Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Be A Threat Or Boon For Humans?

Posted on September 13, 2019
Kevin Bell

Artificial Intelligence has brought about a revolution in the world of science and this has had an impact on the way we understand and perceive technology. Right from out smart phones using AI voice assistants to businesses using chatbots to connect with consumers to increase productivity and combating cyber security threats Artificial intelligence and the technology and its applications are all around us.

Artificial intelligence has so far been a boon to humans. It has paved the way for developments that would have seemed impossible 15 years ago. Some of the widely used examples of artificial intelligence are SIRI, Alexa and Telsa – these are a few of the applications of artificial intelligence that are most popular.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is software designed to think react and behave like a human. Artificial intelligence possesses an Intelligent Quotient like humans without the emotional quotient of humans. As humans we are restricted to certain boundaries, but the Artificial intelligence software can overcome these boundaries and do the more difficult tasks in a smaller amount of time with greater efficiency

The facts and truths of artificial intelligence:

Statistics show that for 2019 alone the AI market will experience a 154% growth. It is expected to grow every year until 2025 by more than 120%-140% each year.

The global AI market was worth $4.8 billion in 2017, it’s going to increase almost twenty times by 2025 as it reaches almost $90 billion.

 The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial has a plethora of components to offer, they have been rapid advances and now we are leaning towards a more independent phase.  They have had a profound impact on businesses and a lot of them are investing in research in developing and further advancing the segment and scope of artificial intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence companies have also been gaining momentum in the last few years, from creating job opportunities to developing and innovating new applications a lot of focus is being placed on artificial intelligence companies to provide us with a breakthrough applications and software to further the growth in this segment. Every sector and segment now use some form of artificial intelligence be it in handling their customer relations or automating a process, artificial intelligence is everywhere. It has managed to increase efficiency, reduced costs and brought about solutions for the more difficult tasks.

 Artificial intelligence has provided us with a great number of advantages, but no technology comes without its set of drawbacks.

There is a popular belief that Artificial intelligence is going to be a threat for the humans. As artificial intelligence is designed to think and react like a human, there is a section that believes in the long run artificial intelligence will prove to be a bane and threat to the humans. Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, along with many researches have expressed concern over the rising popularity of Artificial Intelligence. The primary concern or threat is that if artificial intelligence is designed to think and act like a human, then there is a possibility that it will outsmart humans and take completely control.  The other concern is if artificial intelligence can perform tasks like humans, then many jobs will be lost.

Also, as artificial intelligence is designed to think like humans, but not react emotionally might prove to be a hazard that would be difficult to combat.

All these are valid concerns, but we as humans have forgotten the fundamental principle here- humans are the ones who have created this technology, it is from us that they have derived their intelligence. As these concerns are raised, we can also find solutions to combat these problems. Artificial Intelligence is a machine created by us, they evaluate the data we give them and after analyzing the data they provide us with the solution.  They do not self-learn like humans do.

 Threat or Boon?

Artificial Intelligence comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks, businesses are using artificial intelligence, and many are investing in further research and development of this. It remains to be seen if the drawbacks will outweigh the advantages or vice versa. But the prominent question remains will it pose such a huge threat that it can outsmart the humans. We are the creators of artificial intelligence and will we be the destroyer of humans is the question here. Will we let our greed for more destroy us?

Food for Thought:

 “…with great power there must also come — great responsibility!”  

 We have the power to destroy our world and we responsible to use it suitably. The question here is not if artificial intelligence is threat or a boon, the question is here is humans can use artificial intelligence responsibly.

We at Octos Global are looking into sustain and growing the technology with responsibility at the same time making sure we do not compromise on the quality of our service.