5 UX Features Your Website Must Have

Posted on April 30, 2019
Kevin Bell

Websites have become much more than mere visiting cards for businesses. Now, even the businesses with next to no ecommerce purposes are utilizing their website to build an active digital presence. As a matter of fact, it has become so easy to create an ecommerce website – it almost feels like plug and play!

This has both good and bad news for website development services providers and businesses. On one side, their businesses have started growing tremendously, since everyone needs a website now. But, at the same time, their growth is also stagnating because it has become so difficult for websites to stand out from the crowd.

If you have to differentiate your website, you will have to go straight to the first principle levels. Sit down with your website design and development teams and get started with building a truly magnificent website.

There are two key areas where websites can differentiate themselves:

A. One the basis of aesthetics
B. On the basis of features

Based on these two principles, these are the five features you should have in your website:

1. Conversational Chatbots

Gone are the times when chatbots were only meant to be information disseminators. You would choose a question from the drop-down menu and the chatbot would find a solution for you – that was all there was available in the name of conversation.

With the advent of Natural language processing, the bar has increased significantly. The chatbots today cannot just lead to the most relevant link – they have to build a conversation with you. So if you plan to execute this idea, your web development services partner should have the ML and NLP resources.

2. Responsive website

One of the simples and yet most sophisticated developments in website UX has been the implementation of responsive websites. Responsive websites design and development is by no means an easy feat. Yet, it shows that you are ready to adapt with the visitor.

Not long ago, it was common for people to pinch in or zoom out, when trying to visit a website on their phones. Now, people juts intuitively expect the website to adapt with their screen’s size – whether it is a smartphone or a laptop or a desktop or even a tablet.

3. Expedited Loading:

One of the biggest leaps of faith in website design, has been the awareness businesses have got around the loading time of websites and landing pages. With more and more content available to the users, they don’t seem to be sitting on any website for a prolonged period of time. So, unless you are streaming websites pushing out limited edition content – there is no way a slow loading page will be tolerated by a user.

This can be theoretically proven, by looking at the average attention span of a user and the average loading time of web pages – both have been going down significantly, for years now. Hence, you have to ensure that your website remains lite and easy to load. Here are a few steps you can take up to ensure expedited loading:

a. Using Content Delivery Networks for static content.
b. Bring down your HTTP requests.
c. Use caching.
d. Be smart about using compression for images.

4. Minimalism:

If you sit and talk to your web design services partner about minimalism – you will get to see how far the web development community has come in the last few decades. Minimalism is the art of communicating the essential with the least possible message elements. Integrating this design philosophy into your website would be integral, not just to the website, but your business as well.

When you apply minimalist designs to your website, you cannot have all the features popping up at once. You have to carefully examine which are the ones most useful for the user and start with showing those. So, minimalism is as much about web analytics as it is about design itself.

5. Dynamic Content:

Finally, if you have been using browser cache and cookies, and have user accounts on your website – you might have to ensure that the users’ home pages are dynamic.

The idea was popularized by Netflix, who used machine learning to create dynamic pages for users on the basis of their interests and their past visits. You can implement a similar solution to your website with the apt website development services in California.

What Changes Will Make Your Web Design Better?

Posted on November 27, 2018
Kevin Bell

Do you know getting more view is one thing and sustaining for a longer period of time a completely different thing? This creates a bigger difference- this is the only factor which provides success to your website. One of the main factors, when to be considered, is the design of your website. It is the first thing which a visitor gets a proper look of when opening your website and if the first impression is not good then there are high chances that the person would not visit your website again. This is a big loss of in the number of potential regular visitors for your website.

Website design is an art which differs from firm-to-firm or from person-to-person. It completely depends on the person who is designing and the firm(if there is one) getting it designed. There are many website development services who design a website as creatively as possible. There are a few things which one should keep in mind while applying creativity on the website. Following you would find a few changes which would make your web design better.

Font design: When creativity starts taking place, sometimes people forget that it is not only about making the page look good but also, readable. Making it readable is to make sure that the font design is proper and some alphabets do not look like others (e.g. uppercase “i” matching lowercase “l”), check the thickness of the letters, color scheme, visibility from the background and size of the font. If all the characteristics are proper then there should not be much problems. No one is going to observe what kind of font this website uses, but it does have an indirect impact which leaves an impression without them knowing about it.

Proper click: There are lots of websites which would direct you to some other website or sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere when you click on something. It becomes very important that your website doesn’t have the same problem. Your website should interact with the user- every click gives you the right effect you looking for. Links and buttons look different and easily identifiable. Every click provides the right response to the user. If it is working properly then it means the user would be able to easily go with the flow of the website. This makes them want to spend more time on the website.

 Make it alive: It is very important for the website maker that he/she makes the website in such a way that every visitor starts to associate himself/herself with the purpose of the page. Present the products and services in such a way that they feel it is for “the one”. Products or services define your website and it should look really good. Keep the factors in focus which people like about your product or service and it reflects from the website development and design. This can be a differentiating factor for your website.

Right quality picture: Nowadays people are using HD screen, which means they are looking for the best image they can get. For the website, the developer needs to have the best quality image possible. There is one problem though- when one talks about the best quality picture, it needs more space. This can make your website slow, which is also a big problem. So one should if check the picture (one uses) is very small in size yet high on quality, so that this doesn’t make your website slower while giving the user best possible visual of the photos.

The design is something which can create a lot of difference to your website. It doesn’t make a different impact to the website but it gives an indirect effect which helps the user to connect to the website. This indirect method can be directly noticed by the subconscious mind. To provide users with better services, one should consult with website development services California or in whichever city you are. They help you with advices of latest trends of the market, what is right and what is wrong with your website and also helps you correct all the problems and make your website more user-friendly.

Benefits of Developing a Responsive Website

Posted on February 12, 2018
Kevin Bell

The term ‘responsive website’ may appear to be a buzzword in the world of web designing, but it has good reasons behind its craze. The compatibility of these sites with screens of various browsing devices makes it a versatile tool in digital marketing.

Today, more than half the internet users remain connected to the cyberspace through mobile devices. With the global mobile data traffic growing by as much as 74% in 2015, business firms have realized the importance of integrating a responsive design in their websites, which enables mobile users to get a seamless access to their portal.

So, it becomes necessary to reach out to a website development services providing company to help you make your website responsive.The responsive websites’ layouts are clean, user friendly and they also offer better SEO benefits to the business firms. The overall marketing mechanism of a firm receives a boost.

Here are the key benefits of developing a responsive website for your business.

Lower costs

The cost and time required to develop a website can be drastically reduced, when you get a responsive website. Well, certain sections consider developing responsive websites to be one of extravagant investments. However, you can customize the features of the website, according to the marketing requirements, analytics and personnel. The long-run expenses are lower, as responsive websites are more flexible.

By the end of 2018, mobile devices are likely to account for 79% of the global internet use. With the rise in the number of mobile users, it is wise to develop websites that can be accessed through various devices.

Moreover, business firms need not build a separate website for the mobile users, as responsive websites are compatible with mobile devices as well as desktops. You can optimize the business through a single website for all types of devices. Get across to a reputed platform for website development and design services to strengthen your business. This will cut down your initial investment as well as maintenance costs.

Avoiding duplicate content

You must be familiar with the norms of Google algorithm, especially after the Panda update in the ranking mechanism. When you have two different websites for your business, chances of incorporating duplicate content in one website are higher. Most of the business firms use the same content in the desktop version and mobile version.

As a result, the possibilities of plagiarized content being detected gets increased. When you get a responsive website, the readers on all the devices get a uniform content. Besides, it cuts down the costs of developing separate articles, blogs and other content for the second website.So, in case you are living in California then always look some really good namesin the market who provide website development services in California

Consolidated reporting and analytics

Responsive websites make reporting and analytics simpler, as business firms having a single website need not track conversion paths, user journeys and redirections between the two sites. Tools like Google analytics can now deal with multiple devices and deliver responsive reporting. The analytics and tracking will generate a single report. This will ease up the analysis and reporting process. Besides, the efforts on site management are reduced by a substantial extent when you get a responsive website.

SEO benefits

Apart from avoiding duplicate content, responsive websites have other SEO benefits as well. The loading time on these sites are fast, which enhances the overall user experience. Site speed is one of the ranking criteria used by Google. Besides, users expect the website to load fast. As much as 39% of the internet users abandon a site if the loading time is slow.In responsive websites, the link building process becomes simplified.

For SEO experts, link building is one of the most time-consuming processes. This enhances the visibility of the site. All the backlinks present in the original website can be maintained when you move to a responsive site. Irrespective of the type of devices used by your target groups, they are directed to the website. This leverages the SEO efforts of a company.

Responsive websites can also manage the bounce rate. High bounce rates get detected by search engine, which indicate that the content is not relevant to the users. As a result, the website gets a lower rank in the search engine index. Through responsive websites, the users can display content that the users are looking for. Besides, you will be able to keep the social shares to a single site. When you share a ling site, users with any device can read it.

Increased conversion rate and sales

According to a research, 62% of the business firms switching to a responsive website witnessed an increased conversion rate and sales. It removes the traditional barriers of sales, in terms of performance, functionality, and a consistent feel. Responsive websites look sleek, modern and clean. It leads to a greater shopping experience, especially on eCommerce websites.

The customers can easily read the product descriptions from these sires and the scaling of the images become simplified on these sites. As a result, the sales mechanism of the business gets a boost.

With emerging competition in the virtual space, you can strengthen your marketing strategies through a responsive website. Google algorithms, too, favour websites that are compatible with mobile devices. Not only this, a responsive website can bolster your marketing strategy in the competitive business environment. The best companies providing the website development services in California take care of all the aspect while designing the website.

So, its time to convert the website into a powerful marketing weapon by going for responsive website design and leverage the lead generation process and pilot your business to wider horizons.