App Push Notifications- Gaining Momentum

Posted on September 25, 2019
Kevin Bell

In the world of technology there are so many changes happening, companies and businesses are trying to tap into the potential of technology, that is so vast that it becomes difficult to keep a track of the dynamic changes happening all around us. The cutthroat competition today and the drive to succeed, has led to changes that are astounding.

Mobile phones sector is one segment where constantly new changes are introduced along with advanced applications launched every day.  In this sector today’s innovation can become obsolete tomorrow. In this fast-paced industry innovations need to be unique and have a last impact with leaving room for growth and expansion.

 One of the latest trends in the mobile application segment be it iOS or android applications is the push notification.

Push notifications are increasingly becoming a popular tool among application developers as it has manifold advantages.

Android push notifications and iOS push notifications have the tendency to convert nonusers to users of the application.

Push notifications are slowly and steadily gaining the attention of users and mobile application developers. Android push notifications and iOS push notifications are relevant to clients as they use these notifications to reach out to a large audience.

Numbers Speak:

Numbers state facts with a clarity and the below numbers depict how push notifications are becoming an essential aspect of android and iOS application development platforms.

The numbers indicate a growing need and demand for push notifications in the mobile application segment.

 How push notifications operate:

iOS and android push notifications work separately. The push notifications developed for both applications are different. The push notifications are a great way for clients to keep in touch with their users. Push notifications are sent to users who have the application. These messages can also be sent to users who do not have the application as well. Push notifications doe does not restrict itself to sending messages only to users who use the application for which the notification is meant.

There are two types of push notifications local and remote notifications.

  • In the remote push notifications, generic messages can be sent based at certain specific times. A single message is sent in these types of messages.
  • Another type of push message is one where the applications have access to the GPS of the user and can give suggestions based on the user’s current location. It could be about updating the user of the weather conditions or a list of to do things around their location.
  • For example, Book My Show the movie booking application can suggest the nearest theatre in and around the user’s location to book a movie.
  • As push notifications can be sent across to both nonusers and users of the application, it proves to be a great marketing tool.
  • Mobile applications be it iOS or android, through push notifications can convey messages regarding the developments or upgrades that occur in the application of the users.
  • Example: Online shopping applications through push notifications can tell users of discounts or new arrivals and how they can be availed.
  • The possibilities of push notifications are vast and if explored and engaged with in the appropriate manner can reap a lot of benefits for the mobile applications developers.

Push notifications have become an important tool in the marketing segment. Push notifications be it android or iOS notifications have an important role to play.

Today with mobile applications growing and everyday a whole of applications being launched; it becomes difficult to convey the messages to the users. Push notifications become an effective tool not only in marketing the application to the users, but also effectively communicating the message to the users.

As android applications are different from iOS applications, push notifications for mobile applications of android and iOS will be different. Push notifications are a great way to also communicate changes and upgrades of the application that is being used.


Android push notifications and iOS push notifications are becoming a cult favorite of mobile application developers. Clients are making push notifications an essential step in their marketing and advertising strategy. The fact that irrespective of android or iOS users use an application or not, the push notifications will go to all smart phone users. This has enabled the clients to market their product across the globe thus making push notifications a significant and powerful tool.