Why Should Your Business Go For WordPress Development?

Posted on June 7, 2019
Kevin Bell

Your sales are not up? Your website isn’t getting quality leads? The page rank has lost on Google and there’s a long list of the business challenges that keeps you awake at night. Business entrepreneurs understand only one thing – More sales – More revenue – More Business. It’s time to say good bye to that boring, age-old looking website that is just sitting and does nothing good for your business. Driving business performance is what WordPress outsourcing California Company has been doing.

WordPress development services California has a passionate team of specialists who are dedicated in developing WordPress websites for any business segment.

Looking WordPress has come a long way since it first launched back in 2003. It’s now the most popular content management system and has become a dominant force online, now powering 28.6% of all websites. Today businesses and bloggers worldwide prefer to have WordPress website.

Below are important statistics that reveals the reputation of WordPress

  • Did you know that you will land with approximate 2,060,000,000 results when you search WordPress on Google?
  • WordPress total market share in terms of global content management is covering about 65%.
  • 7% of top 100 WordPress Websites are powered by WordPress
  • WordPress website reached a number of 20 million in Google searches in the year 2018
  • WordPress users produce 138.7 million new blog posts each month.
  • There are about 1012 WordPress website and 500 WooCommerce stores that make it to the top rank on Google.
  • Some of the reputed names for the WordPress users include TED, CNN, The National Football League, UPS, and more
  • There are 2,030,000+ topics on the official WordPress support forum worldwide.

    Why Your Business To Go For WordPress Development

    1. It Reigns Supreme On The CMS Market

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS; giving tough competition to other web development technologies. WordPress is used by 68.5% of all the websites which uses content management system.

The second most used is CMS, Joomla has a 6.9% market share; closely followed by Drupal, with a 4.9% market share and Magento’s 3.8%.

2. WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly. Popular search engines, like Google and Bing, tend to rank websites that use WordPress higher than those that don’t.

This is because the CMS’ framework makes it easy for the search engines’ spiders to crawl. In fact, Matt Cutts of Google personally endorsed WordPress in 2009.

3. It Is Mobile Friendly

Google is penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by ranking. Hence; primary reason if your website isn’t responsive and compatible. It will lower the result pages. With expert help of WordPress development services; you don’t have to overhaul your entire site to make it accessible on tablets and smartphones, since most themes are automatically responsive.

Additionally; WordPress provides you with an option for the websites which can be viewed in mobile view for the designs and themes that aren’t responsive.

4. Easy Integration

WordPress provides hassle free integration with several third party apps helping in giving a contemporary look to your website. WordPress outsourcing California services when developing the website will integrate with necessary plugins for various purposes.

These plugins are designed to ease of your day to day tasks, takes care of your email campaigns, accepting credit card payments for an ecommerce site, ensures that your SEO is in check, track the trends and provides you with relevant analysis for further improvement.

5. Offers Social Media Integration

WordPress makes it easy for your users to reach you on social media and interact with you accordingly. The plugins offers better user experience, additionally offering 3rd party service to retrieve the stats.

6. Provides Numerous Ecommerce Solutions

If you’re using WordPress to run an ecommerce website; you are provided with numerous ecommerce WordPress plugins and solutions. You can actually get to convert your business website into an online store using popular plugins like WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce.

7. Multi-user Capabilities

Even if you are not the sole person running your website, WordPress makes it easy in assigning the respective roles within the organization. Below are some of the roles and responsibilities that, “WordPress Codex”, deliver:

Admin is given the complete access to the website features and functionalities.
Administrator can have access to the complete administration features.
Editor are given access so that they can individually publish the posts, has authority to approve or remove the same for the other users.
Author can easily manage and publishes their posts.
Contributors are allowed to manage and write the posts but has to depend on the administrator for the approvals.
Subscribers can only have right to view and edit the respective profile account

8. Saves Lot Of Money

Since WordPress is user-friendly and open source software, it removes the need to hire web designers. Even if you are outsourcing the web development work to offshore company like OctosGlobal the cost of making the new WordPress website is much less.

9. Big Brands Use It Too

WordPress is an established platform wherein some of the reputable brands are now prefer using it. No wonder, it helps you with great page ranking and millions of page views every day. Some of the famous names include Mashable, Nasa, Coca Cola, Wall Street Journal and many more. This means, WordPress offers serious website business solutions.

Looking For WordPress Solutions?

WordPress development California Company with the years of experience has helped in refining the WordPress development mechanism. WordPress outsourcing California team learns about the process; plan accordingly hold brainstorming sessions to create the concepts. This is followed by creation of a presentation, building the WordPress website revising as needed. Finally, with your satisfaction, we launch your WordPress business website.

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What Should Enterprises Look Out For Before Hiring a WordPress Developer?

Posted on January 18, 2019
Kevin Bell

Developing a website for business has turned out to be a complex challenge, given that it serves as the most powerful branding element on the digital platform. The leading business firms collaborate with established companies for wordpress development services, ensuring that their website remains a strength to capitalize on. While hiring a WordPress developer, you should take care to ensure that they can actually integrate the desired features into the website, so that you can take on the challenges that come across your way. Getting the right set of developers is crucial for any business, regardless of its stature and location.

Particularly, the robust content management system (CMS) on WordPress has turned it into an adored platform over the years. In terms of website development, WordPress acquires a large chunk of the market. Presently, more than 19,500,000 sites run on WordPress. This is a preferred platform for developing websites for business firms due to the following factors:

  • It is easy to set up and you can have everything in place in quick time
  • Updating WordPress sites is a simplified task
  • You can create any design for the theme and customize it
  • You can add plugins without coding to the website to increase its functionality
  • WordPress is the most preferred platform for SEO

Naturally, business firms reach out to the reputed companies for wordpress development services and strengthen their digital portfolio.

Well, when you partner a developer for your WordPress site, you need to ensure that they come with the right skillset. Here are certain aspects that the company should be well-versed in.

Scaling WordPress

For content-oriented businesses, WordPress continues to the ideal choice due to its ability to scale. An experienced wordpress outsourcing company can guide the clients through the various available options, as their sites are scaled. Blogs lie at the core of most programs, and in order to support it, you will require a powerful WordPress website. The intuitive CMS enhances the ease of using the website, providing multiple sets of users with various permissions. It is easy to publish content and update it. Besides, with appropriate scaling, importing files like graphics, videos and photos turn out to be a simplified task.

 Building customized and efficient themes

WordPress has got some amazing themes for its sites. When you hire a developer, make sure to check out their portfolio, so that you can power up your site with one of these themes. With the right theme, it becomes easier to customize the site and get it aligned with the aesthetics and goals of the site. It leverages the overall functionality of the site and the user experience. When you seek a company for wordpress outsourcing California, get a vendor with experience in creating custom-websites and tailoring WordPress themes.

 Understanding security of open source platforms

While hiring a developer, you should focus on the security issues associated with an open source platform. WordPress, as an open source platform, ensures the ease of use for several developers and users. It has got a vast network of developers, which indicates that new themes, plugins and features are already being developed. However, it is not immune to security issues. Therefore, while hiring wordpress development services, you should get across to an established company, capable of developing a fool-proof website. The expert developers collaborate with the business firms on a long-term basis and address the security issues and hacks immediately.

 Selecting and evaluating plugins

It is important to have a good understanding of the WordPress plugins, as it has got more than 30,000 of these for you. Selecting the WordPress development partner largely rests on their ability to evaluate these plugins, depending on the functional dynamics of the website. When you choose a company for wordpress development, make sure that they are experienced in handling these plugins. Generally, a good developer examines the following aspects.

  • The time when the plugin was last updated
  • The ratings of the plugin
  • The changelog indication of the plugin

Recommending hosting option

You need to host the WordPress website on a private server. This enhances the security of the website, and increases the site speed at the same time. In case of enterprise websites, elements like security, speed, storage and bandwidth are important factors, and you need to go for private hosting for your business website. Enterprise WordPress firms often choose WordPress VIP, however, other options like WP Engine and Pagely are also popular. The wordpress outsourcing company must be able to recommend the most appropriate hosting option to you.

Apart from these, they must be able to evaluate the technical requirements of the WordPress website. Collaborating with one of the established developers will strengthen your website. Get across to a reputed company for wordpress outsourcing California and get your site configured with the necessary features. A powerful website ensures that you stay competitive in the industry.

6 Reasons Why WordPress Development Is Not As Easy As You Think

Posted on May 7, 2018
Kevin Bell

WordPress claims to have powered 29% websites on the internet, which approximately comes to a third of the internet related to one tool. Giving this fact some context, the internet has close to 1.8 billion websites, which would mean WordPress powers close to 600 million websites globally. That, by any means, is a huge number. How is WordPress able to deliver it services to such a humongous number? It is simple:

a. WordPress is free or relatively cheaper.
b. Finding a decent WordPress developer is fairly easy.
c. Most of the people think that WordPress itself is easy.

Now, you need to see that most of the people ‘think’ that WordPress is easy. This is because WordPress and a huge chunk of WordPress developer communities want you to believe that WordPress is largely drag & drop work. This is why, developers are ready to provide you with entire e-commerce websites on UpWork for $100-$200! If something is available so easily and at such low rates, it is not your fault if you believe it must be really easy. That is where the problem begins.

Ask any full-time web designer or developer about their opinion for WordPress. Most of them will start with “It is easy to use, but…” and then will delve into all the cons of WordPress. Yes, WordPress is easy for starters if you want a website that says Welcome to my website! But, in most of the cases especially for businesses, that is not even close to the actual requirement.

WordPress development services are so abundant, that people always end up thinking it is extremely easy to do. Here are six reasons why, that is far from reality:

1. WordPress is relatively easy. One thing most of the people misunderstand is this – WordPress is relatively easy. Compared to other tools available online, it definitely will be the easiest one to learn. That said, it does not mean that you can create a marvelous website the very first time you open WordPress on your screen! In fact, if you have never created any website and are not in the field of web designing, you may find WordPress quite confusing in the first instance.

The reality is that once you understand WordPress in and out, it becomes easier to make changes and create very professional looking websites; but, in order to reach that point, you will have to go through a learning curve. There are many blogs, websites and courses which guarantee to make you a WordPress wizard but most of them follow a template method and businesses are not run on templates. Your business will have a unique set of requirements and they need to be dealt with above and beyond the templates. If you are a business, that is where a WordPress developing company can actually be of greater help to you.

2. WordPress themes are not as perfect as they may seem. Many people start with their blogs and websites on WordPress without thinking about fundamentals like security of data, search engine optimization and other linking technicalities which can only be known to a professional. After spending hours on selecting a theme and then a ton of money on actually buying and modifying that theme, people still do not understand the background of a website. This is where an experienced, professional WordPress developing company is way better. When you have experienced experts on board, they can help you solve problems you would not even imagine otherwise!

3. WordPress is actually not free nor extremely cheap. This has been written several times in several blogs online – WordPress.org is not the tool you want to use if you plan to monetize your website. You will not get any customer service from WordPress, any data security nor will you get decent data storage options. Worst, one morning you may wake up and see that your website has been deleted and there will be no one answerable.

Second one, for those who think WordPress.com is extremely cheap – it is not. Yes, most of the WordPress themes will look like one-time costs but they are not. Majority of the themes require a lot of work after you have bought them. From arranging for storage space, adding live feeds to changing colors or fonts – there will be additional costs; that is, if you take the DIY route. If there is a WordPress developing company on board, all of this will be taken care of right from the beginning of the process.

4. The easy to make WordPress website is not what you are looking for. Like the above point, the ‘easy to make’ websites are very basic. Doesn’t matter how perfect the theme looks right now, in a not so distant future, it will require changes and you will be looking for someone to help you out. Most of the WordPress theme sellers are only into selling themes and not in providing any after sales services; after all, you cannot expect much from a $20 product!

5. There are many, many, many freelances claiming to be a WordPress outsourcing company. Since it seems easy to do, many people start their blogs or websites with WordPress and once they are done with it, they conclude their expertise in the subject matter and start charging for similar services. If you do not know the developer in person, it is difficult to filter a freelancer with next to no technical expertise when he claims to be a WordPress outsourcing company.

A simple Google query of WordPress outsourcing company California will give you more than 400,000 results. Imagine how many of these WordPress outsourcing companies have all the technical expertise required!

6. Customizing an already installed WordPress theme is neither easy nor cheap. Almost no WordPress theme sellers take up any integration services; which means once you have bought the theme, you are all by yourself. If you try to find another developer to come on board and customize the already running WordPress theme, you are inviting longer bills and trouble.

Think about it this way, what would you prefer – a thousand small bills which bring in inconsistency and thugs or one relatively longer bill which actually gives you what you need with all the professional guidance required? Your answer is exactly why WordPress is not as easy as it may seem.