Reliable Software Development Solutions for Growth-Oriented Businesses

Software Development Solutions Using Agile Development Methodology

Octos specializes in Software Outsourcing Solutions for companies around the globe.From smart and quick customization of Pre-developed platforms to full custom software development, Octos is an experienced development partner to deliver trustworthy and cost-effective custom software solutions.We are an experienced team of professionals entirely dedicated to working on our client's technology projects. Our bilingual engineers work tirelessly to develop products and services that exceed expectations.

Software Outsourcing Solutions

Development Consulting

We turn into growth partners throughout the entire development lifecycle by offering insightful software development consulting according to the customized demands. Our professional consulting services help us in creating custom solutions for our clients.

Feasibility Study

We conduct detailed feasibility studies for validating the technological and budgetary expectations. By benchmarking a product idea using feasibility studies, we minimize the risks associated with custom software development right from the beginning.

Ideation & Conceptualization

Our development process starts from ideation for software concept using a spiral process. Our careful concept insights help in development of an actual proof-of-concept that strengthens faith in a software idea.

Software Architecture

We develop solid and reliable software architectures for reliable software development. Our multi-paradigm programming approach helps us in creating effective software solutions for both, large and small-scale organizations.

UX Design

Our expert design and development team understands the importance of user delight and focus on creating an intuitive UX design while offering software development solutions for various industries for the best results.

Software Testing

We at Octos Global have years of experience in software testing, making us a reliable custom software development agency. Our careful software testing approach helps us in building reliable, effective and growth-oriented software solutions.

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