Quality Testing – An Important Factor for Mobile Applications

Posted on March 27, 2020
Kevin Bell

Mobile phones, applications and their functions over the last decade has changed and become an integral part of our routine. Mobile applications are being launched and developed to fill the needs of users as and when it arises. The technological segment has exploded and is expanding at a rapid pace and to keep up with this, applications are being developed overnight. But are these applications being thoroughly tested before being launched? Imagine launching an application that has been tested only at basic level, only after launch to be discovered that the application has a lot more problems than what it had been tested for.

Fierce Competition

As technology grows more advanced, thousands of applications being launched, only a few of the applications are successful and leave mark on the applications world.

Apart from offering new and innovative applications, you need to ensure your application is free from any hiccups when launched. This is where application testing comes in and plays an extremely vital role. Applications can be tested using either the automation testing process or the manual testing process. The application that offers a superior quality has a higher chance of success as it reflects that the business prefers quality over quantity. Quality control is most often overlooked when it comes to application development. Testing ensures that the quality of the application is   maintained.

Before deciding the type of test to use, let’s see what the essential factors are to keep in mind while testing

Key Areas of Concern while testing:

  • GPS activation
  • Screen look and design
  • Types of mobile brands and their hardware’s
  • Platforms and types of mobile application (web based, native or hybrid)
  • Operating Software

Testing Tools

Automated testing and manual testing are the types of testing tools that can be used for application testing and manual testing. Testing applications will give you an idea of how the features of your application function, what is your applications final outlook going to be , which feature of the application is going to be placed where and how user friendly is the application , what are the glitches likely to happen and if any outside variables can effect the smooth functioning of the application.

Automation testing

Using automation tools created initially by developer to execute the performance of an application in a test environment is what automation means. Automation testing is comparatively faster but not very flexible. Automation tools allows for testing across operating platforms simultaneously. Some of the automation tools include Watir, Selenium, Visual Studio Test Professional, FitNesse, QTP and TestDrive.

Manual Testing

Manual testing uses the skills and resources of a human tester to execute the applications testing for mobile applications. Here wide variety of scenarios can be tested and its not limited to pre-defined scenarios. This helps in forecasting a wide range of scenarios and in turn finding the solutions for them.  Changes in the application does not hinder the testing process. Gives accurate feedback on the user friendliness of the application. Some of the manual testing tools include Mantis, Firebug, Bugzilla, Appium and AutoIT.

What to Use and When

Each application brings with it its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence in order to know which testing   method to use when, you need to know your application well and the expectations the users will have from your application.

Regression testing, load testing and performance testing need to be done on the automated testing tools as it gives better and accurate results.

Adhoc testing, and Usability testing is best done through manual testing tools.

Significance of Mobile Applications Testing

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.


As the number of applications increases day by and day and the competition is becoming more and more fierce it is important for mobile application development companies to ensure that the application they design and develop not only should it be innovative and unique , but the quality should be well and above the industry standards. Testing also should not be surface level but should be an in-depth and thorough one in order to ensure the quality and desired results.

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