API Development: Everything you need to know

Posted on September 27, 2021
Kevin Bell

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is also known as web services. It allows different applications to send data (or information) between each other. It lets software communicate with one another. When two applications interact with each other, they need to send and receive data, API makes it possible behind the scenes, and gives users a seamless experience.

It not only lets apps share data amongst themselves but also eliminates the need to build a similar program from scratch.

How does API work?

Let us try to understand API working with a real-world example. You are looking to travel next month, and so you open the ABC app to book your flight tickets. When you open the app, you have to provide details like your travel date, the city you want to travel to, etc. Once you click the search button, within seconds, a list of flights will appear.

What happens at the backend? The platform (app) sends a request to the airline’s database and gets relevant data via API.

Types of API

There are different types of APIs, and they vary according to their access granting policies setup. The most frequently used types are:

  • Private APIs – It is deployed in software used within an organization. The interface is available only to the people working in the organization, even if the app can be used outside.
  • Partnership APIs – It is used for software integration between two companies.
  • Public APIs – They are used to build brand awareness and created where features are made public without any restrictions. In some cases, public APIs are made commercial where the users need to pay to use the service.
  • Composite API – The existing API functions are combined to perform many tasks at one time.

What are the benefits of using APIs?

The benefits of using APIs are as below –

  • Streamline work – Since APIs come with a uniform set of protocols, it helps you streamline how you work. It allows you to test functionality and features and validate the results smoothly.
  • Save time – Developers can reuse software components via APIs, and they don’t have to repeat what someone has already done. It saves a lot of time that can be used for other development work.
  • Better user experience – It does not matter how good your team is, they cannot build everything from scratch your product wants. By using external APIs, you can customize your product and increase the user’s experience at a limited cost.

The two primary terms associated with APIs: REST or SOAP

There are a lot of terms associated with APIs. However, we are only going to talk about the two – REST and SOAP. These are two different structures to standardize communication and data exchanges between web services.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is easier to use and has fewer coding requirements. Recently, REST APIs have grown in popularity within Web Services. APIs that use REST can perform requests over HTTP and receive responses. For example, if you open Instagram and look for the newest meme, it uses the REST API to give you the response.

SOAP is a Simple Object Access Protocol. Because SOAP relies on XML-based systems and programming, its data tends to be large and more expensive. Applications that interact with financial institutions are known to use cases.


A better term that describes the API economy is “the connected era” – referring to its ability to work with many different types of solutions. Ultimately, the success or failure of a business in the connected era depends increasingly on the quality of connectivity among applications and the integration of resulting data.

How Software Development Companies Can Help You Strengthen Your Business Model

Posted on October 2, 2018
Kevin Bell

One thing established businesses have is the financial freedom- provided they utilize it in the right direction- they can make millions out of it. Looking at the market scenario, it can be seen that recent start-ups are coming with software to solve the problems of people. If a traditional business does not adopt to this change, it would be wiped out. One step towards adopting this change would help you provide provide better services to your clients or end-consumers. To approach a software development company for this work is the right step towards strengthening your business model.

A software development company is that company which makes software according to the organization’s requirement. They have knowledge of different languages such as Java, HTML, Python etc., and have the capability to develop software, experience, tools and tricks which helps them to provide best possible software for your organization. They use custom software development services to solve the unique requirement of your firm. Following, you will encounter with few points which would give a better clarity on how software development companies can help you strengthen your business model-

Right software for an organization’s needs: Organisations just put together the idea of what kind of software they need. Software development company identifies the situation and the need, search for possible solutions, make an outline while considering all the issues possible, discuss them with the team and make a software which is the best for the organization. This software solves not only the organization’s problems but gives better services to the organization’s customers as well.

Outsource lead expertise: If organizations plan to develop software in-house, they need to incur a high cost because of hiring new employees, developing infrastructure and many more. It is not a good idea especially when there are companies available which provide software development services at a lower cost. These companies have established infrastructure and experts available which can do the same job at a lower cost, in lesser time with better results.

More focus on business activities: After giving software development jobs to an expert company, you can focus more on the business activities and give proper time when you are required to take an important decision related to the growth of business and achieve the organization’s actual goals. The last thing what you need is to check that whether the software is working properly, if it is solving the customers’ problems and meeting its objective. If there are any problems with the software or you need to update something on the website, the software development company would make these changes so that it fulfills your requirements.

Provides support and maintenance: Better technology is being developed faster and to keep yourself update with them is very important. For this, the software needs maintenance and support for achieving better results. Software development company provides regular services to its clients and updates the software as well. To maintain the software and check it regularly are crucial for the organization. If it does not happen, you would not able to provide the best services to your customers.

In this competitive world, having the right software is very essential. Software development company provides lots of services which helps an organization to keep itself ahead of the competition in the market. If you haven’t developed a software yet then it is high time for approaching the best software development company in California (or in your city) and build a strong business model of the organization.

The Kaizen Approach to Software Development

Posted on July 30, 2018
Kevin Bell

The technology industry works on a continuously evolving mechanism, with new advancements every day. While many product development companies are more focused on producing results, a few actually believe in the importance of creative practices in the organization.

The Japanese word ‘kaizen’ means a business philosophy of continuous improvement is working practices. A healthier practice is for businesses to invest in the improvement of the process and people rather than the end product, which is bound to give better results.

The Kaizen Model

Companies are evolving their processes of making products, preferring to use agile development to save time. Also, with agile, the increasingly popular approach is of the Kaizen model which companies are adopting. The model involves software development companies to encourage employees to develop new skills and focus and learning and improvement rather than just delivering.

The approach first originated in Japan in which everyone must continually evaluate his or her work at each step helping them with a chance to look back and understand where they could have done better. The Kaizen approach proves to be more collaborative giving every individual a way to become smarter employees.

Advantages of the Kaizen Model

1. Reduction in Costs:

As employees review their work at every step, they detect errors and shortcomings at the right time. Traditionally reviews were done at the almost end of the cycle, meaning in case of errors the software development services team needs to work from scratch all over again.

2. Smarter Employees:

Regular evaluation and feedback encourages the team members to interact and share knowledge with one another resulting in a smarter workforce which is open to innovation.

3. Enhanced Quality and Efficiency:

Reviews from peers and seniors tend to establish a healthy competition among employees which, with encouragement from management, boosts up performance quality and efficiency. The approach focuses on employee and their skills which converts into better delivery of services and products.

Implementation of the Kaizen Model

The model can be integrated with software development in many ways. A few are mentioned below:

1. Daily and Special Meetings

Set up a schedule for team meetings to discuss opportunities and improvement. Every employee must be inspired to come up with their share of problems and solutions which the team can get to know. This knowledge sharing platform can address many difficult issues within the company and help create better strategies in the future.

2. Individual and Team

Another sub-concept comes into play here, known as Teian. According to this, each individual must come forward with a proposal of improvement which can be applied after deliberate discussions within the team. This includes the improvements one should make to their personal self. The ultimate goal is continuous improvement which must be achieved.

3. Process of work

Kaizen cannot be implemented on the whole process but on components of it or the sub-processes. Working upon the sub-processes indirectly improves the whole work model, thus, delivering a better product than ever before.

The key to get this model work is encouragement. If an employee reviews his shortcomings and a works his way through them, encouragement is crucial. Only then he and others will want to work dedicatedly towards the common goal, serving the client in the best possible way.

Octos Global- Listed Among Top Software Development Companies by GoodFirms

Posted on April 26, 2018
Kevin Bell

Octos Global, a leading offshore software development company based in California, has strengthened its foothold in global software development landscape. The company’s efforts, committed to developing intuitive mobile and web applications, have been recognized by GoodFirms research that has listed Octos among the top software development companies in the world.

Octos Global has been providing reliable digital business solutions from project ideation to implementation. Specializing in offshore software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, usability testing, Blockchain Technology, IoT, QA, the company has been delivering extraordinary solutions to global enterprises for 8 years.

Octos Global’s mention among the top software development companies in the world by GoodFirms research is a monumental feat. GoodFirms is the preferred platform for enterprises to find the right technology partner for their business. Being listed among top companies enhanced Octos’ credibility and reinstated Octos’ vision to assist companies in developing high-end software applications.

Octos - Good Firms
Top Software Development Companies in Good Firms


GoodFirms evaluated the company on the basis of quality, reliability, ability, customer satisfaction, market penetration, etc. and recognized software development expertise of OctosGlobal to rank it among top software development firms of the world. GoodFirm’s legitimate research has helped top enterprises in choosing the right technology partner and being recognized among top companies by an unbiased research platform has elevated OctosGlobal’ stature in the global software development industry.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is an apex B2B research and review platform that helps companies in finding reliable tech partners for software development, product testing, web development, mobile app development, etc. The platform conducts unbiased research to identify and enlist top players in the industry that facilitates decision making for enterprises.

How can a custom-build software stimulate the growth of your company?

Posted on February 27, 2018
Kevin Bell

Customized software has emerged as one of the most reliable tech-driven solutions for growth-oriented businesses in recent decades. Companies from all domains of the industry are integrating software development solutions, developed to meet their specific requirements. The demand for custom-built software for business has increased manifold, and business firms are approaching the reputed software developers for tailored solutions. Today, 91% of the companies, with more than 11 employees, have got their CRM software.

The reputed developers, providing software outsourcing solutions, collaborate closely with their clients, crafting customized software to simplify their operational mechanism. These tools come with specific features, and come in multiple versions to maintain the compatibility with various devices. Custom software development has become a popular choice for firms, looking forward to scale their businesses.

The reputed software developing platforms provide a comprehensive solution to the companies, right from the conceptualizing stage to software testing. The experts in a custom software development company undertake the feasibility study and incorporate the UX design and software architecture, ensuring an impressive visual appeal in the software.

Have a quick glance at the benefits of custom software development for your business.

  • A dedicated software delivers more flexibility to your firm.
  • It enables you to control the entire business mechanism.
  • Fully customized features ensure better support to your operation.
  • It saves a substantial amount of money and time.
  • A custom-built software brings higher quality results in quick time.
  • It facilitates data processing in a simplified manner.

Well, it is important to identify the areas, where you want to focus for the growth of your business. The software developers come up with the desired programs accordingly, catering to the exact requirements of a business.

Here are the various areas, where a custom-built software can stimulate the growth of your business.

Flexible scaling mechanism

One of the most important features in custom software is its scalability. This makes it possible for the firms to make necessary changes in the design of the software. Evidently, custom software development helps the firms to manage their costs with more efficiency. The business ecosystem is fast changing, therefore, it is necessary to adopt a software that can be easily adjusted to deliver the desired level of functional benefits. Fast decisions, quick marketing moves and rapid expansion of business requires a custom software, that can be scaled up and down, according to the needs.

Tailored solutions

Well, you would like to have a dedicated software to serve your needs, rather than a generic tool for business. This indicates, that the mechanism in the software is designed solely for your business purpose, which enhances the quality of services. Approach one of the companies noted for their software outsourcing solutions to leverage your business. Previously, business firms used to get software developed by the companies, according to the general demand in the industry. These tools lacked specialization and at times, did not suit the needs of the firms. Custom software ensures a seamless compatibility with the business platform.

Competitive edge

Well, your competitors might be using the pre-existing software in their business. Getting a custom-built software will provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors, as these tools are developed to serve specific purposes. You can integrate special features in the software, which come beneficial in delivering a better customer experience. Most business firms are becoming technology-dependent, with the inception of a wide range of tools in the industry.

Custom-built software can help you in breaking free from the stagnation in the industry, increasing the efficiency of your business. These software delivers a progressive edge to the business firms.

Adaptability and integration

It is important for maintaining a compatibility with other systems of your platforms, when you get a custom-built software. You would like to get the software merged with the existing business infrastructure on your platform. You need to configure the software with the business mechanism to ensure seamless operation in business.

Get across to an established company providing software development solutions. All other facets of the business can be efficiently accommodated on your platform, when you a custom software. When you use pre-developed software, you will be able to integrate on your platform without any hassle. You can easily incorporate the desired changes in the software, with the changing business environment.


Custom-build software in your business eliminates the security loopholes on your platform. The developers identify the risks associated with your business and come up with the software, ensuring that all security breaches are removed.

Generic software is prone to cyber threats from hackers and malware. Cybercriminals will not be familiar with the new software, and it is unlikely for them to invest on a mechanism to penetrate into a single system. This will prevent the online predators from getting access to your customer data. Besides, it will keep your business data protected.

In the highly competitive market, it is necessary to get a dedicated software to strengthen your business. Reach out to a reputed custom software development company to get a customized software for your business. This can bolster the productivity of your company, besides helping you to make a substantial saving on your financial resources.

How can a custom software development company become a reliable partner to your company’s success?

Posted on December 12, 2017
Kevin Bell

Technology is fast replacing human-involvement in business. With rapidly evolving operational mechanisms in business, it is essential to partner a reputed custom software development company, irrespective of what you deal with.

According to a source, over 59% of the global business operations are likely to be automated. Evidently, each business firm requires a custom-built software that can serve its clients. Focusing on your specific needs, you should have highly tailored software solutions, leveraging the efficiency of your business.

Today, most of the successful business leaders prefer to outsource their software development services to established companies. Experienced software developers provide consultancy services regarding enhancements that are to be incorporated on existing platforms. Besides, they develop new software for their clients, based on their marketing requirements.

Here are five ways you can benefit from a custom software development company.

1. Seamless solutions to specific needs

Licensing software from software vendors may not fulfill your expectations. As a marketer, you know your uniqueness, that cannot be replicated. Evidently, you cannot find a generic software solution for your purpose. An accomplished custom software development firm understands the goals of the client and comes up with a suitable tool.

Tailored software is definitely more effective for your business. When you approach a software company, they evaluate the feasibility and conceptualize the software, based on your needs. They develop the software architecture based on multi-paradigm programming and test it to ensure its efficiency.

2. Enhancing integration

One of the foremost benefits of seeking custom software development solutions is improved integration of various systems into a single one. Most of the companies are coming up with their own apps, which brings their business to the handsets of their customers. You can choose specific features that you want to integrate into your apps.

Using multiple software for different aspects of your business is a time-intensive affair. You can slash off the time when you have a single, comprehensive solution for all your needs. The reputed software developers collaborate with their clients to determine the core systems to be integrated into the systems. This can enhance your customer relations to a large extent.

 3. Impressive UX design

An intuitive interface in your software keeps the users engaged. Before developing the software, the leading developers do the necessary research on the age group, psychology and likes of the customers. They incorporate the design elements in the software accordingly. User experience is a key factor, influencing your online marketing strategy and customer retention ability.

An interactive interface ensures that the customers like your software and uses it often. The reputed companies develop easily-navigable software for their clients. You may reach out to a team of professionals providing custom software development services and strengthen your operational infrastructure.

4. Ongoing support

At times, you need to tweak the features in your software, according to changes in the business environment. In case you opt for ready-made solutions, you cannot change the features you need. On the contrary, choosing a platform for custom-made software solution enables the company to change the tools in the software, evolving it with changing requirements.

The team of developers maintains the software and incorporate the changes from time to time. Business firms often need new features in the software. When you have a reliable software solution partner around, this process becomes faster and efficient.

5. Enhanced protection

Well, generic software that you avail from various vendors are susceptible to online threats. You need a new ideation to make your software immune to hacking and online attacks. The reputed software companies come up with new configurations for your software, ensuring that they remain safe from cyber-attacks.

A basic software may easily give away all your customer data, resulting in extensive damage to your financial resources, and at times, reputation. Hackers would not go for custom-build software, as it takes much more effort and skills to make way through these systems.

 Evidently, outsourcing these services to a software outsourcing company California is definitely a necessity. Have a consultation with the developers about your goals, current stature and target base. A steadfast software company complements the marketing and branding efforts of its clients.

With agile software development methodologies and updated technical knowledge, the professionals can craft customized software to cater your business needs. Get across to a team of software developers with impressive track record and strengthen your business.

Top 10 Ecommerce SEO Strategies that Can Double Up Your Sales

Posted on October 9, 2017
Kevin Bell

Are you looking forward to doubling or even tripling your online sales?

Are you eager to increase your organic search traffic?
If the answers to these questions is yes, then get set to experience the prowess of SEO with us. While Ecommerce websites might seem like a big headache to you, an effective architecture of information, best SEO acquisitions, and content marketing strategies can make a huge difference in your sales and revenue. All you need to do is focus on the overall appearance, the user experience, and the strategies that can make your sales go up within a few days.
Here we have discussed 10 implementable digital marketing strategies that when adopted will assist you in increasing your website’s conversion rate.
Ecommerce - Octos Global
1.  Improvise the Overall Appearance of Your Website
Just put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about a minute. Would you like to be on a website which doesn’t signify what is it actually selling? I guess, not. Keep your website design simple and professional. In addition to this, display your phone number on the website. This not only increases the credibility of your website but also makes it easy for the customers to contact you.
2.  Give Emphasis to Product Image & Description
Since online shopping is more of a visual experience, it’s crucial to have a lot of beautiful and professional images of your products. This will help in giving the audience a complete idea of your product like its color, design, and its features. According to are search, around 67% of consumers consider images to be a very important factor when buying a product from a website.
3. Create a Good Internal Link Structure
Internal linking is one of the strongest weapons in SEO. However, in order to achieve better search results, your emphasis should not be just on the ‘link building’ but ‘link architecture’. Apart from being search engine friendly, your internal link structure should be user-friendly as well. One of the ways in which you can do all this is by linking products to their respective category by taking into consideration both the user perspective and SEO optimization.
4.  Focus on the Category Pages
If there are any other pages as powerful and important as the home page, they are the category pages. Treat all your category products as individual home pages that contain the relevant product data. Add emotional content on your category pages so as to connect them with your products. Be specific with your tags and strategies while sharing your products on the social media.
5.  Share User Reviews and Feedback
Did you know that featuring product reviews and testimonials on your website can increase your sales up to 18%?If studies are taken into consideration, around 40.9% of the customers give more emphasis on feedback and product reviews while making an online purchase. Instead of putting all your testimonials on the product pages, you can put some on the home page as well to increase the credibility of your website.
6. Don’t Underestimate the Internal Site Searching
Even most of the experts at times underestimate internal site searching and as a result, end up in losing sales. Make sure that people who search with a wrong spelling, hyphenation, synonym or error in spacing are taken to the appropriate pages. Track the keywords with which the people are searching products on your website and also the revenue that they generate. Count popular searches, optimize your internal search and test your website to get more traffic.
7. Be a Part of the Mobile Revolution
Mobile devices have wrapped us around their fingers and therefore ignoring the importance of mobile in your strategy can literally kill your business. No mobile website implies minimal traffic.Researches are proof that ecommerce websites experience 2-3 times higher growth rate on mobile.
8. Create Your Content Strategy Based on The Search Data
Content marketing has become an important part of the SEO strategy to target and penetrate the eCommerce market. Companies are asking for more and the agencies are delivering more fresh content. The best content is based on keyword analysis and research. Business giants who harness more profit and revenue only create content that matters to their customers. Therefore, create content that matters and takes your sales high.
9. Make Your Website Secure
Since your customers put their financial data as well as their identity to you while shopping, it’s obvious for them to worry. Therefore, you need to ensure them that it’s safe to shop from your website. You can do this by putting the logos and texts that certify that you comply with the security standards.
10. Add Product Videos to Your Website
Apart from the images and text, videos are also a great medium to showcase how your product works or how to use it and how is it better than the others.You can show the working of a product or if it’s a dress or any other wearable item, you can show how you can team it up with other things.

We hope that these strategies will help you in achieving more traffic and generate more revenue for your business. If you want to connect with the experts, contact Octos Global Services, a Custom Software Development company.