Landing Page an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted on November 15, 2019
Kevin Bell

Internet and technology have reached far and wide. Today we are connected across the world, businesses are no longer affected by geographical boundaries. There is no dearth of opportunities to be found. Internet has made it possible to evolve and create new business strategies be it in the product development segment or the marketing strategies or even being connected with the customers, businesses have transformed. Today every business big or small uses the internet effectively to reach out to their customers be it through their website or their landing page.

The internet has thrown up a new world of possibilities that are low on investment and high on benefits.  Popularity of the internet has now companies investing in a good website. Websites creators and developers design the websites and landing pages keeping the applications and services as their reference points.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are a form or page on your websites that help could be or would be potential customers or clients into actual customers and clients.

It’s an essential tool that helps companies collect a websitebasic need to know information about the visitor of the page and can help them convert them into customers.

Landing pages help the companies find out what the visitor is looking for and the potential of future transactions with the client. It also lets the visitor know the services offered by the company.  A landing page is different from a website. Website designs are completely different from landing page designs.

The need for a landing page:

Companies take a lot of effort, time and investment in creating the products and services that they want to provide. In order to be able to reach the success and achieve the targets they set out for themselves, they need to optimally utilize the resources available to them.

One such effective and innovative yet cost effect tool is creating landing pages to help market and promote their products and services.

Today with internet opening doors and creating opportunities, and with people using the internet for most of their needs, it would make for an effective strategy to use landing pages.

As it is a link between creating potential visitors into actual customers landing pages have proven to highly impactful. They are easy to develop and maintain.

Features of a good landing page:

 Singularly Focused

A good landing page will have a singular point of focus. A visitor has come to the landing page because they have something specific in mind. It could be an offer or a special discount or feature that is unique to the service provided by the company, that attracted the visitor. It is important to keep in mind that a landing page should not have multiple points of focus as it may distract the visitor from the original purpose of visit.

Simplistic and Uncomplicated:

the whole purpose or ideology behind a landing page is that the page is fuss free, simple and basic so that visitors do not find it a daunting task to navigate and fill in the required information. Landing pages need to make sure that it is a win all situation for both the company and potential customers, where the company gets the specific reason for visit and the form gets filled and the visitor gets all the information he was looking for. Once a landing page is designed, designing and developing the website becomes simpler and efficient.

 Targeted Audience:

Companies usually develop and create mobile applications that target a specific set of users. Once this target group is defined steps should be taken to build and revolve the landing page based on the specifications of the targeted audience.

Specific yet thorough information

 A landing page can be effective only if the information collected can be used to help convert a potential visitor into an actual customer. Just taking the basic information is not enough it should have information specifically related to the application and the reason the user chooses this landing page. The form should be designed with a minimalistic, yet thorough framework.

What are you offering:

 The landing page should be concise and precise when it comes to giving details about what the company is offering and how this will help the user or the visitor. A landing page should not have an overwhelming amount of information as this may confuse the visitor and not give the results the company is looking for.

Landing page a boon to companies:

Landing pages in the recent times have proven to be highly lucrative and beneficial to companies. They help create brand awareness and advertise the applications offered. Landing pages have become an essential part of marketing strategies as with minimal investment , the returns are high. With competition being high and applications being launched it becomes important to optimally utilize the resources available.

Transformation Through Motion Graphics

Posted on October 17, 2019
Kevin Bell

Today with transformation being the name of the game, and changes happening all around us, we are everyday waking up to new possibilities and innovations. With competition and aggressive marketing techniques and introduction of new mobile applications and devices every day, technology just seems to be expanding and broadening its horizons. Marketing and advertising along with branding have become crucial for the success of businesses. Each business use motion graphics to communicate and storytelling is immensely captivating medium.

Nowadays be it advertising or marketing, motion graphics has become an essential tool for all forms of marketing from launch, to changes to upgrades, to branding motion graphics can be used across platforms.

Public relations mangers to businesses to sending out teasers and videos of new launch or just to create a social awareness of important causes, motion graphics are being used to communicate.

Motion graphics animated story telling along with info graphics have changed and enhanced the story telling experience. Audiences attention needs to be captured and what better way to do it, then motion graphics. Motion graphics do not involve a high cost as they are easy to make and develop, also as they can be repurposed, motion graphics have become a popular choice.

All about Motion Graphics

With communication changing in a big way, there are new tools being developed for communication and one such tool is motion graphic software, and under motion graphics there are other forms of them such as animated story telling, infographic motion graphics and text motion graphics  that can be used.

What are motion graphics:

These are animated pieces which are integrated together to form a video, with text and audio added in to make them more appealing and interactive. It creates an impactful video leaving a lasting impact. As it is a form of storytelling it leaves one with a lasting impression. Motion graphics use animated story telling or motion graphic infographics as mediums to reach audiences, as they are short effective, compelling and complex, yet meaningful and significant.

Why go for motion graphics:


Motion graphic videos are extremely adaptable in nature, they can be modified and reused in several different ways. Businesses are looking at them as a great way to reach out to their audience. They can be targeted at any and all age group, as they are not confined by any boundaries, they have a universal appeal and this making them a popular tool for communication.  Any business irrespective of what segment they fall under they can use motion graphics to send out their message.

 Marketing strategies:

In the advertising and marketing world motion graphics, be it infographics or animated storytelling motion graphics have changed and overhauled all companies marketing strategies. As motion graphics are both emotionally and visually appealing, they can connect with the intended audiences better, communicate information in an effective manner, also the intended audiences are able to retain this information better. In the marketing world motion graphics is a well loved and optimally utilized tool.

Creating awareness:

Motion graphics, be it through infographics or animated story telling are great tools to raise awareness on socially important causes to the general public, here there is not intended audiences. it can be used as a powerful story telling tool to raise awareness about important causes crucial to the society. For example, motion graphics or animated story telling can be used to raise awareness about global warming etc.

 Describing a phenomenon:

 Motion graphics is a great way to explain certain phenomenon especially in concise yet meaningful manner, along with voiceovers and animation, the intricate and complex details can be broken down and explained in lay man’s terms. This helps people understand different concepts and phenomena and as they also have the added advantage of good visualization. For example, in the education system motion graphics and animated story telling are proving to be a great success to make students across platforms grasp and understand better.


Motion graphic, animated story telling, and info graphics have helped companies and brands alike to promote and create awareness of their products and services. They have had played a significant role in improving communication and been impactful in sending across strong yet emotionally charged messages. We  at Octos Global believe that motion graphics can have a positive influence and we endeavor to give our clients the best motion graphics video or animated story telling video, tailor made to fit their needs.