Proquotes Application- How Native Applications are Changing the Game

Posted on December 12, 2019
Kevin Bell

A Little Introspection

Technology and its impact have been influential, powerful and extremely life altering.  The amount of applications available today are a huge number and the way the application segment is rapidly growing is astonishing.

There is no going back and no denying the fact that technology has improved and evolved into a force to be reckoned with. But are we conscientiously creating these applications?

We at Octos Global believe so, our aim is to create and develop applications that not only reach out to people and make a difference, but we also to make sure the applications we support, build, develop and create are meaningful and significant in today’s world. The Proquotes application represents that philosophy of thinking.


A New Chain of Thought

The Proquotes application developed on the native technology platform, has been a significant creation. The Proquotes application allows people to read quotes from a vast variety of predefined categories and allows its users to create their own quotes in the form of text, image and video quotes. Also, Proquotes has the added feature of sharing quotes across other social media platforms.  Proquotes is an application that is meant to inspire and motivate people and give them a platform to showcase their creativity by creating new quotes. And we at Octos Global were inspired by that chain of thought and created the application that has turned out to be exceedingly well received.

The Proquotes application was created on the native platform technology, a technology that allows you to build an application specifically to use on the iOS and android platform has been a contributing and substantial factor is the success of the Proquotes application.

The native application technology is gaining momentum as it offers a variety of features and advantages to the applications developed in this technology, and Proquotes application is one such application that has become a rage.

How does it work         

The native technology enables developers to build two versions of the same application, one for the android platform and one for the iOS platform. The advantage of this being that the application is customized to suit and fit the need of the platform. This allows the application to be, more flexible and perform more efficiently.

Developers at Octos Global decided to build the Proquotes application using the native technology as the native application technology allows access to features such as camera, microphone and push notifications and these qualities are inherent to the Proquotes application. As Proquotes allows users to create content in the form of quotes the access to certain features on the devices are important.

Therefor aligning the two has been a highly fruitful.

 Go the Native Application Way

The native application technology is an extremely innovative and powerful technology is terms of developing and customizing your application that needs to be created. The features it offers when it comes to creating quality and highly efficient applications set the standards for applications built using this technology extremely high. This application walks the talk and delivers successful and thriving applications. Proquotes being one such application.

Enhanced Experience

The whole ideology behind the native application technology is an enhanced experience of the application that is built using this technology. The ability to tap into features such as camera, GPS and being customized to suit the needs of iOS and android make it a highly desirable application.

High Quality Standards

As the application is available on the app stores of respective platforms, it is easily available, regular in sync with the latest updates and uses the security tools of the phone and is the quality of the application is extremely high, the native application technology adds another extremely useful feature to its cap.


The implications of building applications on native technology are far and wide. One such implication is detecting user behavior, patterns and preferences, as the native application can detect and provide data to study these habits and help establish a profile, based on which recommendations can be made to user.

Optimum Utilization of Features

Due to the application build to suit the needs if the two platforms this makes the efficiently and effectively access and utilize the devices features. This makes for an extremely satisfying and enriching user experience of the application.

Raising the Stakes

When applications are delivered with technology that is in sync with the needs of the application requirements, then you have a product that sets the bar high for the applications. Aligning and bringing together application and technology that work best with each other requires skill and knowledge and we at Octos Global are driven to do exactly that. The perfect combination of this is the technology behind the Proquotes application. Native technology platform for creation of applications is changing the rules, giving rise to innovation and raising the stakes in the application development world. It would be exciting to see what comes next from the native platform segement.