How 5G Network Will Change Mobile App Development Scenario?

Posted on February 25, 2020
Kevin Bell

The mobile cellular networks are on the brink of a revolution as they prepare to launch the 5G cellular network by the end of 2020. The launch of 5G networks means better and improved efficiency that will enhance the experience of the users and connect other devices and industries as well.  The introduction of 5G will mean for reduction in time taken to communicate wirelessly or the latency drop, will cover a whole spectrum of connected devices and industries as well, along with increase in speed of transmitting data from one device to another.

The significance of 5G networks for mobile application development

5G cellular network is not an upgraded version of the 4G cellular network but is an entirely new design and has a different infrastructure it will not only affect the wireless communication but will also have a noticeable and significant impact on mobile applications.

As we gear up for the launch of 5G, the applications development industry is also gearing up to develop, design and create applications that are better suited for the 5G network, along with added highlights and features that will change the users experience of using the application on the 5G network.


Having a significant lower rate of latency in 5G cellular network, means no delays and interference from the network and this will turn out to be an advantage for all the virtual reality and augmented reality applications as it will improve the user experience of all these applications allowing the users to have an immersive experience.

Internet of Things

The 5G network provides for a better connectivity as it increases the number of devices that can be connected in the same space. And this means the IoT devices can function better and transfer data faster among other devices.

Efficiency and Performance

The 5G cellular network will deliver better performance of both your mobile applications and IoT devices as the latency is reduced and as the speed increases the battery of your phone and IoT devices will last longer, which in turn will enable you to use your devices for a longer time.

Improvised Features and New Aspects:

With the advent of the 5G cellular networks, we are going to see a variety of features such as the application of 3D models and immersive technology for augmented and virtual reality gaming applications. The added 3D model designing, and creation are going to have takers across the mobile development segments. Chatbots are another feature that is going to be improvised and this will help in turn getting prompt replies and feedbacks.

Newer applications and innovations

Mobile application development companies now will be able to innovate and bring new applications with added features into the market. As 5G cellular networks is a new architecture and can connect and transmit data faster, the mobile applications will use this to build and create new applications for across various industries like healthcare, education and tourism.

Richer and fuller User Interface Experience:

 There is going to a substantial and significant change when you stream videos, play games on your applications with the introduction of 5G cellular networks.  The clarity and the user interface are going to be of a much superior quality.

Summing it all up

 5G cellular network with all its added advantages and new features is going to rake the technological world up storm. The possibilities seem endless and the sky is the limit now. New innovations and roads less traveled are going to be explored. The anticipation for 5G is building and the what changes it brings will be exciting to see and experience.

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