Modern Website Development Services for Strengthening the Digital Footprint

Highly-qualified Team of Web Designers and Developers for Best Results

Octos Global is a pioneer in developing highly-responsive business websites for growing businesses, startups, and established companies around the globe. Using a combination of latest technologies, responsive Testing tools and a dedicated and expert team of web experts, Octos Global provides essential and required website development and design solutions according to requirements.

Octos Global creates extremely functional and aesthetically-beautiful websites owing to expertise in both web design and development. Our experienced team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to develop websites on latest platforms and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla with ease.

Multi-dimensional Website Development Approach

UI/UX Design

Octos Global emphasizes on the importance of user interface for the success of a business enterprise. Using the expertise of the best UX/UI designers, the company offers aesthetically-pleasing websites to attract & engage prospective consumers.

Back-end Development

We are equipped with the necessary expertise to deliver web development services and take care of comprehensive backend website development needs of a business to ensure a completely functional business website.

Front-end Development

Our experienced team of web designer takes care of necessary intricacies of web design to promise a beautifully-designed website. Using modern web design techniques and tools, we ensure an attractive and visually-appealing experience for every website visitor.

Ecommerce/Open cart Development

We can deliver functional shopping portals for growing e-commerce business and takes care of everything from website design, theme development, shopping cart integration, open cart development along with customized requirements according to the business model.

3rd party plugin/API integration

Our team is equipped to provide required support for 3rd party plugins/API integrations according to the customized demands of a business. Our professional team of developers provides necessary assistance regarding shopping cart integration, news feed integration, social media integration, etc

Cross-platform Testing

We take care of the core functionality of business website on different platforms and devices. Through extensive cross platform testing, the team at Octos ensures completely responsive business website that runs faster and better on different platforms and devices.

SEO Implementation

Octos Global has a dedicated SEO team that takes care of different SEO aspects to boost the search engine rankings of a business website. Using a highly-focused SEO approach, we deliver SEO-compliant websites that attracts organic traffic, round the year.

Reliable Website Maintenance Services

Octos Global provides reliable website maintenance services to ensure that a business website is up and running round the year. We provide exclusive services to keep a website optimized using efficient tools and modern techniques. Our dedicated team takes care of website maintenance interactively while at the same time implementing the suggested changes from time to time, if any according to customized needs.

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