Mobile Apps vs Websites: Why is Mobile Apps Conversion Rate Higher Than Website?

Posted on July 23, 2021
Kevin Bell

Mobile users today outnumber desktop users! Business owners have thus realized the importance of reaching out to customers via mobile channels. Today, we are living in a mobile world. There are four billion unique mobile users across the globe. Mobile devices account for 52% of all Internet traffic worldwide. In the United States, 65% of digital content is consumed through mobile devices.

Since mobile devices have dominated the landscape for years, there is no sign that the trend will slow down in the near future. Businesses and websites have recognized these trends and implemented mobile-friendly designs on their websites. In this day and age, sites that are not mobile-friendly cannot thrive.

A mobile app converts 157% better than a mobile website. There is no doubt that you need a mobile app if you want to optimize your business, website, and brand for mobile users. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you’re solely depending on a mobile website to drive conversions. A mobile app is your best bet for increasing conversions.

The following are the reasons why mobile apps conversion rate is higher than a website:

1. Better Personalization:
Customization improves conversion rates. Whether the consumer shops in stores, online or using any other device, this holds true. Location, demographics, behavior, and interest are factors that may be taken into account when personalizing. Your mobile app allows you to gather more real-time information about your users. By using that information, you can ultimately customize their experience. Apps will allow you to suggest products or services to users based on their activity or past purchases.

2. Generates High Customer Engagement:
Email marketing click-through rates have declined drastically, while push notifications have improved to almost 40%. Brands now have the opportunity to engage with consumers without appearing intrusive, thanks to this important feature.

3. Easier Communication:
Having clear communication is another factor that drives conversions. Most business communication tools use email, and this has been true for the last couple of decades. Email is one of the most widely used marketing strategies by businesses (and it is almost abused by some). Email, as a result, has lost the effectiveness it once had, with its open and click rates constantly declining. Email notifications have been surpassed by notifications from mobile apps. These notifications are of two types: push and in-app notifications. These two options are much less intrusive ways to reach out to users.

4. Enables users to Work Offline:
This is perhaps the biggest difference between a mobile website and an app. Despite requiring internet connections to perform their tasks, apps can nevertheless provide their users with basic functionality even when they are offline. For instance, banking apps. There are features like tax calculation, installment calculation, and loan limit determination. Despite not having an internet connection, these features can still be used.


Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% of the time on mobile websites. In the era of global mobile usage, the “app vs web” debate will remain a very important consideration for organizations looking to establish mobile presences. Answering this question is always quite subjective. Moreover, keep in mind that native apps and mobile/responsive websites are not mutually exclusive. Many organizations have both mobile-friendly public websites and downloadable native applications for catering to specific needs. When it comes down to it, choosing the right tool is key.

Proquotes Application- How Native Applications are Changing the Game

Posted on December 12, 2019
Kevin Bell

A Little Introspection

Technology and its impact have been influential, powerful and extremely life altering.  The amount of applications available today are a huge number and the way the application segment is rapidly growing is astonishing.

There is no going back and no denying the fact that technology has improved and evolved into a force to be reckoned with. But are we conscientiously creating these applications?

We at Octos Global believe so, our aim is to create and develop applications that not only reach out to people and make a difference, but we also to make sure the applications we support, build, develop and create are meaningful and significant in today’s world. The Proquotes application represents that philosophy of thinking.


A New Chain of Thought

The Proquotes application developed on the native technology platform, has been a significant creation. The Proquotes application allows people to read quotes from a vast variety of predefined categories and allows its users to create their own quotes in the form of text, image and video quotes. Also, Proquotes has the added feature of sharing quotes across other social media platforms.  Proquotes is an application that is meant to inspire and motivate people and give them a platform to showcase their creativity by creating new quotes. And we at Octos Global were inspired by that chain of thought and created the application that has turned out to be exceedingly well received.

The Proquotes application was created on the native platform technology, a technology that allows you to build an application specifically to use on the iOS and android platform has been a contributing and substantial factor is the success of the Proquotes application.

The native application technology is gaining momentum as it offers a variety of features and advantages to the applications developed in this technology, and Proquotes application is one such application that has become a rage.

How does it work         

The native technology enables developers to build two versions of the same application, one for the android platform and one for the iOS platform. The advantage of this being that the application is customized to suit and fit the need of the platform. This allows the application to be, more flexible and perform more efficiently.

Developers at Octos Global decided to build the Proquotes application using the native technology as the native application technology allows access to features such as camera, microphone and push notifications and these qualities are inherent to the Proquotes application. As Proquotes allows users to create content in the form of quotes the access to certain features on the devices are important.

Therefor aligning the two has been a highly fruitful.

 Go the Native Application Way

The native application technology is an extremely innovative and powerful technology is terms of developing and customizing your application that needs to be created. The features it offers when it comes to creating quality and highly efficient applications set the standards for applications built using this technology extremely high. This application walks the talk and delivers successful and thriving applications. Proquotes being one such application.

Enhanced Experience

The whole ideology behind the native application technology is an enhanced experience of the application that is built using this technology. The ability to tap into features such as camera, GPS and being customized to suit the needs of iOS and android make it a highly desirable application.

High Quality Standards

As the application is available on the app stores of respective platforms, it is easily available, regular in sync with the latest updates and uses the security tools of the phone and is the quality of the application is extremely high, the native application technology adds another extremely useful feature to its cap.


The implications of building applications on native technology are far and wide. One such implication is detecting user behavior, patterns and preferences, as the native application can detect and provide data to study these habits and help establish a profile, based on which recommendations can be made to user.

Optimum Utilization of Features

Due to the application build to suit the needs if the two platforms this makes the efficiently and effectively access and utilize the devices features. This makes for an extremely satisfying and enriching user experience of the application.

Raising the Stakes

When applications are delivered with technology that is in sync with the needs of the application requirements, then you have a product that sets the bar high for the applications. Aligning and bringing together application and technology that work best with each other requires skill and knowledge and we at Octos Global are driven to do exactly that. The perfect combination of this is the technology behind the Proquotes application. Native technology platform for creation of applications is changing the rules, giving rise to innovation and raising the stakes in the application development world. It would be exciting to see what comes next from the native platform segement.

Breaking Down The Intricacies Of iOS Services

Posted on August 2, 2019
Kevin Bell

Mobile Phone Evolution

We have access to the world at our fingertips today via our mobile phones and the technology along with the applications they offer us. Mobile phones are developing every day and technological changes that have been seen in them, over the last few years are vast and varied.

Applications available on mobile phones have enabled people to make careers out of them. Mobile phones have a specific software’s they use for applications to work on them.

Introduction to iOS:

One such software is iOS, these are compatible only to a certain device. For an application to work on these devices it should be iOS approved and designed to work on iOS software.

iOS software is an extremely safe platform to launch applications on as it is not prone to viruses, but not everyone has access to this software.

iOS software companies look into every minor detail of the applications they develop as iOS is a highly recommended platform and hence the standards they set are also high.

An iOS platform is used by many people across the world on multiple devices, which are iOS compatible. An iOS development company will discover the requirement, conduct a thorough market research and analysis to provide an application that suits the needs of its customers and the audiences meant to use it.

iOS application development companies need to make sure that application they develop, and build has attractive features and keeps the users engaged for a long period of time.

A thorough SWOT analysis needs to be conducted on the application built

The iOS application development companies needs to realize the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities of the application.


Here the iOS development company focuses on the strength of the application they develop, what exactly is the applications use its strength and how this can be used to maximize the reach of the application.

They need to make that the application has at least one core strength or unique feature around which other features can be built, and the should also make sure there is room to add other features to the application as and when need or requirement arises.


An application in the development and testing test is not going to be perfect, there will be glitches or weakness in the application these need to be found and corrected as the final application should not have any room for error, a small oversight or mistake can make or break the iOS application.


An iOS application when designed and developed should always have room to improvise and meet challenges as and when opportunities arise. Also, they should always be on the lookout for new opportunities and ways on how to best improve their application to make sure the users continue using their application.


Every application face threat from other applications that would be a competition for them and iOS application needs to be aware of them and needs to make sure they stay ahead of the threats they face to make sure they are at the top of the game.

Business and companies while developing an application for their product or service make sure that application is iOS compatible as they will be able to reach a larger number of users.

Currently businesses and companies are surviving in extremely competitive environments and they need to make sure that they use all the available platforms and opportunities that come their way in order to create a niche for themselves.

Also, by launching their application and specifically building applications to be available on iOS software they are tapping into a potentially large customer base and thus ensuring a higher success rate when compared to launching them only on single platform.

Hence developing an iOS compatible software from a business standpoint will prove beneficial to company.

The IOS App Developer Finding Guide: How to find and filter the best IOS app developer

Posted on May 15, 2018
Kevin Bell

IOS has been a great enabler of entertainment and business its users. The everyday users are provided with helpful apps which help them stay organized and entertained. Developers, on the other hand are able to monetize their developed apps and create a genuinely growing business out of it.

Everything written up there is good, but highly irrelevant to most of the businesses. No business wants to know the generic wisdom. Businesses have specific problems and they need specific solutions to keep going. A specific fact is that Apple’s App Store had over 2.2 million apps as of 2017. Out of these millions of apps, the competition to emerge as an app which keeps the users interacting is extremely difficult. That said, if you have a quality app, it will surely get discovered. The question arises – how do you ensure to get a quality app? Simple, by getting the best IOS app development services for your needs.

This may sound like yet another marketing claim but it is essential to get the best IOS app development services in order to create an app that solves genuine problems. It is so simple that most of the businesses do not believe that a developer can create a world of difference; to most of the businesses the idea is everything. One cannot get more distant from reality!

iPhone app development or IOS app development, in specific, is an industry worth billions of dollars globally. Specifically, the industry will be producing Gross Annual Revenues of $189 billion by the end of 2020. That is massive by any standards! Out of these huge numbers, do you believe every app created will be revolutionary? Obviously, not.

Businesses are already prone to multiple risks in the form of market risks, regulatory risks, so on and so forth. In recent times, technological risks have emerged as the game changers for almost any industry. Businesses have been wiped out by technology and hence the new age business leaders are increasingly paying attention to putting the right technology in place.

Now, it is not necessary that a business will have the resources to implement iPhone app development in house; but the market is growing so rapidly for iPhone and smartphones, that the opportunity cannot be foregone. That is where a mobile app development company comes into picture.

There are so many businesses chasing the same goal of finding the right outsourcing partner who can help them create the most comprehensive apps for iPhone. On the other hand, there are so many companies promising to be a quality mobile app development company. There is demand and there is supply; how do you ensure quality amongst all this noise?

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best IOS app developer:

1. Do not let the budget guide all your decisions in the process.

Yes, it is important for businesses to be as efficient as possible when it comes to expenses. That is where most of the businesses make a mistake – they treat IOS app development outsourcing as an expense. Anything that bears the logo of your brand and becomes a general point of interaction with your target consumer can never be treated as a mere expense. It becomes an investment the moment it becomes a part of the user’s journey. This is an investment which will fetch you return that can actually be measured using Net Promoter Score and many other metrics.

It seems worthwhile to hire an independent developer who will do all the coding for you at a rate of peanuts; but then, who will take care of your app’s design, security and testing? This is why you need a mobile app development company and not just an independent freelancer. The moment you start treating your IOS app development as an investment and not an expense, you will start seeing everything in a different light.

2. Analyse your prospective developers’ portfolio.

It is not just about looking at the size of projects they have handled but exactly what projects they have handled! There are many mobile app development companies out there working in numerous verticals. You need a company which understands not only your technical requirements but your business as well. This can only work with companies who have experience of having worked with your industry or with the companies who show the effort to learn about your business and don’t just stick to the technical briefs.

3. Look for their client references.

Good IOS app developers wear their previous work like their badge of honour. You should get in touch with their previous clients and try understanding the entire system of running a process with your- about to be developers. You will discover many nuanced as well as generic details about your developer, which you otherwise wouldn’t have known. If your developer does not want you to reach out to their clients, it’s already a red-flag.

4. Check the tools and processes they use.

Many companies only act as mediators and outsource your work to other smaller companies. The problem with such partnerships is that you don’t get the value worth your investment and the iteration processes are extremely long. That is why you do not want to partner with the middlemen. This is why you should understand how does your developer actually run its process of development. Offshoring within the same company is fine, in fact cost effective. Hence, know all the tools and processes of your about-to-be developer. The process will also help you know what all services can you expect from your developer – UX research, design, programming, testing and so on.

5. Build an actively-managed relationship with your developer.

This is probably the most imperative of all points here. Do not let it become a relationship of deliverables and payments. Instead, make it a relationship where both of you understand each other’s strengths and requirements. This can be done by having frequent and transparent communication in place, paired with the right amount of trust in each other’s abilities.

The Top 10 Mobile App Trends That Are Going to Make It Big In 2018

Posted on November 28, 2017
Kevin Bell

We have hit the final quarter of the year 2017 and to say that this has been an eventful year would not be wrong. With a number of mobile trends, which redefined the digital landscape, the mobile app development vertical has received a phenomenal response. Technology is brimming with new innovations hitting the market every day and it has become important than ever to brace up for what is to come. As we are around the bend to 2018, take some precious moments of your busy schedule and have a look at the trends that can take your mobile app development company to new heights of success.

  1. IoT Will Continue to Rule Technology Landscape

The idea of a smart home, smart school, smart health, smart cities and industrial IoT sounds good and the IoT apps have already started becoming mainstream. As the demand for connected things will surge, the smart devices will require more apps to manage this. By the year 2021, IoT is expected to become a $662 billion industry and thus the developers will have to keep innovating new apps to leverage the complete potential of the IoT landscape.

  1. Blockchain is Already on The Move

By the time 2017 is going to end, the total value of the global blockchain, which tends to be the technology that forms the basis of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, will hit the value of $340 million. The unbreakable data security associated with the blockchain development is continuously pulling up the figures of this vertical as the underlying ledgers cannot be modified without making alterations in the previous data. Hence, theft in the blockchain technology is next to impossible and therefore is going to be at its peak in next year.

  1. Virtual Reality Will Be More Prominent

Virtual Reality or VR is one of the technologies, which has garnered plenty of attention in the past few months. With its help, the companies can train their employees and pitch their products to the audience in virtual showrooms. It enables the promotion of various products by making it highly interactive owing to the perfect blend of technology and photography. So much to offer, it is surely bound to make it big in the upcoming year.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Be In

Since the inception of this technology by Google, the speed of the page loading in mobile devices has accelerated to a great extent. This trend will transform all the approaches of Android app development and is bound to reduce the bounce rate significantly. It will also help the publishers in increasing the visibility of their ads, thus leading to an increase in the number of the visitors.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Will Increase Automation

Right from the customer service to chatbots, marketing to analytics, Artificial Intelligence has so much power with it that is ready to take over the development world. It will continue to surprise the customers in a lot of ways by including automation in the business vertical. Smarter and faster automation of content generation, emails, industrial manufacturing, etc. AI will continue to engage the customers in the year 2018.

  1. Security is Going to Take the Spotlight

With the introduction of thousands of app every single day, data security has become one of the major concerns for the developers; owing to the amount of personal data stored within. The applications that have built-in security features are garnering popularity amongst the users. Therefore, development of more secure apps has become the foremost task of the app developers.

  1. On-Demand Apps Will Become More Diversified

On-demand apps are preferred as they offer prompt and reliable services, for e.g. Uber and Lyft. Taking a cue from such companies, other apps are preparing themselves to offer better features to their customers. Thus, the on-demand apps are going to be the golden opportunities that the developers need to take advantage of in the upcoming year.

  1. Edge Computing Will Be Pushed to the Forefront

Industry leaders like Cisco have introduced software, hardware, and services that stand testimony to this upcoming trend. As the number of devices that communicate data via IoT are increasing, sending data to the cloud will surely need edge computing in the upcoming time.

  1. Proliferation of Cloud-Based Apps

The number of apps driven by cloud technology will increase tremendously in 2018. These mobile apps are more beneficial to the enterprises as they will be able to alleviate the issues related to data security posed by BYOD technology and will thus ensure the safety of their data. As per the forecast done by Cisco, the apps based on cloud will drive about 90% of mobile data traffic by the end of the upcoming year.

  1. Cross-Platform Tools Will Become More Powerful

In order to deliver the maximum usability, compatibility of an app with multiple platforms is surely a must. An app developed solely for a single platform will limit its user base as compared to the one which can be run on almost all the platforms. The cross-platform app development is giving rise to user-friendly and multi-featured apps that can easily be supported on all the major platforms.

If you are looking forward to making it big in the next year, then it’s time to pay attention to the upcoming trends and witness the growth of your business. The trends discussed in this write-up will surely revamp the way the businesses have worked and will give you a chance to welcome more success for your business.