Quality Testing – An Important Factor for Mobile Applications

Posted on March 27, 2020
Kevin Bell

Mobile phones, applications and their functions over the last decade has changed and become an integral part of our routine. Mobile applications are being launched and developed to fill the needs of users as and when it arises. The technological segment has exploded and is expanding at a rapid pace and to keep up with this, applications are being developed overnight. But are these applications being thoroughly tested before being launched? Imagine launching an application that has been tested only at basic level, only after launch to be discovered that the application has a lot more problems than what it had been tested for.

Fierce Competition

As technology grows more advanced, thousands of applications being launched, only a few of the applications are successful and leave mark on the applications world.

Apart from offering new and innovative applications, you need to ensure your application is free from any hiccups when launched. This is where application testing comes in and plays an extremely vital role. Applications can be tested using either the automation testing process or the manual testing process. The application that offers a superior quality has a higher chance of success as it reflects that the business prefers quality over quantity. Quality control is most often overlooked when it comes to application development. Testing ensures that the quality of the application is   maintained.

Before deciding the type of test to use, let’s see what the essential factors are to keep in mind while testing

Key Areas of Concern while testing:

  • GPS activation
  • Screen look and design
  • Types of mobile brands and their hardware’s
  • Platforms and types of mobile application (web based, native or hybrid)
  • Operating Software

Testing Tools

Automated testing and manual testing are the types of testing tools that can be used for application testing and manual testing. Testing applications will give you an idea of how the features of your application function, what is your applications final outlook going to be , which feature of the application is going to be placed where and how user friendly is the application , what are the glitches likely to happen and if any outside variables can effect the smooth functioning of the application.

Automation testing

Using automation tools created initially by developer to execute the performance of an application in a test environment is what automation means. Automation testing is comparatively faster but not very flexible. Automation tools allows for testing across operating platforms simultaneously. Some of the automation tools include Watir, Selenium, Visual Studio Test Professional, FitNesse, QTP and TestDrive.

Manual Testing

Manual testing uses the skills and resources of a human tester to execute the applications testing for mobile applications. Here wide variety of scenarios can be tested and its not limited to pre-defined scenarios. This helps in forecasting a wide range of scenarios and in turn finding the solutions for them.  Changes in the application does not hinder the testing process. Gives accurate feedback on the user friendliness of the application. Some of the manual testing tools include Mantis, Firebug, Bugzilla, Appium and AutoIT.

What to Use and When

Each application brings with it its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence in order to know which testing   method to use when, you need to know your application well and the expectations the users will have from your application.

Regression testing, load testing and performance testing need to be done on the automated testing tools as it gives better and accurate results.

Adhoc testing, and Usability testing is best done through manual testing tools.

Significance of Mobile Applications Testing

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.


As the number of applications increases day by and day and the competition is becoming more and more fierce it is important for mobile application development companies to ensure that the application they design and develop not only should it be innovative and unique , but the quality should be well and above the industry standards. Testing also should not be surface level but should be an in-depth and thorough one in order to ensure the quality and desired results.

We at Octos Global are dedicated to serve and cater to our customers needs. As our team of experts are always on par with the industry standards and changes, we ensure that our customers are delivered with nothing but the best quality applications. The applications are thoroughly tested at all levels and only once is our team satisfied with the results do, we send it for the client’s approvals. Octos Global is synonymous with quality and we are committed to deliver nothing but the best.

Effect and Impact of Data Modelling on Application Development

Posted on March 9, 2020
Kevin Bell

Today mobile applications have become an integral and necessary part of our lives. Our mobiles have an array of applications that have made our lives so much easier and simpler. Applications today have gained a lot of popularity and are becoming more and more advanced every day. Applications are now being designed and developed to include artificial intelligence and features and characteristics to make the user experience even more enhanced. But what does it take to build and design these applications?

Let’s look at the technology, techniques and development programs involved in building and designing applications.

 One technique that plays a vital and pivotal role in application development is data modelling program and techniques.

All you need to know about Data Modelling

Data modelling is nothing but analyzing, processing and defining data that is required for the application. The main function of data modelling is to program data in a manner that is reliable and predictable which in turn can be used as a tool to build the application.  To simplify data modelling techniques and to understand what data we need for our application to be designed effectively we need to have the following information available

  • Application workflow and design to be outlined
  • Questions and queries that would come up
  • Determine the key features and characteristics of your application
  • Right data and information types to achieve maximum efficiency

Data modelling allows you to store your data in a structured and formatted way, this in turn will allow you to effectively use and develop your application in a systematic manner.

Why is it important to have a Data Model in place?

  • It provides a structured format of the data, that can be easily used and developed into an application.
  • A clean and clear representation of data reduces redundancy and error and allows for a detailed and in-depth analysis of data.
  • Data modelling allows for improvised and quality of data and allows for the application to be designed in a more structured format.

Applications success depends on how the data can be used as resource to build develop and design the application, therefore it becomes important to use the right and appropriate data base formats that give the desired output for the application

Some of the popular and successful data base formats for your android and iOS applications are MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, InfluxDB and PostgreSQL.

 Data modelling techniques:

Data modelling techniques is important as it helps you to store data in structured and formatted databases and use this data for further research and scope to improvise the application.

The three types of data modelling techniques include:




Conceptual Data Modelling

This is nothing but your basic concept of what need your application is going to fulfill, the primary features and the reason of why the application is being designed. The reason for this is to narrow down what data you require and how best to organize the data. It also helps you decide on what data bases you need to support your application.

Logical Data Modelling

 The data bases used to organize the data, the software required to build the application, who the end user of the application is and how the final application will look and function. It defines the elements of the application and defines the roles of each element in relation to the other.

Physical Data Modelling

The prototype of the application, how the outcome of the application is, what features of the application will go where and how the application will function when it goes live.  It gives a virtual representation of how the application will look and function.

Once you have decided on the data model, it will help you decide the right data base to store data based on the requirements of the application your building.

Action and Reaction

To design and develop application a lot of time, data, research and financial investment is involved. Applications are created to fulfill a demand, in order to fulfill that you need to have the data. Having data is not enough, structuring and organizing and storing the data is an integral process to successfully design an application. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to ensure that the data is formatted and stored appropriately to be beneficial to designing a productive application. applications are subject to change and this will affect the data bases hence its important to choose and utilize the right data modelling techniques to successfully incorporate these changes.

Features and Qualities That Make Your Application Prominent

Posted on January 1, 2020
Kevin Bell

Technology today is growing and constantly transforming, keeping up with these transformations applications today are becoming extremely advanced. Plenty of research along with a detailed outline of how the application is to be built, such as what platform should the application be built to the designing of the application is structured and defined.

Native application development a platform on which applications are built is gaining momentum and the features it offers are exceptional, making it a preferred choice among the application developer’s community on which to create, build and design applications.

Designing a successful application is no easy accomplishment, it requires the combination of converting an idea into a successful application using the appropriate choice of tools, to making sure the right features and attributes reflect on the applications.

Originality the Game Changer

 An idea today, can change the whole foundation of the applications segment. Users are keen on trying applications that are new, unique and boast of an array of features that have not been available on other applications.

The native application development companies are looking to fill the gap between demand and supply.

As native applications requires the user to download the application from the specific software platforms, it gives them  scope and room to develop and create applications that work well on the platform, for which the application is being developed be it the mobile phone platform, the desktop  and other gadgets. Native technology platform is an innovation that has not only upped the ante when it comes to building application but has also enhanced the users experience of using these applications.

 Features That Would Give you a Competitive Edge

An application is born out of an idea, a demand that needs to be fulfilled, turning that into an application requires a strategy and a structure which would make it a success.

Let’s look at some of the features that would make your application stand out:

Simplicity in its Design

Too much or too little can make or break the application. Finding a balance is extremely important and this an important aspect of designing. While creating the prototype of your application, keep in mind which is the feature that you want to highlight, and which feature would be the unique selling proposition of the application. Design your applications around this and make sure you do not go overboard while creating it. The prototype you create will give you a framework on what to add and what to eliminate in the final version of the application.

Appropriate Tools and Devices

An application when developed requires the right platform for it to be developed on. Native technology gives the application to be developed a freedom to ensure that the application being created for platforms such as Android, iOS, or the desktop to customize it to suit the platforms for which it is being developed. Making sure the right tools and devices are used is extremely important to ensure the application created is successful.

 Room for Upgrades

When creating and designing an application it is important to keep room for changes and upgrades. As the application segment and market is highly competitive and transforming, it is extremely important to ensure to give your users an application that is keeping in line with the changes. Users today are extremely intelligent, and we need to keep them engaged to the applications and to do this you need to make sure that while creating the application, it’s important to keep room for upgrades and changes.

Filter and Search

An application when created sometimes offers a multitude of options and array of features, users sometimes may get overwhelmed and a little lost as to go about using the features of the application. It is always safer to offer users an option to filter out and search for a specific solution or feature they are looking to use. This makes the application extremely easy and user friendly. The Native application technology gives the developers the opportunity to add this feature to their design and prototype.

Contact and Support

 Having this feature in the application is extremely important and significant. The developers and creators of the application will get an idea of any hitches in the application directly form the users and they can take steps to rectify it. the contact and support feature give the users a confidence in the application, that if they face any problem or obstacle or any questions, they could get in touch with the team to immediately rectify their problems and provide solutions. This also gives the developers of the application a look into the mindset of the users and what they are looking for from the applications.

Linking with Social Media

An application if linked or integrated with the social media immediately gets an added advantage and a competitive edge over the other applications. Social media today has a significant impact on the applications. It can help convert potential visitors into customers. It also helps create a brand awareness, along with giving you a platform of marketing the application.

Innovation is at its Peak

Today innovation is at its peak, users are all about innovation new ideas and enhancing the experience of using the application. Applications today are wide and varied, for your application to be prominent and significant you need to offer a unique experience to the users. Let your application be innovative and the application you develop of top-notch quality. This will ensure the success of your application.

Differences in Iconic and Flutter and How to Choose the Right One

Posted on November 20, 2019
Kevin Bell

Let’s dive right into it

Mobile applications Development industry is growing exponentially and with hybrid and advanced applications launch everyday it becomes important to be aware of all the changes and transformations taking place. Today a lot of strategies and research goes into building applications. Applications need to perform with the same level of quality on mobile phones and desktops. On mobile phones again the demarcation for iOS and android platforms, and how applications need to be developed keeping the requirements on both the platforms in mind.

Going for the Right Combination of Tools:

Creating and developing an application is no easy achievement. An application requires the right combination of tools and framework for it be successful.

The ongoing dilemma is what platform to use to build the application, iconic or flutter. Which application will give maximum benefits to the users? Which application will function smoothly on the web, mobile and desktop? Which platform would make user interface interaction more comprehensive? Hence the struggle to choose between iconic and flutter.

 All about Iconic:

Iconic platform is an inclusive platform including angularjs allowing developers to build hybrid applications for both iOS and android software’s. While creating and developing using the iconic platform you can ensure the performance quality standards across the platforms (mobile, web and desktop) will be high. Iconic is exposed in the sense that it allows the web and tools of the web as the foundation of its platform.

  • Iconic uses web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Applications built on Iconic can work within or without frameworks.
  • Allows for an interactive user interface.

What Flutter is all about?

Flutter is a platform that uses an inbuilt language that is unique to the platform itself. They have a platform that contains all the tools required to build an application within the platform itself. They do not access the tools common to the webs. Thus it is a self-sufficient platform having all the devices required to create an application. Flutter uses Dart as a core component and has inbuilt tools to develop applications across iOS and android software’s. It is steadily gaining momentum and rising on the popularity charts.

  • Flutter has the advantage of allowing mobile applications developers to customize the platform to suit their needs.
  • Google has created and developed flutter and this has created quite a buzz and has helped gain momentum.
  • Applications built on this platform have a high efficiency drive.

What makes iconic different from flutter

Though both platforms are used to build create and develop applications the base and foundation of both the applications is diametrically opposite. What makes them so different?


Iconic has been in the market for a far longer time than flutter. Flutter is a fairly new platform and mobile application developers are now slowly learning about flutter. As flutter is created and developed by Google the platform is now being used to create applications. As iconic has been there for a long time now it has become a established entity in the application development industry.


Both the applications are extremely flexible to use. Due to the in-house system in place for flutter it is easy to customize the tools and plug ins required to build the application.

Iconic uses the application of the web and the tools available on the web making it extremely feasible and flexible as it has access to all the tools required to build from the web itself

Both platforms have proven themselves to be extremely flexible and can effectively build hybrid, iOS and android applications.

Ease of Use

Each platform comes with their own tools and devices. Iconic tool set and structure is very different from that of flutter. Iconic is fairly easy to use and applications can be built easily across platforms (web, desktop and mobile) without having to add on any extra learning.

Flutter in the meantime has create and developed its own set of tools and plugins and the fact that it uses Dart not a commonly used language for application development. Though that is the case developers are now working towards learning and developing skills to use flutter and this has contributed to the steady rise of the platform.

 How to choose the right one

Both iconic and flutter bring to the table, features unique to their platforms. Thus it becomes the choice of the mobile application developer to choose the right one to build their application on. Mobile application developers need to do their due diligence on:

What are the requirements of the application they need to develop?

What platform whether it is mobile, desktop or the web, the application is primarily focused on?

What is the level of user interface interaction the application is looking at?

Budget and size of the application also plays a role.

Once the developer has the answers to these questions he can then form an informed decision on which platform is best suited to develop is application.

 In the end:

 Iconic and flutter come with a multitude of benefits and platforms will give you the best results. Before choosing between the two it is important to know about the application thoroughly so that the best platform can be choose to build the required application. Iconic or Flutter both platforms have proven their mettle when it comes to the delivery of the final product. Be it in terms of performance and quality or ease of creating across platforms both have proven time and again why they are so sought after.

Why Design of Application Plays a Critical Role In The Success of An Application

Posted on October 22, 2019
Kevin Bell

With the advent of mobile phones and the introduction of smart phones, the mobile phone market segment has changed. Technology in mobile phones has been developing and creating waves in the last few years. Applications on mobile phones have been drastically changed and are continuing to become more advanced and efficient. The mobile application development industry is flourishing, and several applications are being launched every day. The mobile application industry is going to continue to grow. Be it for iOS application development or the android segment applications are a big thing today.

Applications developed today take a lot of planning and research to develop. Every aspect of the application being from the software to the designing to what features the application will have is given equal importance.

Designing a mobile application thus takes time and research along with a thoroughness that can make or break an application.

Significance of Designing in Applications:

 User interface design

The user interface design plays a very crucial role in an application, the more simplistic the application and user interface the easier to navigate and use, but if the user interface design gets complex then it becomes a maze to navigate for the end users and clients. The user interface of a mobile application design should be designed in such a way that the users instantly like the appeal at the first look and evoke a sense of curiosity in the users by looking at the design. Mobile application user interface design should have an attractive allure to it.

Strong and Distinguished

 In order for an android or an iOS application to be successful , the developers and designers should keep in mind that the application should have a strong ,app prototype sense of purpose, that is the application should be well defined for what its purpose is, who its target audience are and what the use of the application should be. There should be clarity on these factors and then the design should be built to enhance these qualities of the application. The content should be given high priority and importance. The application should also be designed keeping in mind the distinguished features of android and iOS software’s, for it to become successful.


Before any application is launched an in-depth testing is done. While designing an application testing is one of the key factors in the design process , testing of an application can help developers find out if there are any errors while using the application , users who test the applications give a clear and well defined feed back about area of improvements and where they feel the application is lacking. Testing an application before its launch makes sure that when launched the application will not have any flaws, making it a successful launch.

Scope for upgrade:

 While designing applications, its important the design is developed keeping in mind the future use of the application. in order to retain and attract new users, applications need to constantly upgrade and improvise themselves. Designs of applications should have room for upgrade is they want to be successful, as upgrades will give users something to look forward to and will help attract users. Designing the application in such a way will also help companies reduce the cost on designing making it a win-win situation for both developers and users.

 Trends and Techniques:

Applications have become a work of art over the last few years, designers and developers are creating applications using more and more efficient techniques, keeping in mind the latest trends also. Some applications are now developed using sounds, gestures and animations, these are a few of the latest trends used to design applications. Off late android and iOS applications are pushing their boundaries to find efficient and creative techniques for designing applications. Prototypes are being designed so that they look and feel like the real application to check how the outcome will be. Prototypes are also being used to develop new designs and test out techniques to upgrade the existing applications. Prototypes are also being used for future references.


Application designing is being considered very seriously and meticulously being planned. The success or failure of an application depends on the designing of an application.  The idea behind the application might be a simple one, but if well designed it can become a great success story. The applications market is constantly changing and upgrading itself, for an application to succeed it should have a strong design backing it up, should be designed in such a way that it delivers all that it promises and the some more.

We at Octos Global have a strong and dedicated principles when it becomes to designing an application. For us at Octos Global, we believe that the designing is a crucial element for an application and that is we ensure that the design we offer , create and develop designs that are in sync with the client requirements and also having an appeal for the targeted audience. Application Designing be it for iOS or android applications , is done be developers who have expertise and experience along with knowledge on the latest trends and techniques used for designing.

Insights of Amazon Alexa

Posted on September 18, 2019
Kevin Bell

Technology has been advancing a rapid pace, and over the last few years the innovations that have been driven by technological reforms have been massive.

These innovations have made life a lot easier and more efficient also has enabled us to save ample of time.

One such innovation is the Amazon Alexa. This technology was introduced in the amazon echo and amazon echo dot speakers. It was first introduced in 2014 by Amazon and has enjoyed a high success rate and continues to do so. Amazon Alexa is voice based assistant that recognizes voices and performs actions based on the command given by the voice. The range of activities Alexa echo or Alexa dot can perform are numerous and they continue to grow with their upgrades. Right from updating us about the weather, or playing our favorite music or controlling our heating, all this can be done with a voice command to Alexa.

 The technology behind amazon Alexa is called Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). This technology recognizes our speech converting them into text for Alexa to follow through. Through this technology we communicate through speech to allow devices like Alexa to amazon echo to respond to our words.

Evolution of Alexa:

Amazon has opened a whole slew of opportunities with the invention Alexa echo and its other devices. Companies are developing Mobile applications to integrate it into the Alexa interface. Alexa is compatible and versatile, and this is one of the major reasons for its success.

Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot are few of the products and Alexa is the name given to the virtual assistant. The Amazon echo range offers a wide variety of products under this line and the subsequent products has become one of the most popular brands in the smart home devices market. As this technology offers a range of products, that include the basic to the high-end features. Large companies and multinational corporations are now integrating their applications with the amazon Alexa technology as Alexa continues to gain popularity becoming one of the top picks for smart home devices.

Amazon echo and amazon dot echo along with Alexa are a few of the products that are slowly becoming cult favorites as they are extremely user friendly and offer a wide range of services.

Let’s look at what makes Alexa so Popular:


Due to the current shift towards everything being smart, right from our phones to tablets to laptops, we are also looking at a future where houses also will become smart. The first step towards that has come through Amazon Alexa. Certain devices in our houses are compatible with the Alexa technology, such as our locks and heating and cooling also lighting. Not only is amazon echo and Alexa compatible with devices in our homes, it is also compatible with our automobiles.

This unique feature of amazon Alexa being able to integrate and be compatible with other devices has helped gain popularity.


As Amazon echo and Alexa has tie up with major brands and across sectors it has helped Alexa reach the success it enjoys today. Tie ups with restaurants to music applications to the home automation sector to sports etc. are some of the examples of Alexa echo tie ups. More and more companies now trying to get on board with Alexa, making it even more adaptable and extremely popular in the coming years.

Mobile Device and Echo:

Amazon Alexa echo dot and amazon echo Alexa are becoming an unparallel success story, with the latest upgrades they are opening a whole new range of possibilities. Along with the variety of devices it has that can be connected to mobile phone devices, it enables the users to control and use Alexa devices by paring them with their phones. This feature has helped boost Alexa to the top.

User Friendly:

Amazon echo, amazon echo Alexa, amazon Alexa echo dot all these devices are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Amazon has designed and developed these devices that are extremely easy to use and do not have a complicated mechanism that is required to operate it. Not only are they user friendly their compatibility features along with the range that they offer is boundless. With the echo dot range learning new things every day, and going across geographical boundaries Alexa, operating in multiple different languages it is one of the most user-friendly products.

 Just the Beginning

Amazon Alexa and the product range are always a step ahead of the game, they are constantly developing and upgrading the range making it an even more enticing for consumers. They are adding exciting features, making it more affordable and collaborating with companies to develop applications that can be integrated into and with Alexa. The opportunities are limitless with the Echo range and new territories and innovations are being explored, this is just the beginning for Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is continuing to grow and will reach new pinnacles of success.


Amazon Echo Dot range is a growing product in the smart home segment. Amazon is investing a lot of funds for its development and upgrade. Its one product to look forward to as the functions and services and facilities it provides is going to grow. Amazon Echo is the game for the long run. It’s the way forward. Alexa offers a wide range of services and advantages, the possibilities with the whole range from Alexa echo dot to amazon echo to Alexa its limitless.

Impact of Creating The Right iOS Application

Posted on August 19, 2019
Kevin Bell

Over the last few years mobile phones and their applications have increased drastically. Mobile phones are now become a necessity and year to year the number has been increasing.

In 2018 alone the number of mobile phone users were 4.57 billion and by the end of 2019 the number is expected to reach 5 billion.

The applications that are used on mobiles also seem to be growing. In 2017, there were 178 billion app downloads. That number is projected to grow to 205 billion this year, and 258 billion in 2022 a 45 percent increase over five years .

As the applications developed and launched increases it becomes more challenging to create and develop a market for the applications. Some applications are more popular than other applications with same features, some applications have become such an instant hit that they have managed to reach the pinnacle of success and are the top players in that segment. For example, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are the top players in their respective segments.

An application to have an impact and reach to a wider segments’ developers need to keep a few important points in mind.

Let’s have a look at the key features an application should have:

Find the Gap:

Today as technology develops, opportunities also increase, these in turn has led to the development of many applications. There is will always be a gap, a segment unexplored. Users today want innovation and tapping into these unchartered territories will give businesses or application developers an edge over the others. Discovering these gaps is and developing an application to fix it is the need of the hour.

Target Audience:

It’s important to conduct a thorough research and be aware of the audience that the application is going to be created for. This plays a vital role in developing the application, designing it along with developing marketing strategies to launch the application. We at Octos Global make sure that we can deliver the product and requirements as per client specifications. As we have team dedicated for the iOS development and services, we can guide and advise the client in the right direction.

Key Features:

An application when developing needs to make sure it does not have too many features and does not overwhelm the user. Its important to know what you want the application to deliver and what are the important features you want to concentrate on while developing the application. Having to many features or just a few features creates an imbalance leaving the user confused as to what exactly is the application is all about.  As the iOS platform is a highly competitive space it becomes important to have a specific and clear direction on what needs to go into the application.

 Creating a Balance:

Its extremely important for an application to well rounded and have a right mix of features and content. There is thin line between having too much and having too little. Creating the perfect blend of all the required elements that go into the application goes a long way in making the application a successful one. We at Octos Global, have the expertise and the knowledge and experience to make sure that the perfect balance is created while developing the application.

User Friendly:

When an application is created the focal point is usually on how easy it is to navigate the application, the easier it is to navigate the more users it attracts, and this will go along way in making sure the application have a large number of users. Applications that are difficult to navigate or comprehend are going to most likely fail, that is why Octos Global makes sure applications created are smooth and easy to navigate.

 Marketing Strategies:

An application when created for iOS platforms requires marketing strategies that are highly competent, as the iOS market is still growing, the users are not in a very large number compared to other platforms. Thus, it’s crucial that while marketing the application on this platform as large a segment as possible is reached out to.


As applications available on the iOS platform include both paid and non- paid, it’s vital to make sure the paid application is priced appropriately. A paid application should be worth the user’s money and should have features that draw the users towards these applications. The iOS Development is highly competitive as the users are less and the applications more, thus the pricing should also be balanced.

Right Fit:

Choosing the right iOS application development companies has a significant impact on the final product. The application development company should fit within the frame works of the business and should stick to the vision the company has for the application, in order to create develop and launch the application. The right fit for the company can ensure the application is a successful one.

Constant Upgrading:

An application is an ongoing process, it does not end at being successfully launched. For the application to not become obsolete or not lose its users then the developers and businesses need to make sure that the application is constantly developed upgraded and new features to be added to keep the users loyal to the application.


Just having an idea for the application and developing one does not ensure its success. A lot of factors contribute towards the success of the application. OctosGlobal is conscious of this fact and thus is always making sure that the services we provide are top- notch leaving no stone unturned to makes sure the applications developed have team of dedicated experts who are constantly on the look out to develop and create quality applications

How to Choose The Right App Development Method?

Posted on May 21, 2019
Kevin Bell

Are you about to get started with starting on an app development journey with your business? Or are you simply looking for an enterprise solution? Even if you have hired the finest mobile app development company in California there are certain things to know about. These things would include:

a. A detailed framework of how do you plan to proceed with the development process.

b. What preferences do you have with the app development method.

Usually, businesses are able to take care of the first part, but have no clue about the second part. To get started with the application development cycle, you should know about the right app development method for the final solution.

1.  Agile App Development
These days, every second company in the app development business is talking about agile development. The first thing that would strike your mind is what is agile app development and how is it even relevant to the technological solution you are devising for your business problem?

Agile is an app development framework, under which you get started with the bare minimum features required to get your app running in the market. Once you have launched it in the market and you start getting feedback from your consumers in the form of user data, you use these insights to create updates for the app. Hence, you should know that agile is an iterative method which will require updates at frequent intervals.

Most businesses that are going to get an app developed in enterprise format, have a broad idea of the problem they are trying to solve. Hence, it may not make a lot of sense to get ahead with agile, if you know exactly the features you will need in the app.

That said, if you are clearly sending out an app for the consumer market, agile would be one of the best possible ways to get the app developed.

2. Native app development.
One of the most frequently used methods usually put to practice by the mobile app development solutions providers is the native app development approach.

If your sole motive is to put the app in the hands of the users, a critical question to be answered is – what device is the user experiencing the app on? Now, it is obvious that it is smartphone, but the insight you are looking for is the operating system. So, if your target audience resided on IOS as well as Android – how do you get started with the app development process?

Native mobile apps solve that problem for you. Instead of making an Android app and then figuring out how will you pour its features identically into an IOS app, you create separate apps for both the platforms. You treat each app as an app especially engineered for that platform. This way, you can be sure that your app is utilising all the distinctive features provided by that specific platform.

3. Cross Platform Apps.
Your mobile app development company may recommend you to go for cross platform application development, if your end goal is to send out the app as soon as possible while launching it on both the popular platforms.

With cross platform app development, you build an app that is platform agnostic. This means, that the user experience of the app on an Android system will be nearly identical to the user experience on an IOS system.

Within cross platform app development itself, there are several approaches to get the job done:

a. The core code can be written in HTML5. Followed by this, you can use a native app wrapper to dynamically adjust the app for each platform you are targeting.

b. RMAD: It stands for Rapid Mobile Application Development. A specialised way in which RMAD is different from other mobile app development methods, is that the developer doesn’t have to use separate languages for separate platforms. They user working on developing the app can simply drag and drop in the GUI to form a platform targeting app.

c. Hybrid apps: Native apps are entirely dependent on the device installation. Hybrid apps use some features common across platforms by accessing the files installed during the app download. The remaining features, relevant to the platform, are accessed by communicating with a remote server instantaneously,

In Conclusion

You can use any mobile app development methodology. What you should have clarity on, are the end goals and the user who would be using the app.

2019 App Development Trends: These Trends Will Change App Development Forever

Posted on March 26, 2019
Kevin Bell

Mobile app development has seen the most exceptional growth in the history of technology. Up until 2004, when Apple launched the very first iPhone, mobile applications were a category of software only companies cared about.

Today, mobile apps have garnered attention of every single person on the planet. Anyone who knows about internet, knows about mobile applications. They have proven a great business case as well. By 2020, mobile app revenues will touch $189 billion, a growth of more than 100% in four years.

All of this has been possible with only caveat – whatever works today will not work tomorrow, because there will be a new trend to catch upon. Cloud storage, real time emoji, encrypted messaging and what not.

So, here is a list of trends that will dominate and perhaps change the mobile app development world in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Yes, AI and ML have been buzzing around for years now. As simple mathematical and statistical concepts, they have existed in academia for decades now; but in business sense, they are still new tech.

Businesses are using AI and ML primarily for:

a. Data Analytics: Artificial Intelligence has the power to provide richer insights which might be missed by the human eye. The very advent of AI means that businesses have started using more and more data for making decisions. This has a primary impact on the business – the entire decision making process becomes more rational.

On a standalone basis, AI has great capacity to provide real-time predictive analytics to managers. Data Analytics was crucial feature levered by AI teams to beat the world’s best chess and Go players. The same logic can be used in data analytics to optimize operations.

b. Automation: The base case for AI is that it can help you automate the very recurring business processes. The capacity of AI is that it gets better as more data is fed into it and before you know, your AI algorithm is ready to take on more intuitive processes simply based on the insights it has garnered by working on the repetitive processes.

c. Research: Using the power of both analytics and automation, AI can push businesses for looking into directions they otherwise would’ve ignored.

Beyond these use cases, branches of AI such as Natural Language Processing are actually helping businesses cut down costs by understanding user queries better.

It does not come as a surprise that investments in AI will touch $77.6 billion annually by 2022.

2. On-Demand Service Apps: Ask any mobile app development company in USA – what is the most aggressively growing category of apps? And the answer will be – on demand service apps.

The entire model of ‘Uber for this’ has spread like wildfire in the startup communities globally. What started with cab service on demand becoming the world’s most valuable company, has now expanded into pretty much every single service turning into an on-demand app business idea – restaurant booking to booking a helicopter to getting laundry done to getting a tutor for your children.

On-demand service apps will only grow in 2019, as business models start evolving and customers start looking for more tailored services.

 3. Wearable Tech: The biggest indicator of an industry growing aggressively is when a big player moves into the space. When Apple and Facebook entered the wearables space, it was clear indication of the industry becoming ripe for growth.

Companies like FitBit have already shown the fitness and health application in the wearables space. Now, it is up to the new age mobile app development company to adapt the apps already on the market and make them compatible with the wrist sized screens on the wearables.

4. Instant Apps: Instant Apps as a concept have been around for more than a couple of years now. That said, Google has bundled it into a sophisticated product only recently.

If you have a business in app or game development and you want more users to try it out, you have to know about Google Play Instant. Most of us decide whether we will watch a movie or not by looking at the trailer. Google has taken the same concept and applied it to apps.

Now, with Instant Apps, users will be able to experience your app without downloading or installing it. They can have a cursory experience of the app or game right on Play Store. This is one of the key trends that will implode and change the way we interact with apps.

In Conclusion

Irrespective of what industry or business you are in, you should learn more about these upcoming trends. You have to have a plan ready on how you can integrate these new technological trends with your business strategy in the long run.

Advancement In iOS App Development Will Allow Octos Global Solutions To Rank At The Top – Says GoodFirms

Posted on March 12, 2019
Kevin Bell

The expert mobile development team of Octos Global Solutions are working hard to lead the company in the mobile development industry. Services rendered by the Octos is raising the expectations of their website and app clients and this will soon lead them among the top mobile development companies at GoodFirms.

About Octos

Octos Global  is a renowned and well-established firm based in California. It has been providing staunch and necessary business solutions such as – custom software development solutions, mobile app development solutions, and many other things to different IT-based startups around the world.

Octos Global has a record of fostering Fortune 500 companies, mid-market firms & late-stage startups by offering them the best possible IT solutions to meet their complicated business requirements. Client satisfaction is their principal act, and this is making them the best service provider in the industry and in the list of the top mobile development companies at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms’ Process

GoodFirms is a B2B process where companies dealing in IT services and developing products can get themselves registered. After verification, these registered companies need to pass through an evaluation process based on three aspects – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Once the process gets done, these enlisted companies are ranked among the topmost enterprises in their respective categories, which allows the user to choose the best company to meet their needs.

iOS App Development

Been specialized in making staunch mobile applications as per the client’s need, Octos Global has adequate skills and expertise to handle mobile app development requirements of start-ups and well-established enterprises; which strengthens the business growth chances by indulging more clients across successful mobile platforms.

The company has an expert team of iphone app development for end-to-end developments in iPhone apps. They take care of each and everything right from gathering the data, application prototyping, developing an application, testing the application and deploying the final unit.

The below-mentioned review at GoodFirms speaks about the quality service provided by the Octos Global.

Octos Global - Goodfirm review

WordPress Web Development

Patrons looking for an easy-to-update and flexible website generally prefers WordPress for their work because of the simple and intuitive dashboard offered by the platform. Octos Global renders WordPress web development services to the entrepreneurs and clients wanting to develop a mobile-friendly website.

The company is having an expert WordPress developers team who are well acquainted with the complexities of the WordPress platform. It is the leading company dealing in the WordPress outsourcing in California, which renders custom-built WordPress solutions nourished with templates, widgets & different tools as per the needs. Due to all these commendable services, Octos will soon lead among the top WordPress web development companies at GoodFirms.

Game Development

The tremendous increasing demands of mobile apps is undeniable. Mobile application usage, especially game apps are in great demand in the market. The customer can convert any idea into a reality with the help of the adaptive team of developers & IT experts of Octos available all the time. Developers have the expertise to crack the tough challenges, in order to deliver intuitive game applications.

Nowadays, gaming is the most demanding form of entertainment in every corner of the world. Due to this tremendous market exposure and the benefits in boosting the profits, many companies are now investing in developing games. The team of Octos serves gaming services to amplify the growth prospects of the various organizations and this will soon lead the company in the top companies for game development at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is maverick B2B research and reviews firm, based in Washington, D.C. GoodFirms’ comprehensive research process allows the companies to boost their online reputation by ranking them. It also allows the user seeking mobile development, and WordPress web development services to pick the right company to match their needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.