How PHP Web Development Can Help You Reach Out To More Potential Customers

Posted on September 27, 2018
Kevin Bell

Today, the organizations are developing at a very fast speed and one of their strategies for business development is developing web applications. An organization knows that when it is looking for faster growth and better reach out to potential customers, it needs to be a part of the trend- online platforms or web development. Nothing is better than PHP web application development. They are known for big businesses like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Tumblr, etc. It does not matter if you are a part of a small, medium or big firm- having a good interactive website is the key to increase the reach outs.

PHP platform provides you with various benefits to create a dynamic platform. You will find millions of websites which develop on PHP. Although, if you are thinking of developing a proper web page, outsourcing PHP development would be a better idea because of the lesser cost and expert PHP web developers. To clear these points more clearly, following, you would find reasons that “How PHP web development can help you reach out to more potential customers”

Optimize memory: This is one of the best features for PHP language because it does not allow server overload, instead improves the processing speed through managing the mentioned load. It comes with memory development function and has the capability to minimize the coding required. Through this, consumers can save time and organizations can provide better services which allow more frequent visits on the website.

All OS capability: The main factor for PHP Web Development is that this website would work on all the operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, Mac, and Windows. The organization needs a kind of platform which runs on all the computer because all the customers don’t necessarily use the same platform. This helps you to reach the masses better. Companies especially in e-commerce industry know of its importance for sure.

Flexible and dynamic: This is one of the secure, encrypted languages, and is easily scaled. It is open sourced, so anyone can use it. This makes it flexible in nature. Open source allows PHP web developer to use any libraries for graphics and other special effects to provide a better user interface. It also automatically refreshes without any human touch, and this factor allows it to run faster on the computer.

Cost Cutting: Comparatively, it costs lesser than other webs while providing more utility. You could easily find PHP web developers who provide the best services at a low cost. It also syncs very fast with the latest technology developments. It allows the required changes to take place with ease and due to the low costs, a company can invest more in making the experience better for the customers.

PHP language has really had edge over other languages. It can provide the best experience and increase the reach out to the potential customers, if your organization is able to find the right PHP web developer who has had experience in the field and is able to make your website more interesting for the customers. PHP development services in California is one of the best services you get for PHP language. This language improves with time, so having a website with PHP language is one of the best options for you.

PHP Application Development Will Never Fade: Find Out Why

Posted on August 10, 2018
Kevin Bell

PHP has been one of the most popular languages solely created for web development purposes. The easy-to-use language can be customized and is thus extensively used to create websites that are loaded with advanced functionalities. With websites nowadays being more dynamic and efficient, the rise in popularity of PHP development services is eminent. Statistics show that 83% of websites use PHP as their server-side scripting language, which proves the fact of it being the top choice of web developers.

But then why is there a debate that the language will be discarded soon?

Let us learn a bit about the language first.

Development and Growth of PHP

Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of PHP, started working for development of the language in 1994. The first phase consisted of a script toolset that Lerdorf called Personal Home Page. The toolset was released in public in June of 1995. A couple of years later, the second phase of PHP graduated from the Beta status and entered a wider public domain. The third and fourth phase included more developments, an official launch and 60,000 domains using the language. PHP also gained a new name, Hypertext Preprocessor, and it moved from single to multiple developers, thanks to Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski. They transformed PHP into giving a better run-time performance and numerous improvements.

July 2004 saw the release of PHP 5, which supported object oriented programming and other features for improved performance. The latest version is PHP 7 developed and released in 2015. This has huge performance improvements, better error handling and plenty features that makes this a top choice among web developers. Read more about the evolution of PHP here.

Reasons to choose PHP over others

Listed below are few of the many.

  1. Open Source

The consistent and continuous PHP web application development is because the developer community across the world is working to enhance its functions. The constant effort put in by the people ensures that PHP is in sync with the latest technology updates.

  1. Compatible

This is essential for a seamless performance. It can be executed on all operating systems without any hassle. It works flawlessly with Windows, LINUX, UNIX and Mac, along with Apache and MySQL. PHP being highly dynamic allows further extensions and plugins to help.

  1. Secure and Flexible

PHP based apps and websites are highly secure, the foundation being an encrypted language. It can be easily scaled and customized to a great extent taking it one step ahead than other languages. Being an open-source language, PHP gives the liberty to be combined or integrated with other graphic libraries and applications.

  1. Ease of use

The language is easy to learn compared to other programming languages. The organized syntax and command functions do not require heavy training of new developers. The need of the hour is a fast website, and PHP web developers delivers on its promise. It can help develop a fast loading website even for a slow internet connection. Also, it is smooth when getting data from the database without taking too much time.

Relevance in the market for PHP

Now that we have established that PHP is better and faster than other programming languages, the question remains on how to stay relevant. As technology grows so will our needs, and automation will take over all boring and easy tasks. But what can be done to stay ahead and viable in the market?

The coding skills for HTML and PHP will become a fundamental skill for web developers, the introduction to basic syntax. The viability of a PHP outsource development will depend on how versatile they are in integrating it with the new technologies like AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing and more.

3 Reasons Why PHP Is The ideal Tech For IoT Solutions

Posted on July 2, 2018
Kevin Bell

IoT is the buzzing keyword for everyone since last three years. There are media houses going gaga over it and consultancies opening new practices to help you implement IoT solutions. Yet, when it comes to small businesses it is still a grey area of understanding because most small business owners and entrepreneurs feel they do not understand IoT or do not have the resources to implement it.

According to data published in the Cisco Report 2017, 80% companies fear that they lack the ability to make sense of all the data that will be generated by IoT. When such is the state of understanding IoT, expecting that someone would know the ideal programming language to be used for IoT systems is a bit too far-fetched.

IoT might sound to be an intimidating concept at first. In implementation it is complex but from a more holistic point of view, it is easy to understand. IoT is a simple network of devices where WiFi routers, signal receivers & senders, censors, camera and other data capturing equipment are integrated with everyday devices. These devices then instantaneously communicate amongst each other using the WiFi and help in delivering a more efficient process. If IoT is used in houses, the motive is to provide the user with a more personalized experience. If IoT is used for business processes, the motive is to reduce the process timing and increase efficiency.

PHP as a programming language is still not the most preferable programming platform for IoT solutions. Here are 3 reasons why you should actually give PHP a serious thought for implementing your IoT solutions
1. It is free, popular and operative. There are several other alternatives available when it comes to choosing the right programming platform for IoT networks. There is Microsoft ASP for an example. The problem with most of such problems is that they carry certain fixed and dynamic charges, whereas PHP is free. In addition to this, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages used by PHP development services providers and PHP web developers worldwide.

 2. It has efficient runtime. If you ask anyone about the PHP web application development process, the first thing they will tell you is the highly efficient runtime. Most of the businesses which are used to outsource PHP development are leveraging the powers of PHP specifically for server side applications. Such applications play a tremendous role in deployment and are extremely crucial for the entire implementation process.

PHP is generally used for developing dynamic web applications and web pages. This functionality of PHP makes it light enough to make the programming lucid, but powerful enough to bring the desired results. This combination of the way PHP syntax are formed makes it a great programming platform for IoT devices.

3. There are quality and experienced PHP developers. This might not be one of the primary motives when trying to implement an IoT solution. That said, it is paramount to the process of implementing IoT solutions. Think about it, you may arrange for the best ideas, come up with a network design and also manage to get the hardware – but you cannot find the right programming expertise required to weave all of this into a working system.

The thing about experienced PHP developers is that if they are worth their salt, they would have quite a few brilliant projects which will not directly intersect with the IoT ecosystem, but the collective learning from these projects will help them get you an edge for your IoT solutions.

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Benefits of Outsourcing PHP Development to Offshore Developers

Posted on March 20, 2018
Kevin Bell

Outsourcing is defined as the allocation of a specific business process to an external business provider which specializes in that business vertical. There are times when an organization cannot internally handle all the aspects related to a business process. While the main driving force behind outsourcing your PHP web application development process is finance, there are other aspects as well that push the organizations into taking this decision.
The reasons can be many- insufficient employees, short deadline, process being temporary, etc. Therefore, the organizations retort to hiring an outsource service provider. Once you outsource your business process to the service provider, the complete responsibility of handling and delivering the project on time, will be in his hands.
In this article, we will discuss the ways in which your outsourcing decision can prove to be of great use to your organization.
1. You Get to Work with Amazing Talent
Since there is a great demand of skilled PHP web developers, attracting them all to work for you is next to impossible. For most of the companies, building a team of outstanding developers can prove to be a great task and might require them to take help from recruitment firms for making it possible. Therefore, taking help from an outsourcing company, which provides PHP development services can make it possible for you to get your website designed by a team of expert designers with a quality that would be hard to be matched by your competitors.
2. Get Access to Latest Technology & Methodologies
After on boarding a client, many businesses start looking for external providers when they require complex skillset for their PHP process. In addition to this, in the absence of the requisite know-how and the inability to have an expert in-house team, push the business owners to outsource PHP development services from external partners who have a proven track record for excellence. This way, a company can incorporate cutting edge technology into their websites without mastering their in-house team.
3. Add a New Perspective to Your Development Processes
PHP development requires trial and testing of new features, approaches and an out-of-the-box thinking. When you add an offshore team to your existing team, you will come across new perspectives and though process, that will help your team members, to a great extent. If everything goes well, you might even get surprised by your team members’ fresh ideas and perspectives on your project.
4. Reduce the Project Delivery Time
In the fast-paced world of development, it is crucial to innovate and deliver your project within the deadline. Since, the timely delivery of your PHP web application development project can play a crucial role in your business’ reputation. Therefore, outsourcing a PHP development service will ensure an on-time delivery of your project. You can easily escalate the entire development process and move forward with the process.
5. More Time to Focus on Your Business Goals
Most of the companies invest a lot of time in hiring and managing their workforce which affects the overall revenue and competency. Bu outsourcing a team, they can leave these complex activities behind and can free up their time to focus more on the critical tasks that are more important for their business.
All these factors are more than enough to compel a business owner to outsource PHP development services, this list does not end here. If you some more suggestions or points to add up to this list, you are welcome to do so. And if you want to outsource a team of some talented PHP developers, Octos Global is right here at your service. For more information about us, contact us