a computer, a laptop a mobile or a tablet. This is one of the key points to be factored in while developing a website. WordPress has made sure that they integrate this into the services they provide and thus making sure the website is available across multiple platforms.

 Advertising Platforms:

Social media in the last few years has grown exponentially. The rise has been tremendous so much so that companies now are using this platform as a part of their advertising and marketing campaign. It has therefore become important that this key factor is kept in mind and made sure that websites be cohesive with the various social media platforms.

User friendly:

WordPress is flexible and ad has room for expansion, the variety and choice it offers is massive, as a large number of plug ins to choose from thus enabling it be used for a single website or a complex set of multiple websites.


 WordPress has gained such huge popularity because of the wide range it offers to its users.in addition to that with the features offered, WordPress definitely has an edge over the others.

Right from blogs, to websites for business to business that only have an online presence can access WordPress and further fine tune it to suit their requirements.

Transforming the way, you do Business:

WordPress has positively brought about a change in the way business are conducted. The perception and perspectives have changed and enhanced the quality of business.  Wider scope and reach, larger market share, audiences across the global are few of the advantages that WordPress has brought about.


WordPress needs to be experienced to be thoroughly understood, it’s an instrument that can enable any individual or business irrespective of their size a boost required to catapult them to the top and help them achieve the success that they have been aiming for.

We at OctosGlobal have a dedicated team of developers who have been building websites that are user friendly and multifunctional using WordPress. The inhouse team at Octos Global are experts in their field and combined with their experience they build, design and customize the websites according to the needs of the client.