Octos Global Solutions Grabs GoodFirms Attention by Offering Comprehensive Software Development Solutions

Posted on August 27, 2021
Kevin Bell

Offering robust software solutions to clients at national and international levels would soon bequeath Octos Global Solutions as one of the leading software development service providers in California at GoodFirms.


Based in Orange County-Anaheim, Octos Global Solutions renders authorized digital business solutions & projects to universal clients from newly established businesses & SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations. The experts’ team has comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, coupled with on/offshore resources, enabling the firm to deliver high-quality development packages intended to minimize clients’ costs and maximize their profits.

Whether clients need to enhance existing applications or build a powerful new application, the team has the expertise and methodology to meet clients’ needs. Being a full-service software development agency, Octos has a proven track record of assisting Fortune 500 companies, mid-market firms, and late-stage startups by giving essential IT solutions for complex business requirements.

Octos Global has served businesses involved in varied industry verticals such as technology, retail, financial services, oil and gas, medical and pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, media and publishing, and a few others.

Having rich experience in handling mobile app development and website software development specifications, Octos Global gives the perfect mix covering size, adaptability, knowledge, and expertise to produce and execute tech projects successfully.

Besides this, Octos serves as a trustworthy outsourcing partner for small-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale enterprises seeking reliable software development outsourcing solutions. The professionals’ engagement to expedite growth and profitability while sticking to a business’s vision and goals make Octos Global Solutions one of the most favored software outsourcing agencies globally.

GoodFirms Research Process:

GoodFirms is expanding daily in posting categories, authenticated reviews, and research on the most advanced business trends. It has 60k+ services & software businesses listed with comprehensive data.

GoodFirms directs research & surveys on industry drifts & technologies to help business people make informed choices. Its evaluation process based on Quality, Reliability, and Ability enables service seekers to create a peer-to-peer connection, brand promotion, and exchanging knowledge-base.

Likewise, the researchers evaluated Octos Global Solutions and asserted it as one of the leading web development companies in Riverside at GoodFirms.

They also concluded that the firm would soon lead as one of California’s leading software development firms and mobile app development companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

Software Development:

Octos Global Solutions creates insightful software solutions for a dynamic business environment and practices in Software Outsourcing Solutions for businesses around the globe. Octos is an experienced development partner to give trustworthy and cost-effective custom software solutions from smart and quick customization of pre-developed platforms to full custom software development.

Octos is an experienced team of professionals entirely committed to working on the client’s technology projects. The bilingual engineers work tirelessly to generate products and services that surpass expectations. They turn into growth partners throughout the entire improvement lifecycle by rendering insightful software development consulting according to the customized requirements.

Moreover, professional consulting services help the clients in producing custom solutions for the clients. The engineers’ team conducts detailed feasibility studies for validating the technological and budgetary expectations. By benchmarking a product idea employing feasibility studies, the team minimizes the risks connected with custom software development right from the beginning.

Thus, developing solid and reliable software structures for trustworthy software development would soon endow Octos Global Solutions as one of California’s best software development service providers at GoodFirms.

Website Development:

Octos Global is a pioneer in producing highly responsive business websites for developing businesses, startups, and verified firms around the globe. According to requirements, employing a combination of the latest technologies, responsive testing tools, and a dedicated and expert team of web experts, Octos Global provides essential and needed website development and design solutions.

Moreover, Octos Global creates highly functional and aesthetically beautiful websites, thanks to their web design and development expertise. The experienced team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to produce websites on the most advanced platforms and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla with efficiency.

Thus, with the expertise of the best developers, Octos offers aesthetically pleasing websites to pull & engage prospective consumers would soon enable it to soon secure a position amongst the up-and-coming website developers at GoodFirms.

Mobile App Development:

Enduring a rich experience in mobile app development, Octos Global is outfitted with the skills and expertise to manage the app development requirements of developing startups and entrenched business organizations. The team specializes in building robust mobile applications according to a client’s customized requirements that amplify the business growth prospects by occupying users across leading mobile platforms.

Octos Global is a foremost mobile app development corporation specializing in producing a new application from scratch and helping clients improve and customize pre-developed web platforms. The experienced team of in-house developers helps clients build interactive and robust mobile applications across traversing mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and others.

Thus, careful conceptualization, prototyping, and development process that helps take any business idea to a mobile platform would soon endow Octos Global Solutions to lead as one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review at GoodFirms speaks about the quality apps developed by Octos Global Solutions.

Octos Global - mobile review

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How Are Companies Preparing for Work-From-Home in 2021

Posted on January 12, 2021
Kevin Bell

The Covid-19 vaccine is around the corner for common people but going back to the offices for work looks like a distant dream. Some employees are enjoying the work from home setup while some are eagerly waiting for offices to open. We have entered 2021, and we know the offices are not opening anytime soon, at least with full capacity. So how are companies preparing for work for home in 2021?

When companies allowed employees to start working from home in early 2020, it was not out of choice but a compulsion. Most companies were not even prepared for work from home setup, but there was no choice. Here are a few things we will see companies doing in 2021:

  • Data Security – The biggest challenge for any company when employees start working from home is data security. The companies are working towards ensuring no data breach happens. In 2021, we will see a lot of companies increasing their endpoint security investments. Some of the employees are working from personal laptops, and everyone is on their home network, which is not secured compared to a corporate setup. This has made it mandatory for companies to get the best endpoint security for the organization.
  • Work-Life Balance – Every company wants its employee to have a work-life balance. In the pre-Covid time, companies making efforts to educate their employees was a kind of engagement activity. The situation has changed now since people are working from home, maintaining a work-life balance is becoming difficult for most people. In the coming months, we will see many companies coming up with programs to help their employees create a balance between work and home life.
  • The Office Environment- Employees might be missing the office environment, as we previously mentioned, they miss the comfortable chairs, nice coffee, and much more. Google announced last year that employees could purchase work-from-home gear worth $1000 to ensure that they are comfortable working from home. Following the footsteps, we will see a lot of companies doing the same this year. Many companies are coming up with a budget to give their employees a few extra dollars to set up their work environment at home.
  • Child care policies – The parents are working from home, and their children are studying from home. Managing work and children sometimes become a tough job for employees/parents. Companies understand this pain point, and in 2021 we will see them revising their policies to give more paid caregiving leave policy to their employees. Some IT giants companies have already done it, and many others are in the process of doing it.
  • Rise in Remote Work Apps – With most of the employees remote working, there is a considerable rise in apps and websites that help make remote work more manageable. IT companies prioritize App development and Website development that would aid remote working more straightforward and simpler for both employees and companies.

Applications and tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Float, Aircall, Slack are now widely used.

OctosGlobal is one such US-based IT Company that helps businesses fulfill their software & IT development goals by providing essential solutions. The company provides Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development services, and more.

Application Budgeting Approach and Essential Factors

Posted on April 2, 2020
Kevin Bell

Business today, irrespective of the segment they belong to are entering into the application segment. The application development segment is growing in large numbers. Developing applications involves a lot of planning and proper execution. An application is a long-term investment and proper financial design and budgeting is required to ensure the applications that is developed is well budgeted to accommodate the changes that would be required, in order to be successful.  An approach to formulating a budgeting plan should include for factors such as hidden costs testing of applications, a regular upkeep and maintenance. Its highly probable that a business may sometimes underestimate the cost of developing and maintaining an application. It becomes vital that we have a strategic and well formulated budget in place.

A Game of Numbers

Today as we see a rise in the number of businesses using applications to reach out to their customers, we as a business also need to understand budgets and the cost involved in order to build a compelling application. Applications involve time as well financial investment. Before we start developing an application, we need to be aware of what it takes to build, test launch and maintain an application. While developing an application some of the key factors that contribute to the cost of building an application include:

  • Business segment, size and finances
  • Whether the application is going to be a native, mobile or web application
  • The design and final outlook of the application
  • Add on features like artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications
  • Availability on iOS, android and web based
  • Data storage capacity
  • Room for change and upgrades and maintenance
  • API’s and the design of the application
  • Using the right tools for development

Back to the basics:

As the technology grows the features and elements added in an application are changing. Businesses earlier who had only a website are now converting their approach to develop and launch applications. In order to understand what functionality your application is going to serve you need to first understand what it is you want from your application and what is the purpose of developing the application. Deciding if you want to build the application separately for the iOS, android or the web is the starting step of your budgeting. The new buzz word is cross platform applications. Business can now decide if they want to either build an application on the native platform or develop an application that is neutral and then use it across the multiple native platforms.

Key Features of your application

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to develop an application we feel the more the better, hence we want to add all the features possible in the applications. The right number of features, the design, the outlook and testing of the applications are all factors that would contribute towards building your application.  Also remember testing is an integral part of any application development as it helps you fix any problem that may arise so always budget for testing of your applications.

Long term planning

One vital element to keep in mind while designing is to always keep room to add on features upgrade your application and ensuring you planned enough to have solid back end support team. Also make sure you budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the application as sometimes we may tend to overlook this essential and important aspect. Budgeting also include for regular updates and bug issues.

Marketing Strategies

 Marketing and advertising need to account for while developing an application. For an application to become successful every budgeting plan should have room for marketing. With competition sky high we need to ensure we have solid marketing plan to ensure that we reach out not only to our existing customers but to new markets and segments as well.

 In the end every factor contributes to the Success

Developing and designing an application is not an easy task. We need to make sure we pay attention even to the minute of details. Ensure that your application has a strong foundation in terms of the data storage libraries that you use, the design is not a complex and complicated one , the user interface should be smooth and compatible on the platforms on which it is going to be launched on. A well thought out and structured budget will help you launch an application smoothly, connect with your users better and prove to be a good investment for the long-term growth of your business.

Our team at Octos Global has experience in building applications that are of superior quality all the while adhering to the clients’ budget requirements. Our clients are given exactly what they were looking for, as we not only customize to serve our clients better, but we are also flexible in order to accommodate our clients demands. Octos Global always aims to deliver to our clients needs and requirements.

Attributes That Take Your Mobile Application To The Next Level

Posted on March 3, 2020
Kevin Bell

With over 1 million mobile apps available in the major store apps today, businesses globally have recognized the importance of having mobile apps. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly competitive. Businesses worldwide are finding it challenging to be discovered and make a huge in this sea of mobile app competition.

About 89% of the users spend their mobile time on mobile apps 59% of all traffic is mobile

Mobile Apps Have All The Answers

All thanks to their unique attributes, no wonder they have prospered so much. These features provide convenience and make it efficient; an app can do a lot of. For example, using the device location to fill contact forms, push notifications, scanning card information, sign contracts, map customer’s location for the salespeople, take snapshots for documentation, optical character recognition and so on. Businesses have to be aware of these unique attributes that mobile devices can offer and set the strategies accordingly.

Scroll down to know what the innovative attributes are that users are looking to have in the mobile apps.

Developing for both iOS and Android

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile app development platforms. However, it limits your users if you have specifically designed Android apps or iOS-based mobile app. This dilemma can be eliminated by developing the app in a cross-platform development framework. This way you can tap into a wider audience.


It is one of the prominent features of mobile app development. The notification acts a direct communication with your customers/ users. It can be used for sending promotional offers, reporting, monetizing new opportunities, etc.

 Ratings and review

Ratings and reviews act as a window, providing clarity to the users about how the products and services are.

Reviews are brief feedbacks. This feature helps you to know how your products and services are doing. It shows that you care about their given ratings and work on to improve it. Having a rating/review feature will be a plus, as it acts as an authenticity towards your users. Displaying the reviews whether good or bad shows that you are willing to stretch for your customers.

Easy payment gateway

A secured payment gateway gives peace of mind to the users. Knowing that their payment details are stored with optimum security. The easy payment gateway feature provides instant payment methods from the eCommerce apps.

 QR/Barcode scanner integration

QR and Barcode Scanner are an exceedingly profitable feature in the mobile app to have. This minimizes the paper use and allows the user a convenient way when it comes to scanning coupon codes, tickets, travel reservations and so on.

The QR code is picked to be framed and scanned in order to redirect a user to an item detail page which saves time, providing users to have a pleasing user experience.

Order tracking

This is a must-have feature for eCommerce portals. Because your competitor’s mobile app has, and you too need one. Not only this, order tracking will provide you the entire information about the logistics. A good mobile app will have order tracking feature as buyers prefer to know about their order placed and when the package is going to be delivered.

Voice search

Voice search is a revolutionary feature that most of the mobile apps are now having. In fact, it will soon be a must-have feature that is transforming the user experience in future dates. The features let the users verbally command the app resulting in an innovative technique of voice search.

 Face detection

We live in a technology advancement era where the security protocols are beyond imaginative. Companies are choosing face detection as the security element to have theirs in their mobile apps.


This is one of the primary features that a mobile app must-have. This feature helps in broadcasting accurate location, place and time in real-time to your users. This is extremely helpful to the eCommerce companies in targeting the right customer services.

 Chat service

This feature is extremely beneficial if you are running an e-commerce portal. The chat service provides immediate help to the users – a low-cost alternative to resolve your customer complaints immediately.

 Social logins

Users are passionate about social media and love to be connected to different social media platforms. Therefore, having a social media login feature is mandatory. Perhaps, it is one of the prime requisites that your users will look to have in the app.

 Ability to work offline

This is an advance feature that doesn’t require an Internet connection, which means the users can work offline. The app is integrated in such a way that it allows the users to access the information and deal with the situation in the event of no Internet connection.

 Delivering Mobile Apps – For Startups & Businesses

From concept to development, OctosGlobal covers the entire mobile app development cycle no matter how diverse your business needs are. Our ability to meet your needs stem from our experts who have years of experience in handling global app solution services.

How 5G Network Will Change Mobile App Development Scenario?

Posted on February 25, 2020
Kevin Bell

The mobile cellular networks are on the brink of a revolution as they prepare to launch the 5G cellular network by the end of 2020. The launch of 5G networks means better and improved efficiency that will enhance the experience of the users and connect other devices and industries as well.  The introduction of 5G will mean for reduction in time taken to communicate wirelessly or the latency drop, will cover a whole spectrum of connected devices and industries as well, along with increase in speed of transmitting data from one device to another.

The significance of 5G networks for mobile application development

5G cellular network is not an upgraded version of the 4G cellular network but is an entirely new design and has a different infrastructure it will not only affect the wireless communication but will also have a noticeable and significant impact on mobile applications.

As we gear up for the launch of 5G, the applications development industry is also gearing up to develop, design and create applications that are better suited for the 5G network, along with added highlights and features that will change the users experience of using the application on the 5G network.


Having a significant lower rate of latency in 5G cellular network, means no delays and interference from the network and this will turn out to be an advantage for all the virtual reality and augmented reality applications as it will improve the user experience of all these applications allowing the users to have an immersive experience.

Internet of Things

The 5G network provides for a better connectivity as it increases the number of devices that can be connected in the same space. And this means the IoT devices can function better and transfer data faster among other devices.

Efficiency and Performance

The 5G cellular network will deliver better performance of both your mobile applications and IoT devices as the latency is reduced and as the speed increases the battery of your phone and IoT devices will last longer, which in turn will enable you to use your devices for a longer time.

Improvised Features and New Aspects:

With the advent of the 5G cellular networks, we are going to see a variety of features such as the application of 3D models and immersive technology for augmented and virtual reality gaming applications. The added 3D model designing, and creation are going to have takers across the mobile development segments. Chatbots are another feature that is going to be improvised and this will help in turn getting prompt replies and feedbacks.

Newer applications and innovations

Mobile application development companies now will be able to innovate and bring new applications with added features into the market. As 5G cellular networks is a new architecture and can connect and transmit data faster, the mobile applications will use this to build and create new applications for across various industries like healthcare, education and tourism.

Richer and fuller User Interface Experience:

 There is going to a substantial and significant change when you stream videos, play games on your applications with the introduction of 5G cellular networks.  The clarity and the user interface are going to be of a much superior quality.

Summing it all up

 5G cellular network with all its added advantages and new features is going to rake the technological world up storm. The possibilities seem endless and the sky is the limit now. New innovations and roads less traveled are going to be explored. The anticipation for 5G is building and the what changes it brings will be exciting to see and experience.

Want to get quick and growth-driven mobile application development solution for your business? Contact Octos Global