2020 is all about Virtual Classroom Software and their Trends

Posted on June 4, 2020
Kevin Bell

All the way to Virtual Classroom

The virtual world has been slowly, and steadily expanding and online classrooms are now become an integral part of the learning process. Choosing the best virtual classroom software for you company, school, college, or organization is going to be a big deal. The virtual classroom software company we choose needs to fit into our budget and deliver a platform that makes our virtual classroom software most effective making sure learning is fun. There is a rising need to move to the virtual classroom and a need for a software that delivers to your needs in the most efficient manner. Not only are schools and colleges moving to the virtual way of learning, but offices are also moving towards this trend for training and other learning purposes.

Virtual Classroom Software

To understand the concept of virtual classrooms and the learning pattern and based on that which software you need to use and what is the most efficient way to go about it is what you need to know. For this you need to break it down to the basics. What and who is your target audience? What size is your audience? How inter active is your course going to be? Do you need to customize it for different audiences, or can the same classes and information be used for your audiences across?

Once you have the information you need to know what are the features that you absolutely want in your live classes’ software as well as your e-learning application. Once you have narrowed down the features and what it is you want from the application you now need to look into the virtual classroom software’s available to develop and design your application.

The Virtual Classroom Software’s to look out for in 2020

Cloud based learning platforms are the need of the hour today and to successfully develop these applications you need to right virtual classroom software company that will deliver this application to you. Here is a list of the best virtual software companies to choose from to develop design, and build your e-learning application:


This virtual classroom software is secure, flexible, interactive, and strictly follows the security standards of the industry. It is one of the most engaging platforms to develop your cloud based online training platform as it allows for customization, chat pods and break rooms among other features.

Blackboard Collaborate:

This is specially built and designed to deliver online classes that are more engaging, flexible, and personalized way of learning for students. This live class software development application has been designed keeping the learner in mind and due to this factor, it is gaining popularity.

 Big Blue Button

One of the pioneers in the field of virtual classroom learning, Big Blue Button has a lot to offer in terms of learning and sharing files and interactive white board along with advanced webcam sharing features.


This virtual classroom software comes with a multitude of features and has a learning management system that is great for online tutoring. You can also build a virtual classroom according to your needs. It includes tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing and media sharing. It can also be integrated with Google for Education, Moodle, and Schoology LMSs.

Electa Live

The platform and the learning management system of this software makes it an ideal choice for scheduling live classes. The other features include advanced interactive whiteboards, online polls and surveys can be conducted and recoding of the sessions also take place. It is also a virtual classroom that supports cross platform.


This is virtual software platform that is all rounded and well developed. It allows for an extremely engaging session, with features that allow cloud-based recording, real time notes, live quizzes along with integration into all learning management systems.

Choose the Right Platform

Virtual Classroom Software and live classes are a huge trend , not only does it allow you to be a part of the learning process from just a click away , from anywhere across the globe it also opens a multitude of possibilities for learning. Choosing the appropriate platform , will not enable you to ensure your criteria for creating the application is met will allow you to tap into the potential and opportunities the live online classes and cloud based online training platforms offer. Therefore make sure you do an in-depth and detailed study before choosing the platform to go virtual.