UI/UX Design Trend That Will Rule In 2021

Posted on February 8, 2021
Kevin Bell

Like any other body of knowledge, UI/UX, i.e.,User Interface & User Experience, that a website provides, is regularly evolving. These terms are inter-related, and on any website, one is not possible without the other. With over 1.5 Billion websites out there on the internet, you will face a lot of competition. The primary factor that would help you stand out and draw the crowd towards your website is your website’s UI/UX.

In this article, we are going to talk about UI/UX design trends that are going to rule in 2021, which you as a UI/UX Designer can integrate in your website:


  • Personalization – Here, you try and create different experiences for different users depending on the data they have shared with you, like their date of birth, order history, marital status, etc. When a user is on your website, personalization will ensure the user understands that content shown to him is created only for him, which in turn increases your conversion rate. An important thing to know is that it is an advanced technology, and if you don’t apply it properly, it can also mess up your sales.
  • Motion Graphics – You will agree that visual information stays longer with you compared to written words. Most of the websites, at present, are not only about written content but also images for better communication of information. Motion Graphics makes it even easier for your users to comprehend and remember information on your website. Tools such as website builder and Adobe After effects let you create a website that draws users’ attention to action items and bring delight to their experience.
  • Touchless Interactions – The current global Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many things for consumers and businesses. One trend that is going to pick up this year is interacting with devices without touching them. How is it possible? It is possible through Voice User Interfaces (VUI) and air gesture control. Adding VUI to your design will expand your reach. Air gesture control allows you to make things on your device with movement in the air.
  • The Dark Mode – 2020 saw some of the platforms coming up with a dark mode option. The design is well received by the users and this year you can see more and more companies adopting the same. The dark mode stays optimally legible even in a dark environment and also reduces screen fatigue. It also saves users’ batteries and can also hide defective pixels of your application with ease. With benefits to both users and businesses, the dark mode will only grow like anything this year.
  • Immersive experience – 2D images and boring text are things of the past. When we talk about UI/UX, we talk about giving something out of the box to users. Now it is possible to make the user experience more engaging using 3D effects and displace avatars. With the increase in AR and VR technology popularity, 3D will also gain popularity, and you will see platforms with more 3D content.

These are just some of the many UI/UX trends to look out for in 2021. You don’t have to incorporate all in your website – only pick the ones which meet your requirement and the taste of your audience.

Application Budgeting Approach and Essential Factors

Posted on April 2, 2020
Kevin Bell

Business today, irrespective of the segment they belong to are entering into the application segment. The application development segment is growing in large numbers. Developing applications involves a lot of planning and proper execution. An application is a long-term investment and proper financial design and budgeting is required to ensure the applications that is developed is well budgeted to accommodate the changes that would be required, in order to be successful.  An approach to formulating a budgeting plan should include for factors such as hidden costs testing of applications, a regular upkeep and maintenance. Its highly probable that a business may sometimes underestimate the cost of developing and maintaining an application. It becomes vital that we have a strategic and well formulated budget in place.

A Game of Numbers

Today as we see a rise in the number of businesses using applications to reach out to their customers, we as a business also need to understand budgets and the cost involved in order to build a compelling application. Applications involve time as well financial investment. Before we start developing an application, we need to be aware of what it takes to build, test launch and maintain an application. While developing an application some of the key factors that contribute to the cost of building an application include:

  • Business segment, size and finances
  • Whether the application is going to be a native, mobile or web application
  • The design and final outlook of the application
  • Add on features like artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications
  • Availability on iOS, android and web based
  • Data storage capacity
  • Room for change and upgrades and maintenance
  • API’s and the design of the application
  • Using the right tools for development

Back to the basics:

As the technology grows the features and elements added in an application are changing. Businesses earlier who had only a website are now converting their approach to develop and launch applications. In order to understand what functionality your application is going to serve you need to first understand what it is you want from your application and what is the purpose of developing the application. Deciding if you want to build the application separately for the iOS, android or the web is the starting step of your budgeting. The new buzz word is cross platform applications. Business can now decide if they want to either build an application on the native platform or develop an application that is neutral and then use it across the multiple native platforms.

Key Features of your application

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to develop an application we feel the more the better, hence we want to add all the features possible in the applications. The right number of features, the design, the outlook and testing of the applications are all factors that would contribute towards building your application.  Also remember testing is an integral part of any application development as it helps you fix any problem that may arise so always budget for testing of your applications.

Long term planning

One vital element to keep in mind while designing is to always keep room to add on features upgrade your application and ensuring you planned enough to have solid back end support team. Also make sure you budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the application as sometimes we may tend to overlook this essential and important aspect. Budgeting also include for regular updates and bug issues.

Marketing Strategies

 Marketing and advertising need to account for while developing an application. For an application to become successful every budgeting plan should have room for marketing. With competition sky high we need to ensure we have solid marketing plan to ensure that we reach out not only to our existing customers but to new markets and segments as well.

 In the end every factor contributes to the Success

Developing and designing an application is not an easy task. We need to make sure we pay attention even to the minute of details. Ensure that your application has a strong foundation in terms of the data storage libraries that you use, the design is not a complex and complicated one , the user interface should be smooth and compatible on the platforms on which it is going to be launched on. A well thought out and structured budget will help you launch an application smoothly, connect with your users better and prove to be a good investment for the long-term growth of your business.

Our team at Octos Global has experience in building applications that are of superior quality all the while adhering to the clients’ budget requirements. Our clients are given exactly what they were looking for, as we not only customize to serve our clients better, but we are also flexible in order to accommodate our clients demands. Octos Global always aims to deliver to our clients needs and requirements.

Why Mobile Applications Have Become a Game Changer in the Startup Industry?

Posted on March 23, 2020
Kevin Bell

Internet and technology have brought about a profound revolution in businesses and business practices. Today we see a drastic change in the world of business, platforms such YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok have given ways to new career paths. Mobile applications such as Amazon, Ola, Uber and Ali Baba Express, to name a few have changed the way businesses is now conducted.  Geographical boundaries are being broken and mobile applications are now being incorporated and budgeted for in business practices. With the internet and technological revolution, we saw startups gain immense popularity and become extremely successful and financially viable.

Concept behind Startups:

A startup in simple terms is nothing but an innovative idea that can be transformed into a mobile application and has an appeal to a large crowd that provides a solution to their problems are what are startups.  A unique idea is all it takes to start your own startup.

Impact of Mobile Applications

Smart phones today have become more of a necessity and all are work is done through various mobile applications that we access through our smart phones.

Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users are on track to reach 1.57 billion units in 2020, an increase of 3% year over year, according to Gartner, Inc.


Mobile applications have boosted the visibility of startups and these startups have gone on to become great success stories. And this will continue in the coming years. Mobile applications are here to stay, and startups are going to continue to tap into this huge pool of resource.

 As per the business viewpoint, around 52.2% of the online web traffic comes through mobile phones globally.  

The time devoted to phones has been boosted by 57% within a few years .

Approximately, 80% of people use mobile devices via utilizing mobile applications


Mobile applications the Game Changers

Mobile applications have proven to play an influential and vital role in the success of startups. As Startups ensure that applications are available on the iOS platform as well as the android platform and mobile applications are developed keeping in mind the requirements of both the platforms.  Mobile applications have the following features that make them so desirable:

Cost effective:

Mobile applications are relatively easier to design, maintain and upgrade and this has persuaded startups to startups to use these applications for their businesses. As they can accommodate both the iOS and the android platform it becomes cost effective for startups.

Accessibility and Reach

Smart phones have become easily accessible to everyone. Once considered a luxury product now has become a necessity. With this the reach and accessibility these smart phones provide is enormous.  And this is one opportunity that startups have managed to foresee and use to their advantage by developing and applications for mobile phones. Geographical boundaries are no longer considered barriers and businesses are now all going global and that is all because of the smart phones and their applications.

Version Upgrades:

As technology changes and gets modified, applications also need to be modified and upgraded. Today features such as cat bots have become such an integral part of mobile applications that now users can get immediate clarity to their queries and be assured that they have immediate help in case of problems. This is one of the factors that have led to the financial success of so many startups by using the mobile application development strategy.

Marketing and Advertising

In order to succeed your application needs to have a brand presence and branding is extremely effective through mobile applications.  Mobile applications are deigned in such a way that they provide a superior functionality, they are designed to have better features, are also faster and this becomes an important aspect to consider while positioning your applications and creating your brand image.

Push Notifications

Another popular feature of mobile applications are their push notifications. Startups use these push notifications features to inform their users either about offers and discounts or any other notification they might interest their users.

Revenue Increase

 As the traffic through mobile applications is higher, and also the probability of a visitor being converted to a user of the application is also higher, mobile applications thus for this reason are known to bring in and generate more revenue. And therefore, mobile applications have proven to be a boon to the startup segment.

The Name of the Game

When it comes to startups their reason for being so widely successful and having such accessibility are the mobile applications that they launched. Mobile applications have changed the story of success for startups and enabled them to reach heights that other wise would not have been possible. Mobile applications come with a huge value of potential and startups made sure to use this opportunity to the best of their ability.

Why Design of Application Plays a Critical Role In The Success of An Application

Posted on October 22, 2019
Kevin Bell

With the advent of mobile phones and the introduction of smart phones, the mobile phone market segment has changed. Technology in mobile phones has been developing and creating waves in the last few years. Applications on mobile phones have been drastically changed and are continuing to become more advanced and efficient. The mobile application development industry is flourishing, and several applications are being launched every day. The mobile application industry is going to continue to grow. Be it for iOS application development or the android segment applications are a big thing today.

Applications developed today take a lot of planning and research to develop. Every aspect of the application being from the software to the designing to what features the application will have is given equal importance.

Designing a mobile application thus takes time and research along with a thoroughness that can make or break an application.

Significance of Designing in Applications:

 User interface design

The user interface design plays a very crucial role in an application, the more simplistic the application and user interface the easier to navigate and use, but if the user interface design gets complex then it becomes a maze to navigate for the end users and clients. The user interface of a mobile application design should be designed in such a way that the users instantly like the appeal at the first look and evoke a sense of curiosity in the users by looking at the design. Mobile application user interface design should have an attractive allure to it.

Strong and Distinguished

 In order for an android or an iOS application to be successful , the developers and designers should keep in mind that the application should have a strong ,app prototype sense of purpose, that is the application should be well defined for what its purpose is, who its target audience are and what the use of the application should be. There should be clarity on these factors and then the design should be built to enhance these qualities of the application. The content should be given high priority and importance. The application should also be designed keeping in mind the distinguished features of android and iOS software’s, for it to become successful.


Before any application is launched an in-depth testing is done. While designing an application testing is one of the key factors in the design process , testing of an application can help developers find out if there are any errors while using the application , users who test the applications give a clear and well defined feed back about area of improvements and where they feel the application is lacking. Testing an application before its launch makes sure that when launched the application will not have any flaws, making it a successful launch.

Scope for upgrade:

 While designing applications, its important the design is developed keeping in mind the future use of the application. in order to retain and attract new users, applications need to constantly upgrade and improvise themselves. Designs of applications should have room for upgrade is they want to be successful, as upgrades will give users something to look forward to and will help attract users. Designing the application in such a way will also help companies reduce the cost on designing making it a win-win situation for both developers and users.

 Trends and Techniques:

Applications have become a work of art over the last few years, designers and developers are creating applications using more and more efficient techniques, keeping in mind the latest trends also. Some applications are now developed using sounds, gestures and animations, these are a few of the latest trends used to design applications. Off late android and iOS applications are pushing their boundaries to find efficient and creative techniques for designing applications. Prototypes are being designed so that they look and feel like the real application to check how the outcome will be. Prototypes are also being used to develop new designs and test out techniques to upgrade the existing applications. Prototypes are also being used for future references.


Application designing is being considered very seriously and meticulously being planned. The success or failure of an application depends on the designing of an application.  The idea behind the application might be a simple one, but if well designed it can become a great success story. The applications market is constantly changing and upgrading itself, for an application to succeed it should have a strong design backing it up, should be designed in such a way that it delivers all that it promises and the some more.

We at Octos Global have a strong and dedicated principles when it becomes to designing an application. For us at Octos Global, we believe that the designing is a crucial element for an application and that is we ensure that the design we offer , create and develop designs that are in sync with the client requirements and also having an appeal for the targeted audience. Application Designing be it for iOS or android applications , is done be developers who have expertise and experience along with knowledge on the latest trends and techniques used for designing.