How can customized iPhone apps leverage your business?

Posted on February 5, 2018
Kevin Bell

In the technology-driven business ecosystem, a large segment of business firms has embraced iPhone apps as one of the key marketing tools. For marketers, it is of vital importance to strategize a seamless communication mechanism with their customers. With dedicated apps at the fingertips of the potential customers, the sales potential of the brand gets a boost.

Today, most of the successful companies reach out to established iPhone app development companies. The professionals develop agile apps for the brands, that serve as a tool to expand their business. You may get across to a reputed app developing company with your specific requirements. Interactive mobile apps help business firms in nurturing a healthy relationship with the customers.

A statistic reveals that more than 25 billion iOS apps were downloaded in 2016. The leading iPhone app developers come up with highly tailored apps for their clients. From conceptualization to prototyping, the app developers provide a comprehensive support to the firms, leveraging their marketing mechanism.

Here are the key benefits of seeking iPhone app development services from the reputed service providers.

Connects the brand to the customers

Well, you would like to keep your customers informed about the new products in your store. Particularly, eCommerce business firms come up with agile apps, that notify the customers about the products, that they are likely to buy. Besides, business firms study customer behavior and send them notifications about recommended products through these apps. Reach out to a reputed iphone app development company and get a dedicated app for your business.

Well, an iPhone app provides business firms with a seamless mechanism to seek feedback from the customers. You can leverage your after-sales services through these apps. Apart from this, iPhone apps can be integrated with location features, which detects the presence of the visitors, when they pass through a close proximity to the stores.

The customers receive real-time notifications, with discount deals and latest products in the inventories. This can strengthen your marketing mechanism to a substantial extent.

Seamless shopping experience

 The purchasing habits of customers have undergone changes in the digitized business space. They expect the products to be delivered in quick-time, and experience a customized shopping journey. Today, business firms have come up with customized apps, which refine the shopping experience for their clients.

The companies providing iOS App Development services integrate these tools with specific features, depending on the type of business. Customers purchase lifestyle accessories, groceries, electronics and other products from the online stores. They can sort the products based on price, features and other specifications through these apps. It is necessary to cater to the needs of your buyers in swift time. Integrating sophisticated apps on your platform will reduce the shopping time of the buyers.

Higher brand recognition

A customized mobile app can increase the visibility of your brand. The professionals known for iOS App Development in California integrate a seamless design, that refines the user experience. Classy iPhone apps create a positive impression about the brand among the users. Well, you can deliver a better shopping experience to your customers through these apps. Feature-rich apps for iPhones encourage the users to explore your products. Evidently, this increases your reach among potential customer bases. On an average, people use 9 apps per day and 30 apps in a month.

When you shape the purchasing experience of your customers in the desired way, you can craft a refined brand image. This is an asset for every company, that complements their marketing efforts.

Speedy payments

Business firms value the time of their customers. Well, you need to come up with a fool-proof transaction system, facilitating the transactions. It is necessary to integrate flawless payment gateways in these apps. When you approach a reputed company for iphone app development, the experts integrate payment mechanisms through credit card, debit card, net banking and other systems in the apps.

This allows them to purchase the products whenever they want, and speedy transactions save their time. Customers are likely to shop from companies, where they can enjoy a hassle-free payment mechanism.

High ROI

Developing a dedicated app for your business involves low investment, while it delivers greater returns over the years. The costs can be divided into three heads, including developing, testing and deployment.

A powerful business app can engage large customer bases with product information and updates, besides leveraging your mechanism for online sales. In 2016, the estimated revenue generated across the world through mobile apps is around $58 billion. The returns are better in comparison to other marketing mechanisms.

Moreover, business firms can go for multiple channels for sales, with customized iPhone apps. It is not necessary to depend on a single market, while distributing these apps. Potential customers download these apps from various third-party markets for apps.

Evidently, a feature-enriched app can streamline the marketing strategy of your business on the digitized platform. The leading iPhone app development companies understand the needs of their customers and conceptualize powerful apps for them.

Get across to one of the reputed companies, with an established track record in developing iPhone apps. A user-friendly app, in the mobile devices of your customers, can increase the marketing potential of your business.

Are You Acquainted with the Guidelines Associated with the iOS App Development?

Posted on November 15, 2017
Kevin Bell

High-end mobile apps have revolutionized this century with the extensive range of features in their arsenal. The splendid features and functionalities of these apps are not only enriching the lives of the people but are also giving birth to more opportunities for the app developers. The introduction of hundreds of new apps every day stands testimony to the fact that people want more and there seems to be no end to this demand in the near future.

Whether you are new to the world of iOS app development or a team of experienced professionals looking forward to creating some more apps, ensure that you are very well acquainted with the guidelines before you start your development journey. However, if you are not aware of the guidelines, not to worry as we are here to help you out in understanding the same.

Guidelines for iPhone App Development

Whilst there are a lot of guidelines that the app developers should adhere to, we have compiled all of them together and listed them in 3 broad topics-
1.    Development Guidelines
2.    Design Guidelines
3.    Marketing Guidelines

All the 3-guideline sections are further explained with the help of a detailed description of the guidelines. Read further to know more.

These guidelines, as the name suggests, need to be followed while you develop an iPhone app.

i.    App Programming
The apps created by the developer should deliver a great user-experience and should be way more than just a good design. The users expect the apps to be fast, user intuitive, responsive, and should have low battery consumption. The apps should not be developed for a particular version but should work easily on all the versions seamlessly. While all these guidelines can seem intimidating and difficult to implement at first, you will get used to them once you start complying with them.

       ii.    App Extension Programming
The app extensions make it possible for the developers to extend the functionality of an app and make them available for the users whilst they are interacting with that particular app. For instance, if your app let the users catch up the matches of their favorite games, you can add an extension that will enable them to share the scores with their friends.

       iii.    iOS Data Storage
Your app should be developed in a manner that regular backups of the app data should take place. To make sure that the backup process becomes more efficient, the documents, which  are created by the user, should be backed up in the documents directory. The downloaded data should be stored in the Library and the temporarily available data should be placed in the tmp directory.


Design Guidlines
To make your app stand out from the others, as an iPhone app development company, you should take into consideration the clarity, depth and deference of your app. Keep the below mentioned points in your mind for maximizing the reach and impact of your iOS app-

       i.    Consistency
The best way to remain consistent is to incorporate features in your app in ways people expect from you. A consistent app has well-known icons, uniform terminologies, standards styles of text, and commonly known interface elements.

      ii.    Integrity
Determine the behavior and overall appearance of your app to be in sync with the functions that it performs. For instance, if you have an app for first aid, make sure that it should have subtle graphics, standard icons, and predictive text.

       ii.  User Control
User control is one of the things that your app should suggest a course of action to the user but should not take a decision on their behalf. The app should have interactive elements but make sure that they should not lead to unwanted outcomes.


App Marketing Guidlines
By adhering to the marketing guidelines, you can be assured that the continuous communication with your users, you can ensure success for your apps that lasts for a long time and does not cease just after its launch.

i.   Basic Parameters
Clear messaging and direct calls should be made as a part of your communication process. Use accurate terminology whenever you talk about an Apple product. Never imitate Apple typography and always use your own design.

ii.   Requirements for Submission
Before you submit your campaign for approval, provide a brief and concise description of your app, which has contact details, the name of the publisher, name of the app, the Apple app ID, number of impressions expected, and the countries where you expect your campaign to be run.

iii.   Graphic Standard
When it comes to the badge, the minimum clear space should be 1/4th of the badge’s height. Never place photos, graphic elements, or typography inside the clear space. Select a size that comes to be visible but not dominant.

Well, these were some of the guidelines that a developer should keep in mind while introducing iPhone app development services or before launching an app. If you are a beginner at this and want some assistance from the experts, get in touch with Octos. It is a leading development company that offer various app and website development solutions. To know more, click here