Attributes and Features you need to check for before Hiring an App Developer

Posted on September 23, 2020
Kevin Bell

As technology continues to grow, the mobile application development segment also seems to be growing widely. As the segments grows, there is a growing demand for quality iOS and android applications. While developing applications for the android or iOS platform businesses need to make sure that they hire the right and the best application development companies to build, design and create their applications.

Hiring the right iOS or android application developer not only helps you save money. It can also make sure your application is successful as and add meaning to your application in more than one way.

To the make the right decision, these are the features or attributes you need to check for before hiring an android app development or iOS app development company:

Dedication and Commitment:

Creating, designing and developing an application involves a lot more than successfully launching an application. You need to choose an app developer or app development company who is going to stay with you from the start of the creation of the application. The android application company or the iOS app development company needs to understand what you are looking for from the app what is that you would like to achieve and what does the future look like for the application.

Experience and Expertise

An application requires just more than coding the application and launching it. It involves constant upgrades and maintenance to ensure your users get a hassle-free experience. Make sure the app developer or app development company gives you access to expertise and comes along with enough experience to deal with the scope of your application. Creating and launching an application involves a lot of work and effort. You need an app developer who can anticipate problems that may arise and help you find solutions to these problems. This is where the experience and expertise of an android or iOS application developer will come in handy.

A Peek into their Previous Work

 Once you shortlist the application developers or application development company you would like to hire, it is important to look into their previous work. A look into their portfolio will help you assess their work and see what kind of work they do and how their applications interface work. This will help you judge if you would like to work with them and if your wavelength matches with that of the application developer. Also talking to previous clients of the app developer will give you an insight into the app developers working style and ethics.

 Budgets and Fees

While hiring an app developer for your project you need to make sure you account for that expense in your budget. When hiring the app developer, you need to make sure you are aware of their fees and what are the breakup for maintenance and upgrade process. Get a detailed quotation from them regarding aspects such as coding, designing, upgrade, maintenance fee details.

Designing and Features

Before you decide to hire an app developer you need to know what it is you are looking from the application what are the key features you would like to add in your application , and what is the size of your project. Once you are clear on this then you can go ahead and hire an app developer with whom your ideology matches and who will listen to you, ask questions and provide his expertise on what would be the best for your application. Before hiring an app developer talk to them ask them questions and see if you are happy with their answers.

Resources and Tools

The most important aspect before hiring a mobile app developer or an android or iOS app development company for your project is to see if they have the latest tools and software’s to create design and build your application. This plays an important role because the application segment is competitive and the users are intelligent therefore you need to make sure before you hire a developer, that they have the latest and advanced tools to build your application.

Final thoughts

Building an application is detail oriented process and you need to make sure the developer you hire looks into all aspects from the coding to the designing to the tools used to develop the application to the interface used are the best for your application. We at Octos Global make sure we are updated with the latest technology and tools and our team is dedicated to making sure we give you the best experience while developing your applications

Why the Right Developer is Essential for the Success of your Application?

Posted on April 7, 2020
Kevin Bell

If you are planning to develop, design and create an application then you are headed in the right direction. Today the mobile application industry is growing and will continue to do so in the coming years. Be it the gaming applications or your food and delivery applications or your payment applications you will see a rise in the mobile applications segment. The mobile application segment is expected to generate a revenue that is projected to be a staggering $582 billion U.S. dollars through paid downloads and in-app advertising in 2020. Both the iOS and android application development companies will have a vital role in making sure the applications they design and develop deliver what they promise.

Right Developer for the Right Application

Imagine a heart surgeon working on your dental problem? A scenario that is most likely going to end up in disaster. The same way if you do not hire the right developer for your application it is most likely going to fail. A mobile application be it for iOS or android application involves a lot of investment in terms of time and finance so if we fail to hire the right developer then the whole application is going to fail.

Essentials to keep in Mind while Hiring a Developer

Hiring the right mobile application developer is the key to success in launching a successful application so hiring a developer be it an Android application development company or an iOS application development company is a crucial and critical step. A checklist of what steps should be taken to hire the right developer is necessary and some of the key areas of focus are:

Portfolio Study

An in-depth research of the Android application development company and iOS application development company is an important step as this would give a good idea on their previous work, their capabilities and an understanding of their work. Thoroughly examining these developers will help you choose the right developer which would fit the requirements of your application.

Quality over Quantity 

There may be Android application development companies and iOS application development companies that may offer the same price at a lesser rate , but what is important here to consider in investment in an application is for the long run therefor choosing quality will give you a successful application. Also ensure you investigate their maintenance and upgrade policy of the application as it is essential to consider for this while choosing your developer.


Today applications are built across the android and iOS platforms or for both.  Hence choosing the platform and then the developer helps in narrowing down the field, and then considering the business you are in and what are the requirements of your application will help further narrow down your list of developers.

Insight and Know How

 The developer and you are going to have a long term arrangement and hence it’s important for you to hire a developer who not only knows the specific rules, regulations and characteristics of your business  and should also understand what you want from your application and how best to deliver it.

Drive and Possibilities

As a business we are new to the world of mobile application development, a developer will help bridge the gap in knowledge you have. Android application development companies and iOS application development companies should have the potential to foresee and predict for any complications that may arise while developing the applications. They should also give businesses a clear picture of all the possibilities of risk and opportunities they could possibly occur while developing their applications.

Overall Package

Launching a successful application includes coding, developing designing, testing and user experience of the application. the ability to give a perfect and flawless user experience is the testament to the developers’ skill and knowledge. Reading reviews of the applications developers have already launched and as well as getting in touch with previous clients will give you an overall idea about the developers.

At the Core of it

An application will be successful only if you choose a developer who aligns with the ideology of your application and communicate with you on your wavelength and deliver the application you envisioned. We at Octos Global are inclined to give our customer the best possible experience of developing their applications according to their visions. Our developers are extremely flexible and are ready to ensure that customer gets what he is looking for without compromising on quality. Quality is our business and we deliver nothing but the best.

The IOS App Developer Finding Guide: How to find and filter the best IOS app developer

Posted on May 15, 2018
Kevin Bell

IOS has been a great enabler of entertainment and business its users. The everyday users are provided with helpful apps which help them stay organized and entertained. Developers, on the other hand are able to monetize their developed apps and create a genuinely growing business out of it.

Everything written up there is good, but highly irrelevant to most of the businesses. No business wants to know the generic wisdom. Businesses have specific problems and they need specific solutions to keep going. A specific fact is that Apple’s App Store had over 2.2 million apps as of 2017. Out of these millions of apps, the competition to emerge as an app which keeps the users interacting is extremely difficult. That said, if you have a quality app, it will surely get discovered. The question arises – how do you ensure to get a quality app? Simple, by getting the best IOS app development services for your needs.

This may sound like yet another marketing claim but it is essential to get the best IOS app development services in order to create an app that solves genuine problems. It is so simple that most of the businesses do not believe that a developer can create a world of difference; to most of the businesses the idea is everything. One cannot get more distant from reality!

iPhone app development or IOS app development, in specific, is an industry worth billions of dollars globally. Specifically, the industry will be producing Gross Annual Revenues of $189 billion by the end of 2020. That is massive by any standards! Out of these huge numbers, do you believe every app created will be revolutionary? Obviously, not.

Businesses are already prone to multiple risks in the form of market risks, regulatory risks, so on and so forth. In recent times, technological risks have emerged as the game changers for almost any industry. Businesses have been wiped out by technology and hence the new age business leaders are increasingly paying attention to putting the right technology in place.

Now, it is not necessary that a business will have the resources to implement iPhone app development in house; but the market is growing so rapidly for iPhone and smartphones, that the opportunity cannot be foregone. That is where a mobile app development company comes into picture.

There are so many businesses chasing the same goal of finding the right outsourcing partner who can help them create the most comprehensive apps for iPhone. On the other hand, there are so many companies promising to be a quality mobile app development company. There is demand and there is supply; how do you ensure quality amongst all this noise?

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best IOS app developer:

1. Do not let the budget guide all your decisions in the process.

Yes, it is important for businesses to be as efficient as possible when it comes to expenses. That is where most of the businesses make a mistake – they treat IOS app development outsourcing as an expense. Anything that bears the logo of your brand and becomes a general point of interaction with your target consumer can never be treated as a mere expense. It becomes an investment the moment it becomes a part of the user’s journey. This is an investment which will fetch you return that can actually be measured using Net Promoter Score and many other metrics.

It seems worthwhile to hire an independent developer who will do all the coding for you at a rate of peanuts; but then, who will take care of your app’s design, security and testing? This is why you need a mobile app development company and not just an independent freelancer. The moment you start treating your IOS app development as an investment and not an expense, you will start seeing everything in a different light.

2. Analyse your prospective developers’ portfolio.

It is not just about looking at the size of projects they have handled but exactly what projects they have handled! There are many mobile app development companies out there working in numerous verticals. You need a company which understands not only your technical requirements but your business as well. This can only work with companies who have experience of having worked with your industry or with the companies who show the effort to learn about your business and don’t just stick to the technical briefs.

3. Look for their client references.

Good IOS app developers wear their previous work like their badge of honour. You should get in touch with their previous clients and try understanding the entire system of running a process with your- about to be developers. You will discover many nuanced as well as generic details about your developer, which you otherwise wouldn’t have known. If your developer does not want you to reach out to their clients, it’s already a red-flag.

4. Check the tools and processes they use.

Many companies only act as mediators and outsource your work to other smaller companies. The problem with such partnerships is that you don’t get the value worth your investment and the iteration processes are extremely long. That is why you do not want to partner with the middlemen. This is why you should understand how does your developer actually run its process of development. Offshoring within the same company is fine, in fact cost effective. Hence, know all the tools and processes of your about-to-be developer. The process will also help you know what all services can you expect from your developer – UX research, design, programming, testing and so on.

5. Build an actively-managed relationship with your developer.

This is probably the most imperative of all points here. Do not let it become a relationship of deliverables and payments. Instead, make it a relationship where both of you understand each other’s strengths and requirements. This can be done by having frequent and transparent communication in place, paired with the right amount of trust in each other’s abilities.