3 Reasons Why PHP Is The ideal Tech For IoT Solutions

Posted on July 2, 2018
Kevin Bell

IoT is the buzzing keyword for everyone since last three years. There are media houses going gaga over it and consultancies opening new practices to help you implement IoT solutions. Yet, when it comes to small businesses it is still a grey area of understanding because most small business owners and entrepreneurs feel they do not understand IoT or do not have the resources to implement it.

According to data published in the Cisco Report 2017, 80% companies fear that they lack the ability to make sense of all the data that will be generated by IoT. When such is the state of understanding IoT, expecting that someone would know the ideal programming language to be used for IoT systems is a bit too far-fetched.

IoT might sound to be an intimidating concept at first. In implementation it is complex but from a more holistic point of view, it is easy to understand. IoT is a simple network of devices where WiFi routers, signal receivers & senders, censors, camera and other data capturing equipment are integrated with everyday devices. These devices then instantaneously communicate amongst each other using the WiFi and help in delivering a more efficient process. If IoT is used in houses, the motive is to provide the user with a more personalized experience. If IoT is used for business processes, the motive is to reduce the process timing and increase efficiency.

PHP as a programming language is still not the most preferable programming platform for IoT solutions. Here are 3 reasons why you should actually give PHP a serious thought for implementing your IoT solutions
1. It is free, popular and operative. There are several other alternatives available when it comes to choosing the right programming platform for IoT networks. There is Microsoft ASP for an example. The problem with most of such problems is that they carry certain fixed and dynamic charges, whereas PHP is free. In addition to this, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages used by PHP development services providers and PHP web developers worldwide.

 2. It has efficient runtime. If you ask anyone about the PHP web application development process, the first thing they will tell you is the highly efficient runtime. Most of the businesses which are used to outsource PHP development are leveraging the powers of PHP specifically for server side applications. Such applications play a tremendous role in deployment and are extremely crucial for the entire implementation process.

PHP is generally used for developing dynamic web applications and web pages. This functionality of PHP makes it light enough to make the programming lucid, but powerful enough to bring the desired results. This combination of the way PHP syntax are formed makes it a great programming platform for IoT devices.

3. There are quality and experienced PHP developers. This might not be one of the primary motives when trying to implement an IoT solution. That said, it is paramount to the process of implementing IoT solutions. Think about it, you may arrange for the best ideas, come up with a network design and also manage to get the hardware – but you cannot find the right programming expertise required to weave all of this into a working system.

The thing about experienced PHP developers is that if they are worth their salt, they would have quite a few brilliant projects which will not directly intersect with the IoT ecosystem, but the collective learning from these projects will help them get you an edge for your IoT solutions.

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