Application Budgeting Approach and Essential Factors

Posted on April 2, 2020
Kevin Bell

Business today, irrespective of the segment they belong to are entering into the application segment. The application development segment is growing in large numbers. Developing applications involves a lot of planning and proper execution. An application is a long-term investment and proper financial design and budgeting is required to ensure the applications that is developed is well budgeted to accommodate the changes that would be required, in order to be successful.  An approach to formulating a budgeting plan should include for factors such as hidden costs testing of applications, a regular upkeep and maintenance. Its highly probable that a business may sometimes underestimate the cost of developing and maintaining an application. It becomes vital that we have a strategic and well formulated budget in place.

A Game of Numbers

Today as we see a rise in the number of businesses using applications to reach out to their customers, we as a business also need to understand budgets and the cost involved in order to build a compelling application. Applications involve time as well financial investment. Before we start developing an application, we need to be aware of what it takes to build, test launch and maintain an application. While developing an application some of the key factors that contribute to the cost of building an application include:

  • Business segment, size and finances
  • Whether the application is going to be a native, mobile or web application
  • The design and final outlook of the application
  • Add on features like artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications
  • Availability on iOS, android and web based
  • Data storage capacity
  • Room for change and upgrades and maintenance
  • API’s and the design of the application
  • Using the right tools for development

Back to the basics:

As the technology grows the features and elements added in an application are changing. Businesses earlier who had only a website are now converting their approach to develop and launch applications. In order to understand what functionality your application is going to serve you need to first understand what it is you want from your application and what is the purpose of developing the application. Deciding if you want to build the application separately for the iOS, android or the web is the starting step of your budgeting. The new buzz word is cross platform applications. Business can now decide if they want to either build an application on the native platform or develop an application that is neutral and then use it across the multiple native platforms.

Key Features of your application

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to develop an application we feel the more the better, hence we want to add all the features possible in the applications. The right number of features, the design, the outlook and testing of the applications are all factors that would contribute towards building your application.  Also remember testing is an integral part of any application development as it helps you fix any problem that may arise so always budget for testing of your applications.

Long term planning

One vital element to keep in mind while designing is to always keep room to add on features upgrade your application and ensuring you planned enough to have solid back end support team. Also make sure you budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the application as sometimes we may tend to overlook this essential and important aspect. Budgeting also include for regular updates and bug issues.

Marketing Strategies

 Marketing and advertising need to account for while developing an application. For an application to become successful every budgeting plan should have room for marketing. With competition sky high we need to ensure we have solid marketing plan to ensure that we reach out not only to our existing customers but to new markets and segments as well.

 In the end every factor contributes to the Success

Developing and designing an application is not an easy task. We need to make sure we pay attention even to the minute of details. Ensure that your application has a strong foundation in terms of the data storage libraries that you use, the design is not a complex and complicated one , the user interface should be smooth and compatible on the platforms on which it is going to be launched on. A well thought out and structured budget will help you launch an application smoothly, connect with your users better and prove to be a good investment for the long-term growth of your business.

Our team at Octos Global has experience in building applications that are of superior quality all the while adhering to the clients’ budget requirements. Our clients are given exactly what they were looking for, as we not only customize to serve our clients better, but we are also flexible in order to accommodate our clients demands. Octos Global always aims to deliver to our clients needs and requirements.

Features and Qualities That Make Your Application Prominent

Posted on January 1, 2020
Kevin Bell

Technology today is growing and constantly transforming, keeping up with these transformations applications today are becoming extremely advanced. Plenty of research along with a detailed outline of how the application is to be built, such as what platform should the application be built to the designing of the application is structured and defined.

Native application development a platform on which applications are built is gaining momentum and the features it offers are exceptional, making it a preferred choice among the application developer’s community on which to create, build and design applications.

Designing a successful application is no easy accomplishment, it requires the combination of converting an idea into a successful application using the appropriate choice of tools, to making sure the right features and attributes reflect on the applications.

Originality the Game Changer

 An idea today, can change the whole foundation of the applications segment. Users are keen on trying applications that are new, unique and boast of an array of features that have not been available on other applications.

The native application development companies are looking to fill the gap between demand and supply.

As native applications requires the user to download the application from the specific software platforms, it gives them  scope and room to develop and create applications that work well on the platform, for which the application is being developed be it the mobile phone platform, the desktop  and other gadgets. Native technology platform is an innovation that has not only upped the ante when it comes to building application but has also enhanced the users experience of using these applications.

 Features That Would Give you a Competitive Edge

An application is born out of an idea, a demand that needs to be fulfilled, turning that into an application requires a strategy and a structure which would make it a success.

Let’s look at some of the features that would make your application stand out:

Simplicity in its Design

Too much or too little can make or break the application. Finding a balance is extremely important and this an important aspect of designing. While creating the prototype of your application, keep in mind which is the feature that you want to highlight, and which feature would be the unique selling proposition of the application. Design your applications around this and make sure you do not go overboard while creating it. The prototype you create will give you a framework on what to add and what to eliminate in the final version of the application.

Appropriate Tools and Devices

An application when developed requires the right platform for it to be developed on. Native technology gives the application to be developed a freedom to ensure that the application being created for platforms such as Android, iOS, or the desktop to customize it to suit the platforms for which it is being developed. Making sure the right tools and devices are used is extremely important to ensure the application created is successful.

 Room for Upgrades

When creating and designing an application it is important to keep room for changes and upgrades. As the application segment and market is highly competitive and transforming, it is extremely important to ensure to give your users an application that is keeping in line with the changes. Users today are extremely intelligent, and we need to keep them engaged to the applications and to do this you need to make sure that while creating the application, it’s important to keep room for upgrades and changes.

Filter and Search

An application when created sometimes offers a multitude of options and array of features, users sometimes may get overwhelmed and a little lost as to go about using the features of the application. It is always safer to offer users an option to filter out and search for a specific solution or feature they are looking to use. This makes the application extremely easy and user friendly. The Native application technology gives the developers the opportunity to add this feature to their design and prototype.

Contact and Support

 Having this feature in the application is extremely important and significant. The developers and creators of the application will get an idea of any hitches in the application directly form the users and they can take steps to rectify it. the contact and support feature give the users a confidence in the application, that if they face any problem or obstacle or any questions, they could get in touch with the team to immediately rectify their problems and provide solutions. This also gives the developers of the application a look into the mindset of the users and what they are looking for from the applications.

Linking with Social Media

An application if linked or integrated with the social media immediately gets an added advantage and a competitive edge over the other applications. Social media today has a significant impact on the applications. It can help convert potential visitors into customers. It also helps create a brand awareness, along with giving you a platform of marketing the application.

Innovation is at its Peak

Today innovation is at its peak, users are all about innovation new ideas and enhancing the experience of using the application. Applications today are wide and varied, for your application to be prominent and significant you need to offer a unique experience to the users. Let your application be innovative and the application you develop of top-notch quality. This will ensure the success of your application.