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Useful Data Analytics services and tools for budding tech-based startups

Octos Global understands the hidden potential of immense data resources that your business sits upon and provides innovative data science and analytics solutions. Our reliable and proven data analytics tools and business intelligence help in integration of data into business processes to amplify the growth prospects of an organization.

Our data analytics experts help organizations in integrating essential industry knowledge, advanced mathematical and data analytics tools and latest technological platforms like R, Phython and Hadoop to bring meaningful results from scattered business data. Using our essential data analytics solutions, an organization can optimize operations, align processes with latest technology and transform into a data-driven company with remarkable growth prospects. We offer the following data analytics solutions for companies:

Data Sciences And Analytics

Business Data Science & Analytics

Octos Global helps an organization in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Business Intelligence reporting by empowering business users through interactive data analytics reports, deep business insightsand interactive data dashboards. Our team makes use of latest data analytics tool that helps organizations in reducing IT support costs and improving user experience through essential data-driven solutions.

Enterprise Data WarehousingSolutions

We offer reliable data warehousing services to provide consolidated data views across the company and increase the visibility across different business units. Owing to rich experience of handling latest data analytics tools and expertise in data science and analytics, we ensure streamlined operations across the organization by eliminating various risks associated with technological adoption.

Big Data Solutions

We help organizations overcome various challenges using exclusive big data analytics tools that assist in identifying new business opportunities using proven methodologies, highly-developed architecture and cost-effective big data tools and technologies. Big Data solutions by Octos Global ensure scalability, performance and extensibility of business operations.

Data Science & Analytics

Our experienced team of data scientists and analytics experts solve internal problems by finding hidden patterns from structured and unstructured data types such as textual data, social media content, images, audio etc. We use advanced computing concepts and distributed processing packages for providing relevant data science and analytics solutions.

Data Integration & Processing

We help organizations implement flawless enterprise-level information systems by overcoming cross-system data integration and consolidation challenges. By using appropriate data analytics tools, parallel processing, event processing and essential data distribution, we ensure smoother and error-free data consolidation across CRM, ERP and other systems in growing and established organizations.

Tools & Technologies

  • Apache Hadoop

  • Apache Spark

  • Apache Ambari

  • Pentaho

  • Apache Storm

  • Apache Zookeeper

  • Amazon EMR

  • MapReduce

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