Factors to Consider while Developing your Mobile App for your Start Up

Posted on August 24, 2020
Kevin Bell

Sneak Peek into Startups

An exceptional idea, the need to be your own boss, the dream of having built a company from ground is all it takes for the seed of the start up to grow and nurture. A root needs soil, nourishment, and sunlight to grow, the same way startups need a few other elements for it to become a success. An idea alone does not mean it can be converted into a successful startup. Startups need every advantage it can find to make sure it succeeds and one such advantage is of having a mobile application for your start up.

Facts and Figures

Mobile phones today have become a necessity and with the world at your fingertips nothing is remote or inaccessible. This is one device that startups need to look at to stay ahead. Mobile applications are a great resource through which startups can reach a wider audience.

Key Figures

Reports by Statista suggest that by 2020, there will be 6.95 billion mobile users across the world. Mobile devices generate nearly fifty percent of the global website traffic.(https://www.yellowfindigital.com/blog/effective-2020-mobile-app-growth-statistics-to-know)

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.

57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

The Need of the Hour

Creating, designing, and building an application takes time as well as financial resources. A well developed and designed application will go a long way in making sure your mobile application is successful and this in turn will ensure your startup is successful. Hence the designing of mobile application plays a vital and crucial role. Some essential factors to consider while developing an application are:

Clarity in Thought and Vision:

While developing a mobile application, there needs to a clear-cut vision about the purpose of your application. The mobile application company that you choose, be it an iOS application company or an android application company, should be in sync with the vision you have for your application. Elements such as design, key features and add- on should be already decided and communicated iOS application company and the android application company. Make sure you do not over burden your application with too many features, or add just too little, designing a mobile application that incorporates your vision for your startup is the key to success.

Consider the Budgeting Aspect:

Mobile app for your startup, be it the iOS application or the android application, ensure that you take into account the budgeting of the application. Creating and designing an application and making sure its successfully launched does not close the door in the application process of your startup. Like any other application or device mobile applications need to be upgraded and maintained for them to function without any glitch. Therefore, while budgeting make sure you include the maintenance fee of the application as well.

Data Base and Structure:

Data is one of the essential factors while developing your mobile application, key elements such as data safety and security, accessibility, speed, and storage capacity are some factors that need to be considered. Data speed and safety is one factor that can elevate your application from basic to indispensable.

Branding and Marketing:

One of the biggest advantages of having mobile applications for startups is the marketing and branding platform that becomes available through the social media. People today are extremely intelligent, and they are looking for unique and highly functional applications, so make sure you integrate your mobile application through social media accounts to reach out to a wider base of your target audience.

An iOS, an Android platform, or a Hybrid Application

One vital factor to consider while developing a mobile application for your startup is which platform specifically are you developing the application for. Are you specifically developing an iOS application, or only for an android or are you developing a mobile application that is a hybrid application that is going to be launched on both the platforms?

 Mobile Applications the way Forward:

Today most of our time us spent on our mobile phones, they have become an integral part of our lives. Startups are today using the mobile applications as a resource that puts them in the forefront and ahead of their competition. Hence develop an application that manages to catch the attention of your target audiences. At Octos Global we understand the need of our clients, cater to what they are looking for and ensure that we quality applications. Our team of dedicated experts are up to date with the latest technological changes and give the client their best.

Why Mobile Applications Have Become a Game Changer in the Startup Industry?

Posted on March 23, 2020
Kevin Bell

Internet and technology have brought about a profound revolution in businesses and business practices. Today we see a drastic change in the world of business, platforms such YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok have given ways to new career paths. Mobile applications such as Amazon, Ola, Uber and Ali Baba Express, to name a few have changed the way businesses is now conducted.  Geographical boundaries are being broken and mobile applications are now being incorporated and budgeted for in business practices. With the internet and technological revolution, we saw startups gain immense popularity and become extremely successful and financially viable.

Concept behind Startups:

A startup in simple terms is nothing but an innovative idea that can be transformed into a mobile application and has an appeal to a large crowd that provides a solution to their problems are what are startups.  A unique idea is all it takes to start your own startup.

Impact of Mobile Applications

Smart phones today have become more of a necessity and all are work is done through various mobile applications that we access through our smart phones.

Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users are on track to reach 1.57 billion units in 2020, an increase of 3% year over year, according to Gartner, Inc.


Mobile applications have boosted the visibility of startups and these startups have gone on to become great success stories. And this will continue in the coming years. Mobile applications are here to stay, and startups are going to continue to tap into this huge pool of resource.

 As per the business viewpoint, around 52.2% of the online web traffic comes through mobile phones globally.  

The time devoted to phones has been boosted by 57% within a few years .

Approximately, 80% of people use mobile devices via utilizing mobile applications


Mobile applications the Game Changers

Mobile applications have proven to play an influential and vital role in the success of startups. As Startups ensure that applications are available on the iOS platform as well as the android platform and mobile applications are developed keeping in mind the requirements of both the platforms.  Mobile applications have the following features that make them so desirable:

Cost effective:

Mobile applications are relatively easier to design, maintain and upgrade and this has persuaded startups to startups to use these applications for their businesses. As they can accommodate both the iOS and the android platform it becomes cost effective for startups.

Accessibility and Reach

Smart phones have become easily accessible to everyone. Once considered a luxury product now has become a necessity. With this the reach and accessibility these smart phones provide is enormous.  And this is one opportunity that startups have managed to foresee and use to their advantage by developing and applications for mobile phones. Geographical boundaries are no longer considered barriers and businesses are now all going global and that is all because of the smart phones and their applications.

Version Upgrades:

As technology changes and gets modified, applications also need to be modified and upgraded. Today features such as cat bots have become such an integral part of mobile applications that now users can get immediate clarity to their queries and be assured that they have immediate help in case of problems. This is one of the factors that have led to the financial success of so many startups by using the mobile application development strategy.

Marketing and Advertising

In order to succeed your application needs to have a brand presence and branding is extremely effective through mobile applications.  Mobile applications are deigned in such a way that they provide a superior functionality, they are designed to have better features, are also faster and this becomes an important aspect to consider while positioning your applications and creating your brand image.

Push Notifications

Another popular feature of mobile applications are their push notifications. Startups use these push notifications features to inform their users either about offers and discounts or any other notification they might interest their users.

Revenue Increase

 As the traffic through mobile applications is higher, and also the probability of a visitor being converted to a user of the application is also higher, mobile applications thus for this reason are known to bring in and generate more revenue. And therefore, mobile applications have proven to be a boon to the startup segment.

The Name of the Game

When it comes to startups their reason for being so widely successful and having such accessibility are the mobile applications that they launched. Mobile applications have changed the story of success for startups and enabled them to reach heights that other wise would not have been possible. Mobile applications come with a huge value of potential and startups made sure to use this opportunity to the best of their ability.

Let Innovation be the Name of the Game this 2020

Posted on January 3, 2020
Kevin Bell

Looking forward to 2020

This 2020 is all about invention, innovation creativity and originality. The last decade has seen a massive transformation in the mobile application segment. From mobile applications being developed for gaming to banking to traveling, there seems to be no dearth of mobile applications. Mobile applications development has changed the way we use our mobile phones to the way we interact with the applications available.

The technology used to develop these applications also has seen a substantial transformation and the latest in this seems to be the native application development technology that has become a crowd favorite.

Mobile application development is a sector that seems to be growing at an extremely fast pace and will continue to grow in the coming years. Mobile application development is interlinked with technology and technology is interlinked with our phones. As long as we have smart phones, there is going to be a requirement for mobile applications and the need to develop mobile applications.

Mobile Applications Continue to Surprise

Mobile application and development of these applications has shown some tremendous growth and due to the increase in the demand of the applications there is a need to develop mobile applications that are of superior quality and applications that look to enhance the experience of the users. Mobile applications not only help the users but also the developers to gather and assimilate information.

What should you look forward to?

The beacon technology, the 5G services,  mobile applications for wearable devices, artificial intelligence making mobile applications smarter, along with mobile application development of combining the artificial and virtual reality into the mobile applications, there is a lot for the segment to offer in the coming year.

Not only in terms of mobile applications but the technology used to build these applications is also undergoing a transformation. The native application technology is a platform which allows you to customize features based on the software for which the application is being developed.

The way we use and interact with our applications is going to change this year and the applications are going to be more interactive, technologically enhanced and with features never experienced before.

2020 is all about 5G

The most exciting development is going to be the launch of the 5G technology that is going to be the highlight of the year. Not only is going to be faster and better, it will also ensure data security along with an improvised experience of using the gaming and augmented reality applications. It is set to raise the bars and the expectations and speculation around this technology has begun.

Beacon Technology- the Potential for Opportunities

Combined with the Internet of Things and integrated into the mobile application development, this technology is a potential landmine of opportunities. This is a technology that uses wireless transmitters to send signals using the location and GPS of the mobile phones about the proximity of businesses in and around one’s location. This technology is being used in many retail sectors where they develop and integrate this technology into their mobile applications. Travel, healthcare and hospitality are some of the sectors where this technology is being used.

Artificial Intelligence and More

 It is being estimated that the AI global market will reach $190 billion by 2025. (https://medium.com/@patricianeil248/top-mobile-app-trends-for-2020).

With such a large amount of funds being invested in this technology, mobile application development is dynamically integrating this technology into their applications. This has led to the development of smarter and superior applications. It has also proven to be a great boon to businesses, by allowing them to offer services such as tools to analyze consumer behavior and patterns along with maintaining and storing large amounts of data among other services.

Instant Applications on the Rise

An application that can be used without being downloaded, yes, they are a reality and are going to be the next big thing in 2020. They serve a dual purpose, one as a prototype or a trail run for the actual mobile application and also allows developers to gauge the response of the users, but also are effective and highly efficient as they are smaller in size. Some of the instant applications developed on the native application technology have brilliant features and have proven to be better than applications that require to be downloaded.

2020 the year of Mobile Applications

Without a doubt, 2020 is going be proven as extraordinary year for mobile applications and mobile application development. This year is going to be full of surprises and revelations of what to look forward to in this segment. The mobile applications bar is raised and platforms such as native technology on which these mobile applications are developed are also ensuring that they upgrade and integrate these changes onto their platform. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to look forward to.

Significance of Selecting The Right Mobile Development Service

Posted on August 13, 2019
Kevin Bell

Technology and its Importance:

Technology in the last five years has changed and developed by leaps and bounds, this in turn has led to the growth of the mobile application development industry.

The mobile application development industry has seen a revolution and has brought the industry to the forefront, this has happened largely due to the way we use our mobile devices.

Survival of the fittest or strongest does not hold true any longer, its survival of the innovator or innovations, that is what will give the companies an edge over their competitors,

And this is where the mobile application development companies play a large role as the responsibility is on them to provide a application that is engaging and interesting.

Why mobile development companies play an essential role today

1. The world today has become competitive and extremely dynamic, in order to survive this companies and business of all sizes need to seize all opportunities that are available to them.

2. Companies today require an edge over the competition available to them.

3. One way to do that is build and develop an application for the product or service that the company offers.

4. Mobile development companies play an important significant role today as more and more companies are venturing in the digital platform to reach out to customers across the globe.

5. We also have seen a rise in the mobile development application companies over the last few years.

6. There are a lot of advantages to developing an application for your business as they not only give you a wider and larger platform, they also enable customers to connect and address issues and get instant solutions to their problems.

Here are a few tips in choosing the right mobile company to launch the application

  • Understand what the business needs are, in terms of applications and services.
  • Realizing the customer needs and making sure that the application is devised to meet the customer requirements and conveying the same to the mobile application development companies.
  • Choosing the application development company that is in sync with the business’s goals and visions.
  • Customers and end users are extremely intelligent, and this is one important factor to keep in mind while designing the application. The application needs to attract its audience and keep them involved for the application to succeed
  • Ensuring that the mobile application development company provides their expertise and services throughout the launch as well as after the application is launched.
  • The application should be user friendly and should not be bogged down with too many features a s this may to lead the end user to not use the application.
  • Businesses need to choose mobile application companies that are dynamic and well equipped to handle the demands that are essential in making them a success.
  • The application that is designed should work on the two platforms that are android and IOS.


We at Octosglobal provide the application services that your business is looking for, not only we customize our services to fit your requirements, we also have a great team of experts who go above and beyond to deliver to the needs of the business. Irrespective of the scope of your business its important to make sure the application that you develop is of top-notch quality and Octosglobal provides nothing but the best.