What Does The Future Hold For Augmented Reality?

Posted on September 11, 2019
Kevin Bell

The world around is changing and evolving, everyday new innovations are made, technology is transforming rapidly. One of the latest discoveries is that of augmented reality. This is a combination of coexistence between virtual reality and your natural habitat. Augmented reality is a high bred version where virtual reality can be brought to your natural reality. A lot of focus is now being put on developing these applications and devices for augmented reality.

 Ins and Outs of Augmented Reality:

Applications Augmented reality is such a technology that the applications of augmented reality technology can perform the simplest to the most complex of task. The focus here is on bringing as much as of the augmented reality applications and solutions, be it through devices or applications in the natural environment where it can assist a human in accomplishing their day to day tasks. The augmented reality segment is picking up pace as the demand for such applications has been growing.

Development through Augmented Reality Devices:

 Augmented reality applications and devices have enabled this technology to grow leaps and bounds. As Mobile App development and innovations are being made the devices for this is also being upgraded to have a more wholistic approach to this technology. In the gaming sector augmented reality is already a huge hit, the Pokémon Go game is an example of this. Also, in the navigation sector augmented reality has brought about an efficient change like the GPS Drive/Walk Navigation. 

Scope for Expansion:

The AR/VR market is going to expand up to $150 billion by 2020. Moreover, the augmented reality has got the lion’s share of the market at $120 billion.

As the numbers suggest the market for augmented reality is strong and is only going to grow. Businesses in order to grow are also looking into this sector as it has tremendous potential for expansion and opportunities are plenty. The fact that augmented reality can be incorporated into natural reality has boosted the need for augmented reality in today’s time.

Major segments such as medical, healthcare, travel and tourism, automobile, military are looking into augmented applications and devices to enhance the efficiency of their operations. This segment has offered a multitude of solutions to various problems and it is an added advantage to the already existing features of the services.

Marketing through Augmented Reality Applications:

Marketing is a key factor that contributes to the success of a product. Augmented reality has upped the marketing game for a lot of businesses. Businesses now develop innovative and enticing applications in order to draw the attention of the user, for example IKEA has an application where you can place furniture in your house using this application. There is strong demand for augmented applications and devices, and this is just the initial stages, augmented reality will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Virtual Reality Vs. Augmented Reality:

Virtual reality and augmented technologies are very different from each other. Virtual reality is a segment where the user is placed in a virtual or imaginary world and gets to explore the world that is not the real world. It’s completely absorbing and fully immersive but it’s not real. Here you may control the actions of the imaginary world through devices such as a haptic controller or head mounted display. Augmented reality is where in the real world you can use applications to enhance your perspective your natural habitat.

The virtual reality segment when introduced had shown a lot of potential, but gradually augmented reality has been overtaking this and now almost all the businesses use augmented reality applications and devices as a part of their services.

The Future Through Augmented Reality:

Times are changing, witch change comes a variety of new developments. Some succeed and some fail, but augmented reality is one such technology that is going to transform the way we function and operate. Augmented reality has been slowly and steadily making inroads into all aspects of our life. The way we navigate, travel, the gaming industry and entertainment industry are few of the examples that augmented reality has shown growth and potential in.

Augmented reality is going to continue to grow and be a major aspect of our future. The opportunities and possibilities are endless and augmented reality has already proven to be a game changer. The future is going to be through augmented reality.

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