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We have helped global companies build excellent software products, launch intuitive mobile applications and roll out responsive websites. In all the years as a reliable software development company, Octos Global has taken various challenging projects and has successfully delivered according to the requirements.

We take pride in everything we do and are completely transparent in our operations. Browse our portfolio to gauge our capabilities and give your IT project the attention it deserves with Octos Global.


My Kart

Create Your Own Personalized Online Store and Sell Directly to Customers with Easy Management. Start an Online Store with MyKart’s Ecommerce Platform.


The PoolConnect

Pool Connect Company provides Pool services which consist of Cleaning and Maintenance, Pool Repair, Water and Chemicals. IT helps Contractor to hire trusted professionals labourer for all their service needs.



MyeBuxx stores all cryptocurrencies in most Secure, Easy, Fast and Reliable Wallet and Manage your portfolio with your Mobile. Convert instantly between almost popular supported cryptocurrencies at the best rates. Download from iOS and Adroid store.



This App ensures proper timekeeping by individuals and in a business setting. Employees who are poor in timekeeping contribute funds into the “Tardy Fund” in the app. The funds are then distributed amongst all the employees to enjoy. Tardy Party App has more than 15 features! With Tardy Party App, you can monitor your employee attendance remotely at any time. Download your Tardy Party App today!


Support Voult

Support Vault is really handy for all kinds of families – not just those who are co-parenting. A shared calendar, it allows you to share dates, schedules, tasks, expenses and notes all in the same place. It's designed to create a system-of-record for all of your communications. Company offers Apple and Android apps for easy communication on the go.



Here, at BookMeet you are able to meet new friends meet potential love interest, formulate book clubs and story friends and also buy and sell used books.



IAA is platform based on MLM domain. It offers life insurance for various carrier( Insurance Company).

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