Boost Online Sales Through Digital Marketing

Posted on January 13, 2020
Kevin Bell

Technology has had a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. The innovation, the development and designing of all applications, technology is so seeped and ingrained in all our actions and transactions.

Businesses and their practices, irrespective of size, segment and sector, have undergone a massive overhaul. Today social media and the e- commerce technology has become an integral and vital part of businesses across the globe. The e-commerce technology has helped and in fact encouraged businesses to diminish the geographical boundaries.     The e-commerce technology has helped businesses by providing an improved quality of service, a quicker access to products and services and safe payment get ways.

Formidable Fusion

With the advent of social media, marketing strategies are also evolving, social media has brought about a reconditioning in the way how businesses function in the online segment. Social media marketing, online marketing combined with e-commerce technology have completed changed the rules of the marketing world. Today the social media platforms along with the e-commerce technology has not only helped businesses create a brand awareness, but these platforms have contributed towards generating revenue for businesses. Today companies like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, are operating on the e-commerce business model and are continuing to rule this segment. Social media marketing, e-commerce technology platform and e-commerce marketing today are a force to be reckoned with.

Augmenting sales through Social Media

Social media today has a formidable presence and using them to boost sales is a great avenue to explore. With the emergence of these technologies today we have a whole wide variety of opportunities. Here are some ideas to boost your online sales and create an online presence:

Lure of Instagram

Today Instagram is a social media platform that has a presence that is hard to contend with, and the possibilities here are varied. Integrating Instagram with your businesses and marketing and promoting your products here will boost your sales.  Online offers and online marketing can be done through Instagram and this extremely cost effective and budget friendly. Creative and innovative tag lines and interesting advertising strategies can be adopted to reach a larger customer base.

Going Cashless

Thanks to the -commerce technology that now payments can be made online in a safe and secure manner. As this offers a lot of advantages, customers who do online shopping and pay through the online portal get a lot of added benefits, discounts and cashbacks. Businesses that offer the extra perk to their customers are bound to have repeat sales as well as add on to their existing base.

Email Canvass

Emails are a successful and valuable resource you have at your disposal. Be it welcome new customers or sending them an exclusive offer or just simply send out emails to remind them of the ongoing offers or upcoming offers, emails are one resource that will do multiple jobs for you. Having a well-designed and well-structured email canvass can be an impressive tool. To use this in an efficient manner make sure to stay relevant by offering news about the company or sharing news about the blogs of the company. Sending out right emails at the right time with the right information are a great way of increasing your revenues.

Offers Galore

With social media platforms and e-commerce technology, along with a sharp social media marketing plan and content program in place, it would be effortless to convert this into revenue. Timing plays a very important role in this platform. There is a fine line between too soon and too late, make sure you have all your content designed way ahead in time, make sure all your strategies are in place for the holiday season offers and other discount sales. Make sure your website and application can handle the traffic during the holiday season offers and during other discount times.

Bonus, Compensation and Focus

Customers today are smart and have a very keen intellect, and one way to retain them and build loyalty is making sure they get brownie points, in terms of loyalty rewards and compensation of shopping and standing by your business, this will help them to not only be loyal to you , but make them come back for repeat purchases and orders.

Surge Ahead

Social media marketing-commerce technology, eCommerce marketing, online marketing, is the way forward. Today with internet and smart phones we are connected more to our phones and through social media platforms. Visual representation is a smart way to capture the interest of customers and what with customers becoming intelligent day by day retaining their interests is even more crucial. Let your presence be felt on social media and social media marketing if effectively employed will create a world of difference to your business.

Innovation and Originality Helps Boost Sales this Christmas

Posted on December 19, 2019
Kevin Bell

What Social Media has done for Businesses

Social media marketing and the eCommerce technology has changed and shaped up a new strategy for marketing and creating brand awareness. Today with vast resources art our disposal, there are no geographical boundaries holding us back. Products and services can now be accessed across the world all from the comfort and luxury of your mobile phones. Businesses today are using social media platforms to create awareness and market their products and services.

Applications are now being designed and created to fulfill and bridge the gap between businesses and their consumers.

Online marketing has become an influential and essential resource that is being employed to reach out to a larger customer base.

Stirring the Pot

With the festive season also most upon us, it is important for businesses be it of any size and segment, to capitalize and at least use this time to create a wider consumer base.

Businesses are aware today that consumers are extremely smart and hence the tried and tested strategies to rope in consumers will not work.

Innovation, a willingness to take risks and creativity, is the key to unlocking the secret to boost sales and increase your customer base this season.

During the festive season, its time to stir the pot a little and bring out your best ideas, this is to ensure that your customers are your priorities and this well in turn help customers feel connected with your brand.

 Dynamism that you Need this Season

Being dynamic going all out and outing your best foot or rather your best ideas forward is what is going to give your business an edge over the others. Customers today have a very keen intellect, and this should never be underestimated. In order to create a loyal customer base, businesses, need to acknowledge that customers today are an intelligent lot and strategies should be devised keeping this in mind.

Here are few factors that you can do differently:

Offers and Subscriptions

Customers usually at this time are looking for lucrative offers and discounts but giving them an added incentive like gift boxes or an added discount or a free product is something that will give you an added advantage.

Mystery Boxes

 Mystery boxes is a box where to make your customer feel extra special by adding a limited-edition product or service is also a great way to increase sales and entice your customers. Arousing their curiosity by planning something special for them during new year will earn your brand a few brownie points.

Tie ups and Collaborations

Offering collaborations and tie ups with other brands is another innovative idea you could use. Offering the best of two worlds, combined into one package is great way for you to not only help increase customers, but also build a loyal customer base.

Choose your Platforms Wisely

There is no dearth of platforms available to choose from for your online marketing strategies, but it is important to choose these platforms according to features that fit with the framework of your ideas. Once the platform is chosen, the content should be created for these platforms and you should have active presence on the platforms you have chosen. This will help your customers be aware of your presence the platforms. Also, when you start advertising on these platforms it will help them to go explore what you have and the offers and discounts you are offering. Creating content and making sure you keep active on the platforms is also essential for your presence to be recognized and felt.

Crafting what Matters

The belief behind having a social media presence is to connect and grow your relationship with your customers. Social media platforms have a very powerful presence and by the simple act of establishing a direct and personal relationship with your customers will help you understand what they expect from you and keep you in tune with their demands. This will in turn help you deliver exactly what your customer is looking from you.

 Being Effortless yet Relatable

In the end brands and businesses alike irrespective of their size need to be true to their foundation and this will translate in the work they do. Keeping up with the holiday spirit they could offer their customers a variety of offers and discounts and other interesting perks but until and unless it does not seem true, genuine and effortless customers will not be able to relate. Keep in mind to keep the best interests of your customers as the focal point of your strategies, which in turn will help you not only increase sales , but also add new customers and build a loyal customer base

Digital Marketing Secret Sauce- What The Marketing Gurus May Not Tell You

Posted on August 28, 2018
Kevin Bell

Try running a search on Google for the term ‘digital marketing’ and you will be met by more than a hundred million organic results spread over several pages. You will find a ton of variety within these results ranging from marketing agencies, training programs and even publications covering the industry.

According to Statistic data, the digital marketing industry will be worth over $335 billion by 2020 globally. Every other big and small agency is trying to get that one deciding pie of this aggressively growing market. If that was not all, individual influencers are driving the industry towards new heights with people in every possible industry now opting for digital marketing channels.

One growing trend within the industry is the rise of self-proclaimed gurus and experts who have made it big in their business by leveraging the power of digital marketing. These experts have their own way of attracting business owners and everyone else who wants to try a hand at digital marketing. Most of these gurus try to lure you in by showing an ad about the exponential growth in their business and the sharp improvement in their lifestyles because of their digital marketing expertise. Then, most of them would bring you to a live webinar and tell you more about how they can help you achieve similar success if you buy their books, online training modules or other products they offer. The noise hence created can make you believe that online marketing is the holy grail of growing any business.

Before you set out on your sail to learn and implement digital marketing campaigns, after having heard or having seen these gurus and their prophecies, there are certain things you should know. You can call them the blend of the secret sauce of digital marketing, which can save you a lot of resources and help you achieve better results:

1. There is nothing you cannot get for a lesser price. This comes to services, technologies and even courses. Most of the courses offered online are an amalgamation of learning derived from a few campaigns run by the course instructors. You can teach yourself a lot by actually starting a small blog and trying to bring some traffic. Google and Facebook, the two ruling giants of the industry, provide ton of free and paid courses teaching the nuts and bolts of digital marketing. As far as tools and technologies are concerned, if researched harder, you can always find an alternative. All you have to do is ensure what is exactly that you are looking for.

2. Get the basics straight.
Yes, that SEO plugin can be great. Yes, that expensive designer can give you a great logo. Yes, that research report published by that big agency can help you get more leads; but, before any of that you need to get the very basics taken care of.

To start with, have a dedicated website design and development partner. You may not feel the need anytime soon to have a dedicated team for this but the world of design is constantly changing. From video to rounded corners to mobile friendly to responsive – you never know what’s coming next. A design partner would help you leverage the ongoing trend before you miss the bus!

Then, have your marketing goals defined. For instance, suppose you run an eCommerce business. Now, with your campaign, are you looking for brand awareness or lead generation? Decisions like these can help you invest in right services and technology. The example here can help you decide what kind of eCommerce SEO technology you want to have in place.