Why Should You Integrate IoT In The App Development Process?

Posted on January 7, 2020
Kevin Bell

Technology has played a very important and crucial role in transforming and changing the way we interact, communicate and function in today’s day and age.

Be it virtual reality, augmented reality, the launch of 5G, artificial intelligence and internet of things, there has been a tremendous overhaul of not only the applications, but also their design and development.

In our daily lives we use this technology in the form of applications, or our smartphones without giving it a second thought. The potential and possibilities of technology is expanding and pushing boundaries daily. Applications are being developed and avenues are being explored, one such avenue that is showing growth and is creating a wave is the Internet of Things, along with applications and designs related to IoT.

Action and Reaction

When it comes to the application segment, the demand for integrating applications with IoT technology is growing as they offer a variety of features and the advantages of bringing in the IoT technology into the application design will definitely be a boon for businesses.The quality of applications in terms of features and tools used to develop these applications has also evolved.

Smart cities, to smart homes to smart devices, applications are now interconnected and integrated with the IoT technology and IoT applications.

With a large amount of funds being invested in both the IoT sector and the applications sector, it was a given that both IoT and the applications segment were going to be combined to create superior quality applications and we also get to see the potential of IoT applications. There is no denying that with the growth of IoT applications and IoT things we are now advancing into a never seen before segment of applications.

All About Collaboration and Association

The technology is one segment where innovation occurs almost on a day to day basis. Today businesses are also tapping into this potential, in order to hold on their competitive edge and increase their customer base they look toward creative and innovative ideas. Applications are being introduced and developed, but these applications are now looking to enrich customer experience and one such way to do it is through collaboration of applications through integration of IoT and IoT based applications development.  It has become a significant and relevant to integrate IoT development to the applications designing in order to develop applications that have an advantage over other regular applications.

IoT Related Applications- Synopsis

The world of IoT related applications is expanding at an extremely rapid pace and the applications of IoT include applications that are used in the segment of smart homes, wearables, industrial internet, connected cars, smart city and smart grids. The applications that have been designed using this technology have shown a variety of added features such as enhanced security, easier interconnectivity, data collection and the analysis of data has proven to be much improved with IoT development.

 Why it matters?

IoT related applications matter, the why and the how are listed below:

Efficiency and Action

With IoT application development, the costing involved is reduced and the reaction and response time is also lower, helping you improve your efficiency by acting immediately to queries and glitches. Interconnectivity of data also helps reduce cost of storing data on the cloud.

The Art of Creating     

In the world in which businesses operate and function in, the motto is survival of the innovator, the quickest and fastest way to find solutions to problems, resolving them by not only creating applications that are budget friendly, but can also impeccably integrate into IoT technology is going to win points for your business. IoT technology and applications will enable to you to do this by making it easier for you to collect and analyze data, predict problems and find resolutions to them, in real time or help prepare you for such an eventuality.

You Snooze you Lose

IoT application, IoT technology and IoT development has a lot to offer, be it to developers who design and develop these application , be it to customers , by providing them with an enriched experience, or to businesses , by helping them find the niche they are looking for. IoT applications have a lot to offer and the potential of them is widespread, thus it is important to start integrating the IoT technology into your applications design. Be the early bird to use this technology and see the world of difference it creates for your business and your application.

Making a Difference

IoT applications and technology has been creating a world of difference in sectors such as smart homes, smart agriculture, healthcare, automated cars and wearables segment. The applications used in these segments have helped these industries grow and have set a benchmark along with motivating other segments to try the IoT approach. The array of features and advantages it offers are mind boggling, the IoT technology is here to stay and in the future, we are going to see them make a difference in the application segment as well.

The Best IoT Applications To Have On Your Christmas Wishlist

Posted on December 19, 2019
Kevin Bell

A look at the year gone by

This year has been a great and incredible year in terms of innovation and creativity for technology. Technology has impacted every aspect of our life, right from the simplest of tasks like shopping for grocery to the most complicated and complex of tasks. We have seen great strides being made in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and internet of things.  Internet of things has taken the world by storm and has shown phenomenal growth and the applications launched, developed and created are nothing less than astounding.

Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas around the corner, and applications galore, we bring you the best of both the worlds and help create your Christmas Wishlist. IoT Applications can do a lot and help ease our lives and are a good investment.

Applications that Count

Smart Home Products

With smart homes becoming a booming industry and many multimillion-dollar companies investing in these segments there seems no dearth of products available for you to choose from. We bring you some of the best applications from this segment


A device connected to your phone where you can live stream videos from the mobile application of Skybell , and answer your door with the click of your mobile.It also has motion sensors and full color night vision. Another added advantage of this application is that it can be integrated with other IoT Applications.


A pocket friendly and budget friendly product that allows you to have customized and personalized lighting options. The best features of the application are voice-controlled activation through integrated platforms on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A mobile application that can set schedules and timers with a sleek and elegant design to make it look more appealing and attractive.  You can also turn on and off your lights through remote access from your mobile phones.

Smart Cars

Technology around has changed and moved so rapidly in the last few years, that sometimes it may seem daunting to keep up with it. IoT today has gained a lot of relevance be it from homes to businesses to cars the IoT technology is integrated into our daily lives. Cars have also become smart today. The applications devised for them are quite high in number.


An IoT application for your car that tells about the maintenance of the car, tracks the fuel economy rate, checks engine light along with real time tracking location are some of the features of this application.

Amazon Echo and its Variants

Since its launch in 2015, Amazon echo and its variants have been a sought-after product and nothing like adding this one to your Christmas Wishlist. With top of the line features and integration with other applications has made it to top of the list of best IoT applications.

Goggle Assistant

Another smart device to invest in would be the Google Assistant with features that are formidable such as simply ordering food to have a continued conversation without using the wake-up command “Hey Google” has brought this device to the forefront in this segment.

Wearables Integrated with Healthcare

Internet of things and applications and designs are leaving a remarkable mark in the healthcare industry, right from helping you track your sleeping patterns to calories to monitoring your heart, there is a transformative change in the way the health care industry functions. Here is one product that has made a effective impact


Changing the very way of how a thermometer is perceived as Kinsa is a smart device that manages your health and overall wellbeing. It tracks your over wellbeing and making predictive models about the same. Also notifies you when to take tablets and schedule appointments with your doctors.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

A universal remote which is extremely useful and highly efficient, as it can be integrated with other applications of IoT, can be used remotely through other smart devices and can control other devices as well such as media and lighting.

Amazon Dash Button

A sort of device that remembers things for you, something as simple as your grocery lists, items required around the house etc. Amazon Dash Button gets connected through your Wi-Fi and helps you remember the smaller important items required around your home.

Fitbit Surge

A great device to include in your Christmas Wishlist would be the Fitbit Smart Watch, as it comes with an inbuilt GPS, along with tracking your heart and sleep patterns makes for a great device. Not only that but also helps you stay connected with your call and messages notifications.

Wrapping it all Up

Let this season be a combination of technology and all things Christmas, splurge a little, indulge a little and enjoy a whole lot more. Technology has managed to integrate in our lives so seamlessly that it is now impossible to imagine life without these technologies. Let these IoT devices and applications help you improve your standard of living and enjoy them this season.