What would be the best for your business having a Stack Developer or Specialized Developers?

Posted on November 20, 2020
Kevin Bell

Businesses today be it the small, medium or large need every advantage they can get and that is why everyone is looking to have an online presence via the application segment. Businesses today want to get to a larger audience and create a niche for themselves and have a competitive edge and a way to do that is to hire a mobile development company to develop an application for their business.

While developing an application the first element that needs to be taken into consideration is the type of developer we are going to hire that is are going to go in for a full stack developer or a specialized developer to help you develop your mobile application.

 Full Stack developer vs Specialized Developers

As technology is developing everyday , we also have new and advanced technology for mobile application development, be it the platforms that they are developed on or the interface software used to develop an mobile application or the kind of developers that are used to build these mobile application. Be it a full stack developer or a specialized developer your hiring, you need to know which developers that is full stack developers or specialized developers will give you the best results.

What does a Full Stack Developer Do?

A full stack developer is someone is who is highly competent and has an array of skills that allows them to work right from the front end to the back development of the mobile application development process. A full stack developer understands the inside out of the application and as he interacts with the client he can explain and deliver the application exactly how the client wants it to be.

What does a Specialized Developer do?

 A Specialized developer is someone to whom a specific task is assigned to while developing the overall mobile application. A specialized developer is chosen based on his/her skill set and how knowledgeable and skilled he/she is in the field. They understand the ins and outs of that task and are well equipped to handle, identify and work out any skills that may arise while completing the assigned task.

Components to consider while choosing a Developer

Before hiring a mobile application development company and developers be it a stack developer or a specialized developer there are factors and elements that need to be taken into consideration. These factors include:

  • Size of the business
  • Magnitude of the business
  • Investment and Budgets
  • Level of complexity of the mobile application

Which would give you the best results:

Hiring an application developer is an important factor to consider while developing your mobile application as it can make the difference between success and failure of your application.

A stack developer is engaged from the back end to the front end of the project and he is aware of every small and detailed aspect of the mobile application development which gives them an edge over the specialized developers. This will come in handy if you face any glitches during the testing phase of the application or while developing a prototype as it would save a lot of time as the stack developer will know what exactly the problem is and how to fix it.

Client Engagement

One other advantage of hiring a stack developer is that they are the developers who work with client, idea with them and then translate this into the mobile application process. As the are in direct contact with the client they understand better the expectations of the client and can deliver the application as per the client specifications.


Hiring a team of specialized developers can be an expensive affair. They are highly skilled, and they are only going to be able to perform a particular task in the mobile application development process. A stacked developer comes at reasonable budget, is a jack of all trades and knows the application from scratch to finish.

What to choose

Mobile application process is detail oriented and the success of your mobile application depends on the choices you make. Each choice comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Before making your final decision you need to analyze and study all the options and choices available to you. Factors such as what type of an application you are developing, what kind of an interface are you looking for and the level of complexity of your mobile application needs to be considered. After that you need to decide which developer that is stacked developer, or specialized developer will fit in and give you the results you are looking for.

Factors to Consider while Developing your Mobile App for your Start Up

Posted on August 24, 2020
Kevin Bell

Sneak Peek into Startups

An exceptional idea, the need to be your own boss, the dream of having built a company from ground is all it takes for the seed of the start up to grow and nurture. A root needs soil, nourishment, and sunlight to grow, the same way startups need a few other elements for it to become a success. An idea alone does not mean it can be converted into a successful startup. Startups need every advantage it can find to make sure it succeeds and one such advantage is of having a mobile application for your start up.

Facts and Figures

Mobile phones today have become a necessity and with the world at your fingertips nothing is remote or inaccessible. This is one device that startups need to look at to stay ahead. Mobile applications are a great resource through which startups can reach a wider audience.

Key Figures

Reports by Statista suggest that by 2020, there will be 6.95 billion mobile users across the world. Mobile devices generate nearly fifty percent of the global website traffic.(https://www.yellowfindigital.com/blog/effective-2020-mobile-app-growth-statistics-to-know)

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.

57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

The Need of the Hour

Creating, designing, and building an application takes time as well as financial resources. A well developed and designed application will go a long way in making sure your mobile application is successful and this in turn will ensure your startup is successful. Hence the designing of mobile application plays a vital and crucial role. Some essential factors to consider while developing an application are:

Clarity in Thought and Vision:

While developing a mobile application, there needs to a clear-cut vision about the purpose of your application. The mobile application company that you choose, be it an iOS application company or an android application company, should be in sync with the vision you have for your application. Elements such as design, key features and add- on should be already decided and communicated iOS application company and the android application company. Make sure you do not over burden your application with too many features, or add just too little, designing a mobile application that incorporates your vision for your startup is the key to success.

Consider the Budgeting Aspect:

Mobile app for your startup, be it the iOS application or the android application, ensure that you take into account the budgeting of the application. Creating and designing an application and making sure its successfully launched does not close the door in the application process of your startup. Like any other application or device mobile applications need to be upgraded and maintained for them to function without any glitch. Therefore, while budgeting make sure you include the maintenance fee of the application as well.

Data Base and Structure:

Data is one of the essential factors while developing your mobile application, key elements such as data safety and security, accessibility, speed, and storage capacity are some factors that need to be considered. Data speed and safety is one factor that can elevate your application from basic to indispensable.

Branding and Marketing:

One of the biggest advantages of having mobile applications for startups is the marketing and branding platform that becomes available through the social media. People today are extremely intelligent, and they are looking for unique and highly functional applications, so make sure you integrate your mobile application through social media accounts to reach out to a wider base of your target audience.

An iOS, an Android platform, or a Hybrid Application

One vital factor to consider while developing a mobile application for your startup is which platform specifically are you developing the application for. Are you specifically developing an iOS application, or only for an android or are you developing a mobile application that is a hybrid application that is going to be launched on both the platforms?

 Mobile Applications the way Forward:

Today most of our time us spent on our mobile phones, they have become an integral part of our lives. Startups are today using the mobile applications as a resource that puts them in the forefront and ahead of their competition. Hence develop an application that manages to catch the attention of your target audiences. At Octos Global we understand the need of our clients, cater to what they are looking for and ensure that we quality applications. Our team of dedicated experts are up to date with the latest technological changes and give the client their best.

Attributes That Take Your Mobile Application To The Next Level

Posted on March 3, 2020
Kevin Bell

With over 1 million mobile apps available in the major store apps today, businesses globally have recognized the importance of having mobile apps. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly competitive. Businesses worldwide are finding it challenging to be discovered and make a huge in this sea of mobile app competition.

About 89% of the users spend their mobile time on mobile apps 59% of all traffic is mobile

Mobile Apps Have All The Answers

All thanks to their unique attributes, no wonder they have prospered so much. These features provide convenience and make it efficient; an app can do a lot of. For example, using the device location to fill contact forms, push notifications, scanning card information, sign contracts, map customer’s location for the salespeople, take snapshots for documentation, optical character recognition and so on. Businesses have to be aware of these unique attributes that mobile devices can offer and set the strategies accordingly.

Scroll down to know what the innovative attributes are that users are looking to have in the mobile apps.

Developing for both iOS and Android

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile app development platforms. However, it limits your users if you have specifically designed Android apps or iOS-based mobile app. This dilemma can be eliminated by developing the app in a cross-platform development framework. This way you can tap into a wider audience.


It is one of the prominent features of mobile app development. The notification acts a direct communication with your customers/ users. It can be used for sending promotional offers, reporting, monetizing new opportunities, etc.

 Ratings and review

Ratings and reviews act as a window, providing clarity to the users about how the products and services are.

Reviews are brief feedbacks. This feature helps you to know how your products and services are doing. It shows that you care about their given ratings and work on to improve it. Having a rating/review feature will be a plus, as it acts as an authenticity towards your users. Displaying the reviews whether good or bad shows that you are willing to stretch for your customers.

Easy payment gateway

A secured payment gateway gives peace of mind to the users. Knowing that their payment details are stored with optimum security. The easy payment gateway feature provides instant payment methods from the eCommerce apps.

 QR/Barcode scanner integration

QR and Barcode Scanner are an exceedingly profitable feature in the mobile app to have. This minimizes the paper use and allows the user a convenient way when it comes to scanning coupon codes, tickets, travel reservations and so on.

The QR code is picked to be framed and scanned in order to redirect a user to an item detail page which saves time, providing users to have a pleasing user experience.

Order tracking

This is a must-have feature for eCommerce portals. Because your competitor’s mobile app has, and you too need one. Not only this, order tracking will provide you the entire information about the logistics. A good mobile app will have order tracking feature as buyers prefer to know about their order placed and when the package is going to be delivered.

Voice search

Voice search is a revolutionary feature that most of the mobile apps are now having. In fact, it will soon be a must-have feature that is transforming the user experience in future dates. The features let the users verbally command the app resulting in an innovative technique of voice search.

 Face detection

We live in a technology advancement era where the security protocols are beyond imaginative. Companies are choosing face detection as the security element to have theirs in their mobile apps.


This is one of the primary features that a mobile app must-have. This feature helps in broadcasting accurate location, place and time in real-time to your users. This is extremely helpful to the eCommerce companies in targeting the right customer services.

 Chat service

This feature is extremely beneficial if you are running an e-commerce portal. The chat service provides immediate help to the users – a low-cost alternative to resolve your customer complaints immediately.

 Social logins

Users are passionate about social media and love to be connected to different social media platforms. Therefore, having a social media login feature is mandatory. Perhaps, it is one of the prime requisites that your users will look to have in the app.

 Ability to work offline

This is an advance feature that doesn’t require an Internet connection, which means the users can work offline. The app is integrated in such a way that it allows the users to access the information and deal with the situation in the event of no Internet connection.

 Delivering Mobile Apps – For Startups & Businesses

From concept to development, OctosGlobal covers the entire mobile app development cycle no matter how diverse your business needs are. Our ability to meet your needs stem from our experts who have years of experience in handling global app solution services.

Significance of Selecting The Right Mobile Development Service

Posted on August 13, 2019
Kevin Bell

Technology and its Importance:

Technology in the last five years has changed and developed by leaps and bounds, this in turn has led to the growth of the mobile application development industry.

The mobile application development industry has seen a revolution and has brought the industry to the forefront, this has happened largely due to the way we use our mobile devices.

Survival of the fittest or strongest does not hold true any longer, its survival of the innovator or innovations, that is what will give the companies an edge over their competitors,

And this is where the mobile application development companies play a large role as the responsibility is on them to provide a application that is engaging and interesting.

Why mobile development companies play an essential role today

1. The world today has become competitive and extremely dynamic, in order to survive this companies and business of all sizes need to seize all opportunities that are available to them.

2. Companies today require an edge over the competition available to them.

3. One way to do that is build and develop an application for the product or service that the company offers.

4. Mobile development companies play an important significant role today as more and more companies are venturing in the digital platform to reach out to customers across the globe.

5. We also have seen a rise in the mobile development application companies over the last few years.

6. There are a lot of advantages to developing an application for your business as they not only give you a wider and larger platform, they also enable customers to connect and address issues and get instant solutions to their problems.

Here are a few tips in choosing the right mobile company to launch the application

  • Understand what the business needs are, in terms of applications and services.
  • Realizing the customer needs and making sure that the application is devised to meet the customer requirements and conveying the same to the mobile application development companies.
  • Choosing the application development company that is in sync with the business’s goals and visions.
  • Customers and end users are extremely intelligent, and this is one important factor to keep in mind while designing the application. The application needs to attract its audience and keep them involved for the application to succeed
  • Ensuring that the mobile application development company provides their expertise and services throughout the launch as well as after the application is launched.
  • The application should be user friendly and should not be bogged down with too many features a s this may to lead the end user to not use the application.
  • Businesses need to choose mobile application companies that are dynamic and well equipped to handle the demands that are essential in making them a success.
  • The application that is designed should work on the two platforms that are android and IOS.


We at Octosglobal provide the application services that your business is looking for, not only we customize our services to fit your requirements, we also have a great team of experts who go above and beyond to deliver to the needs of the business. Irrespective of the scope of your business its important to make sure the application that you develop is of top-notch quality and Octosglobal provides nothing but the best.

How to Choose The Right App Development Method?

Posted on May 21, 2019
Kevin Bell

Are you about to get started with starting on an app development journey with your business? Or are you simply looking for an enterprise solution? Even if you have hired the finest mobile app development company in California there are certain things to know about. These things would include:

a. A detailed framework of how do you plan to proceed with the development process.

b. What preferences do you have with the app development method.

Usually, businesses are able to take care of the first part, but have no clue about the second part. To get started with the application development cycle, you should know about the right app development method for the final solution.

1.  Agile App Development
These days, every second company in the app development business is talking about agile development. The first thing that would strike your mind is what is agile app development and how is it even relevant to the technological solution you are devising for your business problem?

Agile is an app development framework, under which you get started with the bare minimum features required to get your app running in the market. Once you have launched it in the market and you start getting feedback from your consumers in the form of user data, you use these insights to create updates for the app. Hence, you should know that agile is an iterative method which will require updates at frequent intervals.

Most businesses that are going to get an app developed in enterprise format, have a broad idea of the problem they are trying to solve. Hence, it may not make a lot of sense to get ahead with agile, if you know exactly the features you will need in the app.

That said, if you are clearly sending out an app for the consumer market, agile would be one of the best possible ways to get the app developed.

2. Native app development.
One of the most frequently used methods usually put to practice by the mobile app development solutions providers is the native app development approach.

If your sole motive is to put the app in the hands of the users, a critical question to be answered is – what device is the user experiencing the app on? Now, it is obvious that it is smartphone, but the insight you are looking for is the operating system. So, if your target audience resided on IOS as well as Android – how do you get started with the app development process?

Native mobile apps solve that problem for you. Instead of making an Android app and then figuring out how will you pour its features identically into an IOS app, you create separate apps for both the platforms. You treat each app as an app especially engineered for that platform. This way, you can be sure that your app is utilising all the distinctive features provided by that specific platform.

3. Cross Platform Apps.
Your mobile app development company may recommend you to go for cross platform application development, if your end goal is to send out the app as soon as possible while launching it on both the popular platforms.

With cross platform app development, you build an app that is platform agnostic. This means, that the user experience of the app on an Android system will be nearly identical to the user experience on an IOS system.

Within cross platform app development itself, there are several approaches to get the job done:

a. The core code can be written in HTML5. Followed by this, you can use a native app wrapper to dynamically adjust the app for each platform you are targeting.

b. RMAD: It stands for Rapid Mobile Application Development. A specialised way in which RMAD is different from other mobile app development methods, is that the developer doesn’t have to use separate languages for separate platforms. They user working on developing the app can simply drag and drop in the GUI to form a platform targeting app.

c. Hybrid apps: Native apps are entirely dependent on the device installation. Hybrid apps use some features common across platforms by accessing the files installed during the app download. The remaining features, relevant to the platform, are accessed by communicating with a remote server instantaneously,

In Conclusion

You can use any mobile app development methodology. What you should have clarity on, are the end goals and the user who would be using the app.

2019 App Development Trends: These Trends Will Change App Development Forever

Posted on March 26, 2019
Kevin Bell

Mobile app development has seen the most exceptional growth in the history of technology. Up until 2004, when Apple launched the very first iPhone, mobile applications were a category of software only companies cared about.

Today, mobile apps have garnered attention of every single person on the planet. Anyone who knows about internet, knows about mobile applications. They have proven a great business case as well. By 2020, mobile app revenues will touch $189 billion, a growth of more than 100% in four years.

All of this has been possible with only caveat – whatever works today will not work tomorrow, because there will be a new trend to catch upon. Cloud storage, real time emoji, encrypted messaging and what not.

So, here is a list of trends that will dominate and perhaps change the mobile app development world in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Yes, AI and ML have been buzzing around for years now. As simple mathematical and statistical concepts, they have existed in academia for decades now; but in business sense, they are still new tech.

Businesses are using AI and ML primarily for:

a. Data Analytics: Artificial Intelligence has the power to provide richer insights which might be missed by the human eye. The very advent of AI means that businesses have started using more and more data for making decisions. This has a primary impact on the business – the entire decision making process becomes more rational.

On a standalone basis, AI has great capacity to provide real-time predictive analytics to managers. Data Analytics was crucial feature levered by AI teams to beat the world’s best chess and Go players. The same logic can be used in data analytics to optimize operations.

b. Automation: The base case for AI is that it can help you automate the very recurring business processes. The capacity of AI is that it gets better as more data is fed into it and before you know, your AI algorithm is ready to take on more intuitive processes simply based on the insights it has garnered by working on the repetitive processes.

c. Research: Using the power of both analytics and automation, AI can push businesses for looking into directions they otherwise would’ve ignored.

Beyond these use cases, branches of AI such as Natural Language Processing are actually helping businesses cut down costs by understanding user queries better.

It does not come as a surprise that investments in AI will touch $77.6 billion annually by 2022.

2. On-Demand Service Apps: Ask any mobile app development company in USA – what is the most aggressively growing category of apps? And the answer will be – on demand service apps.

The entire model of ‘Uber for this’ has spread like wildfire in the startup communities globally. What started with cab service on demand becoming the world’s most valuable company, has now expanded into pretty much every single service turning into an on-demand app business idea – restaurant booking to booking a helicopter to getting laundry done to getting a tutor for your children.

On-demand service apps will only grow in 2019, as business models start evolving and customers start looking for more tailored services.

 3. Wearable Tech: The biggest indicator of an industry growing aggressively is when a big player moves into the space. When Apple and Facebook entered the wearables space, it was clear indication of the industry becoming ripe for growth.

Companies like FitBit have already shown the fitness and health application in the wearables space. Now, it is up to the new age mobile app development company to adapt the apps already on the market and make them compatible with the wrist sized screens on the wearables.

4. Instant Apps: Instant Apps as a concept have been around for more than a couple of years now. That said, Google has bundled it into a sophisticated product only recently.

If you have a business in app or game development and you want more users to try it out, you have to know about Google Play Instant. Most of us decide whether we will watch a movie or not by looking at the trailer. Google has taken the same concept and applied it to apps.

Now, with Instant Apps, users will be able to experience your app without downloading or installing it. They can have a cursory experience of the app or game right on Play Store. This is one of the key trends that will implode and change the way we interact with apps.

In Conclusion

Irrespective of what industry or business you are in, you should learn more about these upcoming trends. You have to have a plan ready on how you can integrate these new technological trends with your business strategy in the long run.

What Could Be The Reasons Behind Your MobileApp Not Working Properly?

Posted on November 15, 2018
Kevin Bell

Mobile phone plays a very important role in everyone’s life nowadays. There are millions of applications in the app-store. For a particular need, people have lots of choices with different applications. It is very important for an organization that their department handling mobile app development builds the application properly and the application doesn’t face problems like crashing, freezing, slowing down and many more. If they have these kinds of problems, customers will easily switch to another app and that is where you would lose the game of capturing the potential market share effectively.

It is very important for the organization that it solves these problems as early as possible. There are many mobile app development companies which state how there are many reasons behind your mobile app not working properly. One can remove these common bugs and make one’s mobile app much more efficient. Following, you would find a few reasons why the mobile app is not working properly-

Error Problem: When an app is developed, there is a high chance that the app crashes down or you come up with some other problems. This has happened with many apps such as Whatsapp and others. Avoiding this problem is very difficult as you need to conduct more and more tests, solve the problems as and when they occur, also, as fast as possible. One more thing you can do here is- frame a really good message on the error page. This helps the customer sustain this app for a more longer period of time just for the entertainment purpose if possible. A good message on the error page can buy you more time so for solving the problem-at-hand.

Network Management problem: Network issue is a very big, yet, a common problem that you may come across. The mobile app development service provider uses a really good network. Sometimes they assume that the users of the mobile app have the same luxury as them, which they don’t. The users may face several issues regarding the network. You should confirm that your app works on every kind of network, and has a data saving mode or a less data-consuming mode. This helps you capture greater market share as compared to the rival’s. One can confirm this by testing the application with different network ranges.

Proper Testing: Remember the old saying “first impression is the last impression”? This holds true for every situation. When an organization launches an app in the market, it is very important that it goes through a proper test. If it doesn’t happen, then it becomes a big problem because people may face problems like crashing of app, performance problems, and so on. This leads to a very bad impression on them because of which you might lose the game without even getting a proper start. Conducting proper tests is very important for each and every product or service you provide, right?

Write simple codes: When a coder makes the app, they want to write one of the best codes. During this process, they end up writing a very complex one. This creates a problem on the mobile phones. The code should be very simple. The simpler it is, the better it would work. Try to write codes as simple as possible because simpler codes also provides better and more efficient performance as the mobile app.

Memory management problem: Nowadays everybody likes to operate more than one app at a time. It is very important for the mobile app developer to have a really good app memory management which does not crash and doesn’t take much space while using. This is because not everyone has a high-end mobile phone. It becomes very important that your mobile app takes very less space to perform at its best level. Everyone like such a kind of mobile app and this helps you in capturing a bigger market.

A mobile app’s success depends upon how well the app is working. True, one might not have as much money as the big giants such as Facebook, Instagram etc have, but if one is able to solve the above-stated problems, it still makes your mobile app quite efficient and appealing to the users. For this, one can hire the best mobile app development company California. Mobile app development company is there to solve the problems faster and make the application’s experience better for its users.

AI, ML and Chatbots: How the trio is changing the IOS app development scene!

Posted on June 19, 2018
Kevin Bell

IPhone app development has been facing tough competition coming from Android. Largely this has happened because the large accessibility of Android both for users and developers. Any mobile app development company can have numerous points of freedom when it comes to Android against the highly regulated and sophisticated IOS app development scene.

IOS app development services have been trying to revolutionize IOS apps for years but the results have recently started surfacing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence might have risen recently as a trend but it has been in the technology setup for years now.

In order to understand the impact of AI systems it is imperative to understand the very meaning of AI in its simplest form – AI enables a machine to replicate the human decision making process using pre-determined rules which are adjusted and improved with availability of more data. Hence, the very job of AI is two levelled – primarily it is supposed to replicate the human decision making process and second to it, it is supposed to go beyond the efficiency levels of a human mind. Whether it comes to playing Chess or Go, AI has already started beating human intelligence levels in various areas. Now, AI is coming at the centre of IOS apps for developers.

There are two forms of AI: General AI and Applied AI. Applied AI is usage of AI for conversational purposes in chatbots, their usage in self-driving cars or music recommendation or even production based on certain choices. General AI on the other hand is based on the premise that the AI system can solve any problem thrown at it. Now, under the wide umbrella of AI are Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Specifically, when it comes to Machine Learning and NLP, chatbots are ever increasing effectiveness of IOS apps.

At its core ML is a subset of AI. Machine Learning is where a neural network made of binary questions or numerical values is created; this neural network somewhat replicates the neural network in our brains which we use to make decisions. Then with reinforced learning of constant feedback on the accuracy of its outcomes, the neural network improves. Natural Language Processing on the other hand focuses on identifying the meanings and underlying subtext of human messages and can also work upon replying them with almost human like responses. Sundar Pichai displayed the voice bot’s competency in handling human interactions at the Google IO 2018 Keynote. This was an example of the proficiency of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Chatbots have been at the epicentre of the customer service revolution recently and Machine Learning powered AI is just beginning to increase the impact of Chatbots. Till now, Chatbots were supposed to be channels of communication between customers and customer service executives. Chatbots were supposed to handle the mundane queries which were common and frequent amongst customer classes. Now, with AI and ML in place, Chatbots are becoming more empowered.

NLP is helping chatbots understand customer communication in depth, irrespective of the various nuances in the messages. Chatbots bring immense value to the business by being efficient, providing 24 x 7 support and providing on the spot solutions along with handling all the customers at the same time. Essentially, Chatbots with the help of ML can do the following with ease:

1. Provide customers with an interactive environment. Automated answering systems are way too mundane and monotonous for customers to interact with. AI powered chatbots on the other hand give the consumer the space they require to interact.

2. Prompt solutions. Another area where AI is defeating customer executives – providing readily available responses. Customers love the idea of getting their problems solve within the time of a snap.

3. Customer empowerment. At the end of the day, customers get the real delight when they can take matters in their own hands. AI gives them a chance to do exactly that by listening to their detailed queries, being perpetually available and giving instantaneous solutions.

The IOS App Developer Finding Guide: How to find and filter the best IOS app developer

Posted on May 15, 2018
Kevin Bell

IOS has been a great enabler of entertainment and business its users. The everyday users are provided with helpful apps which help them stay organized and entertained. Developers, on the other hand are able to monetize their developed apps and create a genuinely growing business out of it.

Everything written up there is good, but highly irrelevant to most of the businesses. No business wants to know the generic wisdom. Businesses have specific problems and they need specific solutions to keep going. A specific fact is that Apple’s App Store had over 2.2 million apps as of 2017. Out of these millions of apps, the competition to emerge as an app which keeps the users interacting is extremely difficult. That said, if you have a quality app, it will surely get discovered. The question arises – how do you ensure to get a quality app? Simple, by getting the best IOS app development services for your needs.

This may sound like yet another marketing claim but it is essential to get the best IOS app development services in order to create an app that solves genuine problems. It is so simple that most of the businesses do not believe that a developer can create a world of difference; to most of the businesses the idea is everything. One cannot get more distant from reality!

iPhone app development or IOS app development, in specific, is an industry worth billions of dollars globally. Specifically, the industry will be producing Gross Annual Revenues of $189 billion by the end of 2020. That is massive by any standards! Out of these huge numbers, do you believe every app created will be revolutionary? Obviously, not.

Businesses are already prone to multiple risks in the form of market risks, regulatory risks, so on and so forth. In recent times, technological risks have emerged as the game changers for almost any industry. Businesses have been wiped out by technology and hence the new age business leaders are increasingly paying attention to putting the right technology in place.

Now, it is not necessary that a business will have the resources to implement iPhone app development in house; but the market is growing so rapidly for iPhone and smartphones, that the opportunity cannot be foregone. That is where a mobile app development company comes into picture.

There are so many businesses chasing the same goal of finding the right outsourcing partner who can help them create the most comprehensive apps for iPhone. On the other hand, there are so many companies promising to be a quality mobile app development company. There is demand and there is supply; how do you ensure quality amongst all this noise?

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best IOS app developer:

1. Do not let the budget guide all your decisions in the process.

Yes, it is important for businesses to be as efficient as possible when it comes to expenses. That is where most of the businesses make a mistake – they treat IOS app development outsourcing as an expense. Anything that bears the logo of your brand and becomes a general point of interaction with your target consumer can never be treated as a mere expense. It becomes an investment the moment it becomes a part of the user’s journey. This is an investment which will fetch you return that can actually be measured using Net Promoter Score and many other metrics.

It seems worthwhile to hire an independent developer who will do all the coding for you at a rate of peanuts; but then, who will take care of your app’s design, security and testing? This is why you need a mobile app development company and not just an independent freelancer. The moment you start treating your IOS app development as an investment and not an expense, you will start seeing everything in a different light.

2. Analyse your prospective developers’ portfolio.

It is not just about looking at the size of projects they have handled but exactly what projects they have handled! There are many mobile app development companies out there working in numerous verticals. You need a company which understands not only your technical requirements but your business as well. This can only work with companies who have experience of having worked with your industry or with the companies who show the effort to learn about your business and don’t just stick to the technical briefs.

3. Look for their client references.

Good IOS app developers wear their previous work like their badge of honour. You should get in touch with their previous clients and try understanding the entire system of running a process with your- about to be developers. You will discover many nuanced as well as generic details about your developer, which you otherwise wouldn’t have known. If your developer does not want you to reach out to their clients, it’s already a red-flag.

4. Check the tools and processes they use.

Many companies only act as mediators and outsource your work to other smaller companies. The problem with such partnerships is that you don’t get the value worth your investment and the iteration processes are extremely long. That is why you do not want to partner with the middlemen. This is why you should understand how does your developer actually run its process of development. Offshoring within the same company is fine, in fact cost effective. Hence, know all the tools and processes of your about-to-be developer. The process will also help you know what all services can you expect from your developer – UX research, design, programming, testing and so on.

5. Build an actively-managed relationship with your developer.

This is probably the most imperative of all points here. Do not let it become a relationship of deliverables and payments. Instead, make it a relationship where both of you understand each other’s strengths and requirements. This can be done by having frequent and transparent communication in place, paired with the right amount of trust in each other’s abilities.

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Outsourced App Development

Posted on May 1, 2018
Kevin Bell

As per research published by Deloitte, 31% of IT services have been outsourced and this number will keep growing for the years to come. This means that businesses tend to outsource a third of their IT needs to outsourcing partners. When such a big responsibility is at stake, how do you ensure that you are getting the most value out of every penny you spend?

Android app development is a very competitive market. Whether it is for in-house purposes or for reaching out to you target audience, you need to be at the edge of innovation and quality to attract your target customer through your Android app. It is fairly easy to find a mobile app development company that will fit into your ‘brief’ on paper but it is extremely difficult to find the right outsourcing partner who provides the mobile app development services you actually need.

As outsourcing gets more and more global, offshore companies are on the rise and with the return on investment they provide, they should be; but, with geographic distances the process of outsourcing just becomes difficult. Increasingly, the small to medium sized businesses are finding it difficult to get the best out of their outsourcing process. Many businesses are facing categorical problems like:
1. The finished product is not par with the expectations or cost.
2. The outsourcing partner has left them hanging before delivering the final product.
3. They do not understand the exact functioning of their own product.
4. There is no one to guide them post the delivery of the product, meaning, lack of after-sales services.

It is difficult to find the best mobile app development company that can provide you with the best Android app development services you need; but, it is not impossible. So, here are five ways to make the most out of your outsourced app development process:

1. Understand your exact needs and put them on paper. This is the primary step. Many a time, midway through the process, clients realize that they are lost somewhere in the technicalities and are unable to see the big picture. When you know exactly what your expectations from the final product are:
a. You create a clear benchmark for your outsourcing partner to follow.
b. You can get back to the initial brief and check progress.
c. You can create a clear pathway and chart the process, even before you start.
d. You and your outsourcing partner can create an organized chart of deliverables.

Simply by understanding your exact needs in the very initial brief, you have made the entire process extremely efficient and organized.

2. Create a work-schedule before starting. It is very easy to get lost in details, iterations and test runs. For bigger projects, even a week of deviation can cause major delays and for efficient businesses, time is money in all literal senses. Hence, once the expectations and deliverables have been discussed upon, create a mutually agreed schedule to track progress.

3. Ask for your outsourcing partners previous work and clientele. If an outsourcing company has done some work, there is no guarantee that it will be able to deliver at same levels in every single project thereon; but, by doing this you would know who are you partnering with, what are their competencies and who have they worked with. If you want to take a step ahead, you can reach out to their clients and understand the ups & downs they had with their process. This will enable you to shorten your learning curve as a client and understand everything you need to know about your outsourcing partner. This process is termed due-diligence or background check by many. You can term it anything you want, but doing this will keep you and your outsourcing partner on the same page.

4. Ensure all your communication with your outsourcing partner is recorded, transparent, frequent and purposeful. Many clients give a brief and expect the deliverable to fly into their storage systems. Yes, you might have found a very reliable mobile app development company but that does not mean you can close your eyes for the project. Your communication with your outsourcing partner should be frequent and purposeful, which means you should be at the distance of a call or email when your outsourcing partner needs an approval or guidance. Even if they do not need it, it is your duty as a client to keep a check on the progress.

Recording and transparency are by no means to be used as literal legal weapons. Recording does not mean you record every conference call you have with them, it just means that all the communication should be stored in some form (email, call logs etcetera) with a brief description of why it was done. This way, you will naturally flag everything in the process and can directly refer a piece of communication, in case anything needs to be repeated.

5. Before getting your outsourcing partner on board, know what you can expect post-delivery. Different mobile app development companies have different protocols. Some of them will you give you only the final product, some will help you with the integration and some will also provide you with maintenance and data mining. It helps to know in prior, what services you can expect at what costs post the final product has been delivered.