What is a payment gateway integration and how to make it work?

Posted on September 2, 2021
Kevin Bell

If you are running an online business and if you do not have a user-friendly checkout system, the chances are you are losing a lot of customers. As per Statista, around 54% of all e-commerce retail is done via mobile devices. More importantly, 11% of customers leave a transaction in between if the shopping cart has a complex checkout system. Hence, it is essential to have a user-friendly and secure payment gateway.
A payment gateway is a channel that verifies your customer bank card details, check for the availability of funds, allow business owners to receive payments for their service or product. A payment gateway integration links the payment gateway to your web page or shopping cart. It helps in keeping all the online transactions safe and makes your customers happy.

How does a payment gateway work?
A payment gateway passes through many steps so you can sell your products, and customers can easily buy the products they like. Below are different steps that happen behind the scenes:

• The customer selects the items and proceeds to make the payment by entering the card details.

• The card details entered are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to be sent between the merchant’s web server and the customer’s browser. A payment gateway eliminates the merchant’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance obligations without redirecting their customers away from the merchant website.

• Next, the transaction details are sent to the payment gateway by the merchant (SSL encrypted connection).

• The payment gateway converts the message from XML to ISO 8583 and then forwards the transaction information to the payment processor used by the merchant’s acquiring bank.

• The payment processor then forwards all details related to the transaction to the card association (Visa and Mastercard).

• The bank that has issued the card authorizes the request after validating the availability of funds in the account and sends the response to the processor.

• The processor forwards the authorization response to the payment gateway, and it further forwards it onto the interface used to process the payment.

If you are looking for payment gateway integration, you first need to decide the type of payment gateway integration you require. Below are some of the popular types –

• Hosted payment gateway integration – This payment gateway integration redirects your customers to a secure payment page. The redirected page is hosted by a payment service provider. The payment gateway acts as a third party in this case, as the customer needs to leave your website.

• Self-hosted payment gateway integration – If you need to control the whole checkout experience of your customers, this is the option for you. In this option, to make the payment, the customer does not have to leave the shopping site. You can customize the payment gateway integration, and the whole transaction happens on a single page.

• API payment gateway integration – Under this option, the customers can enter their payment details directly on the checkout page and complete online payment using APIs. Merchant will have 100% control over the payment page user interface.

Once you have decided on the type, you can check the other details – transaction fees, multi-currency support offered, accepted payment modes, etc before starting the payment gateway integration process.

How Are Companies Preparing for Work-From-Home in 2021

Posted on January 12, 2021
Kevin Bell

The Covid-19 vaccine is around the corner for common people but going back to the offices for work looks like a distant dream. Some employees are enjoying the work from home setup while some are eagerly waiting for offices to open. We have entered 2021, and we know the offices are not opening anytime soon, at least with full capacity. So how are companies preparing for work for home in 2021?

When companies allowed employees to start working from home in early 2020, it was not out of choice but a compulsion. Most companies were not even prepared for work from home setup, but there was no choice. Here are a few things we will see companies doing in 2021:

  • Data Security – The biggest challenge for any company when employees start working from home is data security. The companies are working towards ensuring no data breach happens. In 2021, we will see a lot of companies increasing their endpoint security investments. Some of the employees are working from personal laptops, and everyone is on their home network, which is not secured compared to a corporate setup. This has made it mandatory for companies to get the best endpoint security for the organization.
  • Work-Life Balance – Every company wants its employee to have a work-life balance. In the pre-Covid time, companies making efforts to educate their employees was a kind of engagement activity. The situation has changed now since people are working from home, maintaining a work-life balance is becoming difficult for most people. In the coming months, we will see many companies coming up with programs to help their employees create a balance between work and home life.
  • The Office Environment- Employees might be missing the office environment, as we previously mentioned, they miss the comfortable chairs, nice coffee, and much more. Google announced last year that employees could purchase work-from-home gear worth $1000 to ensure that they are comfortable working from home. Following the footsteps, we will see a lot of companies doing the same this year. Many companies are coming up with a budget to give their employees a few extra dollars to set up their work environment at home.
  • Child care policies – The parents are working from home, and their children are studying from home. Managing work and children sometimes become a tough job for employees/parents. Companies understand this pain point, and in 2021 we will see them revising their policies to give more paid caregiving leave policy to their employees. Some IT giants companies have already done it, and many others are in the process of doing it.
  • Rise in Remote Work Apps – With most of the employees remote working, there is a considerable rise in apps and websites that help make remote work more manageable. IT companies prioritize App development and Website development that would aid remote working more straightforward and simpler for both employees and companies.

Applications and tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Float, Aircall, Slack are now widely used.

OctosGlobal is one such US-based IT Company that helps businesses fulfill their software & IT development goals by providing essential solutions. The company provides Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development services, and more.

Differences between Ionic vs Native and which is Relevant for your App

Posted on October 20, 2020
Kevin Bell

Native versus the ionic platform, the on-going debate about which platform is best suited to design an application is a never-ending one. The technological world and its residents are divided over which is the better performing platform for developing an application.

Both native and ionic platforms come with their set of advantages and drawbacks. The platform chosen to build an application is extremely relevant, as the platform chosen to develop an application has an effect on application developers, the business developing the application, and ultimately also the users of the application.

The deciding factor whether to choose a native or ionic application depends on several factors that include elements such as:

  • Type of Application
  • The Targeted Users of the Application
  • Financial Elements
  • Key Features of the Application
  • Upkeep, Maintenance Services, and Cost

Change and Evolution

 Application development is an art and involves an in-depth intricate process. Technology today has changed and is constantly developing. Along with this, the applications developed to support this technology is also constantly getting upgraded and evolving. The end-users of these applications are also becoming extremely aware and are intelligent when it comes to knowing exactly what it is, they are looking for from the application.

Be it an android application or an iOS application, the designing, the features, and the upgrades play an important role in the application development process. Application development companies make sure that the application they design uses the right platform, iconic or native to build an application as well.

The Million Dollar Question: Ionic or Native

The biggest dilemma application development companies have is on whether to choose the ionic or the native platform to build an application. For a better perspective lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and the relevance of each ionic and native to the application your developing:


Applications built and developed on ionic will behave the same way regardless of the device you are using. If you using a desktop or a tab it will adjust and adapt itself to the platform. When using a native platform, you must keep in mind the android software behaves differently than the iOS software and the application you build needs to be customized to features exclusive to these software. The applications built on the native platforms perform better and incorporate the features of android or iOS giving these applications an edge over the others.

Support System:

 Building and developing an application on the ionic platform is easy and quick as like the native application platform you do not have to write separate code for the android and the iOS software. Application development companies find the ionic platform easier to work with as well as in the long run maintenance upgrade and services on the ionic platforms are easier to do than the native platforms. One drawback of this is it may look similar and feel similar to the native platform but the difference will be felt in the scrolling, animation, and graphics as they do not support advanced levels of animation and graphics.

Cost and Budgeting

Application building and development involves a certain amount of cost. One of the major factors to consider while choosing between the ionic and native is the costing factor. Developing an application on the native platform is comparatively higher than building an application on the ionic platform. The upkeep maintenance and the upgrade cost are also higher on the native platform. The outcome of the application and the user experience of the application built on natives is also way better and much more advanced.

Final Thoughts

Both platforms offer their advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say that native is the more superior one or ionic is the better choice. Application development companies both for android and iOS look into varied factors such as scalability, costs, features, targeted audience, the reason for developing the application, and then give you the recommendations. We at Octos Global understand the application segments and are constantly keeping tabs on the latest advancements and upgrades in the application development markets and segments. We understand what our customers are looking for and after doing thorough research we give our recommendations to our clients. We have a team of experts who enable our clients to translate their vision of the application into reality. Contact Octos Global.

Factors to Consider while Developing your Mobile App for your Start Up

Posted on August 24, 2020
Kevin Bell

Sneak Peek into Startups

An exceptional idea, the need to be your own boss, the dream of having built a company from ground is all it takes for the seed of the start up to grow and nurture. A root needs soil, nourishment, and sunlight to grow, the same way startups need a few other elements for it to become a success. An idea alone does not mean it can be converted into a successful startup. Startups need every advantage it can find to make sure it succeeds and one such advantage is of having a mobile application for your start up.

Facts and Figures

Mobile phones today have become a necessity and with the world at your fingertips nothing is remote or inaccessible. This is one device that startups need to look at to stay ahead. Mobile applications are a great resource through which startups can reach a wider audience.

Key Figures

Reports by Statista suggest that by 2020, there will be 6.95 billion mobile users across the world. Mobile devices generate nearly fifty percent of the global website traffic.(https://www.yellowfindigital.com/blog/effective-2020-mobile-app-growth-statistics-to-know)

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.

57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

The Need of the Hour

Creating, designing, and building an application takes time as well as financial resources. A well developed and designed application will go a long way in making sure your mobile application is successful and this in turn will ensure your startup is successful. Hence the designing of mobile application plays a vital and crucial role. Some essential factors to consider while developing an application are:

Clarity in Thought and Vision:

While developing a mobile application, there needs to a clear-cut vision about the purpose of your application. The mobile application company that you choose, be it an iOS application company or an android application company, should be in sync with the vision you have for your application. Elements such as design, key features and add- on should be already decided and communicated iOS application company and the android application company. Make sure you do not over burden your application with too many features, or add just too little, designing a mobile application that incorporates your vision for your startup is the key to success.

Consider the Budgeting Aspect:

Mobile app for your startup, be it the iOS application or the android application, ensure that you take into account the budgeting of the application. Creating and designing an application and making sure its successfully launched does not close the door in the application process of your startup. Like any other application or device mobile applications need to be upgraded and maintained for them to function without any glitch. Therefore, while budgeting make sure you include the maintenance fee of the application as well.

Data Base and Structure:

Data is one of the essential factors while developing your mobile application, key elements such as data safety and security, accessibility, speed, and storage capacity are some factors that need to be considered. Data speed and safety is one factor that can elevate your application from basic to indispensable.

Branding and Marketing:

One of the biggest advantages of having mobile applications for startups is the marketing and branding platform that becomes available through the social media. People today are extremely intelligent, and they are looking for unique and highly functional applications, so make sure you integrate your mobile application through social media accounts to reach out to a wider base of your target audience.

An iOS, an Android platform, or a Hybrid Application

One vital factor to consider while developing a mobile application for your startup is which platform specifically are you developing the application for. Are you specifically developing an iOS application, or only for an android or are you developing a mobile application that is a hybrid application that is going to be launched on both the platforms?

 Mobile Applications the way Forward:

Today most of our time us spent on our mobile phones, they have become an integral part of our lives. Startups are today using the mobile applications as a resource that puts them in the forefront and ahead of their competition. Hence develop an application that manages to catch the attention of your target audiences. At Octos Global we understand the need of our clients, cater to what they are looking for and ensure that we quality applications. Our team of dedicated experts are up to date with the latest technological changes and give the client their best.

7 Strategies Businesses To Respond During Corona Virus Outbreak

Posted on May 7, 2020
Kevin Bell

Corona Virus outbreak has disputed worldwide businesses. About 85% of the businesses globally have anticipated the revenues to be declined over in the next 6 months. There isn’t much you can’t do, with countries globally being locked down, but you can take steps to protect your company from being financially crippled. Though there is no one size fit solution for all businesses, the following are the strategies given by the industry experts that will help your business keep you afloat surviving the pandemic.

1. Identifying the challenges to your business

In order to let your strategies implement and work effectively, a good starting place is to make a list of challenges that your business is facing during this pandemic. It is crucial to strategize for different scenarios and take every possibility into account.

Consider everything from the disruption of supply chains to difficulties in communication, generating leads to gaining customers and competition with other businesses in your market. Regardless of how you think the outbreak is going to pan out and how it might affect you, plan for every scenario, including the worst you can imagine.

2.  Be Proactive, & Communicate with Your Customers Now

Your customers, as well as potential clients, will be reassured by seeing that you’re available to address the potential issues. What’s more, you will be stepping up your game to not only do your part but to take care of them.

  • During pandemic let your customers/clients know that you are open for business.
  • Don’t assume people know you’ve taken additional precautions to keep them and the community safe.
  • Get these communications out to your clients via email, your website, social media, etc.3. Finding new leads and customers – this is the right time

As most of the businesses are focusing on the present situation – struggling to maintain normal running operation, this could be a perfect opportunity to build a new network of prospective customers. Put your time and efforts in generating new leads which ensure that this pool of potential customers to rely on once things have calmed down.

When you are looking for new clients at a time when most of your competition is going through a crisis, you’re showing your customers you’re on top of things.

4. Forecasting the cash flow

Your company’s survival depends on addressing financial/liquidity issues during this crisis. You must consider your cash flow needs looking ahead after thoroughly reviewing fixed and variable expenses. Seize every opportunity to maximize cash inflow by offering cash reductions to customers and clients who pay more quickly.

When negotiating with your vendors, keeping in mind that many of them are facing the same issues you are. Create a 12-week cash flow forecast, which should be stress-tested to explore likely scenarios, including worst-case scenarios.

 5. Reaching out to your potential contacts

Establishing and maintaining healthy channels of communication with your clients and collaborators during such times is crucial. Be proactive and call each of your key business relationships—customers, suppliers, partners, consultants, and anyone else critical to your company.

Ask how they are doing and vice versa. Let them know that you want to work with them to find possible ways for everyone to make it through the current situation. This gesture of sincerity and goodwill is sure to be appreciated by these individuals.

6. Communicate transparently with your existing customers

We all know that everyone is facing this crisis together, so be transparent about what your business is going through. Customers can empathize with their brands facing a crisis if you communicate with them properly.

Communicate with them about the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community. Keep your employees and your customers safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness.

7. Don’t Panic And Don’t Stop Selling

Avoid panicking, it is never going to help. And stop assuming that it is the end of the world. Instead, keep selling and prospecting. Most of the businesses are now seems to be on the verge of panic because of coronavirus.

Life may not totally go back to normal right away. So, look for ways you can adapt and keep doing business. Your business deals may get stalled in your pipeline. But make sure you keep them warm. And keep checking in with your leads. Some companies may hold back on investment until the uncertainty resolves. But look for the first signs where you can make up for some temporary losses very quickly.

 Final thoughts

There is no telling how this situation will unfold. Things might return to normal within a few weeks, or we might be facing a worldwide recession a year down the road. For businesses of all kinds, it’s important not to give up, and by implementing the above strategies can help them to remain adaptable and flexible in order to remain successful.

So, get creative and brainstorm different ways you can still deliver your service or products. It is important to be flexible and adapt your services so that they are not only useful during the outbreak, but remain the best choice once everything has calmed down.

Download these Applications During this Isolation

Posted on April 22, 2020
Kevin Bell

The world as we know it is changing, we have been quarantined either due to exposure or are doing our part to socially distance our self to help prevent the spread of the virus. This lockdown has seen record breaking download of applications. After so many Netflix must watches and the work from home, we are most likely to get bored. So, we are recommending applications you can download and keep yourself occupied during the quarantine.

Best Applications to download this Quarantine

 Nike Training Club
An application that is good for your health and body is a must have. Since we cannot go out to our gyms or even for a run, it’s important to keep ourselves healthy and fit. This application offers about close to 185 free workout options and different levels of skills which cater to different goals such as strength, endurance and mobility training and you can choose them according to your preferences.

An application designed to spread positivity, cheer people up and to remember never to give up all done through the power of quotes. With about close to 160 variety of categories to choose from, you can either read other peoples quotes or create your own. It could be a simple text quote or image quote or a video quote that you can create and also share them across various social platforms. download this application and help spread some cheer during this tough time.

If you are working from home, and if you are not used to it then there is chance you may face a lot of distractions and it can be a challenge. So, in order to make sure you manage to keep your productivity in line download the application Todoist. It will send you regular reminders and help monitor your deadlines.


We all are maintaining a social distance, but that does not mean in the virtual world we cannot connect with our friends and family. Instagram one of the most popular video and photo sharing applications helps you remain in touch with your friends and family. Not only can you post pictures and videos but can also explore a variety of features that it has to offer. Get creative and  get connected via Instagram.

Sometimes you need a break and also, it’s the best time to develop a new skill and learn something new and fun. Recreate and enhance your photos using this application called Genie lens. It helps add fun elements and features tour photos. Its extremely easy to learn and can brighten your photos but making them look naturally beautiful at the same time.

In this time, we need to make sure our mental health is given as much importance as much as everything else. Take some time out to meditate, to exercise and to just spend time doing a hobby you enjoy. Take time to express gratitude, to be thankful and just stay upbeat and positive. Downloading a mindfulness application can help you do that.

Words with Friends
The board game scrabble is now online. A fun, addictive and intellectual game, it allows you to play with up to 40 people. It alerts you when it is your turn to make a move and you can either play with your friends or random people. This game will help expand your vocabulary.

Self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine time has brought down the time we spend out time with friends and family. This application comes to your rescue and allows you to see and hear your friends and family from the comfort of your living room. It allows up to 8 people on video calls and notifies you when you friends and family come online.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

During this tough time, we not only need to be safe and healthy, we need to take care of our mental and physical health as well. Our health and safety are in our hands and we have technology to help us face these times. So download these applications and make sure you keep yourself occupied in the quarantine time.


How to Turn Your Mobile App Into A Scalable Business Product

Posted on April 13, 2020
Kevin Bell

Having an idea of app development is just the start of your entrepreneurship journey. Validating that app idea and turning it into a scalable business product is a different ball game altogether. The idea of developing a mobile app may scale with that time as it involves several processes, and modification throughout evolution. Perhaps, that’s the reason why your idea of developing a mobile app needs a set of features to start with.

 Turning Your Mobile App Into A Scalable Business Product
The process of launching a mobile app startup feels straightforward but it involves several phases. A lot of action takes place behind the scenes in order to validate the idea and successfully launch the app.

Set of features involved during mobile app development
This comprises of the ‘must have’ features and information necessary for users to addressing their concerns. Moving towards an end-product you will need to have all solutions offered to users for that includes the best UX/UI design.

Imagine a user needing a grocery app for online grocery shopping. You will need to integrate not only the shopping features, but notifications of new deals and discounts, if the user is going to pick up from the store, you’ll need a map as well. Listing down such features will help you to gauge user expectations versus the app offerings.

Find out who is your target audience

You simply cannot proceed further towards without knowing your target audience. Start finding the data that determines a specific audience for your new Android or iOS mobile app.

Try asking how can your ideas of making a mobile app can simplify their day-to-day life? Or how your mobile app can be helpful to them. Turning ideas into the product by eliminating all the possible friction is a great way to launch a mobile application.

Choosing the right platform
If you an android mobile app development idea, go ahead and make an app exclusively for Android that is as easier to create and publish. Also, it has lesser restrictions on Google Play compared to Apple’s app store. Its quicker, easier and cost-effective option. However, this decision should not be made to base on its cost but there are plenty of factors involved in developing an app from an app idea. Right from target market to ease of use and UX, you need to get all things covered.

 Determining the budget

How much does it will take to develop a mobile app?

Well, this is one of the most crucial things that most of the businesses ask. It totally depends on the range of functionality and features you incorporated within your mobile app.

To develop a mobile app can range from thousand bucks leading to a huge number. When you are sitting with the mobile app development company, it is important that you talk about the budget, the scalability in case if the deadline stretches, the maintenance part and so on.

Have an estimated figure at hand that contributes to the cost of building an app. Keep an additional budget for any delays and hiccups in the app development process.

 Hiring the experts
There is a lot that goes into building a mobile app, prototyping, UI/UX design, coding, testing etc. Further, it requires testing and QA for such feature set is important to help market the app to its target users.

Mobile app development is a full-time project, if you intend to make it successful, hiring an app development company that is focused about your app objective, like OctosGlobal, is the way to go. Putting together the right team to transform your app idea and turn it into a reality is a must.

Having the SRS documents and feature list ready
Having feature list and SRS documents would then serve as a template for all the prototype that is to be developed and would act as a baseline for the UI/UX design.

The SRS document is a blueprint of the software that is to be developed. The document template can give you the framework of what points need to be covered and what needs to be included within the document itself.

Launching of the mobile app

Mobile app store optimization is to ensure that the users looking for a mobile application like yours discover it within the app store. Significant marketing efforts are required to ensure that the app reaches its target audience. Use of content marketing and social media marketing to create a buzz around the product and spread the word are the must-dos to ensure that the app launch is successful.

In the end, you’ve finally established a feature set that has endured trial after trial, change after change and as you continue developing a mobile app for your target user base, you will appreciate all the time and effort you put into increasing the stability and flexibility of your mobile app.

Application Budgeting Approach and Essential Factors

Posted on April 2, 2020
Kevin Bell

Business today, irrespective of the segment they belong to are entering into the application segment. The application development segment is growing in large numbers. Developing applications involves a lot of planning and proper execution. An application is a long-term investment and proper financial design and budgeting is required to ensure the applications that is developed is well budgeted to accommodate the changes that would be required, in order to be successful.  An approach to formulating a budgeting plan should include for factors such as hidden costs testing of applications, a regular upkeep and maintenance. Its highly probable that a business may sometimes underestimate the cost of developing and maintaining an application. It becomes vital that we have a strategic and well formulated budget in place.

A Game of Numbers

Today as we see a rise in the number of businesses using applications to reach out to their customers, we as a business also need to understand budgets and the cost involved in order to build a compelling application. Applications involve time as well financial investment. Before we start developing an application, we need to be aware of what it takes to build, test launch and maintain an application. While developing an application some of the key factors that contribute to the cost of building an application include:

  • Business segment, size and finances
  • Whether the application is going to be a native, mobile or web application
  • The design and final outlook of the application
  • Add on features like artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications
  • Availability on iOS, android and web based
  • Data storage capacity
  • Room for change and upgrades and maintenance
  • API’s and the design of the application
  • Using the right tools for development

Back to the basics:

As the technology grows the features and elements added in an application are changing. Businesses earlier who had only a website are now converting their approach to develop and launch applications. In order to understand what functionality your application is going to serve you need to first understand what it is you want from your application and what is the purpose of developing the application. Deciding if you want to build the application separately for the iOS, android or the web is the starting step of your budgeting. The new buzz word is cross platform applications. Business can now decide if they want to either build an application on the native platform or develop an application that is neutral and then use it across the multiple native platforms.

Key Features of your application

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to develop an application we feel the more the better, hence we want to add all the features possible in the applications. The right number of features, the design, the outlook and testing of the applications are all factors that would contribute towards building your application.  Also remember testing is an integral part of any application development as it helps you fix any problem that may arise so always budget for testing of your applications.

Long term planning

One vital element to keep in mind while designing is to always keep room to add on features upgrade your application and ensuring you planned enough to have solid back end support team. Also make sure you budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the application as sometimes we may tend to overlook this essential and important aspect. Budgeting also include for regular updates and bug issues.

Marketing Strategies

 Marketing and advertising need to account for while developing an application. For an application to become successful every budgeting plan should have room for marketing. With competition sky high we need to ensure we have solid marketing plan to ensure that we reach out not only to our existing customers but to new markets and segments as well.

 In the end every factor contributes to the Success

Developing and designing an application is not an easy task. We need to make sure we pay attention even to the minute of details. Ensure that your application has a strong foundation in terms of the data storage libraries that you use, the design is not a complex and complicated one , the user interface should be smooth and compatible on the platforms on which it is going to be launched on. A well thought out and structured budget will help you launch an application smoothly, connect with your users better and prove to be a good investment for the long-term growth of your business.

Our team at Octos Global has experience in building applications that are of superior quality all the while adhering to the clients’ budget requirements. Our clients are given exactly what they were looking for, as we not only customize to serve our clients better, but we are also flexible in order to accommodate our clients demands. Octos Global always aims to deliver to our clients needs and requirements.

Why Mobile Applications Have Become a Game Changer in the Startup Industry?

Posted on March 23, 2020
Kevin Bell

Internet and technology have brought about a profound revolution in businesses and business practices. Today we see a drastic change in the world of business, platforms such YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok have given ways to new career paths. Mobile applications such as Amazon, Ola, Uber and Ali Baba Express, to name a few have changed the way businesses is now conducted.  Geographical boundaries are being broken and mobile applications are now being incorporated and budgeted for in business practices. With the internet and technological revolution, we saw startups gain immense popularity and become extremely successful and financially viable.

Concept behind Startups:

A startup in simple terms is nothing but an innovative idea that can be transformed into a mobile application and has an appeal to a large crowd that provides a solution to their problems are what are startups.  A unique idea is all it takes to start your own startup.

Impact of Mobile Applications

Smart phones today have become more of a necessity and all are work is done through various mobile applications that we access through our smart phones.

Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users are on track to reach 1.57 billion units in 2020, an increase of 3% year over year, according to Gartner, Inc.


Mobile applications have boosted the visibility of startups and these startups have gone on to become great success stories. And this will continue in the coming years. Mobile applications are here to stay, and startups are going to continue to tap into this huge pool of resource.

 As per the business viewpoint, around 52.2% of the online web traffic comes through mobile phones globally.  

The time devoted to phones has been boosted by 57% within a few years .

Approximately, 80% of people use mobile devices via utilizing mobile applications


Mobile applications the Game Changers

Mobile applications have proven to play an influential and vital role in the success of startups. As Startups ensure that applications are available on the iOS platform as well as the android platform and mobile applications are developed keeping in mind the requirements of both the platforms.  Mobile applications have the following features that make them so desirable:

Cost effective:

Mobile applications are relatively easier to design, maintain and upgrade and this has persuaded startups to startups to use these applications for their businesses. As they can accommodate both the iOS and the android platform it becomes cost effective for startups.

Accessibility and Reach

Smart phones have become easily accessible to everyone. Once considered a luxury product now has become a necessity. With this the reach and accessibility these smart phones provide is enormous.  And this is one opportunity that startups have managed to foresee and use to their advantage by developing and applications for mobile phones. Geographical boundaries are no longer considered barriers and businesses are now all going global and that is all because of the smart phones and their applications.

Version Upgrades:

As technology changes and gets modified, applications also need to be modified and upgraded. Today features such as cat bots have become such an integral part of mobile applications that now users can get immediate clarity to their queries and be assured that they have immediate help in case of problems. This is one of the factors that have led to the financial success of so many startups by using the mobile application development strategy.

Marketing and Advertising

In order to succeed your application needs to have a brand presence and branding is extremely effective through mobile applications.  Mobile applications are deigned in such a way that they provide a superior functionality, they are designed to have better features, are also faster and this becomes an important aspect to consider while positioning your applications and creating your brand image.

Push Notifications

Another popular feature of mobile applications are their push notifications. Startups use these push notifications features to inform their users either about offers and discounts or any other notification they might interest their users.

Revenue Increase

 As the traffic through mobile applications is higher, and also the probability of a visitor being converted to a user of the application is also higher, mobile applications thus for this reason are known to bring in and generate more revenue. And therefore, mobile applications have proven to be a boon to the startup segment.

The Name of the Game

When it comes to startups their reason for being so widely successful and having such accessibility are the mobile applications that they launched. Mobile applications have changed the story of success for startups and enabled them to reach heights that other wise would not have been possible. Mobile applications come with a huge value of potential and startups made sure to use this opportunity to the best of their ability.

Effect and Impact of Data Modelling on Application Development

Posted on March 9, 2020
Kevin Bell

Today mobile applications have become an integral and necessary part of our lives. Our mobiles have an array of applications that have made our lives so much easier and simpler. Applications today have gained a lot of popularity and are becoming more and more advanced every day. Applications are now being designed and developed to include artificial intelligence and features and characteristics to make the user experience even more enhanced. But what does it take to build and design these applications?

Let’s look at the technology, techniques and development programs involved in building and designing applications.

 One technique that plays a vital and pivotal role in application development is data modelling program and techniques.

All you need to know about Data Modelling

Data modelling is nothing but analyzing, processing and defining data that is required for the application. The main function of data modelling is to program data in a manner that is reliable and predictable which in turn can be used as a tool to build the application.  To simplify data modelling techniques and to understand what data we need for our application to be designed effectively we need to have the following information available

  • Application workflow and design to be outlined
  • Questions and queries that would come up
  • Determine the key features and characteristics of your application
  • Right data and information types to achieve maximum efficiency

Data modelling allows you to store your data in a structured and formatted way, this in turn will allow you to effectively use and develop your application in a systematic manner.

Why is it important to have a Data Model in place?

  • It provides a structured format of the data, that can be easily used and developed into an application.
  • A clean and clear representation of data reduces redundancy and error and allows for a detailed and in-depth analysis of data.
  • Data modelling allows for improvised and quality of data and allows for the application to be designed in a more structured format.

Applications success depends on how the data can be used as resource to build develop and design the application, therefore it becomes important to use the right and appropriate data base formats that give the desired output for the application

Some of the popular and successful data base formats for your android and iOS applications are MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, InfluxDB and PostgreSQL.

 Data modelling techniques:

Data modelling techniques is important as it helps you to store data in structured and formatted databases and use this data for further research and scope to improvise the application.

The three types of data modelling techniques include:




Conceptual Data Modelling

This is nothing but your basic concept of what need your application is going to fulfill, the primary features and the reason of why the application is being designed. The reason for this is to narrow down what data you require and how best to organize the data. It also helps you decide on what data bases you need to support your application.

Logical Data Modelling

 The data bases used to organize the data, the software required to build the application, who the end user of the application is and how the final application will look and function. It defines the elements of the application and defines the roles of each element in relation to the other.

Physical Data Modelling

The prototype of the application, how the outcome of the application is, what features of the application will go where and how the application will function when it goes live.  It gives a virtual representation of how the application will look and function.

Once you have decided on the data model, it will help you decide the right data base to store data based on the requirements of the application your building.

Action and Reaction

To design and develop application a lot of time, data, research and financial investment is involved. Applications are created to fulfill a demand, in order to fulfill that you need to have the data. Having data is not enough, structuring and organizing and storing the data is an integral process to successfully design an application. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to ensure that the data is formatted and stored appropriately to be beneficial to designing a productive application. applications are subject to change and this will affect the data bases hence its important to choose and utilize the right data modelling techniques to successfully incorporate these changes.