Software Development Trends in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Posted on January 29, 2021
Elise Britt

The global health crisis has truly affected the state of all industries — forcing various sectors and organizations to re-evaluate their operations, services, and products. Few organizations were actually prepared for the changing dynamics brought upon by COVID-19, so the first few months of the pandemic were filled with various reforms and restructuring to weather these tough times.

One sector that has been boosted by the health crisis is software development. As organizations and enterprises closed their physical doors, software developers helped companies transition into the digital space. Indeed, an impact analysis report by specialist recruiter, Randstad, notes that software development roles saw an 8% increase in volume ⁠— a true testament to today’s demand for digital solutions.

With that being said, let’s discuss two key trends in software development that we’ll encounter in a post-COVID-19 world.

More Organizations Will Outsource Software Development Tasks

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how numerous enterprises and organizations don’t have the IT infrastructure and preparedness required to survive in a purely digital world. And as we’ve mentioned, many businesses have employed the services of software developers to create dedicated applications and programs.

While most enterprises would think to add software developers to their IT staff, it would be more beneficial for them to outsource their software development needs. Aside from being cost-effective, outsourcing software development means that your organization can access various industry experts for one-off projects. Furthermore, you can mitigate risks associated with developing applications. This is because most outsourcing companies already use superb project management systems, have efficient workflows, and can show solid proof that their products generate ROI. This is all the more important for businesses now, as any wrong decision can lead to devastating consequences.

Big Data Will Further Advance the World of Software Development

Big data’s contribution in ushering the convergence of products, competencies, and technologies has been extremely valuable, and the software development industry is one that can benefit the most from this technology. With quantitative analytics, developers can better understand what will work in a post-COVID-19 society, by studying existing data. The data produced during these distressing times will help developers create software that is tailored to current and future trends. Indeed, it’s no surprise that many of the top careers in data analytics right now overlap with big data — with one of the most popular ones being big data engineers. These professionals are tasked to evaluate data solutions in companies and build data processing systems and warehousing solutions. They are also equipped with extensive knowledge in different programming and scripting languages. Big data engineers earn an average salary of $137,776 — a testament to their value in the industry and beyond. With big data’s ability to expose strategic changes that can raise the effectiveness and influence of software, it goes without saying that we’ll see more software developers work closely with big data engineers in the near future.

Software development has proven to be a key player in helping enterprises across all industries adapt to these challenging times. While we can never be sure of what we will encounter in a post-COVID-19 era, businesses can raise their chances of thriving in the “new normal” by making sure that their digital tools, software, and apps are suited to their customer base. For more articles on how the pandemic has altered key sectors like education and tech, be sure to visit our blog.

Pros & Cons of Investing in Software Outsourcing Solutions

Posted on January 10, 2018
Kevin Bell

Outsourcing has come up as one of the best alternative solutions for the companies that look forward to hire new resources for a short-duration project. It is defined as an allocation of a project or a business process to an external service provider. A majority of times, the organizations cannot handle all the aspects of a project internally. In addition to this, some processes are temporary and do not have the intention of hiring in-house professionals for performing a particular task.

However, before you select a third-party vendor for Software outsourcing services for your organization, make sure to weigh both the positive as well as the negative aspects associated with it while outsourcing brings with itself a lot of advantages for a company, the pros associated with it cannot be ignored.

Advantages of Software Outsourcing Solutions

Let’s have a look at some of the pros of investing in software outsourcing-

  1. Opportunity to Strengthen the Core Business Process

Outsourcing allows the businesses to concentrate on their core processes rather than the ones which are of short duration. Since the dedicated resources will be aligned on major projects rather than the supporting ones, your company will have a chance to strengthen them and bring more profit for your company.

  1. Better Output & Quality

The projects are outsourced to the vendors who specialize in their own fields. Since the vendors have the specific equipment as well as technical expertise, they are better than the resources in the organization which is outsourcing the custom software development services. This way, the tasks can be completed in an efficient manner as well as drive better output.

  1. Reduced Operational Cost

Outsourcing eliminates the need of hiring in-house individuals and therefore the overhead costing, which includes recruitment and operational costs, can be reduced to a great extent.

  1. Risk Sharing Between the Vendor & the Company

Risk-analysis is one of the most crucial factors that determines the outcome of a process or a project. Outsourcing some components for your business process assists the company in shifting certain responsibilities from their dedicated workforce to the vendors. Since the vendor you are hiring is specialized in the services you have outsourced, the risk-mitigating factors will also be managed by them.

Cons of Outsourcing Offshore Services

Some of the negative aspects associated with outsourcing services from a third-party vendor are-

  1. Stretched Delivery Time Frames

One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing comes into play in case you do not choose a right vendor for your project. Some of the most common problems which occur are unsynchronized deliverables, inappropriate division of responsibilities and sub-standard quality of the output.

  1. Risk of Losing Confidential Data

This is yet another loophole which might turn the tables around and that too not in the favor of the company outsourcing the services from a vendor. When an organization outsources payroll, HR or any other personnel, the risk of exposure of confidential and crucial data of the organization becomes really high.

  1. Lack of Focus on a Particular Project

Since outsourced vendors cater to the needs of multiple organizations at a time, it might get difficult for them to focus on the project of a particular company or a client. This might not prove beneficial for the company as they expect efficiency from the experts at all points of time.

  1. Hidden Cost of the Services

While outsourcing services is a cost-effective solution for the companies and enterprises, the hidden costs that are included during signing a contract might end up in posing a serious threat if you are hiring an offshore software outsourcing company.

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind all the advantages and disadvantages associated with outsourcing services from a vendor, it is advised to determine all the tasks for which you need an outsourcing company. This will help you in creating a clear-cut strategy of all your requirements from the vendor and will thus ensure that the vendor gets clarity. If you also want to Software Outsourcing Services from a vendor, then you can get more information about the software outsourcing in California, from Octos Global. To know more about the services offered by the company, Contact us